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    Simple bed

    Still working out storage and a few other things on my weekend warrior build, but wanted to report that a cheap tri-fold queen sized mattress with a california king duvet cover around it work great. I wanted the duvet cover to be oversized so I can still fold the mattress up and put up the 2nd row seats when needed. The back two panels of the mattress needed to be trimmed, which I found a box saw made quick work of. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07KWDBZZQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GH2Y1V4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    One last photo of the van build in action ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    I do have 2.3.34 test version. Function is located under IPC module, below is the download link. http://forscan.org/download/FORScanSetup2.3.34.test20200521.exe Important notes: 1. Please note this function can increase mileage, not decrease it. So if you enter wrong number that is bigger than have to be, you will not be able to return it back. So please be very careful. 2. Before run the change, please make sure FORScan show correct *current* mileage (it shows it when asks to enter new mileage).
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    Rack, Awning + Window screens

    I haven't posted much here after my initial research phase and final purchase of my van. We're starting to buy accessories and make plans for the build out, so I'm making an effort share my progress, other findings, and purchases with other TC enthusiasts here. I purchased and installed a rack/cross bars system two weeks ago, I went with the Thule system. I'll list the parts below. Side bar: the customer service at e-trailers.com was superb, I would recommend doing business with that company. TH712400 Thule SquareBar Crossbars TH710601 Evo Flush Rail Feet for Thule Crossbars - Flush Side Rails TH186032 Fit Kit for Thule Evo Flush Roof Rack Feet It definitely wasn't the cheapest way to get outfitted with a rack. There are some systems on e-bay that are cheaper, but the convenience and fast shipping was really what I needed at the time. The other accessory that I wanted to share about is the awning I purchased. I found it on Camping World's website, it was the least expensive and simplest system I could find. We're modifying the brackets to install it, because I don't want to drill holes in my new cross bars. Initially, I'm impressed with the quality of the awning for the price. If you are looking for an inexpensive awning option, here's the link to the awning: https://www.campingworld.com/trustmade-6.5'-x-6.5'-car-rooftop-pull-out-awning-shelter-black-118964.html We also purchased, just today, some slide on window netting. We live in a warmer climate in summer, so windows down for sleeping in the van is required but can get buggy. We're testing these slide on window coverings that promote air flow, but keep bugs out. These came on recommendation from a friend who van camps/sleeps a lot. Here's the link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VPMVD4H/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I will test everything this weekend camping and report back, and post some pictures too.
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    2017 TC XLT simple camper

    Here are pictures of my simple camper conversion. I needed a bed for two, a sofa, a table, a place for a cooler, it had to be easy to install and remove. I built this during a week and then we went on a 3 week camping trip spending every night in it. Overall, it works well for us. 3300 miles on the trip and averaged 29.0 mpg. I have since removed the top half of the folding seat back, it is more comfortable w/o. The eye bolt thing on the rear door holds the door open a couple of inches for ventilation while at the same time being able to lock the door. The third cushion fits nicely behind the seat back. The unit is held in place with 2 turn buckles, 1 in rear shown in pics and the other is at the L mid tie down point. I can remove this in a few minutes by myself and have an empty van again.
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    Tuning the TC

    My RallyCross class trophies tell a different story
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    hey thanks for the reply jrm223 Upon some more scanning of similar forums, I found 2 or 3 posts confirming my fear - the 1st gen TC's that were imported to Canada were ordered as true cargo vans from the factory in Turkey. The floors are definitely without the anchors, inserts, or even the nutserts. Just plain, unmolested steel. Huge bummer. Then as some incredible luck would have it, an excellent condition, low mileage, black in colour (!), 2010 Transit Connect Passenger Wagon that someone had imported from Seattle to Vancouver dropped on Craigslist. I couldn't believe my eyes - and to make things just too weird... It had no back seats! The guy had removed them and used it for his business delivering flowers. They were long gone - and here I was, destitute with nothing but a set of mint condition back seats for a vehicle I'd resigned to assuming I'd never find gets dropped in my lap just begging for it's beautiful seats to be returned. (The passenger version was a flop in Canada, so they're basically a unicorn up here - nothing but cargo versions). I just put the seats in today with shocking ease, and shed a tear of joy. The van goes in on Monday for all new motor mounts, which I understand is a notorious weak spot with these. I know I could do it myself, just no time. The total labour is like $120 (on top of the cost Ford OEM parts of course) so I'm happy to let them bash up their knuckles. I couldn't be happier.
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    The horn is part of the anti-theft package on European models (the FOE on the wiring diagrams is the Euro designation, FNA is for North American models). See the attached diagrams. The alarm is triggered by the Body Control Module. If you currently don't have an alarm function, it can easily be turned on in the BCM. There is another alarm horn with an integral battery under the hood (if equipped). None of these horns are on my US model TC. My alarm system uses the regular horn it appears. anti theft horn.pdf horn location.pdf
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    So I have the same car as you ford transit connect xlt 2015 this happened to me thank gd we figured it out with your post we reinforced it with the new bushing and cover costing $20. We also put a zip tie so it wonโ€™t pop out. why is there no recall on this for our transits? I was reversing into my Driveway and all do a sudden put the car in park and it just get going it was stuck in reverse.
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    2015 TC transmission fluid change

    Just thought I'd add this as I'm replacing the transmission fluid on my newly acquired 2015 Transit Connect with the Ecoboost 1.6L engine and I noticed that it's different than most everything I've seen discussed on this forum. The transmission in my van has the indicator plug on the right side of the axle and uses a 10mm hex plug instead of a bolt. Here's a couple of pictures of what it looks like. So if you have the Ecoboost engine, this might be what your indicator plug looks like.
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    It was a bad high-beam/turnsignal switch/stalk, he already replaced it and is A-OK now, lol.
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    Cross Bars - Recommendations?

    Your passenger wagon (assuming non-panoramic roof) is only rated by Ford to carry 165lbs regardless of what rails are on it (OEM vs aftermarket). Since I don't have OEM rails, I bought a pair of 'universal' ladder racks that are manufacturer-rated for 500lbs, but I'm still limited to 220lbs (including the rack itself) since I have a cargo van.
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    G B L

    2.5 Litre Reliabilty

    If the gas door is open then the slider will not open! Already tried . As a side note the gas door closes between 55 and 60 MPH .
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    2010 XLT Slammed

    Oh yeah....I also sourced and now have the rear drum to disc conversion. First one in the USA to do this.....better yet, first one in the USA to do any of this stuff to a Transit Connect. LOL
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    If I pull plugs, new plugs go in. Same way I am not draining transmission fluid to send in a few ounces for used oil analysis, pour it through a coffee filter in the funnel, back into the transmission. Same thought process for changing the oil filter with the oil. Bizarre that some people will change the filter, not the oil, and just top off because the bottle of oil claims XX,XXX miles. Or changing the oil, but not changing the filter, because filter advertisement claims XX,XXX miles. Some people drain radiator fluid, then pour it back in through a funnel with a screen. Not just reading it online. I have seen all this in real life.
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    Converted 2015 LWB Wagon into a Van

    Here's a couple extras! The first is a drawing with all the measurements for the single piece plywood deck I built. And these measurements were corrected to fix the errors I described earlier. Naturally these were for my vehicle so there's no guarantee they'll match yours if you want to try this build. But it should be close if you have a LWB Wagon. The second is a quick diagram and explanation I had for some alternate ways of doing the job that occurred to me during the build. My initial thought was for a smooth, strong and flat floor from a single continuous sheet. But you can get a bit more coverage, 57" wide at the doors instead of 48" wide, if you are willing to have a cut joint in the middle of your floor. It was also starting to become a pain every time I had to install and remove the single panel for the numerous trials and modifications. A narrower folding floor, 26" wide when folded with hinges, can be made in 3 pieces to make frequent installation and removal much easier. Unfortunately, it will also require a second (half) sheet of plywood. I tried and just couldn't seem to get all 3 pieces to pattern onto a single 4x8 sheet if you want the full 57" width at the doors. They are in PDF format for most universal viewing. That's part of the reason for the delay in posting this thread. It took a week to try to learn the DraftSight program well enough to produce a useful drawing. Transit Connect Floor Alternate Ideas.pdf Transit Connect Floor Dimensioned.pdf But if you want the CAD drawings I generated for these, PM me an email address to send them to. I tried to upload the .dwg files but the forum wouldn't allow it. Update: Found an error in the files orignally posted. Fixed the error and posted new corrected files.
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    What is this object?

    If you can test the rack, do so. Not exactly cheap to buy new - Use it or sell it. There's a few different brands out there, so best bet would be to find a mfg sticker and do some digging for how to wire up the controller if that came with the unit - maybe some little black box you've been scratching your head over? That said, most of the power units are just added on to the basic unit, so the rack should work fine without the controller.
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    Unsure of where to start, I replaced the high beam switch / turn signal, since it needed to be done anyway, in order for my high beams would stay on without me holding the switch back the whole time. That was it. My low beams are as bright as they should be now.
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    Mine works for 15 mins then shuts off. Turn car off and back on works for 15 mins and stops again. I have had it to the dealer 3 times.
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    As best as Irecall, hitch weight when towing a trailer should NOT exceed 10% of tow weight. IE: 2000lb tow limit = 200lb hitch wt limit. And as someone else pointed out, if you're hanging all the weight above & behind the hitch, the allowed weight is cut in half !
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    5W-30 Synthetic Oil Use

    Tell you guys what, if I ever have any engine problems with my TC I'll update on this thread. I've been running Pennzoil Platinum and Ultra Platinum Synthetic 5W-30 since mile 500 - currently over 15K miles now. My maintenance schedule is 1 oil change per year which is working out to be 7-10K miles per year. My theory is that most modern manufacturers are desperate for income (even before all this economic shutdown madness as the auto industry was very long into the business cycle) and I wouldn't be surprised if most management have been willing to sacrifice longevity as well as improve emissions, at least on paper, by running a thinner oil than would otherwise be preferred by someone who is interested in maximizing mechanical longevity. Customers whose vehicles last too long, or too short for that matter, don't make for good repeat customers. I'm willing to be wrong with this theory obviously, so while it's only anecdotal - I'll be sure to update if anyone is interested in the event something engine-related malfunctions.
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    It was a really really tight fit. Had to remove some of the factory sealant in the corner of the wheel wells and floor because the rack is a tight fit between the wells. Also, because I use it as a baby hauler after hours, I decided to make some very heavy extra support brackets out of 1/4" x 3" plate steel. This thing is solid as a rock. Now just need to get some aluminum mesh or plate to secure load openings into the passenger compartment.
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    2019 Transit Connect early review

    I don't compare minivans to the TC in any way shape or form , it's not anything like a minivan , reviewers who compare them are way off base.
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    turn off or shorten duration lights are on

    You can check the history of your vehicle at http://www.etis.ford.com/vehicle/softwareUpgrades.do -> Summary -> History (registration as an independent operator is mandatory - and free). I see log entries in my vehicle 12-10-17 10:36 xxxxxx G1582102 de DE Finished Ford VCM II Persisted Framework 12-10-17 09:34 xxxxxx G1582102 de DE Starting Ford VCM II Persisted Framework This perfectly matches up with when I had the vehicle serviced. This enables you to at least cross-check the claim that anything happened at all. Unfortunately, I am unable to reliably interpret the information in the "Changes and Upgrades" at the above-mentioned URL. I can only speculate that Ford internally tracks the version information per vehicle (VIN) and thus only displays a link to "Software Updates" only if there are in fact updates to the software. For my vehicle, no updates to the BCM are flagged, but instead I see updates available for other modules, e.g. Software Updates - Audio Front Control Module (ACM) Module Programming This application will update the Audio Control Module software to the latest level. Prior to commencing programming it is important that the vehicle battery is connected to a suitable battery support unit. 20170320-G1820905-6 Perhaps, for your vehicle, this lists an update to the BCM being (still) available? This would at least provide hope that with an updated BCM the dark mode setting could be applied.