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    Let's see if this works. First post after introducing myself. I decided to create a little more room in my 2017 T.C. The front 1/3 of the cargo floor is a false floor !!! I hope this helps someone else.
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    Hi Folks, just joined the forum, heres my 2007 camper conversion. Looking at lifting the front and putting on some AT tires, 18" rims are from the previous owner and look nice, but not much use off road here in Sweden.
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    New key not recognized!

    One issue may be the difference between the key fob security for operating the locks which I believe is just a coded radio signal, and the security key itself which I believe relies on a special chip inside the metal key itself. An aftermarket key may not have the chip in the metal key that will allow it to start the car due to the anti-theft not being satisfied, even if the signal from the plastic fob can unlock the door. There is a seperate programming procedure for getting the Passive Anti-Theft system to recognize the security keys themselves that is seperate from just programming the fob to operate the doors. The following procedure is from my 2015 manual, starting on page 59. "Programming a Spare Integrated Keyhead Transmitter You can program your own integrated keyhead transmitter or standard SecuriLock coded keys to your vehicle. This procedure will program both the engine immobilizer keycode and the remote entry portion of the remote control to your vehicle. Only use integrated keyhead transmitters or standard SecuriLock keys. You must have two previously programmed correctly coded keys and the new unprogrammed key readily accessible. See an authorized dealer to have the spare key programmed if two previously programmed correctly coded keys are not available. Read and understand the entire procedure before you begin. 1. Insert the first previously programmed correctly coded key into the ignition. 2. Switch the ignition from off to on. Keep the ignition on for at least three seconds, but no more than 10 seconds. 3. Switch the ignition off and remove the first correctly coded key from the ignition. 4. After three seconds but within 10 seconds of switching the ignition off, insert the second previously correctly coded key into the ignition. 5. Switch the ignition from off to on. Keep the ignition on for at least three seconds, but no more than 10 seconds. 6. Switch the ignition off and remove the second previously programmed correctly coded key from the ignition. 7. After three seconds but within 10 seconds of switching the ignition off and removing the previously programmed correctly coded key, insert the new unprogrammed key into the ignition. 8. Switch the ignition from off to on. Keep the ignition on for at least six seconds. 9. Remove the newly programmed correctly coded key from the ignition. If the key has been successfully programmed it will start the engine and operate the remote entry system (if the new key is an integrated keyhead transmitter). If the key was not successfully programmed, wait 10 seconds and repeat Steps 1 through 8. If you are still unsuccessful, take your vehicle to an authorized dealer. Note: You can program a maximum of eight coded keys to your vehicle. All eight can be integrated keyhead transmitters."
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    G B L

    Electrical Question

    Do yourself a favor and never use this type of splice on any type of wiring unless it is for some one you do not like. These are quick and cheap and very unreliable. The twist on wire nut definitely have issues with vibration. The posi Tap connectors are good . As Don has stated The best is crimping or soldering with heat shrink
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    Don Ridley

    K&N 33-5002

    In the turbo world it seems everyone installs a "high flow" air filter. But there is serious doubt if they improve performance. Add a new air box, cold air intake, new hoses etc and the vehicle will sound different but real measurable gains on a Dyno are elusive. Only after upgrading the tune or turbo do you see real performance improvements. Install the K&N if it filters better and you want it, but don't expect more horsepower.
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    Side Cameras

    Hi. here is my set up to deal with the blind spots. i have a 2016 xlt. van came with back up sensors and no factory back up camera i added to first cameras above the license plate. second camera to right rear trim. pictured below. I added a 7" monitor with 2 av channels. av1 is the rear view, which i leave on all the time. the picture is better than that. camera not focusing. when I want to check my blind spot, right rear I switch to channel av2 it really helps when backing out on parking lots. i really don't miss having rear or side windows now.
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    I got the cruise control to work yesterday. I did not need to replace anything but the steering wheel and I have a base cluster. I previously used IDS version 101 and did not have any luck it had some bugs with reading the central configuration in my vehicle or maybe the problem was with vcm clone, idk. But with IDS version 109 it worked better. I was able to read the central configuration and it showed all the features but I still had problems downloading to the vehicle. after editing it. The way that I was able to successfully save the changes was to make the changes in the as-built file and upload that entire file from my computer. If anyone would like more detail or I can send the .xml files directly contact me via private message. I cant wait to drive this more now that I have cruise control and it only cost $60 😀
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    It's all very subjective. Americans seem to have no problem dressing up pickup trucks to look like race cars.
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    I put a 12v power port and a USB power port in mine which is why I had it apart to take the photos. And I keep emergency supplies under the cover for the non-existent sunglass holder.
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    HELLO ALL YOU FELLOW HAPPY (DISGRUNTLED) CAMPERS. Are you plain SICK AND TIRED of the STUPID "Perimeter lights" (aka: courtesy lights, courtesy lights, etc ad naseum) staying on when you are camping, in a quiet spot of the woods, wherever you wish to go unnoticed? I finally found / got the answer and the fix. It is as follows: JULY 20 2018 _ DISABLING 2016 FORD TRANSIT CONNECT TITANIUM PERIMETER LIGHTING_POLICE DARK MODE (Please note: This will work for 2014-2017 Transit Connect vans): SSM 46321 – (Dark mode) for 2014-2017 Transit Connect - Battery Drain Due to Frequent Door Openings and Approach Light Strategy). Ford has come out with a firmware update for the TC's Body Control Module. When your vehicle's module had been updated with the new firmware, the tech will be able to access the menu to turn off the lighting. The software update and programming change was covered under warranty. Others TC owners confirm that the 2016 transit connect titanium can have this function disabled. At an online TC forum; many others with the same complaint were able to disable this feature under warrantee by having the “BCM” and/or the “PCM” upgraded/reprogrammed. After this is accomplished, the service tech needs to find the proper “box” to check off (disable) this “feature”. Two steps to perform: 1) Update the BCM. (If the vehicle was built on or before 11-Dec-2016, reprogram the BCM to the latest calibration using IDS release 103.05 and higher. Calibration files may also be obtained at www.motorcraft.com. Prior year vans need to have the BCM updated first as step one of the SSM. Vans built after 12-11-16 already have the updates for the dark mode loaded in their BCM version). 2) Set the approach lights to dark mode. For all vehicles access the BCM Configuration Parameters. Select -> Module Programming -> Programmable Parameters -> Personality -> Approach Light -> Choose “Disable” and follow the screen prompts to completion. (It takes about 15 minutes). If there are problems setting the dark mode, (if the service technician can see the option in the programming, but it won't let him save the change or move out of that screen, it may be the programming device but probably not the van. Also, it may be that the PCM might have been updated instead of BCM. Disabling will not work without doing updating the BCM first if the Transit Connect was built prior to that 2016 date in the document). If this is the case, the dealer will have to update the BCM, then disable the perimeter lighting, then enable (again the perimeter lighting, then once again "disable" the perimeter lighting - AFTER performing the software/firmware update. (Updated BCM codes: The SMM uses the term "Approach Light" per below: The print out the dealer gave me for what my van BCM shows: Approach Light - (BdyCM) = Disabled). You can check the history of your vehicle at http://www.etis.ford.com/vehicle/softwareUpgrades.do -> Summary -> History (registration as an independent operator is mandatory - and free). This enables you to cross-check to see if any changes have occurred since your vehicle was first built. This means that you now have the means to verify statements made by dealers or garages. (If no updates to the BCM are flagged the dates shown are the original manufacture dates). Police Dark (Stealth) Mode - keeps your interior (and Pony) lights off when you enter/exit/turn off vehicle BCM 726-32-01 : xxxx x?xx xxxx Change ? To: 0-Disable (off-default), 1-Enable (on) When the dealer updates the BCM they need to activate dark mode. Check the Ford ETIS for your VIN before and after you have your BCM updated to see if that BCM status changes. Here's the link, (First register and create a free account: https://www.etis.ford.com/home/about.do I am VERY please to state that my 2016 ford transit connect van (built Mar 14 2016) is now in the "Police Dark Mode" - and I am not waking / irritating any fellow campers around me, not draining my battery dead. YEAHHHH...!!!! I wis the best for you. PS: There should be NO CHARGE from dealers to "update" this annoying software. Mr peabody56
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    Official Membership Card

    I dated a woman for 3 months because she knew more than 3 ways to use WD40...
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    Mike Chell


    Nice! Paint a driver's window with a face in it, and people next to you on the road will swear you're being tailgated.
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    Those are just reflectors. Valeo 45255 OEM part number DT11 13A602 AB 1846222 Valeo 45254 OEM part number DT11 13A603 AB 1846223
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    Don Ridley

    Patience... Patience

    Nobody every regrets getting exactly what they want.
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    Speaker wires, Ford transit connect 2014

    It really depends on your current factory radio. Does your vehicle have the CD player? If it does, then there are 4 speaker outputs. If you have just the AM / FM radio like I did, it only has 2 channels. Anyway I have included a picture of an aftermarket harness that has the speaker channels labeled. The 4 channels are in the white / gray / green / purple pairs. The negative is towards the top near the mating release tab. White/White with black= left front Gray/Gray with black stripe= right front Green/Green with black stripe= left rear Purple/Purple with black strips= right rear
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    Having worked in the power industry for 20 years, and an operator on the electric grid for 8, the thing about renewable energy that upsets me the most is that very few ever talk about it's true cost. It's such a heavily subsidised component of of the power generation industry, and we're all paying for it, either directly through taxes, or indirectly through our power bills. It's not that I'm against renewable energy; there is a place for it and it will continue to increase it's percentage share of our power generation. But what's it's true cost? Until that's known, we're all being fed a pile of B. S.
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    G B L

    Low mileage 2014 TC Titanium

    If you go to the wix website you can find all the relevant filter cross reference information , size, thread size , gasket dimensions . anti drain-back info, and bypass valve pressure . This is the way I get under my TC
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    Beta Don

    Engine Swap

    . . . . and it will do so at about half throttle! - If you're in a hurry from a standing stop, you've got to be reaaaallllly careful!! Don
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    gen2 in winter

    I hear you, mountainman! Living in SC, I have the opposite problem. It gets ridiculously hot here. But once the inside of my cargo van gets cool, it tends to stay that way. More so than my previous vehicle (a pickup truck) or my wife's Honda. I'm guessing that it takes a while to heat or cool that much air, but it can work for you sometimes. Especially, if I can find some shade to park under.
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    Finding the Oil Filter

    The big panel between the wheel wells. Not the small panel behind the bumper. Drain plug is towards rear, filter on front side of the engine.
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    5x110 Wheels on 5x108 Hubs

    Tapered lug nuts are the way to go if you use anything other than the exact match wheels. Those should help center the slight difference in the Saab spacing pattern.
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    A good place to mount auxiliary switches, USB power ports, whatever your heart desires......
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    Don Ridley

    Transit wipers gone wild!

    You need a scanner to work on these vehicles. Everything is controlled by micro computers (modules). A scanner will show the diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) that have been triggered by the wiper operation. An OBDII reader is not sufficient. Buy an aftermarket scanner or use Forscan and an ELM converter. Attached are the first 6 pages of the wiper troubleshooting from a 2016 service manual. Note the DTCs on the last 2 pages. This is where you need to begin. wiper operation.pdf
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    Choosing auto instead

    I do not, but i can find out
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    We've had DRL in Canada for 30 years & it's been in Sweden almost 50... huge reduction in collisions almost instantly on introduction, and no sign of fade-out with saturation. Transport Canada has finally recognised a problem that came bout 10 years ago - the digital dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree, DRL on, and not a rear marker light to be seen because the nut on the steering wheel never pulled on the switch to put a new wick in the taillamps. 2020 in Canada, DRL includes ALL running lights.