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  1. Double Nickels


    mrtn, I don't think you have an issue. As I monitor mine, I see even higher temps.
  2. Double Nickels

    Heater and cooling system

    Engine is heating. Coolant is not carrying heat to the heater core. Fan is on. I would datalog and do a computer diagnostic. It appears as if the cooling system is controlled by the car's computer, and there are electrically controlled valves. One of those valves or a sensor may be at fault. Or it could be an old fashion mechanical thermostat not working. A bad water pump could also be an issue. What is the coolant level? Do you see coolant in the degas bottle? The computer is reading the coolant temp, and that's why the fan is turning on. Check the upper hose, heater hose, and radiator to see if they are hot. If not, then coolant is not getting past the thermostat. Get a scan tool to see what temperature the coolant is, and check if your transmission fluid is also hot. If the engine heats up, your transmission fluid may not cool properly via the heat exchanger.
  3. Double Nickels


    Supply and demand. If there were a consumer demand, US based companies would be filling it. Nobody steps away from profit. Which is probably why we also don't see much in the way of 4X4 vans, and those vans sold all over Asia.
  4. That's expensive in relation to the value of the car.
  5. Keep us updated on the faulty module.
  6. Double Nickels

    Aftermarket Transmission Cooler

    Part 8 is the hose which feeds coolant from the degas bottle to the heat exchanger, where coolant dissipates heat from the ATF and flows through part 7. Part 6 and part 24 are both thermostatic type valves regulating the fluid in part 7 which is described as an outlet hose. The inference is that this flows from the heat exchanger, so the valves either stop or allow coolant flow based upon a preset temperature. ATF reaches correct temperature at cooler bypass valve, then travels to the heat exchanger. Coolant coming from degas bottle will carry the heat down part 7, to where part 6 and part 24 valves are. Once there is sufficient temperature, the valves allow that coolant to pass. From part 6 the heat is carried into the upper radiator hose, which feeds into the radiator for water to air cooling. Part 24 connects to part 17, which sends the heat to the heater core. This maintains the operating temperature. The transmission temperature will not overcool. Unless you install cooler between the bypass valve and the transmission; which bypasses the bypass valve. A cooler inline after the heat exchanger cannot overcool. The real question is why you want an extra cooler. You don't need it unless you are using the car in such a way that the OEM system is insufficient. Pursuit. Racing. Livery. Delivery. Towing. All of these conditions require more cooling. Not just the transmission. A motor oil cooler is usually added also. If you add an extra cooler correctly, it won't hurt. But I fail to see the benefit for most of us. I have in my garage, an adapter plate and I can add an engine oil cooler. But it won't do any good for my Transit Connect. It's like a spoiler. You can tout the benefits of the spoiler. On a Formula 1 car, it will make a huge difference. On a Transit Connect, the spoiler won't benefit.
  7. Double Nickels

    2015 TC Connect Wagon Radio Upgrade

    Looking good
  8. Double Nickels

    Aftermarket Transmission Cooler

    Part 3, return line from part 1 heat exchanger to part 2 bypass valve, is the best location to splice for auxiliary cooler. This allows the OEM system to cool fluid first. Then the auxiliary unit will provide additional oil to air cooling. If the transmission is not warm enough, the bypass valve will send fluid back via the return line. Green cooling line where fluid comes out the front of transmission is the best location to tap for a filter. It will trap particulate matter before it can clog the other lines, bypass valve, heat exchanger, and cooler.
  9. Double Nickels

    Eliminating 4.2" screen on a 2015

    It would be nice to install a radio with Android operating system. Then the indash screen could run apps like FORScan & Torque.
  10. Double Nickels

    2019 Transit Connect XL Will Not Go Into Reverse

    The 8 speed is a completely new transmission. Nobody here, unless he is dealership tech, will have much knowledge. It would be irresponsible for me to guess. Every new model always has issues which need to be solved with TSBs and recalls. Hopefully, your van will be an easy fix.
  11. Double Nickels


    Here's what mine looks like at idle, 55 mph, and 70 mph.
  12. I looked at mine. Should have taken a photo. Opening is 12 - 7. Nozzle points to 2.