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  1. Double Nickels

    Maintenance Question

    3X drain and fill is the factory recommended service procedure. A single drain and fill is better than nothing. But I wouldn't do it. If my van is already raised on jackstands, and the skid plate is removed; there's no reason to only drain and fill once. Sure, you replace the fluid by 40% - 50%. But you don't have fresh fluid. You're going to do 1/3 of the job, so that you can drive with 50% - 60% contaminated fluid?
  2. Double Nickels

    2014 Transmission fluid level check/refill.

    I didn't clear the transmission adaptive learning table. Because I bought the car new. I'm the only driver. Besides, it's adaptive. It will eventually learn your driving style.
  3. Double Nickels

    Maintenance Question

    @10,000 miles?
  4. Double Nickels

    Ford Customer service (or not)

    Which leads us to present VW. Is there 1 car on the market which is politically correct? And if there is, why aren't you driving it?
  5. Double Nickels

    Ford Customer service (or not)

    I'm not buying a Japanese car. They were Hitler's buddies and they bombed Pearl Harbor. I'm not buying Korean, because I don't trust anybody who rides a unicorn. I don't like how Macron, Trudeau, Johnson, and Princess Anne were making fun of our President. Now I can't buy Ford or Chevy.
  6. Double Nickels

    Ford Customer service (or not)

    Nope. He posted his own.
  7. I got an Ikea futon into mine. I measured the van and the box to make sure that it would fit.
  8. Double Nickels

    Finally replaced my radiator

    1st check the fan fuse and relay. Then check the connection. Is the harness burnt out of corroded? The fans usually don't fail. Connect it to 12v power, and it should turn right on. Alternative option, not a good option, is bypass the car's computer by installing an aftermarket fan control.
  9. Double Nickels

    Finally replaced my radiator

    The car is already on the lift. That's advantage you don't have at home. A shop has other advantages. I have replaced radiators. I have seen shops do it. On some cars, it's easier to hook up a recovery machine, drain the A.C. chemical, then disconnect and remove the radiator and condenser as a single unit. Once out of the car, it's simple to transfer the condenser onto the new radiator, and drop it all back in. It sounds like more work, but actually cuts down on time and effort. Advantage is a fully charged A.C. system. On small cars with limited space, you don't always have the access to reach and manipulate the clips holding the condenser to the radiator.
  10. Double Nickels

    Can I put off trans rebuild?

    If you get the transmission with gear ratios for a Focus, because it cost less, it will not work. You must have the correct gear ratio. Unfortunately, you will have to pay a little more for the correct unit. for some of us, this is a job for a shop. Not everyone has the lift, tools, training, and experience. Can you save a few dollars doing it yourself?
  11. Double Nickels

    Live News Report

    Nothing is too good for him. Channel 5 spares no expenses for his comfort.
  12. Double Nickels

    Live News Report

    Is this a 1st generation Transit Connect? KPIX is channel 5 in San Francisco. This reporter is jumping into action....after his cameraman set up the right shot.
  13. Double Nickels

    Can I put off trans rebuild?

    You have options........
  14. Double Nickels

    Can I put off trans rebuild?

    Remanufactured at the factory, with a warranty, is almost always better than a rebuild kit. Worst case scenario is a mechanic who wants you to pay him to rebuild the transmission, he's not that good, and you get overcharged. Let's assume that your mechanic is good, but he does not build these transmissions every day. It may be that why I he has installed rebuild kits in plenty of cars, he's never rebuilt your transmission. And if he's not a transmission specialist, then reconsider.
  15. Double Nickels

    Shelter In Place

    Now we will be short on meat.