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  1. Double Nickels


    That dual clutch transmission was known to be bad, and Ford sold them anyway. I don't understand that. This could turn into a lemon law buyback, like Chevy had with that defective small car they sold. The Explorer, Escape, Transit Connect, Edge, Taurus.....have different versions of a transmission jointly developed by GM and Ford. Mixed results. No obvious consistent defect. But a lot of wear and tear is causing failure with fleet use. For light usage, with more service intervals, they are working okay. Just don't drive it 24 hours aroun the clock or chase anyone with lights and sirens. Change the lifetime fluid every 30,000 miles.
  2. Great work WindGuy. Your van looks tailored.
  3. Double Nickels

    Fuel Mileage

    That's incredible. Your mileage stays above 25. Mine is consistently under. My E250 company car, with a 4.6L V8, gets 15 - 17 consistently. When I first got a Transit Connect, I was really disappointed. But I also understand that short trips, city traffic, and extended idling to keep the air conditioning running kills my mileage.
  4. Double Nickels

    2020 Transit Connect Cargo SWB

    How many Amish are trading in buggies for Transit Connects?
  5. Double Nickels

    How’d y’all

  6. Double Nickels

    Fuel Mileage

    Wow! You're really moving out there. my MPG is lousy! 17! you all will notice that ambient temp is @ five-five for the double nickel i was beginning to think that everyone was get 27 for better, and I got a lemon I'm using the free version of Torque Lite. Haven't been able to read transmission temp. Is anyone able to see their granny with Torque Lite or Torque Pro?
  7. Double Nickels

    Dobby my 2010 Ford Transit Connect XLT(soon to be camper lol)

    Wide brim hat, trench coat, and shorts are the uniform.
  8. Double Nickels

    Hello from Eastern WA

    If you're building out a camper, look for a wagon. Less room with the seats, but you could remove them. At least you will have air conditioning duct work built into the rear. And the wagon has headliner and insulation.
  9. Double Nickels

    Debating between a 2014+ Transit Connect and Promaster City..

    I would worry more about the Dodge Ram breaking down. At least with the Ford, we know that the mechanical issues are minimal. Biggest concern is the transmission, and it looks like it will be okay with regular fluid exchanges.
  10. Double Nickels

    Water in Passenger Sliding Door

    From what I see, water gets in from the windows. The seals don't keep all the water out. That's why the bottom of the door have drainage.
  11. Double Nickels

    2015 rubber strips on sliding doors?

    My dealership ordered a part and it was wrong. Now they have to figure out which part to order. When they get that right, I can post the correct part number.
  12. Double Nickels

    Debating between a 2014+ Transit Connect and Promaster City..

    For function, reliability, durability......I would not buy the Dodge. Dodge small vehicles are not reliable. I would recommend a Ram truck with diesel. Jeep Wrangler is a great off-road vehicle. But most small Chrysler products are not very good. I suppose if ProMaster was a good van, you would see them everywhere. But you don't. Not do you see Chevrolet. You see Ford, Mercedes, and Nissan. Check out what Dodge van owners have to say. Walk through the service bay, ask Dodge techs what they think. That's how I decided not to buy an Explorer. Dozens of police cars with the transmission out.
  13. Double Nickels

    Where is reversing camera fuse located

    Fuses are under the hood, behind the glove box, and under a panel on the passenger side under the 3rd window.
  14. Double Nickels

    Transit Connect 2012 Transmission Issue (or not?)

    Sometimes it's mechanical. Transmission may need a rebuild. Internal parts wear after so many miles. In some cars, there's an update or reflash for the transmission control module. In some cases, you can clear the adaptive learning strategy, and the TCU will relearn the shift firmness.