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  1. Double Nickels

    spark plug suggestions

    If I pull plugs, new plugs go in. Same way I am not draining transmission fluid to send in a few ounces for used oil analysis, pour it through a coffee filter in the funnel, back into the transmission. Same thought process for changing the oil filter with the oil. Bizarre that some people will change the filter, not the oil, and just top off because the bottle of oil claims XX,XXX miles. Or changing the oil, but not changing the filter, because filter advertisement claims XX,XXX miles. Some people drain radiator fluid, then pour it back in through a funnel with a screen. Not just reading it online. I have seen all this in real life.
  2. Double Nickels

    Hello from France

    Poste en Français. Google se traduira.
  3. Double Nickels

    oil change on the 2014 TC

    For me, shipping and tax comes to $101.78. Once you crack the seal, it's exposed to oxygen, hydrogen, and ultraviolet light. How long can you store it after opening? I will need 4 years to use the entire container. Same reason why I don't buy 5 gallon buckets. I worry about degradation, oxidation, and elements out of suspension. And I don't want to pick it up, tilt it to pour into the engine, and all of it pours out too fast to stop. Then there's controlling the pour to get the right measure. 5 & 6 gallons is a lot of weight. The oil packaged in 6 quart boxes has my attention. That's good for when the 5 quart jugs aren't enough.
  4. Double Nickels

    spark plug suggestions

    What combination of spark plug tools and extensions did you use? Any reason why you chose that brand and model of spark plug? Did you replace the COP?
  5. Double Nickels

    oil change on the 2014 TC

    A lot of factors. Fitment. Cost. Safety. Compromise. Sales. 3/4-16 is a very popular thread size. FL910S fits where the FL1A and FL400S will not fit. On a Focus, a FL400S has a very real risk of being crushed or broken off if the car bottoms out. The smaller filter will also fit on a lot of cars from other manufacturers. A lot new Ford cars are now using FL910S. Must be easier for the factories and dealerships to stock 1 part instead of 3. Nothing new uses FL400S or FL1A anymore. Most new Ford cars are FL910S or FL500S. Pics all over the internet show side by side 400 & 910 cut open. They're almost identical. Then you discover that the old style FL400S with the taller can is favored by Jeep owners over the Mopar filter. I am looking at the GM ACDelco version, with the 4.75" canister, like how FL400S used to be about 10 years ago. Rock Auto has a bunch of clearance filters for 3/4-16 thread pitch, for about $1. The Champion Labs PH400 is awesome for $1.10. I think that the Ford engineers know that full synthetic oil with a more robust additive package and better filtration can benefit. The engineers also know that better quality parts in every way, could result in a better made vehicle. The car we get is not engineered to be the best. Otherwise, there wouldn't be the issues related to TSBs, Recalls, law suits.... The marketing department and accountants have to position the car into a market price segment, and make a profit. Corners are cut. Otherwise, we would all be driving "the best". Just think of the current dual clutch transmission fiasco. No way the engineers knew what they were doing with that one. Or the engineers knew, and the accountants overruled them.
  6. Double Nickels

    Oil Change

    I guess every year, about this time, motor oil goes on sale and a lot of rebates are available. There's a $5 coupon @ Walmart for Mobile 1, then you get a $12 rebate. O'Reilly's has a $10 off $20 coupon. Shell Rotella Gas Truck has a $10 rebate. Havoline is a $5 rebate. Pennzoil is $10 rebate. 5 quart jugs for the name brands end up cheaper than Supertech oil. Even oil filters are lower in price.
  7. It helps to have a jack capable of lifting higher and jack stands able to support the car at a higher height. Nothing like a jack only getting up to 14", then lowering back on jack stands about 11" or 12". A foot off the ground is just not enough space to crawl under a car and work comfortably.