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  1. Double Nickels

    Sylvania LED bulbs for brake lights.

    For whatever reason, not many PY24W lamps available. Every other lamp is readily available.
  2. Obvious solution is to install hardware in the headliner. Then you can hang little trees too.
  3. Double Nickels

    How many miles?

    Every location will have different rates for labor and parts. Labor could be $100 - $200 an hour. ATF could be $5 - $10 per quart. With a machine, the job could be done in an hour. I did the triple drain and fill with hand tools in an hour. When you shop the job around, ask them what the process is. Some independent shops have good equipment and techs who could do it just like a dealership. Stay away from any shop who insist that their own proprietary, multi-vehicle, ATF is better than Mercon LV. The Ford Service Procedure is a triple drain and fill. So a "dump and refill" is the correct process, if done 3 times. Stay away from any shop which will only drain and fill once.
  4. Double Nickels

    Sylvania LED bulbs for brake lights.

    I found rear signal flashers that worked fine with the OEM halogen in front. Then I installed front signal LED. Hyperflash when I signal a turn. Regular below flash pattern when I activate hazard light switch. I'm leaving it alone for now. The front signal lamp size was not easy to find in LED. LED is much brighter and more visible.
  5. Double Nickels

    New Member

    Limo tint is great. Makes a huge difference. OEM AC is loud, but seems to work. There are rooftop AC units. It all depends on what you want to do. I think that while you are camping, a roof fan is sufficient for airflow.
  6. Double Nickels

    Sylvania LED bulbs for brake lights.

    Those are European specification rear fog lights. In Europe, they want increased visibility in inclement weather. Not just so that you can see. Other drivers need to see you. You can install fog lights in front. Use that circuit to trigger the relay.
  7. Double Nickels

    How many miles?

    What I see is that the cooling system is acceptable and efficient. Engine and transmission fluid temps can rise to 225, and drop back to below 185. A lot of factors. Ambient temperature. Drive style. Condition of coolant and ATF. Biggest overlooked factor is if car is working correctly. Mechanical thermostat can get stuck. Electric fan can lose power from bad fuses and relays. Temperature sensors can fail. As an owner, the easiest thing to do is the fluid change. Once the car is raised and the lower cover removed - you can easily drain and fill the ATF. Since you are already doing an oil change, a drain and fill will only cost you the price of the fluid. WalMart sells Valvoline for about $20 per gallon.
  8. Double Nickels

    Sylvania LED bulbs for brake lights.

    Sylvania LED is more expensive, and more reliable than low cost LED from Amazon and eBay. I'm using them. Less expensive LED were a lot brighter. They also flickered and burned out.
  9. Double Nickels


    The formulation is probably different today. The API and GF grading has changed, with another change on the way. I think today's bottling is probably safe for modern engines.
  10. Double Nickels

    2019 LWB rear springs

  11. Double Nickels

    Connect Camper Lift

    Maybe Deaver Springs or Galpin Ford could build a custom lift. Call them. https://deaverspring.com/
  12. Double Nickels

    Tire Pressure

    I'm wondering how accurate the OEM TPMS system is. It's good enough for what I need. But it's probably not a precision reading. I used the tire inflator @ Costco, set to 51 PSI. Here are my screenshots right after topping off the tires, and after 30 minutes of driving. And in the morning, after cooling down overnight, the tires will be a little lower.
  13. Double Nickels

    thank you ford NOT!

    Just because they're asking that much, it doesn't mean that they're getting it. I bought a wheel with an offer of $50. Seller paid shipping. Those OEM wheels sold by salvage yards are still less expensive than buying a new wheel from a dealer. As long as you don't mind that it came off a van which was wrecked. Sort of like vintage clothes. You don't care about wearing a dead guy's pants.