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  1. Double Nickels

    Platform Overland Style Roof Rack

    Roof racks are great for bicycles, ladders, PVC pipe for marijuana irrigation, maybe if you hit a deer and want to bring it home. why would you sleep on the roof of the van, when you can sleep in the van?
  2. Double Nickels

    TPMS question

    I only wish that you can change the TPMS battery. As opposed to buying a new TPMS.
  3. Double Nickels

    Chopper (motorcycle) hauler

    Weight is the biggest factor. Some bikes are heavy.
  4. You have the parts diagram and part number. Now it's time to start calling distributors. Distributors have computer access to inventory location. Maybe even a chain store like Pep Boys or Auto Zone. You could get lucky and someone has it in stock.
  5. Double Nickels

    Hello lurker joined....2016 TC SWB

    Forscan allows you to recalibrate the wipers also. That might do the trick.
  6. Double Nickels

    Fuel Mileage

    Environmental groups and energy companies spend a fortune to influence laws governing automobile performance and emissions. It's a "no win" for the consumer. Cars using gasoline got better mileage before the current emissions standard. I'm not an expert. Is it better to use less fuel? Or use more fuel with with less tailpipe pollution? And then there was the fuel additive which was supposed to burn cleaner, but actually became a pollutant. More oil is consumed and sold. Increased demand for fuel benefits oil companies. Politicians are wealthier. Is the environment better off?
  7. Double Nickels

    Torque Lite & Torque Pro

    The Torque company has a list of compatible devices. Sort of ticks me off that a "free" app suggest that you purchase a $200 device.
  8. Double Nickels

    2018 TC LWB. 2.5L

    Modern transmissions are designed to operate with fluid temperature sensor between 200° - 225°. A lot of confusion from old tables showing 185°. Maybe a 40 year old car from the 80's, where you install an inline thermostat, you want to see 185° on the return line. A lot of those charts online show how ATF degrades as temperature exceeds 185°. Probably true with 50 year old Dex/Merc. I believe that modern transmissions and ATF formulas are better than that.
  9. I can remember pulling wires from behind the ignition, and touching together 2 red wires with the black wire to complete the circuit. Or using a screwdriver as a key.
  10. Double Nickels

    How bright is your 3rd brake light?

    How do you do that?
  11. Double Nickels

    Need Help 2015 Transit Connect 2.5L

    I don't think your ambient air temp sensor is the problem.
  12. Double Nickels

    Transmission dipstick retrofit

    You probably saw the vent cap. There's no dipstick.
  13. Double Nickels

    Front Hitch? Anyone done one?

    Generic hitch receiver. Iron worker with a welder. Attach to front crash bar. Cut plastic bumper fascia as needed.
  14. The interior panel on the lift gate pops off with trim removal tools. You will see the wiring harness and motor assembly in plain view.
  15. Your President imposed a travel restriction, and raised tariffs on Wakanda. As it appears that a rigged election took place, I will be sure to schedule as political winds change. Can you arrange for aftersale transport and foreign export?