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  1. mrtn


    Oh, that's easy. 33% of our salary goes to "social insurance" (flat tax, plus 1% for unemployment support), which also funds "free" healthcare, which covers most medical needs (apart from extremely expensive treatments such as some new cancer treatments or new surgeries you need to be taken to Switzerland for or something).
  2. mrtn

    Pine tree pitch battle..best solution

    Just remove the large spots with paper or anything really, the rest comes off with a pre-wash degreaser.
  3. They were never sold here. Alero only (POS, which I owned two of). I love the SAAB-like dash on the Aurora.
  4. I love Aurora so much 😞 I never got one.
  5. Yup, my cargo van does not have these cutouts.
  6. El what? BTW: you posted the same image as I did.
  7. Are you quite sure. There's Royalty and loyalty to Royalty in local scale never seen before:
  8. Now that you mentioned it, the Royal family of Sweden visited us today.
  9. mrtn

    Replacing tires 2016 TC

    More like “see if you have a discarded design laying around, the cheaper the better”.
  10. mrtn

    Overhead center console - what's it for?

    Search for sunglass holder in this forum. The issue has been beaten to death.
  11. It’s an Ecoboost engine, which has been in production for years with updates: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_EcoBoost_engine Probably not for Europe tho. We’re moving backwards, towards cole mines and steam engines.
  12. Automatically reposted. Oops.
  13. Probably direct from Ford. Here’s a random ebay link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Transit-Connect-Mk2-Van-10-2013-Manual-Wing-Door-Mirror-Drivers-Side-O-S/272721055497?fits=Car+Make%3AFord|Model%3ATransit+Connect&hash=item3f7f710f09:g:lqoAAOSw~e5ZQ~nn Mine’s electric tho.