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  1. mrtn

    Dmf or not ??

    I only know my 2006 TDDi had a solid flywheel.
  2. mrtn

    Shelter In Place

    Yeah, well done and status well earned. As we have an intellectual female president and virtually no religion (apart from Russian minority) none of this matter and people have been pretty smart about the lockdown.
  3. mrtn

    No engine light

    does the led work? need repair sometimes. mine lost the clock. the guy repairing it said it’s a common problem with these clusters, connections break.
  4. mrtn

    Shelter In Place

    We don't have subway but the rest of the public transport is pretty empty compared to normal.
  5. A good tiedown is essential. I once drove back (2.5h drive) from an event where I had lots of random stuff to haul back to the town. Being really OCD about cargo tiedown I had loaded everything like a perfect Tetris stack. The back of my 2006 TC was two thirds full of sporting goods, printers, dishes, coffee machine etc. So I was driving through the forest in the middle of the night, tired as hell after the event having worked 30h in a row an elk couple ran over the road. They were far enough but I instinctively braked as hard as I could. Could not hear even a drinking glass move in the back. Complete silence. I congratulated myself and kept driving.
  6. I have the 2-speaker AM/FM/USB/BT radio and the harness does not even have rear speaker cables in the plug. The colors are also different, locations match:
  7. mrtn

    2012 Connect no A/C power ???

    Your outside temperature sensor may report freezing temps. The compressor does not turn on to protect the condenser from freezing.
  8. mrtn

    central locking

    Double click the unlock button?
  9. mrtn

    Hi from west Michigan

    I would keep the Grand Marquis forever ❤️
  10. How big are your dogs? There's the OEM van partitition with a pass-through door for long items to extend into passenger footwell. This might work for smaller dogs.
  11. mrtn

    Shelter In Place

    We have a semi-lockdown. No actual restrictions other than public entertainment is closed and no gatherings allowed, including schools. I'll be going to the office tomorrow but it's quiet so shorter days.
  12. Naturally I will be buying OEM spec, not some "tuning" parts.
  13. Van needs substantial brake work. Rear discs seem to be really coarse and rusty like having been stuck. So I did a sportier driving session and the rust was gone, obviously not stuck. Both front and rear need new pads and new discs in the rear. Going for Brembo or Bosch, well worth a few extra Euros. Z
  14. mrtn

    Large bit of metal in sump

    Very likely. I never did replace mine during the 10 years of ownership.