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  1. There's no stalk. Instead there's a tilt button between the left side steering wheel spokes.
  2. mrtn

    Correct air filter

    Did someone remove it?
  3. mrtn

    Steering wheel vibration

    Could be anything in the front axle. Steering rack, tie rod ends and wheel bearings are known to be the weak parts.
  4. mrtn

    2010 Ford Transit Connect engine swap 2.0

    I've seen diesel engine swaps reported done in a day.
  5. mrtn

    TC Wagon, odd half-circle cutouts in interior panels

    I think we had this discussion here already
  6. mrtn

    New kid on the block....saying HI

    I'm in Europe. We have a different octane determination method (RON). North America uses MON, which is 8-12 numbers lower for the same fuel. My flap list includes all acceptable grades.
  7. mrtn

    New kid on the block....saying HI

    Owww. I stand corrected. It would have been funnier if I had ordered one from the US and discovered the missing turbocharger at home.
  8. mrtn

    New kid on the block....saying HI

    1.6 Ecoboost does not require premium. Regular is fine. 95 octane (RON) is the lowest grade you can get over here.
  9. mrtn

    New kid on the block....saying HI

    They do offer it in the US: https://www.ford.com/trucks/transit-connect-passenger-van-wagon/compare-models/ We only get 1.0 Ecoboost and 1.5 turbodiesel nowadays.
  10. mrtn

    New kid on the block....saying HI

    Congrats on the anniversary. We do have more choice but most of it is diesel. I want the 2.0 Ecoboost so much 😞
  11. mrtn

    New kid on the block....saying HI

    To make things even more confusing there are also subcompact van Transit Courier and passenger van Tourneo Courier.
  12. Almost. Two adults and one small kid is comfortable longitudinally. If one of the kids agrees to sleep across then it's probably okay. The actual usable length without converting anything is about 7 ft. 10 ft is against the dashboard.
  13. mrtn

    Correct air filter

    All 1.6 are turbo.
  14. I have never noticed that before but now it'll be my burden for sure. Find a way to remove the shiny trim parts and have a friendly sign shop wrap it in matte vinyl.