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  1. mrtn

    Accelerator fail

    I don’t know what 55-plate means, but the accelerator assy is a weak part in the first generation Connects. Replacement needed.
  2. mrtn

    Transit Connect top speed?

    I did the conversion.
  3. You can’t regulate religion. Be it some praying hardware or a dozen air refresheners.
  4. mrtn

    How many miles?

    Machine flush was done in 40 minutes for mine.
  5. Your brain will learn to ignore it soon. I have had the QuickClear windshields in my Fords since 1996, I guess I’ve gotten over it.
  6. mrtn

    Transit Connect top speed?

    Oh, almost as bad as over here. .30 to go.
  7. mrtn

    Transit Connect top speed?

    I usually cruise at 75 mph, at which fuel economy is okay, still. Haven't taken it to the Autobahn to find out what's the doable top speed for longer periods of time.
  8. mrtn

    New member here in Norfolk, UK

    Several camping members here.
  9. mrtn

    Connect Camper Lift

    It’s a simple suspension solution in the first gen TC. Rear leaf springs and McPhersons in the front so standard solutions should work. 1” blocks will be adequate, I guess?
  10. This is usually done by adjusting pedals.
  11. mrtn

    Center Bore Diameter

    0.1 mm not 1 mm. That's literally paper thin. 0.1 mm = 0.0039".
  12. mrtn

    Center Bore Diameter

    I have never seen a 63.3 mm center bore wheel listed anyhere. 63.4 mm is standard. It will definitely fit. 0.1 mm is letter sheet thickness.
  13. mrtn

    Do Not Buy

    They want to introduce 10 year limit over here.
  14. mrtn

    Do Not Buy

    Why do these particular tires even exist as of 2019.