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  1. mrtn

    2018 vs 2019

    Yup. It's now about staying alive.
  2. Had the high pressure pump replaced today. Did start up better than before. Yet to make some more tests, too early to say. Totally different topic: I did door sound insulation months ago and managed to break a clip that holds the door handle/latch cable in place. I couldn’t figure out how to fix it at first so I just left it as is. The problem weas than whenever you let the handle go with a bang the cable did not return as fast and the T-shaped end popped out of its place rendering the handle useless until I removed the door card and reattached. Today a service guy let it all happen and I had had enough. So I laser cut two pieces of plastic sheet with a curve that followed the cable trajectory holding it steady, not allowing it to pop out of the handle hook.
  3. mrtn

    2014+ bigger, better battery

    Oh really, I wonder why is that the case? I did reset the BMS when replacing battery without even thinking.
  4. I had radio issues initially, the head unit being completely mute occasionally regardless the source and needing an ignition cycle. The dealer replaced the radio which cured the mute issue but introduced a Bluetooth phone whine (instead of the call voice) every few times used. IE several times a day, sometimes once but not less than a few times week. They failed to find a fix (I doubt they ever tried). Now I replaced the battery a few weeks ago. Have not had the whine anymore. Not once. Hope it stays that way.
  5. Mercon LV/Dexron VI lifetime on the oil spec sheet is 80K miles for regular cycle and 50K miles for severe cycle so that’s your good lifetime of the transmission if you skip service. I had mine completely flushed at 50K hoping no damage was done.
  6. mrtn

    SHO Wheels on a '16 TC

    My Dezent TX Graphites are also exactly of OEM size.
  7. mrtn

    Wireless charging option TC

    If the bay has a thin plastic bottom you can add a generic charging coil under it. Total cost: $15.
  8. mrtn

    Open door = dead battery!?!?

    Haha, the shop I bought the battery from told me right away that they would not want to install it if it's possible
  9. mrtn

    Intelligent Oil Life Monitor

    My oil change message usually comes on at 11K miles and I do a severe cycle which the car knows about. Including towing (I have the OEM towing module so the ECU must be registering all the towings).
  10. mrtn

    Open door = dead battery!?!?

    I did that first, but the weird block of wires in the front of the battery box did not move down/away enough to slide the battery out to the necessary position. Perhaps 3" only or so.
  11. mrtn

    91H vs 97H load rating

    I wonder if they will check your tires in case of an accident and hit you with everything they have. The police always does over here. It might be worse in the US where lawyers pretty much run the show.
  12. mrtn

    Open door = dead battery!?!?

    Oh yeah. I got a new battery. Took me an hour and a half to get it replaced. There was an inch of clearance to get to the rear terminal and the rear battery cover did not come out, too tight. I looked like I had gotten into a fight with a cat.
  13. mrtn

    Toaster? Nah, couldn't be!

    Nooo, then I would have to leave (again), for being a foreigner on an American server.
  14. mrtn

    Low Power/sputtering

    Just don’t destroy your differential by hitting a dry spot after spinning the tire on a slippery surface.
  15. mrtn

    Toaster? Nah, couldn't be!

    Hilarity continues: https://www.jeeps.net/threads/how-i-determined-that-i-have-no-idea-what-im-doing-part-2.2823/ He has a 1047-post thread dedicated to him here: https://www.jkowners.com/forum/chit-chat/200698-angry-red-birdie.html None of us will ever reach this level of fame.