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  1. mrtn

    3 front seats

    Should be a simple bolt on for the seats but I don't know about the seatbelt. I can make you some pics of the floor mounts.
  2. mrtn

    6F35 tranny rebuild at 62k

    Great stuff. The 6F35 is a simple trans to rebuild, watched some tutorial videos. Like a LEGO set so if the tech follows the instructons it should be good as new.
  3. EPA test figures are beatable as it’s a more real life scenario. You can never beat or match NEDC figures as it’s a lab test designed to get into The Guiness Book of Records.
  4. Fiat: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiat_Doblò
  5. 3. Euro brake light is just two screws and the wire. Pretty sure the wire is already in place as they use the Euro model for the conversion.
  6. The current hybrid tech is very much different from the first generation of hybrids. You can even go at highway speeds in EV mode only and take short trips in the city without ever firing up the combustion engine. It’s the perfect stepping stone towards all-electric without the range anxiety and need for another vehicle. The new Camry would be ideal if it were available in STW format. Sedans are retarded.
  7. mrtn


    I would give me left nut for a Sienna and this guy has just disabled it.
  8. This can be done if and when there's enough interest. It was amazing to see a block heater post next to every single parking spot in Finnish towns when I first went there early 90s. That's because the need was there: it was cold in the winter and everybody had a block heater. Which is a bit circular but you get the idea. Once the electric cars become more common the residential area owners will see the economy in setting up chargers on the street (which can also be used to run cabin heaters in the Northern territories).
  9. You can remap the EcoBoost version for significant power gain.
  10. mrtn

    Disappearing wheel covers (??????)

    Weird. Never lost one. Apart from the misplaced small caps.
  11. D is the "eco" mode with some power limitation. S gives full power and sportier shifts.
  12. My dash display is accurate in the range of 0.1-0.2 liters/100 km compared to the fill-up method. Which is pretty good, IMHO.
  13. mrtn

    Fusion Wheels

    Exactly, got a set of brand new looking (zero scratches) Mazda 6 OEM wheels with Continental snow tires with 7-8 mm of tread left for €300. Sold the tires so ended up with getting a set of 17" alloys in excellent condition for €120.
  14. I would wait a bit until more wireless carplay systems will become available. It’ll be great.