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  1. There's a guy in the transit connect'ed facebook group who does these conversions for a living. Perhaps he's willing to share the information.
  2. The shortages of anything caused by early 2020 shutdowns are global now. There's NOTHING worth anything in stocks. Manufacturers suffer from shortages as we do.
  3. The best result comes from upgrading the speakers and seriously sound insulating door frame/outer sheet. This will make the biggest difference without providing you with any increase in sound volume. There's no point of doing it without insulation. Adding an amp will make major difference, adding punch to the upgraded speakers. The 130 mm OEM size will put a limit to the sound level and bass response. This is where an underseat sub comes in. And so on.
  4. I think we need to install ground switches like in the old days.
  5. Looks a bit like a mini Defender.
  6. mrtn

    Digital display

    Nope, the upper dash display is combined with a different type of head unit (SYNC).
  7. mrtn

    Digital display

    No. The only wiring in the back is for speakers, antenna and power.
  8. Gen1 TC is absolutely brilliant in snow (better than Gen2) with proper snow tires, even better than many 4WD SUV. So it's definitely the correct tires you're missing. Note that All Season and All Climate tires are not actual snow tires even if they have all the markings, including 3PMSF, they're almost equally bad.
  9. I wonder if any of Gen2 conversions have worked out. There have been couple in this forum.
  10. mrtn

    2003 Connect TDi 1.8 Van

    I would try junkyards.
  11. Excellent offer, thanks. I'm trying to limit my intercontinental travel tho, not safe.
  12. We have had mirror defrosters since the beginning of times over here and there has never been a separate indicator for them, in any car. Mostly it's just the rear window defroster light (as they're always combined) even in cars that don't have rear windows (such as my cargo vans), sometimes the button has two icons - rear window square + mirror but the dahsboard light only has the rear window.
  13. mrtn

    What are you paying for Insurance coverage?

    Liability insurance: €11/mo Voluntary full coverage: €35/mo