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  1. mrtn

    CD player removal

    TMC service is free in Europe, it appears to be some subscription thing in NA. It works in parallel with anything you have playing and switches to audible announcement if TA is enabled in the head unit.
  2. mrtn

    CD player removal

    Linear radio is pointless. Today you can stream music from the internet or just play MP3 from a USB-stick. Or listen to "radio" as podcasts on demand. Or audiobooks. There is no time in the world to consume everything interesting that's available in the internet for free.
  3. mrtn

    CD player removal

    there's s CD-player in a 2019? 😄
  4. mrtn

    Any Trek fans here?

    I consider myself a Trekkie but I’m not sure I would go that far
  5. mrtn

    Hello Guys

    We're not too knowledgeable on full size Transit matters tho.
  6. They’re better than stock halogens but require a bit of aiming. The H7 socket is not fixed by anything else than just the ring, clicked in place. Now the projectors are aimed too low in their normal position so I did some bending of metal to aim them right. First I just turned the aiming screw to level them right but the high beam was too high then. So yeah, not really plug’n’play. I might probably go with big HID projectors that require cutting and automatic leveling mechanism for the rear axle + headlight washers. But thet will either happen when I find a cheap pair of extra headlights or when I don’t need a van for a while to take it off the road.
  7. Turn signal side repeaters are mandatory in Europe. They are mean to be seen at all angles from the side. That's why they bulge, not sit flush with the body.
  8. Chinese stuff: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000080624577.html
  9. Sick of driving in darkness, trying out high quality plug'n'play LED projectors:
  10. mrtn

    Hello From NJ! New 2019 XLT wagon here!

    Gimp is free.
  11. Obviously the respect part is a joke but I cannot recall when I last used the horn, maybe a year ago?
  12. Jesus, how often do you use the horn, especially for respect?
  13. mrtn


    This is exactly the type of rust that would fall well inside warranty terms. You could not have caused it even if you really wanted to. It's not penetrating rust but it may be a sign of catastrophic manufacturing error such as missing galvanics.
  14. mrtn

    Oil Change Required

    It's all fine and dandy, but my MM message comes on at 18Mm usually (11K+ miles) and I do quite a bit of towing.