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  1. mrtn

    Question about stereo swap

    Oh, got it. I have the same one as your old one (with USB & BT tho) and when I added crossovers to mine the harness was empty for the most part. There was no extra wiring in the car side, just the minimum necessary for my HU. I know nothing about Sirius but you may need to add an extra antenna wire.
  2. mrtn

    Question about stereo swap

    This has been discussed plenty. You can get a Metra dash kit and an aftermarket 2DIN head unit with all necessary connectors from Crutchfield.
  3. mrtn


    Honda has this issue in their 5-speed autos, a bad torque converter.
  4. I remember. A missing divider could be the underlying condition tho.
  5. That divider-less cabin looks dangerous. Not allowed over here. All cargo vans need to be equipped with either a solid divider or a metal cage.
  6. Get the original European one for the door. It'll be fine.
  7. mrtn


    Tire(s) or CV-joint/axle shaft.
  8. mrtn

    Another Newbie

    Axle flip is the most common way to drop the rear. There are no bolt-on upgrade seats for the Connect so anything you like goes with a bit of fabrication. No idea about the rear seats tho.
  9. mrtn

    Replacing my Honda Element (with tears)

    The cargo van can be ordered with rear glass doors (at least in Europe).
  10. mrtn

    Falken Wildpeak A/T 215/65/16

    No, just the error message "SERVICE BELTMINDER" I get occasionally. The dealer does not want to have anything to do with diagnosing it. So whatever diagnostic brings it up during startup needs to be killed. (sorry for thread hijack. nice wheels btw.)
  11. mrtn

    Falken Wildpeak A/T 215/65/16

    Oh damn. I wonder if ForScan allows me to turn off the annoying "SERVICE BELTMINDER" message I get occasionally. Can't check right away as I'm on a Mac.