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  1. windguy

    Footwell Lighting?

    @Don Ridley - Great write-up for this mod. Appreciate the detailed info and pics. Thanks for sharing your expertise. Combined with Stanger_missle's notes on taking out the glove box I think I can take on this project.
  2. windguy

    Footwell Lighting?

    @stanger_missle - You (and David Parker) are right about the dark interior. I never thought about that as being a factor but it makes sense. Thanks for sharing your input on how to make this mod. I remember another poster reporting about damage to the hinges when removing the glovebox so your tips are helpful. I think you're ready to add some footwell lights on your van. Then you can share your notes and expertise.
  3. @Don R - nice job on this new mod. You're upping your game with a higher degree of difficulty and technology. Your insurance company should give you a rate discount for adding this safety feature.
  4. windguy

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    Thanks Don. Useful info. I had used some of those techniques earlier today and came up empty. Sure did find a lot of regular IPC's out there. Also saw a lot of pics of bashed in TC's, both generations. That's kind of interesting to see. I need to share a potentially scam situation. I stumbled on a website called USEDSPEEDOMETERS.COM https://www.usedspeedometers.com/ Seemed legit as they listed many of the familiar part numbers for different IPC configurations. I then used their search tool to get a quote entering phone number, zip code and email. I get two phone calls a few minutes later and this woman left a voice message in very hard to understand, garbled, heavily accented English asking me to call her back to discuss the details and that she has the part I need. I checked out the number she left and the caller ID number, different, and it appears that this "company" is fishing for personal info under the guise of offering used auto parts as others have reported. 312-509-4975 and 888-824-3048. The phone number offered on the website is for AAA Parts in San Diego per BBB. That same 800 number comes up under a lot of different used parts website just like the one above. The whole thing was very strange in what appeared to be a promising lead. I'll keep searching when I'm inspired. I do wonder if the FT1T part would work in a 2014/15 model or at least what the differences are to the DT1T part.
  5. windguy

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    @Beta Don - thanks for the info. That part number info is consistent with what has posted earlier. Helpful to know. I've looked for that same part number a few times and came up empty but didn't push very hard. Will keep your search pointers in mind to make sure I get what I need.
  6. windguy

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    That's very cool Don - I'm jealous. Yeah, I second that Don R is a rock star with his mod work and helpful write-ups. What year is your TC? What part number IPC did you get and where'd you source it?
  7. windguy

    Footwell Lighting?

    Thanks Don. Appreciate the reply and info. Do you like the amount of light it throws out? I'm looking for utility light more than mood lighting. If I drop something onto the floor mat I need a flashlight to find it. Can you explain a bit more in what you did for some of us modification mortals? I'm going to need more hand-holding to take on this mod. Especially if I need to remove the glove box to gain access to the BCM. If you haven't done one of your great Don write-ups, perhaps you can on this thread or start your own and we'll link it as a reference. Some questions: The requirement in selecting lights should be 12VDC, not 5VDC, right? Are LED strips better than a low profile light or one that can be recessed? What exactly are you connecting to behind the glove box? How is that connection made at the Body Control Module? If you had to do it again, what would you do differently?
  8. windguy

    Footwell Lighting?

    Has anyone added or considered adding lighting for the footwell area? My 2015 XLT Cargo doesn't have any lighting down there and it sure is dark. Would be nice to have sometimes. Just a thought.
  9. windguy

    Liftgate release switch upgrade

    Got it, thanks. Must be the same as what I have. That's a pretty slick upgrade.
  10. windguy

    Liftgate release switch upgrade

    @Don Ridley - nice job! I'm not familiar with the liftgate option. What did the original switch look like?
  11. windguy

    Cornucopia of problems. I need therapy.

    RIP "Sexy Beast". Vaya con Dios. What's the name for your new van?
  12. Sure, you can mount your crossbars to fixed mounting points, as shown in your video link. Looks like a clean solution. I opted with tracks for two reasons: I wanted the flexibility in setting the crossbars and to be able to remove the crossbars and towers since the racks will rarely be used. I'm not familiar with the rack system in the video but if you can remove the crossbars and towers and leave the mounting pads in place then that would be helpful if you don't plan to use the racks on a daily basis. If it's seasonal use then you leave the racks on and remove them in the off season. All depends on how you plan to use your rack system. As I said in my original post, Thule and Yakima are price fixed products. If you are price sensitive and not in a hurry, then wait for the occasional 20% off sale that comes up on holidays and special events. I get emails from rackattack.com with their promotions so you can get on the email list from these places to find out when they have their next sale.
  13. windguy

    fueling auto stop going off prematurely

    YES - It's one of my top annoyances with my 2015 Cargo TC. Sometimes it's like trying to fill a portable gas can. I assumed it partly has something to do with emissions design of the pumps here in Southern California combined with a lousy filler design by Ford. I don't have the same problem with other or past cars so it's a TC thing for sure. Also don't like the fact that the filler door doesn't lock. Some pumps are way worse than others to the point that you have to push hard and continue to apply pressure or it will pop out and shutoff. I like to set the automatic fill lever and step away from the van so I'm no sucking up the gas fumes. Can't do that with the TC. I try to remember which pumps are less troublesome. I have one at my local Mobil that works better than most others but I still have to hover. Thankfully I don't put a lot of miles on the van so I'm not filling up very often. I have to be mindful of about how much fuel I need to add so I don't risk overfilling the tank. I have it in my head you're not supposed to do that with this van. Never sure if a pump shutoff means the tank is full or the pump is being twitchy. It's a process I've learned to live with but never happy with.
  14. windguy

    oil change on the 2014 TC

    I didn't know you can do that. Thanks for asking about that. The oil change message came on recently so good timing. After turning ignition on partly, I pushed both pedals all the way down and after a few seconds, the message came up that it's resetting. After about 15 seconds the resetting was complete. This van sure has some weird hidden tricks for doing things that Ford doesn't advertise. Same deal when I had to sync up the added keypad with the fobs.