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  1. windguy


    Welcome to the forum. Are you getting a wagon or cargo model? Regarding the cab area shelf, check out the thread link below. They added the shelf I think you're asking about to the rear of the van.
  2. windguy

    Custom Platform

    @wild-surfwood - nice to see the finished job. Great work!
  3. windguy

    GEN2 Transmission Out

    @Fifty150 - glad you got your van fixed under warranty and you're back on the road. That must have been one heck of a pot hole.
  4. windguy

    Introducing myself and a camper

    jrm223 is spot on. Poster SKiZo added a Fiberine top and it's a very cool conversion. See thread link below
  5. windguy

    New and looking for ideas for mobility access

    @john - welcome to the forum. There are companies that convert vans for those with mobility issues. I would check their websites to see what van models they are using for their conversions. Best of luck in your search.
  6. windguy

    Drivers seat side trim broken?

    Sorry to hear about that. It would be great to see a picture of the trim you're talking about.
  7. windguy

    New guy looking for ideas on rear seating

    @Peter - welcome to the forum and congrats on your new cargo van. I'm considering adding a jump seat to my 2015 LWB Cargo van so this is an interesting topic for me. If the seating is for short distances, then a jump seat would work. Anything longer and I would go in the direction of what Beta Don is referring to and using a decent TC bench seat that you can find from a salvaged van. Those are going to be more comfortable and have a higher safety factor. I think this is the video you are referring today. I was curious to see what that person did https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvJR-ix5LTI If you're going to use the TC bench seat, then it would be best to open up the hidden foot well below the cargo deck (see pics below). It's a relatively easy job to do. I can share more pics on that. I opened mine up to use for storage and love having that amenity. Taking the cargo mat out will also expose a variety of mounting holes that exist on all vans, cargo or passenger. Below is an example of a jump seat that I've been considering. I've found several of them that might work. It has a built in seat belt and is a low cost option. Using this would require some type of adapter plate for mounting. https://www.amazon.com/Bestauto-Universal-Contoured-Retractable-Adjustable/dp/B07BBCWGT4/ref=sr_1_16_sspa?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1542259228&sr=1-16-spons&keywords=jump+seat&psc=1
  8. @ImTom - okay, I understand your reason now. To me, the hitch seems pretty heavy duty and I'm sure Ford tested it for it rating, but you have first hand experience with it for your application. Seems like a hitch shop could custom make you a beefier hitch. That's the path I would first consider since I have no welding experience and would want to lessen my liability. I added two more pics in case others are wondering what this looks like. I guess you're back to how to get that hitch off after the mounting nuts are removed.
  9. windguy

    Movable Cargo WAll

    @appraiser219 - welcome to the forum and congrats on your new to you van. I also have a 2015 cargo. Great van with lots of cargo space. Your conversion to RHD will be interesting. Please keep us updated. Enjoy!
  10. windguy

    New 2019 Transit Connect Cargo

    @nickles - welcome to the forum and congrats on your new van. 2019 already - wow! I haven't been keeping up with what's being added to new model years. Let us know if you have new features not found in older models. Curious, when did you order your van? As dparker said, lots of pics would be great. Enjoy!
  11. ImTom - might as well welcome you to the forum since you're a newcomer. I have a factory installed hitch on my 2015 XLT Cargo. I pursued have the receive part of the hitch redone because it sticks out too far, but the local hitch shops wouldn't touch it. They would make their own hitch to replace it though, but that would be too expensive. Why do you want to remove yours? As I recall, when you get a factory hitch, Ford replaces the regular metal bumper frame with the hitch frame, which sits behind the bumper cover. If you get rid of the hitch, then you essentially have no support back there or tow point if needed. As you mentioned, I think there are only four bolts on each side attaching the hitch frame to the chassis. See pics I took a few years ago. You would think it would just drop after what you did to remove.
  12. windguy

    Custom Platform

    Got it. Very slick design. Can't wait to see it all setup. Does your helper work by the hour, job or in trade for room and board? You're a cool dad for letting him work (play) with you. Keep up the good work. BTW - that's a sharp looking van color.
  13. windguy


    You got that van for a steal! Even with the travel expenses factored in. Good find for sure. I like the dimpled look. Gives the van some street cred.
  14. windguy

    Custom Platform

    That long black tube looks like a rocket launcher - 007 style. How does the awning work with that?
  15. windguy

    Introducing myself and a camper

    @tully kieys - thanks for sharing more pics. Two thumbs up for making some very cool mods. You're doing some innovative things to your van. Two thumbs down for drinking Gatorade and smoking Marlboros, but I'm sure you've already heard that a few million times before. Sorry to jump on the dog pile.