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  1. windguy

    Cargo Model - new rear panels?

    I noticed the rear panels on a 2019 TC cargo look different compared to my 2015 ones. Ford is till adding the seat belt cut-outs at top front area but now I see a bump out on both sides. Seems like the top profile is different too. Has a deeper dip in the middle area. Just curious what's going on with the new models. This pic was from a dealer's inventory posted online. Rare to see a cargo model with a lift gate. Most seem to have barn doors.
  2. windguy

    OEM Seat Compatibility

    Thanks Mountainman. The way my van is modified makes it difficult to add a jump seat for occasional use. Not worth the effort but still an interesting option to have.
  3. windguy

    DIY Roof Rack Build

    @No1udno - thanks for sharing your videos. Entertaining! Pretty cool looking rack you engineered. You're a real craftsman! Best of luck fighting your PD.
  4. windguy

    OEM Seat Compatibility

    @mountainman - nice job adding that row of seats to your cargo van. Thanks for sharing your mod. I would love to have the option of a 'jump seat' for my cargo van in case I need to carry a 3rd passenger. I would only need it for short trips a few times a year and I end up just working around not having that capability but it's a cool add-on.
  5. Good story Don. Thanks for sharing. I think the TC is great for road trips as well. The large front window is great for viewing and the endless cargo space is priceless. I too wish the van had a hybrid option since my use is mostly short 35 mile trips to the beach.
  6. windguy

    Ceiling lining

    Cargo Van or Wagon? If cargo, then I'd recommend adding sound proofing material as other posters suggested. For my van I used Kilmat 50mil butyl material for the ceiling with a layer of 150mil Noico liner on top of that. Kilmat 50 mil is lighter than some other brands. I first got 80mil but felt it was too heavy for the ceiling or doors so used it for the floor area and side panels where weight isn't an issue. Doing the ceiling area is hard work because you need to roll out the butyl mats and you're working above your head, but it's a worthwhile project. https://www.amazon.com/Kilmat-Deadening-automotive-Insulation-dampening/dp/B0751G6TMV https://www.amazon.com/Noico-waterproof-insulation-Self-adhesive-Deadening/dp/B074V7Z262
  7. windguy

    Turn-key camping conversion

    Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new van. Looks very nice. Great travel pics. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the rest of your journey.
  8. Can't edit my own post and want to correct a mistake, as shown below. I said "The unlock was never a problem since your are pressing the right two buttons at the same time. No timing involved" THAT SHOULD BE LOCK, NOT UNLOCK.
  9. That sure is strange. Sorry to hear about your woes. My keypad has been mounted for 3.5 years, since I got the van, and I have had no problems with it mounted as shown in the pic above. You would think it would be act like the regular key fob on a proximity basis, just not with the same range perhaps. I have no idea where the sensor(s) are located that pick up the signal from the fob and if there is more than one. I do remember when first using the keypad, it took me a while to get used to the unlocking sequence. It's 5 numbers and you have to press with the right pressure and timing. Too slow or fast and it won't unlock. Once you get the rhythm down, then your unlock successes go up quickly to the point of rarely needing a do-over. The unlock was never a problem since your are pressing the right two buttons at the same time. No timing involved. Also, that location on the van has a little bit of bounce due to the soft body panel. For me it was the best location to mount the keypad.
  10. windguy

    Should I change transmission fluid

    Interesting video - thanks for sharing the link I think you're skilled enough to be making our own maintenance and repair tip videos. Waiting
  11. windguy

    Ecoboost intercooler upgrade

    Nice write-up. Interesting to read and see what you did. I commend your sense of adventure and mechanical skills. Next project? hope adding a flux capacitor is on your short list.
  12. windguy


    MODERATOR - In my opinion it would be very useful to setup some ground rules regarding forum content. I think thread hijacking with non-related garbage has gotten out of hand lately. I'm noticing a big drift in forum content. The forum never used to be like this when I joined back in 2014. Most discussions were TC related. At least the forum has maintained a decent level of civility to which I am grateful. Aside from an isolated case of a toaster that caught fire a few times a while back, the forum has been a wonderful asset for me as a TC owner. I realize that threads can drift over time but it seems the amount of nonsense being injected lately is way off the rails. The majority of it has nothing to do with the original poster's topic. Perhaps we can suggest limiting these types of discussions, especially political ones, to the Lounge area only. Posters need to exercise restraint outside of the Lounge to stay focused on the topic at hand. I hope I'm not a minority here in my views. Peace!
  13. windguy


    I totally disagree with your assessment. The forum was never like this back in 2014 when I joined. It was very cool then and up until about a year ago. Primary focus was on TC's, vans and things associated with them. Not political BS. I don't want to read that crap. If I did, I'd join a political forum and read the venom there.
  14. windguy


    Nice hijack of a 'welcome' thread Welcome to the forum Brad. Would love to see some pics of Indy. PS - and thank you for your service
  15. I'm convinced my 2015 Cargo Van (built in October 2014), that has side and rear windows, was converted from a wagon model to a "cargo model. See the pic below. On both sides of the van, the location where the middle seat belts would have been bolted to the sides was crudely touched up with gray paint (hack job). I suspect the belt setup scratched the paint. Also note the cutouts in the side panels for the seat belt. Why have these cutouts if you're not mounting seat belts?