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  1. windguy

    Turn-key camping conversion

    Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new van. Looks very nice. Great travel pics. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the rest of your journey.
  2. Can't edit my own post and want to correct a mistake, as shown below. I said "The unlock was never a problem since your are pressing the right two buttons at the same time. No timing involved" THAT SHOULD BE LOCK, NOT UNLOCK.
  3. That sure is strange. Sorry to hear about your woes. My keypad has been mounted for 3.5 years, since I got the van, and I have had no problems with it mounted as shown in the pic above. You would think it would be act like the regular key fob on a proximity basis, just not with the same range perhaps. I have no idea where the sensor(s) are located that pick up the signal from the fob and if there is more than one. I do remember when first using the keypad, it took me a while to get used to the unlocking sequence. It's 5 numbers and you have to press with the right pressure and timing. Too slow or fast and it won't unlock. Once you get the rhythm down, then your unlock successes go up quickly to the point of rarely needing a do-over. The unlock was never a problem since your are pressing the right two buttons at the same time. No timing involved. Also, that location on the van has a little bit of bounce due to the soft body panel. For me it was the best location to mount the keypad.
  4. windguy

    Should I change transmission fluid

    Interesting video - thanks for sharing the link I think you're skilled enough to be making our own maintenance and repair tip videos. Waiting
  5. windguy

    Ecoboost intercooler upgrade

    Nice write-up. Interesting to read and see what you did. I commend your sense of adventure and mechanical skills. Next project? hope adding a flux capacitor is on your short list.
  6. windguy


    MODERATOR - In my opinion it would be very useful to setup some ground rules regarding forum content. I think thread hijacking with non-related garbage has gotten out of hand lately. I'm noticing a big drift in forum content. The forum never used to be like this when I joined back in 2014. Most discussions were TC related. At least the forum has maintained a decent level of civility to which I am grateful. Aside from an isolated case of a toaster that caught fire a few times a while back, the forum has been a wonderful asset for me as a TC owner. I realize that threads can drift over time but it seems the amount of nonsense being injected lately is way off the rails. The majority of it has nothing to do with the original poster's topic. Perhaps we can suggest limiting these types of discussions, especially political ones, to the Lounge area only. Posters need to exercise restraint outside of the Lounge to stay focused on the topic at hand. I hope I'm not a minority here in my views. Peace!
  7. windguy


    I totally disagree with your assessment. The forum was never like this back in 2014 when I joined. It was very cool then and up until about a year ago. Primary focus was on TC's, vans and things associated with them. Not political BS. I don't want to read that crap. If I did, I'd join a political forum and read the venom there.
  8. windguy


    Nice hijack of a 'welcome' thread Welcome to the forum Brad. Would love to see some pics of Indy. PS - and thank you for your service
  9. I'm convinced my 2015 Cargo Van (built in October 2014), that has side and rear windows, was converted from a wagon model to a "cargo model. See the pic below. On both sides of the van, the location where the middle seat belts would have been bolted to the sides was crudely touched up with gray paint (hack job). I suspect the belt setup scratched the paint. Also note the cutouts in the side panels for the seat belt. Why have these cutouts if you're not mounting seat belts?
  10. windguy

    Replacing tires 2016 TC

    thanks GBL
  11. windguy

    Replacing tires 2016 TC

    51 psi seems pretty high compared to the recommended 44 front / 48 rear. You would think higher pressure would make the ride harsher with increased road noise. I check the tire pressure monthly and the spare twice a year. The OEM tires hold pressure very well for my usage, but that's low mileage.
  12. windguy

    Replacing tires 2016 TC

    Thanks Fifty150 for the info and pics of your tires. Your tires appear to have more tread than mine and you have 13% more mileage on them than mine. I have seen Conti tires with an 80,000 mile rating. See screen shot below from America's Tire website (Discount Tire outside CA). Perhaps that's where I originally got the 80,000 mileage rating not noticing that this tire isn't the exactly the same as the OEM tire. The OEM tire with a similar name shows 60,000 on the same website. With a replacement tire I'd be willing to give up mileage life if I could have a quieter tire. That's most important for me with handling being a low priority. The reality might be that my driving habits will prematurely destroy any tire out there so might as well get the benefit of a quieter tire.
  13. windguy

    Replacing tires 2016 TC

    Thanks for the replies GBL and Fifty150 Tread depth on the spare is 5/16 and on the other tires is 1/16". Crudely measured using a carpenter's combo t-square. Not very precise. No snow in my parts and I avoid driving when it's raining. Biggest road hazard to the tires would be sharp rocks fallen onto the road when crossing the canyon roads. I'll stop by a tire place and have them check it out and see what type of proration they can offer me. It might be more prorateable before the tires go to no tread. Will update.
  14. windguy

    2017 TC XLT simple camper

    Your van is the same as mine. The sliders have this white thin foam covering, as pictured below, and the back doors a plastic film only on 3 doors. I ended up making a covering out of a thin plastic cutting board and using contact cement to hold it in place. Probably not as water tight as the other 3 covers but good enough. I think you might be on to something with the slider panels being a noise source and I like the idea of adding a buffer to the inside face. After doing the sound deadening, I tried to add plastic bags of wall insulation but ended up removing it as I didn't like how it bowed out the foam covering when it expanded. I couldn't get it to fit like I wanted it to so abandoned that idea. But if I tap around the slider panel it sure does have a rattling noise that increases away from the edges. I hear this type of noise when driving on rough pavement and it sounds like a low level popcorn machine going off. Hard to describe. Hard to determine the source of the noise when you're driving but it could be those slider panels. I should remove them and see if the noise abates. The one advantage of sound proofing the van is it lets you pinpoint sources of road noise easier because the overall noise level of the van has been reduced. I'll add that to my van todo list for when the weather cools down.
  15. windguy

    Replacing tires 2016 TC

    Thanks for the input guys. I would agree that having Road Hazard insurance is worth the added expense, especially since tires for me are like magnets for screws. So far the TC has been good to me for that but I've run into some bad luck over the years. In some cases the tire can be plugged, but in others it has to be replaced if the hole is near the sidewall. After reading the warranty guide I got the feeling that there are two warranties, one from Ford and one from Continental. I need to stop by a local tire shop and discuss my options with them. We have every major chain tire store on the west coast in town but through years of elimination from bad experiences I've found America's Tire (in CA and Discount Tire in other states) to provide the best service and competitive pricing. Attached are snaps of each tire. The tire wear seems to be fairly even across each tire and among the set of tires. My crude measurement shows about 1/16" of tread left at best. Tough to tell who is going balder faster, my tires or my head 😞 I've been inflating tires per the spec at 44 fronts and 48 rears. Tires hold air very well on monthly checks but with low mileage between checks.