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  2. Much appreciated for the information. Is there a PIN-out diagram for the main wiring harness as well? I don't think I need to mess around with the ACM but I could be wrong.
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  4. I have something broken in the differential section of a 4F27E. Can i expose the differential section without pulling the engine/transmission?
  5. It's up to you to thoroughly research statutes & regulations for NY in regards to adding seating to a vehicle, as well as discussing it with your insurance company; you are responsible for yourself & your actions. In an accident with "too many" people in the vehicle (officially it's only 2 in a US-spec cargo model), insurance may drop you after paying out a claim for a DIY-conversion and then turn around to sue you for re-compensation. The "most legal" route to take for adding seating is an automotive upfitter, they'll have the state licensing and insurance covering the conversion, like in case of a mounting/structural failure in an accident - but, of course, that's also the most expensive route up-front. As for finding a cargo van that's already upfitted, I'm betting you're mainly looking at private-use type websites like AutoTrader? Instead, try Truck Paper and Commercial Truck Trader (basically the commercial side of "AutoTrader" website). You won't find some 'upfitted checkbox' like you're talking about, but those sites will give you the highest amount of commercially-fitted/used Transit Connects. If a second passenger (third body) or more is a high priority, your best bet may be getting a LWB wagon and then fitting it out exactly the way you want it for storage. I'd think you could mount some fork holders on the folded-down second row seat to hold the mountain bike(s), assuming front wheel off. One guy here made an internal ceiling rack to carry long-ish thin stuff, including putting up PVC tubes to carry his hang-gliding equipment. So you can get some pretty cool ideas from the forum.
  6. I lock my '15 G2 running fairly often, no problems. One key/fob still in the ignition, the other in my pocket & hit the lock button on the second one. Since yours is all-manual without any remote control buttons, I can't fathom how it would cause any problems. If there's no power actuator in your locks, the van computer cannot unlock the van - or lock it, for that matter. Easiest way to test it out is open the driver window all the way, leave it running, lock the door and close it, then try to unlock with your other key - it should work perfectly fine. If not, reach in through the open window to unlock it; either way, you'll have your answer.
  7. jrm223

    Can second row seats be installed in cargo models?

    Neil, I just did some searching of my own and was able to find this old photo album from another member. The pics aren't real great, though, and it doesn't show the areas where the mounting holes should be, so it still doesn't answer your questions. I have a 2015 Gen 2, so I'm not able to help much beyond this. Is there a reason for y'all not buying a Gen 2 LWB? It seems that 2014 models are a mix of either welded-in or bolted-in (late in the model year) and all 15+ have the floor extension bolted-in & a few people here have put OEM second row seat into a G2 TC van without issue. The few G1 seat additions I've seen have all been aftermarket seats, as far as I can remember. One guy here on FTCF (I believe it's sKiZo) is planning to upgrade his G1 TC to have Focus ST or RS leather seats front & rear, but that's more custom modifications to do and won't fold-flat like a van seat. He also has a buddy with a custom vehicle fabrication shop helping with the van customization.
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  9. Marquizzo

    Hello from Huntington Beach, CA

    Very nice! Love the blue color. It's the color I wanted, but none of the dealerships in my area carried blue, so I had to get black. Could you add the locations to where the photos were taken? I'd love to know where some of those are. I think I see the snowy Eastern Sierra, & Death Valley, but I could be wrong.
  10. Hey guys, i am super excited to share my minimalist Camper Van tour. I’ve been living out of this van since December 2019 and loving it!!! Ive been living mainly in downtown San Francisco. WHAT A WILD RIDE https://youtu.be/NhnI2IPp9uk
  11. Here's the wiring diagrams for the ACM. ACM wiring diagrams.pdf
  12. Hi everyone! I recently moved to New York City (Manhattan) and am looking at changing out my '98 Tacoma for a used TC Cargo, as I'd like to keep mountain bikes, surfboards, and the occasional dirtbike in the van, whereas they'd get stolen out of the pickup very quickly. I also do a lot of my own vehicle maintenance and love having storage for tools and the like. To that end, I've been trying to find former workmen's vans that have already built out the interior with shelves, cupboards, tie-down points, etc. Even better would be to find a van that's already beat up cosmetically, as NYC is not kind to vehicles. However, searching cargurus, autotrader, etc. this doesn't seem to be a filter that can be applied. Has anyone had similar purchase criteria, and how did you find your perfect (pre-built) TC? As well, for those driving cargo vans, if you'd like to also carry passengers occasionally, is that as simple as buying the middle bench and installing it when needed? Or are there rules, regulations, or modifications like passenger window access, seatbelt mounting points, and so on where it would be better to buy the TC Wagon and modify it for my cargo needs? Since these all seem to come over in the Wagon configuration and are then converted to Cargo, I would hope it would be simple, but have a suspicion that it's not. Thanks in advance for the help!
  13. BrettLyons

    Hello from Huntington Beach, CA

    Hey guys and girls, Just introducing myself on here since I just joined yesterday. My name is Brett and I've owned a 2014 Transit Connect Wagon XLT for about 4 years. It's my daily driver and now that I've hit 92k miles I'm looking to learn more about the maintenance I'll be needing, good rack systems, and so on. I'm looking forward to exploring the forum and hopefully contributing to it as well! Hope everyone is healthy and staying sane through the crazy year of 2020. Here's some pictures of journeys with my transit. Thanks, Brett
  14. Are you getting rid of your stock rails? I've got a 2018 LWB. If your rails would fit... I'll take them! I'm in NY area.
  15. I've decided to get myself an aftermarket unit to replace the very basic stock radio system in my 2014 Transit Connect. The stock radio unit I have has AM/FM/AUX, 2 front speakers. Nothing else. No steering wheel controls or native navigation systems. There is one main plug harness that connects into my current vehicle stereo. Other connections are for the Air Bag light, 4-ways and radio antenna. Unfortunately, the Axxess-5524-NAV cable I got from Amazon has some of the wires designated (eg Accessory RED) that only feed out to the aftermarket radio after connecting into the plug for the Axxess NAV portion (it's a black box with a plug connector tied into it. That was just one of a few I noticed were not tied-in directly from the main harness. I suspect I need everything correctly connected between the main harness and the radio connector to make it work right? I also didn't see where the wires designated for the CAN-Bus line of my aftermarket stereo tie into this Axxess harness. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for these radio connector harnesses that I could use to connect the wires from the aftermarket stereo harness to the vehicle harness? Or should I be looking to buy a different wiring harness all together? I will include photos both of the stock unit and of the aftermarket bundle Stock Connectors and Wires Stock Radio Wiring Harness Aftermarket - Axxess 5524 NAV wiring harness Showing the aftermarket radio connector on the far right Aftermarket radio harness is now on the far left. Notice how the Red wire (Accessory) does not connect into the main harness? A few others are not connected to the main harness either. Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I've tried glossing over the forums here but did not see this topic covered.
  16. bud_4z0

    Transit Connect temp control and mode switch does not work

    Update: I got a new Dash Control Unit (DT1Z-19980-B). I went to install it and the new Battery was DEAD sitting at 8v... I had started it 2 days ago... Looks like the BCM is BAD! I used a contact-less power meter and found there was a 6 amp constant draw, that peaked randomly at 11 amps. I traced it to the BCM. unplugged each cable bundle until I found the harness responsible. Looking for a diagram of what that pin-out is. Plug labeled "C6 Engine" . What ever it is eliminating the Dash module was cheaper than going to a FORD dealer to have them tell me the same thing.
  17. Marquizzo

    19 USB issue

    I had the same problem in my 2019. But the fuse you're looking for is in the passenger compartment fuse box that's under the glove-box, not the one that's under the hood. Check out the bottom of this page of the user manual, you're looking for Passenger Compartment Fuse Box, fuse location #18 "Wireless accessory charging module.": https://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/vdirsnet/OwnerManual/Home/Content?bookCode=O140553&countryCode=USA&languageCode=en&marketCode=US&viewTech=IE&chapterTitleSelected=G1601001&subTitleSelected=G1971495&topicHRef=G1971498&div=f&variantid=7408&vFilteringEnabled=False&userMarket=USA I solved the issue not by changing the fuse, but by simply unplugging the 3 main plugs that connect to the fuse box. I think disconnecting and re-connecting them reset the computer and started supplying my USB plugs with power again. However, if that doesn't work for you, maybe you do need to change the fuse. Good luck! It was literally a pain in the neck to get my arms under the glove-box.
  18. Hey @Tom c what did the dealer end up doing to fix it? I'm having the same problem with mine. We get 10-15 minutes of power before it shuts off. I have to pull over in the freeway, fully take the key out of the ignition, open the driver door to turn off the electronics, and then turn the car back on to get power out of the outlet. Was the dealership finally able to fix it for you?
  19. No, sorry. I live in California, and already bought them from a guy who got rid of his. He did this camper conversion to his car, it looks awesome: https://ursaminorvehicles.com/campers/ford-camper-conversions.html
  20. collinjx

    Turn on all interior lights (2016)

    Reading wiring diagrams isn't my strong suit. But it looks like the cargo light doesn't go straight to ground. I guess it's something to do with the BCM turning the light back on after it times out. Thanks for showing the diagram.
  21. Queen

    Hi from Brooklyn

    Hi Everyone! New to the forum, but I got my 2013 TC XLT about a year ago for my work/commuter van. It's a sweet little van and it's been a great work van so far. I'll be moving out west to California in August and slowly building it out into a minimal camper van for the cross country drive. There's so much great info here and I'm excited to share the build out and learning/ getting ideas from everyone. First mod I want to do is add a little overhead shelf above the front seats. My plan is to secure it to the top of the seat belt cover and to the grab handles with L brackets (so I don't have to drill any holes). Does anyone know what the bolt head size is for the grab handles? Smallest socket wrench I have is 1/4" and I think it was too big. Any insight appreciated!
  22. Don Ridley

    Turn on all interior lights (2016)

    Here's the interior light circuit for a 2016. interior lights circuit.pdf
  23. sKiZo

    Wet floor

    Door seals? Dry it off then go around each door with a pressure washer. If you have any leaks there, give the seals a good rubdown with Sil Glide. That softens the rubber and lubes it a bit so it conforms better to the frame. I swear by the stuff for stopping the frameless windows of my Aurora from whistling.
  24. Don Ridley

    Turn on all interior lights (2016)

    If I remember correctly the dome lights turn off with the dimming "theater effect" by slowly bringing the ground connection up to 12v so the light has 12v on both wires.
  25. I bought a 2012 transit that had the dash replaced after a small fire. The seller told me he also replaced the wiring harness. My main problem is that i'm getting DTC codes for no communication to RCS and TPM. Along with that there are a few other weird bugs. No turn signal dash lights, (they work in the self test), no ac or recirculation (buttons work when monitored in forscan) no door chime or any chimes, and lastly no fuel gauge. (circuit open). I replaced the RCS module and no cigar. I noticed while looking through the shop manual that NONE of the MS-CAN modules show up on my scanner, so I measured the DTC connector MS-CAN termination resistance and its within spec of 55-66 omhs. I'm pretty lost here. any help would be great. I also have a code for the MS-CAN, U0010.
  26. neilthepeel

    Can second row seats be installed in cargo models?

    Hi there Im really hoping for more info about the false floor/seat anchors. I’m not having any luck finding more threads beyond this one by searching this forum. I stumbled across a post on a ford truck forum saying that “non US” cargo models of 1st gen TC’s do NOT have the threaded bolt holes and socket/bar anchors hidden beneath the welded down false floor. I’m in Canada (see: non US) and this information has caused me to hit the brakes on purchasing a used 2013 TC Cargo. The van would be useless to me if I couldn’t have at least one seat in the back for my kid. I have already bought a mint condition OEM 2nd row 60/40 split seat from a 2010 TC passenger wagon, with all the seatbelts and hardware. I grabbed it knowing they aren’t all that common (I searched wreckers all over North America and found only one in Oregon and it was “mouldy and may or may not have a rat living in it”) and to get the ball rolling on the project. my next step was to acquire a 2010-13 TC Cargo, pull up and/or cut out the appropriate spots to expose the seat sockets and nutserts, plug in the second row seat and score a family man touchdown. But this new and disturbing information has given me cold feet. If I were to purchase the used TC, cut in to the false floor and find that indeed there are not any spots to connect the seats because the Canadian models came from a different assembly process without the anchors and holes installed, I’d be in the doghouse for at least until after the next US election. I’ve spoken to almost every Ford dealership service department in my city, and its 50/50 - half saying the anchor points are “probably” under there, half saying don’t be so sure. Maybe I’m answering my own question here - but should I go ahead with the purchase, and just hope that the anchors are there, and if they’re not, sell the OEM seats (hopefully someone will want them) and buy a single aftermarket seat and have it bolted to the floor, as described by others? A key function would be that it can fold down forward somewhat flat. thanks for the read. Looking forward to any insight. neil
  27. naturevicc

    2013 TC hill climbing

    On flat road usually around 3k, climbing its about 4-5k Also did a test on a long hill climb by my house going about 35mph with cruise control on, stayed at 2-3k rpm with no clunks or any hesitation
  28. collinjx

    Turn on all interior lights (2016)

    I found these interior lights on EBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/303539642506. I wired red to a always live terminal, black to ground, and yellow to the ground on the cargo area dome light. Open a door, now all lights turn on, shut the door all lights turn off. You would think all was good. Wrong. After closing the door, the newly added interior leds will come back on after 20 mins. The forward dome light stays off. I've contacted the supplier and I'm hoping they have a solution for the problem.
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