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  2. Fifty150


    I hear that with lighter weight, the RX7 beats Mustangs with the same 302. Lots of exciting mods and builds out there.
  3. Thanks, zalienz. Nice to know what I am facing. I kinda figured that it might be an adhesive caulking. I've replaced several windshields and windows in the 70s using the butyl rope cord and a primer but never adhesive caulking only. For removal I used a tool that was a knife on the end of an offset handle with a T handle pull cable but being too short it would not work for this application. Everything has changed in 40 years!
  4. The solid panel and all fixed glass is glued to the vehicle using urethane adhesive. To remove them, it involves taping off the surrounding area with gaffers tape, and then using a windshield cutout wire tool or a power tool with a metal blade, depending on the application. With the wire tool it's usually a 2 person job, with 2 T-handles and sharp wire that slowly saws its way through the dry urethane adhesive. Once the panel is removed, most of the remaining adhesive is removed with a razor blade and then cleaned with rubbing alcohol. Installing the glass then involves a power caulking tool, some primer depending on the adhesive, and laying a bead of adhesive around the perimeter of either the glass or the body. Then carefully laying the glass into place and taping it to hold it into position. Drying time varies with different adhesives. This is the same process for windshields and fixed quarter glass.
  5. Bill Jackson


    I'll take the 5.0 RX. My wife would likely collect the life insurance shortly thereafter.
  6. Fifty150


    Not economically feasible for me. Same money could be spent on a faster car. But I get it. That's why aftermarket parts exist. I remember guys throwing VW diesel engines into a Suzuki. And Ford 5.0 crate engines in a Mazda RX7.
  7. Bill Jackson


    Wow, I'm old school thinking Audi QuattroVan by Ford.
  8. I hear Harbor Freight jacks are better now.
  9. mrtn


    These crazy Brits have dropped plenty of ST engines in the Connect, some have RS engines + AWD.
  10. Bill Jackson


    Wait a minute.....I found another link for dreamers like me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4USQiChd9jI Maybe I'll keep the tires.....they make me feel good.
  11. Bill Jackson


    But wait a minute what about the autoblog pictures. https://www.autoblog.com/2008/04/15/can-a-transit-connect-be-sporty/ Please don't tell me it aint true. I've spent the past year waiting for one of these to pass me on the highway.......my dreams are gone..... I'll be trading in my Pirelli P4 plus' for contis or coopers. My life is over.
  12. A good floor jack used under the front control arm and the Rear spring perch will let the TC be jacked up high enough to put a jack stand under the reinforced pinch weld area. Harbor freight has a nice aluminium jack for around 70.00.
  13. Agreed. Such a luxury to be able to look over your shoulder, and actually see.
  14. Fifty150

    TURTLE roof rack from Turkey

    Nice porthole window. My only reservations about products like this, from overseas and a brand unknown - is strength & rigidity. A big chance to take if everything is not as strong as it should be. You don't want to be the person to find out that a mounting bolt corroded & stripped, or it just collapses because your ladder or kayak was too heavy. Looks good. Your cargo van without a headliner must have been a lot easier to install. Did you take any photos of your own install?
  15. Very nice window upgrade. Your post got me inspired to look online for sliding door windows and came across Van Windows Direct out of Victorville CA. They have solid windows and then I stumbled onto their 1/2 sliding window for either L or R side sliding door, 380$ each. Kinda spendy but less than the used wagon doors I found in Yuma at 600$ each. Were you around when they installed your window? I was just curious if you or anyone else knew how difficult it was to remove the plastic cover. From looking at your pictures (thanks) you posted it looks like it is glued in with a butyl tape or caulking.
  16. Last week
  17. So, I bought this rack system from the link above. Purchased on Friday and it was shipped from Germany and delivered on Wednesday. Very quick shipping. I checked into the better name brands... Thule, Yakima, etc... but decided the cost was too much for my needs. A couple times a year I might want to transport something that doesn’t easily fit inside... extension ladder, lumber, pipe, etc. Under $500 was my budget. The rails and racks are decent quality. Absolutely good enough for my needs. If I wanted to strap a kayak or luggage carrier on top... it would work just fine. As best I can tell there are no accessory items for this system... just the rails and racks. The frustrating part was 2 of the 6 screws that connect the rails to the roof were too short... how does a manufacturer let this happen? But a trip to Home Depot got the correct length metric screw. And a page of instruction was clearly missing but 5 minutes of pondering figured out how this went together. If a trip to HD wasn’t necessary the installation would have taken about 1-1/2 hours at an easy pace. So far the best solution I’ve seen for this price. I can recommend this system... in spite of the fact it wasn’t 100% complete.
  18. Sounds like it could be a GEM issue. Have you disconnected the battery (both terminals) and bled off any residual voltage?
  19. My ‘18 didn’t have a glass in the left slider when I got it 🤨 Merging into traffic just using the mirror was just uncomfortable, especially after my ‘14 was equipped with the glass. I had a local glass company install one a week or so ago. Much better, much safer. The Ford/Carlite glass was $195, installation $45. Worth every cent!
  20. I think the seat mounting points will be different.
  21. Fifty150

    oil change on the 2014 TC

    That Trader Joe's wine is barely passable for cooking. And for that, it's overpriced. Since wine in a gallon jug or bag-in-a-box would cost less per unit of measurement. Anybody come across any good deals on oil or filters?
  22. Was this option offered in the US? I have kids with car seats and it’s really hard to access the 3rd row with the car seats installed. I’d like to convert mine. Thanks!
  23. Beta Don

    oil change on the 2014 TC

    You never know - They might find they like it better than Trader Joe's in the bottle . . . . with a cork! 😂 Don
  24. Fifty150

    Oil Change

  25. PhotoAl

    Hello from France

  26. Fifty150

    spark plug suggestions

    My ex liked to reuse paper towels. Wipe your clean hands, the paper is still clean. You just washed them. Spread it back out by a window. It dries. Reuse it. I have hand towels. Wash and reuse.
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