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  2. opburg89

    2014 Transit Connect Front Wipers not working

    Thanks for every ones assistance. As an update I do have 12-Volts available at each wiper motor connection plug, but wipers will not work or move to park position if moved when vehicle is turned off and turned back on....I am taking a look at Don's motor pdf to see if this might help troubleshooting....Thanks and will any update progress.
  3. 2014 transit connect front wipers not working. Dealer replaced wiper control arm on steering column no success. Replaced both wiper motors again no success. There is 12-Volts available from the LH/RH wiper motor connector plugs but neither motor will actuate. through research it seems that there is a "wiper pulse module" located some where but have been unsuccessful in locating. Does this module exist or are the front wiper motors driven by the ECM directly? These LH/RH motors appear to be possibly individual stepper motors is this correct? I have tried to find a schematic online to help trouble shoot, but have not found any. Thanks and any help is greatly appreciated.
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  5. davidparker

    "Ladder" Noise

    I have experienced the "rumble and howl" on a full sized transit with square ladder racks. It turned out to be air flow buffeting. To fix it we wrapped a rope around the front rack, leaving about 2 inches between loops. That broke up the air flow and eliminated the sound. Its pretty common on square racks. Just google it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ah_otmV9ius
  6. Ford’s all-new, all-electric SUV will don the iconic pony badge and the name Mustang Mach-E when reservations for the vehicle open after it is revealed this Sunday. View the full article
  7. Double Nickels

    Sylvania LED bulbs for brake lights.

    For whatever reason, not many PY24W lamps available. Every other lamp is readily available.
  8. Obvious solution is to install hardware in the headliner. Then you can hang little trees too.
  9. For the fuzzy dice in a cargo van (not that I'm a fan), how about a simple adhesive-backed wire clip on the bottom of the shelf; something like this? lol Improvise, Adapt, Overcome
  10. I have LED up front & sides, also, except for the "city lights" (in the headlights, I believe 194 bulbs). There weren't many choices when I did it, so I ended up going with yellow instead of amber, which is just fine. Hazard switch does not monitor bulb amperage, so that's why it doesn't hyper-flash like the turn signals do. The inline resistors I have, somewhere, are 50W each and they should be enough to eliminate hyper-flash with front & rear LED signals, based on the combined rating of factory bulbs (45W together, 50W including the side marker that I also switched to LED).
  11. Beta Don

    "Ladder" Noise

    If it doesn't do it without the ladder up there, but it does when you strap on the ladder, I think you've found your culprit for sure. Maybe you could try swapping the ladder end for end - That should make it better . . . . or worse, but at least you'd know for sure it's the ladder causing the problem I had a little Mazda wagon that had roof crossbars which I very seldom used and just the front crossbar made an unusual noise that I wasn't at all happy with. The very next year on the same model, Mazda addressed the problem by adding little rubber 'spoilers' on the underside of the crossbar. When I complained to my dealer about the noise, they ordered and installed the newer model crossbar for me and while it didn't eliminate the problem entirely, it did lessen it to the point that nobody but me noticed it any longer Pretty much anything on the roof at freeway speeds is going to make some noise - Some of them more objectionable than others. All the more so in a vehicle with little or no insulation in the headliner , , , , or in your case, no headliner at all Don
  12. To those who have roof racks and haul ladders on a regular basis: Do you have "howling" at highway speeds? I'm not talking about a rattle.This is a very loud hum at speeds above 55 and is almost painful. I have tried different rack and ladder positions and also wraping binder strap once around a rung and rack(thinking the strap might be vibrating) but to no avail. 2016 LWB van with no insulation other than above seats.I'm wondering if the bare roof may be acting as a sounding board and amplifying vibrations.
  13. s5pitfire

    Interior rattle sounds

    @davidparker Thanks. Hard to imagine its the actual door due to the nature if the sound. Very slight plastic rattle sound. Maybe try to drive in my privaye acerage with the sliding door open to see. Side note: Unfortunately the 3 year 36k BTB warranty is not eligible, but I'm hoping the Chevy dealership I bought it from can fix the seat issue as promised. If not I'll be calling the ford dealership. The TSB is for the 60/40 seat setup but its close enough (I have the 2 bucket set up)
  14. Ford’s new Creating Tomorrow Together America’s Thanksgiving Parade float to provide fast-forward look into future, pay tribute to innovation, iconic vehicles, strong communities. View the full article
  15. transit rich

    rear door

    hi i've got a 2008 connect and the rear door wont open from the outside,if i press the key fob i can hear the lock unlocking ,i can put the key in and hear unlocking but i can't open the door from the outside,i can open it from the inside.any one got any ideas?or had the same problem?
  16. Ted Cannis, Ford Motor Company’s global director of electrification, will speak at the Barclays 2019 Global Automotive Conference in New York on Thursday, Nov. 21. View the full article
  17. Ford Motor Company is issuing two safety recalls and a safety compliance recall in North America. View the full article
  18. davidparker

    Interior rattle sounds

    The rattle may be the side cargo door, the actual door, not window. They tend to get slightly out of adjustment after a few years and rattle a little. Other's have had a problem with them, and they can be a little tricky to fix from what I have read. I personally have not had an issue (yet).
  19. mrtn

    How many miles?

    Machine flush was done in 40 minutes for mine.
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  21. Double Nickels

    How many miles?

    Every location will have different rates for labor and parts. Labor could be $100 - $200 an hour. ATF could be $5 - $10 per quart. With a machine, the job could be done in an hour. I did the triple drain and fill with hand tools in an hour. When you shop the job around, ask them what the process is. Some independent shops have good equipment and techs who could do it just like a dealership. Stay away from any shop who insist that their own proprietary, multi-vehicle, ATF is better than Mercon LV. The Ford Service Procedure is a triple drain and fill. So a "dump and refill" is the correct process, if done 3 times. Stay away from any shop which will only drain and fill once.
  22. I put a pop top on my 2019 TCW so I’m selling rails and cross bars. located in OC Calf. $500.00 call or text 215-605-7614
  23. Hey, a van with this much white canvas, I had to add something to it! I got sick of people asking if it was my company van.
  24. Nice find!! They do help (just a little) to draw your eye away from all the 'stuff' stuck all over the back of your van 🤔 Don
  25. The never-ending search for those upper reflectors for the rear taillights seem to yield very little results. Either order them from the dealer, or buy them on eBay and wait months to be shipped from Europe. I came across this website that searches junkyard inventories. You can select your specific year, make, and model, and even your specific part you are looking for. You can even narrow down the region to search. I did a nationwide search for these reflectors, and found quite a few. I inquired pricing and shipping estimates from as many as I can find. Only one responded (there are about 10 other ones I found). After some conversation, I had a set of reflectors sent to me for $70. Installation was a breeze: two torx scews and a little prying gets them popped right off. I definitely will go back to this site for any other parts inquiries as well.
  26. Reviving a dead thread here. I did some shopping at car-part dot com. Where you can search the world (literally) for a certain part down to the make and model. I found several TC Titanium's unfortunately in a totaled state. But there were a handful with the upper reflector still intact. I reached out to one of the junkyards for a set. $70 and two business days later, BOOM I'm part of the elusive club!
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