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  2. Thanks for the report. This spark plug blowing out of aluminium heads has been around a long time so the fix is well tested.
  3. G B L

    2018 TC LWB. 2.5L

    They are for sure. My experience with this gearbox F6-35 is that it works the fluid hard. Having done 4 fluid changes on my rig and similar changes on other transmissions. Keeping the fluid clean and fresh is cheap and easy. So if you work the car hard why not.
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  5. Double Nickels

    2018 TC LWB. 2.5L

    Modern transmissions are designed to operate with fluid temperature sensor between 200° - 225°. A lot of confusion from old tables showing 185°. Maybe a 40 year old car from the 80's, where you install an inline thermostat, you want to see 185° on the return line. A lot of those charts online show how ATF degrades as temperature exceeds 185°. Probably true with 50 year old Dex/Merc. I believe that modern transmissions and ATF formulas are better than that.
  6. I can remember pulling wires from behind the ignition, and touching together 2 red wires with the black wire to complete the circuit. Or using a screwdriver as a key.
  7. Has anyone successfully found anything similar that fits the stock 5x108 bolt pattern of a Transit Connect 15” wheel? I’ve just always liked the look of the cop car hubs, and thought it’d look great on my all black 2012 TC. Besides having to convert my entire wheel to 16” with adapter for 5x114.3 (which is the size for the P71 hub caps), I haven’t found anything that fits what I currently have. Also considering just finding some classic spoke Crown Vic 15mm hubcaps, which are also a point of nostalgia for me.
  8. I’m just lucky this all happened over the holiday break! Felt here would be a safe place to vent. A few months ago, my 3rd spark plug popped loose, destroying the coil and nearly left me stranded on the side of the road I thought. But I managed to putter home the last 5 miles on 3 cylinders and almost no compression. I inspected the cylinder head, no debris got in, the spark plug threaded back in just fine...or so I thought, and no problems for a couple months. I was experiencing some vibration not long after, but I figured it was something related and that I’d have to get it looked at soon. Took it to my normal repair shop, they couldn’t think of any reason why it should be vibrating, so no charge on the inspection. Then, a couple weeks ago the spark plug popped out again, this time I could tell that it had completely stripped out and there was no such luck in simply screwing it back in. Took the van to a local machinist who was able to insert a new threaded sleeve (at my own risk, as he says it can be chancy, but has always worked out great in his 40 years experience). So, I have 4 cylinders again...but the vibration is still present. Like really bad. Between 1000 & 2000 RPM it’s especially gnarly. Thought it could maybe be a muffler, as when I listened below the car, that’s where I heard the majority of the noise. Took it to a muffler shop, they said nope, not the muffler, definitely a bad motor mount. Did a little online research, turns out it’s something really simple to do on my own! Saw a bunch of how-to videos, ultimately followed this Dad’s video considering he had the same tools at his disposal. I only did the passenger side shock absorbing mount. Researched the correct torque settings for mounting it back in, and away I went on the road test. What a world of difference, I hadn’t had such a smooth drive in a while. Makes me wonder for how long it had been busted, only recently with the horrific vibration! Anyway, thought I’d share, in case anyone here comes across the same issues.
  9. What kind of trailer wire comes with the 13 pin module If it has enough leads then fine. If it is a 4 flat plug ,then a converter plug won't help it would need a 7 contact socket and harness. Without the 13 pin a regular trailer adaptor can be hooked up to the 7 contact socket withe the addition for the pin 4 12 volt feed added from the fuse box. If you want brakes a brake controller will be needed.
  10. The electronic sway is trying to predict the trailer sway. The mechanical sway actually reduces the sway. On a small well balanced trailer there is usually no issue. Once you have had a trailer start to dance no matter what the size the $52.50 for the sway control is cheap.
  11. My brother had a sway control like G B L's on his old [heavy] tent-trailer. Worked great. His present trailer is 6000 lbs 28ft and uses a load-equalising hitch. As for me, I've never felt the need for brakes nor sway-control on my 1500lbs pop-up. But if I ever get my dream 1800 lb trailer, definitely brakes and the Curt sway control. Perhaps I'm just old-fashioned but would trust that control much more than electronics.
  12. This is what my wiring diagram lists for the 13 pin EU wiring, seems like it should have everything I need. I also included the info about my trailers wiring. I'm not sure how much current the trailer will actually draw through the #4 pin, but if it is up to 15 amps it seem like it could be an effective way to keep the trailer battery topped up while the vehicle is running.
  13. Awesome glad to hear that you don't have issues towing your camper. I have considered getting the Curt trailer wiring harness and a 7 pin adapter. Just seems like the OEM solution would be a little nicer.
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  15. Towerofjuju

    Ford Brand cross bars

    Hey, we are new to the forum after recently buying a 2018 TC xl LWB. It came with the cross bars and I’m looking to adjust them. I have the key but can’t figure how’s to make the slide adjustment. I believe I need to remove the black end cap but don’t want to force/break them. Any suggestions?
  16. infrarad

    2019-2020 Sync 3 upgrade.... maybe

    Oh that's perfect, thank you! Reached out to him, very knowledgeable guy. Gotta say this is a really expensive venture so far. I considered aftermarket but it seems like that would be just as involved these days.
  17. Hoatso

    Need Help 2015 Transit Connect 2.5L

    I just used Forscan to: - set dark mode so lights don’t stay on long after unlocking. - set bambi mode so fog lights stay on when high beams are on. - disabled the keyfob panic alarm button so items in pocket don’t set the alarm off. - set TPMS nominal tire pressure to 34psi instead of 44/48 for smoother ride. When you first do this, it thinks your pressures are low until you drive a mile or so. I want to enable the Euro mode where holding down the keyfob lock/unlock buttons remotely rolls all the windows up/down, but can’t figure this out yet.
  18. Ok' bought a 2014 LTD back in march, now i'm wondering have i got fold back mirrors fitted anyway without the control button , i'm wondering is the fold back function turned off and can it be turned on with forscan , Tia
  19. Don Ridley

    Help - ABS / Hill Start Assist

    You do not need to purchase a Forscan license to use the scan tool function of the software. You only need a license if you want to make configuration changes to your vehicle like adding cruise control.
  20. gwbasley

    Help - ABS / Hill Start Assist

    To answer your question, no, I still have the problem but that is great info...I'll follow up on it. Since my last post I have downloaded FORScan, purchased the connector for my laptop, and gotten website approval. I still have to purchase a license and then learn how to use the thing. Once I do that I'll look at those areas first. I had seen mention of that fix on Youtube but it looked like an expensive "throw parts at it" move.
  21. G B L

    2018 TC LWB. 2.5L

    I have done a lot of towing with mine. I have had the scan tool monitoring the fluid temp on lots of runs both with and with out the trailer. The fluid temp was regulated by the thermostat and not the size of the cooler. The biggest issue for transmission heat is how much time this transmission spends with the converter in lock up mode.
  22. When I was a Kid All cars could be stolen with a piece of wire and 5 minutes under the Dash!
  23. G B L

    New owner starting point...

    Good Shape makes a good rig. The only issue with those is how the Transmission was treated.
  24. If you are thinking about the EU Module make sure the trailer connecter is set up for the 12 feed, if not then all the extra money and process will not help the battery. A 50- 100 watt solar panel on the top of the pop up will do more for the battery. As for the trailer sway I have used these on multiple trailers over 30 years . Rather than trying to out smart the sway they reduce or eliminate the sway. Simple and bullet proof.
  25. Steverino

    New owner starting point...

    Looking at a 2013, 81000 miles. Will be using it as a primary driver in addition to weekend trips in NYS/NE in spring-early fall. I am a HS reacher and have great opportunity during that timeframe. Planning on building it out myself with help from CVTE shop at my HS. Practice on this one and maybe in a few years pass it on to my son and purchase a newer model. what should I look during PPI? Thoughts, photos, links will be greatly appreciated
  26. There's a guy in the transit connect'ed facebook group who does these conversions for a living. Perhaps he's willing to share the information.
  27. Hey all! Sorry to make this my first post, as a quick into I got a 2020 SWB TC cargo over the holiday and I'm already getting to customizing! Perfect for hauling pinball machines 😁 I'll try to document anything I work on here in the forums, glad there's an active TC community! Intro aside, my first upgrade is swapping out the 4.2" basic stereo with a 6" Sync 3 system. Having seen so many other Sync 3 upgrades in other Ford vehicles, I figured it was just a matter of gathering parts and programming the APIM. Sourced a dash bezel, screen, and Sync 3 APIM from a wrecked 2019 TC. Immediate problem however, there's no traditional 54 pin APIM connector. Seems like the radio unit (AHU?) handles pretty much everything. Is there an APIM at all to replace? I also have the entire wiring harness from the '19 TC to reference but I'm baffled on where it all connects to. Shorter version, is this kind of upgrade even possible? Any input is appreciated! Attached are a couple images I've taken along the way.
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