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  2. vanwerk

    Ford Transit Connect Battery Spacer

    Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn't seen this mentioned in other threads discussing replacing the stock battery with an AGM. Is this something the end-user can do on their own? Actually, I didn't bother trying! I had read a handful of other threads dealing with aftermarket battery replacements and it was suggested to remove the spacer, lest the new battery shouldn't fit.
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  4. rjmorel

    wanker starter problems

    Nope, not fixed, the last starter went 1500 miles after swapping the relays then died. Now what?
  5. I'd like to get $100 for these. They are the patterned cloth and in excellent condition. Includes head rests. Pick up in Minneapolis, MN Thanks!
  6. Fifty150

    can anyone read their dipstick?

    My dipstick reads fine. Engine cold. On level surface.
  7. Another method I use is running the wire up to the upper corner of the engine bay. There is a small enclosure behind the plastic triangle that is in front of the side mirror. Pop that off, and you can see some through holes. They are not direct in to the interior, so some luck and finagling will have to do. They come through to where the a-pillar tweeters are (for me, there's no tweeters in my version). The a-pillar trim pops off, careful not to damage the curtain airbag.
  8. Don Ridley

    Lift-gate inside release?

  9. Yesterday
  10. Gideon

    Lift-gate inside release?

    Is there an easy (cheap!) way to add an inside rease to the rear lift-gate ??
  11. Mine are not a waste at all. I've got a small separate amp for the rears so I can adjust the volume balance between front and rear. Love it.
  12. MLB

    Cargo Mat moisture

    Probably depends on where you are. Maybe in the right climate conditions. Here in the midwest the only time mine was wet was something spilling and ending up under there. I just pull mine up every 6 months or so and check. But other than once, no moisture.
  13. I have nice speakers front and rear and imo the rears are a bit of a waste. Little bit of fill. And they get rattled around a lot back there so. Put nice speakers (sep woofs and tweeters) up front and a small power sub under the seat and you'll be amazed at the improvement.
  14. Has anyone added a roof access ladder to their Transit Connect? If so what ladder did you buy? Did you have to modify for a good fit? All details appreciated.
  15. MLB

    can anyone read their dipstick?

    thanks guys, cold works a charm.
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  17. DarcyM

    2010 Transit Connect Vibration

    Any other thoughts on this issue? Or is it something that is normal for this van? And, like Andrew said above, can it be an issue with cheaper motor mounts?
  18. Just guessing you have right hand drive? I went out and looked at my 2016 and when I tried to pull hood latch with the door closed,the latch handle would hit the plastic door panel before the hood would pop. However,if i grabbed the handle on the side closest to the exterior,I could gently pull it diagonally enough to clear the plastic panel. Some booster packs will charge your battery through your cigarette lighter. https://mechanics.stackexchange.com/questions/15893/is-it-possible-to-charge-car-battery-through-cigar-lighter-socket
  19. Has anyone tried to install a vertical screen on 2014+? i've seen that ford focus looks almost exactly as the connect lxt sync and the ford Kuga as the connect titanium, but i do not want to buy it and then it wont fit. kuga screen.jfif kuga screen2.jfif
  20. Ronzara

    Question about stereo swap

    Hey guys, thanks for the info. I was worried this particular swap would be too complex. the Sirius radio through the aux port is something to think about. 👍🏼
  21. Connecting in Transit

    2014 Transmission fluid level check/refill.

    Great, thanks both for the clarification!
  22. Don Ridley

    Ford Transit Connect Battery Spacer

    Here is some interesting info on battery charging schemes; https://stevesorensenmechanical.com.au/blog/battery-registration-and-programing/
  23. drummerbecca

    2008 TC fuel line/injector issues

    Hi all. I'm new here and just signed up in the hope that someone might be able to help. I have a 58 plate transit connect which I believe is a 1.8 diesel. Since I've had it, I've had a huge issue with the fuel line continuously popping off the injector while it's in use and under pressure. After multiple replacement fuel pipes and a complete change of injectors from a donor van, this hasn't helped at all. The line seems to disconnect from the same injector every time (number 3), but it seems unlikely to be the same issue with 4 different fuel pipes and 2 sets of injectors. Can anyone tell me if there might be something elsewhere in the fuel line that might be causing extra pressure at that point and causing the pipe to pop off the injector? I'm new to all this so apologies if it's a stupid question. Thanks, Becca
  24. Don Ridley

    Ford Transit Connect Battery Spacer

    If you upgrade from an FLA battery to an AGM it is a good idea to configure the ECU (BCM module in the TC) for the new battery type. The two battery types have slightly different charging requirements and I think Ford programmed different schemes for each type. Will the AGM work without this change? Yes. But the lifetime make be compromised and that would be a waste for such an expensive battery.
  25. Background, I'm a 44 year old guy. I've done my fair share of oil changes over the years. I've never experienced an oil change like I did when I unscrewed the oil filter on my 3.5L. I'd read some threads from other owners and had a 2-liter bottle with the top cut off and ready. Problem is, the motorcraft filter that was installed is almost the same diameter as the 2-liter so the oil just ran down the side of the bottle. There's no room to use a decent sized catch container under the filter. Remove the bottle and the oil hits frame members etc going everywhere. Why the **** did Ford put an approximately 1/2 to 1 quart reservoir above the filter? How are you supposed to remove the filter without wearing oil? If I had an old fashioned oil can spout, I'd try that. I'd use a screwdriver to pierce the filter if I could guarantee it would shoot straight down into my catch can. lol
  26. Fifty150

    Ford Transit Connect Battery Spacer

    So you have to remove the spacer to make your new battery fit?
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