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  1. I see you already have a hitch. Get a trailer for the bikes and keep the dirt outside.There is only so much room inside a TC. Weather Tech floormats for the front footwells are great at keeping dirt and mud controlled.
  2. NJ may have county quarantines for moving firewood. https://www.dontmovefirewood.org/map/new-jersey/ https://www.state.nj.us/agriculture/divisions/pi/prog/emeraldashborer.html
  3. When I installed roof rails in my 2016 the plugs did not come out easily.A few broke in half.I think they are one time use and would not remove them unless I had replacements.
  4. JackGrimshaw

    Steering Wheel

    Try asking here.Europeans have more options. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1402449166674335?ref=bookmarks
  5. JackGrimshaw

    MaxxAir Fan for 2018 LWB Wagon

    You may want to check this roof adapter out. I have not purchased from this seller but he seems to have a good rep. Also sells 3M Thinsulate https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Transit-Connect-Roof-Vent-Adapter-for-2014-or-Later/142515465891?hash=item212e956ea3:m:mBzibOMwMKr0bwakbnkxZJw&var=441506560218&redirect=mobile
  6. Windguy,I have a 2016 lwb cargovan. Did you print out a copy of the ssm for the tech.It seems to give a detailed description of the procedure.Did you give them any paying work?Was this where you bought your TC?I think those were points in my favor and what gave them the incentive to go above and beyond. I have thought about this for a while.I am reluctant to share the dealers name in case I need a favor again.I apologize if some may think that's a crappy attitude and hope you understand.As someone who worked for the same small business for over 40 yrs,I have found that repeat customers and personal relationships are better served and result in future business and referrals.
  7. A big thanks to Mickster(and others) for providing the info that helped me resolve this issue.Here is a recap: I called the service dept at the dealer where I bought the vehicle before my first service was due and gave "my story" ( My wife and I camp a lot and I have built a camp kitchen that my wife uses through the rear doors.Whenever we open the doors,all the perimeter lights come on which light up half the campground.The lights stay on for 9 mins.I timed them.I feel this is rude to other campers and this is an embarassment for my wife.We often camp with my 11 yr old granddaughter and you know what kids are like.I stated that I participated in an online TC forum,others had the same complaint,some were able to disable this feature under warrantee,I had a copy of a factory SSM on how to disable this but it required a reprograming of the BCM.I want to have this done when I bring the TC in for sevice.) The service rep didn't have a clue and passed me to the "truck guy".Gave my story again.He also had no clue and when I mentioned "dark mode" he went silent for a moment and then asked what that meant.I explained. He then said that when I came in for my service to bring in a copy of the SSM. A month later I called to arrange for " The Works" ( oil,inspection,tire rotation etc.) and gave my story again. Showed up early,talked about the service and other issues,handed over the SSM and gave my story.The next rep over looks over and laughs " You're the dark mode guy".They got together and wrote up the service request as though I was complaining about battery drain.We then chatted for a bit about who we know and how the dealership had grown.The usual crap.His name was Bob. I picked up the truck that night,place was mobbed but everybody was smiley.They charged for service but adjusting the headlights up ,a recall issue and upgrading the "PCM" were under warrantee.Should have checked. Well I did check when I got home and no change in the perimeter lights. Called Bob the next day,gave my story, pointed out the difference between "BCM and PCM" and he said he would get together with the service manager and see what they could do.Please email a copy of the SSM. Got a call from the dealership two days later.A woman wanted to know how my "experience" was.She said that I would soon receive a email survey from Ford and she hoped I would give the dealership high marks.I gave my story again and she says Bob told her about it and they were working on it. I soon got the survey but did not respond. A week after the first call I called Bob again.Still working on it.Didn't have to give my story.I thanked him for his help and said I really hoped we resolve this issue. I got a reminder about the survey. Delete! Bob called two days ago and I was not optimistic. "When can you bring it in" "Thursday at 7am" "Fine" he says I show up a 6:55.Door is locked.Sign on door says service dept opens at 7:30. I go sit in the truck. Bob comes over about 10 mins later and says "Show me" I did. He says shop foreman will be in soon and I'll get back to you. I sit in waiting room. About 7:30 Bob comes over with the shop foreman who says show me. I showed him and told my story.He says "OK" hops in th TC and drives away to the bays. 10 minutes later he's back and says I'm all set. Finally done. No paperwork.No charge. The first tech did upgrade the BCM but did not find the proper box to check off in the program This was not a small dealership,but this was the first time dealing with this. I guess Ford is not very forthcoming about this issue.The service personnel are constantly playing catch up with the technology and it's not getting easier. Persevere,laugh,tell a story,be polite,come equipped with knowledge and don't piss anybody off. This can be solved. I filled out the survey and gave the the highest ratings. I hope they remember me.
  8. JackGrimshaw

    Grill removeal

    Join this group and ask. Some of these guys do custom bodywork. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1402449166674335?ref=bookmarks
  9. JackGrimshaw

    Rear door slamming into me in high wind!

    In the middle photo the door is open 180 just for clarity. In use the door is opened 90 deg and shim dropped in. My TC is a 2016.Not sure if other years have the same bulges on the rods. Or you could clamp a cheap pair of vise-grips on one of the rods.
  10. JackGrimshaw

    Rear door slamming into me in high wind!

    Windguy, I copied your design with a few modifications to help support a half-fast awning to cover the kitchen when my wife and I camp.I built a slide out chuck box between the rear doors(now in the basement so not in the pictures). I used 5/16 eye bolts ,6x8 tarp and 2 sizes of electrical conduit to make the length adjustable.
  11. JackGrimshaw

    Rear door slamming into me in high wind!

    A much simpler solution.Looking at my 2016 rear door check arm I noticed a 1/8in bulge on the side arms.I cut a 1/4 in slit in a piece of 1/16 x2x3 aluminum and can insert it between the door and the bulge.Works like a champ
  12. For those who have managed to disable approach lights,does this affect interior lights?My 2016 cargo light is unswitched and only comes on if a door is opened.
  13. JackGrimshaw

    Sliding Screened Window Installation

    Nice.How about a picture over your right shoulder showing increased visability for backing.I need something like this.
  14. I had good luck with these guys 12 yrs ago. https://www.rackattack.com/van-truck-racks/van-racks/tracrac-tracvan-es-for-ford-transit-connect/