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  1. JackGrimshaw

    Load restraint tracks

    You don't say what you want to install.There are some threaded holes on the side walls that I assume are mounting points for seat belts in the passenger version.I have installed D rings for load restraint in my 2016. There are also metal ribs where you could use self drilling screws for lower strength attachments.Your ply lining is attached to something.It may be best to remove plywood and inspect,depending on what your needs are.
  2. JackGrimshaw

    2016 passenger 350 xlt rear seats

    Silicone caulk. If you change your mind it would be easy to remove. If you don't care if it's flat,use hex head metric bolts.
  3. Do you have a number or picture?
  4. JackGrimshaw

    Van seat uncomfortable!

    My wife says she "hates" my 2016 LWB because the passenger seat is so uncomfortable.We both have had hip issues,she has had a hip replacement and I have had a metal rod inserted through my hip joint to repair a broken femur. We called this type of seat a " bucket seat " in the 60's.The raised sides would keep your butt from sliding around as you made fast corners in your Mustang or MG,something that's not really needed in a TC. On longer trips,the TC seat becomes uncomfortable because you are forced to sit in one position with the seat sides applying pressure on the hips.(neither of us is exceptionally wide). I have purchased memory foam bathmats from a big box store which,when folded in half,adds about 2 in (uncompressed) to the center of the seat which does help,but does not solve,the problem.
  5. When I used to haul my sail boards,I would use 2 straps for each board on the cross bars if side by side or use 2 straps on stacked boards with a foam "wishbone" in between.You also need a stiff foam covering(think pipe insulation) on the cross bars. When strapping to roof rack systems,you want most of the force downward ,not outward,to eliminate any side to side movement.
  6. JackGrimshaw

    Issues with plastic panel on sliding door coming loose

    I would go to a glass shop and get a piece of glass installed. I had that done on my 2016 last year for about $100 and it made backing out of driveways and parking spots much less challenging.
  7. You may find the vinyl not stiff enough to overcome the soft carpet and the corners of your storage boxes will dig in.Vinyl can get"sticky" when hot. You may need a piece of 1/2 or 3/8 plywood in between. A thicker piece of plywood would also give you a secure base to build your platform. I used just plywood over my cargo mat and cut 3/4x3/8x4 ft "slides" from some scrap Trex to mount on the bottom of the boxes.They slide so well that I had to mount latches to keep them closed when I accelerate.
  8. JackGrimshaw


    Assuming you have a cargo van. In my 2016 LWB, I removed the mat covering the cargo area,exposing the area where the foot well would be for 2nd row seating.(search this site for descriptions) After removing the filler pieces,you will see numerous threaded holes (aprox 5/16 or 3/8 but metric) that would be seat,seatbelt or tie down mounting points for 2nd row seats. There are threaded holes on the B pillars(partition mounting points??) but I would be extremely hesitant to put any stress on an area that could affect door operation Depending on the anticipated load,your bracket would have to incorporate multiple mounting points . The cargo mat provides a lot of noise suppression so I installed a plywood floor over the mat.
  9. JackGrimshaw

    Cross Bars - Recommendations?

    We 've been camping with a Yakima skybox(not sure what size) for years and it works great for light things like bedding,tarps and small tents. Mount the cross bars within the allowable spacing for your model box and forward enough so you can stand on the sliding door sills. Elk Neck State Park,MD Chesapeake Bay in the background
  10. This may sound like a "too simple" solution but have you tried raising and/or spreading the aim of the low beams? When I received my 2016 TC,I found the low beams to be woefully inadequate.At my first service,I had them adjusted upwards and it made a world of difference.
  11. JackGrimshaw

    12 volt front socket not working , back one does .

    On my 2016 it is called an m type fuse. Not cheap!
  12. Instead of wrapping in tin foil,how about just removing the battery or piece of tape to cover the contact? Anybody try that.
  13. I haul lots of crap so I removed the panels and built a plywood box for the back.It keeps the debris from wandering and provides some storage between the plywood and the outer body.As it is a cargo van,I had no fuse box to deal with but there was some thingamajig rear of the passenger sliding door that I had to box in. The handiest spots are some cubbies just inside the sliding doors for binders,bungies and often used tools.
  14. JackGrimshaw

    Transit Connect Tailgate Tents

    SkiZo This is how I deal with barn doors and a tarp attached to roof rack. Modified from another members design,can't remember who.Windguy maybe?? Standard conduit fittings.For wider tarp ,I have 2 pieces of foam pipe insulation with a slit that slide on to the top of the door.
  15. JackGrimshaw

    driver seat air bag leaks

    I used to drive an old International "Lo-Pro" and the drivers seat was adjustable just as you describe.There was no air bag,but a pneumatic cylinder and piston. Could be something as simple as an O ring or piston cup. I rebuilt my 30 yr old pump Crosman BB gun last winter so I can picture how the pump might work. Old bicycle pumps used to have a small hole in top so you could put in a few drops of lightweight oil to keep the leather piston cup soft and pliable. Any spot you can squirt some oil?