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  1. MasterTech

    What a Great TC Surprise! New TC Owner

    Working on your own is definitely nice, but hard to find a niche. I was lucky when I landed here I was the only one with my skill set, so they wouldn't let me leave! Been that way for 8 years now, so I finally decided I'm here for the duration, and time to upgrade. But wasn't expecting to have to rush it. Choice turned out like winning the lottery. I like going to work just so I can enjoy the van! LOL... I definitely "prefer" the air conditioned office, but being out and about keeps me healthy and fit, and opposed to fat and unhealthy, so I just think of it as "workout". As an Engineer, I don't get much call for that beyond designing solar systems client by client now. An occasional call from installers on the main island is a few bucks here and there. Just lucked out with my little corner of the world needing exactly what I can do. In the past it was a mix. Came on here tonight to search for anyone who's lifted one of these at least a little. Was NOT happy today when I lost some paint from the bottom of the door because it hit the sidewalk opening it. Haven't heard that sound since I gave my Fiat 124 Sport to my son! I said to myself today, "No way... This thing REALLY this low?" May have to get something else for those (rare) jobs on the top of the hill. Afraid to even try going there at this point. Had some time at Ford, so hoping I can find something to put in and get my connections to sign off on it without hurting the warranty. Thanks to you all for the input and the welcome!
  2. Hello all... Another newbie to the forum and the van. Bought a 2020 new, after finding used 2019's here had 85k miles on them. 2017's with 180k miles! Wow. So, new with all of 40. I am a Master Tech, who is mobile. Was semi-retired, having come to the island I'm on sailing to Trinidad. Stopped here in 2012 and fell in love with "paradise", and never moved on. I am on the very small (12 long by x 4 miles wide) island of Vieques, which is part of the Spanish Virgin Islands, and technically a "city" of Puerto Rico. Prior to coming down, I had just finished running and flying commercial helicopters on a bunch of government contracts, and on the side was an engineering consultant. Of course, once a tech, always a tech, because friends and family (minimum) will need you for this or that. And, during my "staging" for my yachting expedition, I served in the field and online as "The Boat Doctor". I have even had stints working with and for NASA technologies. I bought the TC in a hurry, as my poor old 2003 Chevy Astro (cargo) van leaks too much for me to keep up with, and it started to trash tools. NOT something I can allow. That thing has 73,000 original miles, but has still be re-done rear axle to front bumper. A week before the scramble to get the TC, is had all new suspension put in it, even though the old stuff wasn't that bad yet. It has been modified to a full one-ton cargo. The only problem is the body. 2003 vintage "island vehicle". Cancer EVERYWHERE. If it were not for frame members, I'd have fallen through the floor already! The roof has an array of "solar windows" thanks to acrylic patches over the holes up there! Can't keep them from leaking any more. So, it has now been re-designated as a "solar panel cargo transport" and will be re-assigned to a position on the main island of Puerto Rico, where I will no longer have to ferry it back and forth on a cargo ferry to get materials. So, I had to make choices really fast, after spending a day salvaging tools I found in a drowned tool box in the old van. Jumped online and started reading! Watching YouTube videos and such. For a time, the winner of the search was a Dodge ProMaster City. I decided to go with a compact van, mainly due to pricing down here and being able to do all but move solar panels from something the size of a Suzuki Grand Vitara (the little backup vehicle). The PMC has more interior bed length than the TC SWB. The TC LWB has a premium addon price down here, and there were actually NONE on the main island in a cargo package when I started making the dozens of calls looking for what and where. Then I ran across some disturbing info on the Dodge I had missed from the start. IT'S A FIAT! Made in Turkey. "No thank you." Means all parts and such are going to be "import" two times over here. AND, no way I trust any of the tranny techs in PR to know how to deal with that transmission. Not enough experience in my book. I don't care if Dodge is standing behind it. I WAS a dealer tech for a time and know those guys are nothing different than any other tech floating around, just better resources WHILE you are in the dealership, for the brand you are working for. Does not change what you know. We're all educated outside of that environment, and then get supplemental (usually self-taught) information, while you work there. Stay there long enough and you may actually be an "expert" one day. So, looked at the Nissan 200 stuff. What a wimpy little van that is. And I'm sorry... "butt ugly" too. Because of the rush, I ended up with a stock LX Cargo with 2.0 and the only addon was a very nice black plastic factory safety partition, I had to remove to get more tool room (suck out into side door space). Since the bulk of the population on this island lives in a six mile by four mile rectangular zone, a 2.0 motor is fine. And I was very nicely surprised when I found out, fully loaded, it still gets up and goes better than my empty 2.4 liter motor in my Vitara. Gas mileage is to die for. Since buying the van, and all the miles chocked up, only filled it twice(full now), and added "some" gas once. It is now October 4th, and I bought it August 29th! One and a half tanks so far! The only flaw in this thing is ground clearance. And the nice (for city) tires that are too small. Thus the search that brought me to this forum to see who had put on bigger tires with no clearance problems, to confirm what my match said should be possible. Found the EXACT tires I want to install, on the same Gen 2 van with no problems. Tires next... BTW, they are Genral Grabber AT 2's @ 215/65R 16 for those who don't want to search. I need them for the same reason the poster did. Mud. Lots of mud around here. LOL... Most of the island is real tropical jungle. Anyway, love the little TC. Ended up being like a Christmas present to myself once I started driving it. Love the cargo doors on all sides like you can't believe! The electronics are cool, the air conditioning is downright freezing, and the phone app is just icing on the cake. Here it gets in the 90's by 8:00 AM, so scheduling a start to have the van cool before I even get out the door is something my wife seriously envy's at this point! LOL...
  3. MasterTech


  4. Brand new to forum. Just bought 2020 TC, and was looking to see if anyone was installing 215/65R16 on theirs, which is how I found the forum in a Google Search.


    My Conti's suck for a third of the places I need to get this thing. Found someone using the General Grabber AT 2's I'm drooling over. "SCORE!!!" LOL... My technical inspections and math worked out OK that they would fit, but always nice to have real-world confirmation before you go messing something up!


    He said he'd actually gotten stuck in his own yard with the Conti's. "I feel for ya." There is a specific hill that is flooded here a quarter of the time, at the very bottom. Steep angle and a turn from the main drag so can't get a running start. One quarter of my clients live up that hill! Currently I have to really baby the TC as she'll start to spin and slide right off the side of the road, due to the muddy crap at the bottom. 


    My old Astro had the same problem spinning the rear tires and fish-tailing until I put AT's back there and it stopped. It's not just water, it's mud, so more like "grease". AT's on the older van work fine, so hoping the Grabbers do the trick. And until I put them on, my clients on dirt roads are totally out of luck until the tire change, if it had been raining recently! LOL.