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    • Thank you. Nice photos. I have a few ideas about sleeping/camping arrangements.  Went over to the dealer the other day and checked things out and took a few measurements.  I m 6'3" and I cant believe how much headroom there is in the front seat. The overhead storage even clears my head. What does bother me is how low these are to the ground without any real way to raise them. I don't need a rock crawler, but dang it looks like they drag on speedbumps. 
    • depending on where the front seat backs are, from the rear hatch it is 84 to 86 inches t the back of the console.  Narrowest point is just before the sliding doors and is about 45 1/2".  Between the doors it is about 55" wide and maybe 50" in the back.  Th rear opening height  is actually a new inches lower than the roof.  Attached is a photo of my 2016 TC Titanium with the rear seats folded and a WeatherTech mat in place.  I like the mat as it gives me additional firming over the fiberboard pieces which bridge the gaps between the folded seats and protects the interior.  I will also remove the rear seats which gives me a bit more room. Second photo is it in that configuration with a scooter loaded.  Don't know what kind of conversion you are thinking about but Ive seriously considered adding a foam mattress - Amazon has three section mattresses that get good reviews and sleeping on the floor with the scooter outside.  Haven't tried it yet as the last camping trip was on my motorcycle.  It is faster, gets better gas mileage and is more fun than the TC.  Well unless there is snow, ice or lightning. 
    • FWIW, as long as you're a little cautious with your loading and resulting total vehicle weight, you're better off searching for 205/55R16 tires (if you have a 16" wheel). They're the stock size for a HUUUUUGE era of Subaru variants, including the various Impreza models. When I looked for winter tires after buying my van, the offerings in the stock size sucked. So I moved tires over from my previous Impreza (Dunlop Wintersport 4Ds, highly recommended). I did the same thing the following spring with summer tires (Bridgestone Potenza Pole Position S-04, also highly recommended).
    • I have a 2014 XLT wagon. I took it in early in the year. They updated the BCM and turned the damned headlights/taillights off for me. The cabin lights I can switch off with the ceiling switches. The only thing I can't disable is the dash illumination, which still stubbornly stays on after the doors have been opened/shut.   So yeah, it can be done to wagons.
    • Ford has a website that shows what software was shipped based on VIN. Late builds in 2016 should have the BCM software that allows this selection. I think Forscan knows what features work based on version numbers and will show the option if it can be configured.   Service techs can't know all the details on every Ford. Believe what you learn in this and other Forums.
    • I was just there.  Service advisor said that he thinks that the perimeter lights can only be disabled on van models, not wagons.  I'm hoping that the techs know more than the service advisors.  
    • Below is the SSM info. Guessing it applies to 2018 and 2019 vehicles as well. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TSB 12651D4 reprogram BEC module SSM 46321 test 9002 WF Dark mode SSM 46321 - 2014-2017 Transit Connect Battery Drain Due to Frequent Door Openings and Approach Light Strategy Some 2014-2017 Transit Connect vehicles may exhibit a condition that causes the battery to discharge. If normal battery drain diagnosis leads to no issues, it may be caused by the approach lights illuminating every time the body control module (BCM) receives a lock/unlock signal or opening any door. If the door remains open, the lights will remain illuminated for up to 10 minutes. If the vehicle was built on or before 11-Dec-2016, reprogram the BCM to the latest calibration using IDS release 103.05 and higher. For all vehicles, access the BCM Configuration Parameters. Select Module Programming, Programmable Parameters, Personality, Approach Light. Choose Disabled and follow the screen prompts to completion. Use causal part 14A068 and applicable labor operations in section 10 of the SLTS manual.      
    • Great news. Good work! Looking forward to seeing your notes. As written earlier, two dealers were unable do make this change on my 2015 following the SSM after supposedly updating the BCM. Is there a way to tell the BCM version using Forscan? I realize your 2018 already has a BCM version that has dark mode option available. I'm guessing if the option to toggle dark mode is available then the BCM has been updated. Been a while since visiting this topic.
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