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    • I installed the MaxxAir and didn't use that. Instead, I cut 2 14" long strips of 1/4" ABS to run lengthwise in the gutter and 2 2" pieces the the center in the front and rear. They leveled the roof perfectly.  Sealant on the top and bottom completed the job, and it's totally leak free.
    • If you are going to do it right get one of these. It will make the job  better.
    • If you have ramps that you can get up on or a Lift you can inspect the inside pad with out pulling the wheel.  Turning the wheel you can see the calliper also, not as good a view.  
    • 2016 TC XLT 40k miles...Front brake inspection wheel cover off only i can see outside pads only...pads at the thickest section (pads have edge chamfers) are at 5/16 inch. Hoping inside pads are the same...I'd pull wheels for a full brake inspection but thanksgiving maketh one lazy Observations and comments appreciated.
    • With a gravel/sand driveway, the vinyl floor is better than the carpet, IMO. So much easier to clean the rocks & dirt off the vinyl, lol. And if those bicycles are being used off-pavement, than all the more reason for vinyl floors for easy cleaning. Most people with carpet end up spending more money to get things like WeatherTech floor covers, made of vinyl/rubber! 
    • 1 of the frustrating issues with Ford is that there are so many variations of the product. Trying to order parts becomes a huge headache.  I always wished that Ford could standardize the product lines. So if you need a rearview mirror, the 1 mirror would work for every Ford. They could do that with things like power window regulators, headlamps, switches, and hardware. Wouldn't it be nice if every Ford had the same drain plug, or lug nut?  
    • Hi, I'm from Monterey, California, and as of yesterday I'm a brand new 2020 XL TC wagon owner!  I've been musing about a van for three years now, and yesterday I decided it was time to part with my 2015 C-Max, so I traveled over to my Ford dealership.  Earlier I had looked at a Chrysler Voyager and Pacifica, but, well, the Chrysler reputation for questionable reliability influenced me to look elsewhere.  I've owned Fords for years, happily (well, there was the 1993 Taurus SHO - that's another story).  When I got to my Ford store, I looked at an XLT (absolutely loaded) and an XL (also very well equipped), and settled on the XL.  She's a golden tan color, black interior with the vinyl everything.  Added are aluminum wheels, backup sensors, fog lights, heated blind spot mirrors, Sync III with Nav and XM, dual zone climate control, center console, rear overhead storage bins, and some features and things I haven't discovered yet.  The one thing that really tickled me is FordPass, with the remote start and unlock from my phone.  Now, that was cool, and how handy is that.  She has almost everything the XLT had, save for the cloth and carpeting, and adaptive cruise control.  I'm adding a receiver hitch next week.  I'm going to remove the rear seat row, I don't need those seats.  I carry around bicycles with riding gear, as well as other "stuff", all of which I routinely crammed into my poor C-Max!  Removing that third row will give me all the room I need, without cramming.  So far I am absolutely delighted with this little van.  I'm used to 39 MPG with the C-Max, I know the XL won't get anywhere near that, and to be honest that's something that I'll need to get used to.  Other than that, it drives so much like the C-Max (except that it shifts gears) that I already feel right at home.  I should have purchased one of these vans ages ago!
    • Thanks for the update. FYI, in general, all Forscan changes in a TC must be made using the menu options not the "as built" data (i.e. 726-0-08 etc). Only the US cars and trucks could manipulate the individual registers and data bits to make changes. There are a few exceptions like the IPC and ACM, but overall you need to find a menu option and test if it provides the features you are looking for. No matter what you do....save the original configuration before making changes. Some changes cause problems that can't be undone by changing the items back to original and you must load the original configuration file to fix it. 

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