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    • In my driveway. Could have been worse. Could have been on the freeway.  Clunking. Sounds almost like trying to shift into gear without using the clutch.  Metal on metal.  
    • Lift platform is 143 lbs and scooter 109 lbs, so I am 52 lbs heavier.  I am more concerned with the leverage factor as Fifty150 pointed out than being over by 52 lbs.  Once we get it off, (so far a big “IF”) we’ll be able to look at some ways to improve on this design 🤞
    • Wow ! Were you driving when this happened? What kind of noise does it make? How many miles?
    • The fact that The UK version meets the euro emissions and would not require much for the US standard.  You should get in touch  with Ford Fleet operations and they might have a program. Fiat Chrysler has the program for the Wranglers .  All the Wranglers up here are the four door and were sourced from a dealer. 
    • Curt has an aftermarket tow hitch rated for 525 pounds of tongue weight, and 4000 pounds towing.  Problem now is that your warranty may not be honored.  Ford can always say that you added an aftermarket part, which you used to exceed capacity.  
    • Almost wants to make you source the right hand drive parts from overseas.  Then you can completely remove the steering wheel, dash, gauges, pedals, floorboard.....and whatever else.  Then "drop in" the new parts.  I see this as a very costly project.  Pretty sure you can deduct the cost of conversion on your tax form.  Not that I want to give any advice on what else you can creatively claim.  
    • I would snap one up faster than they could import it!  A Jeep Wrangler would be wonderful, but they are very expensive, even used, and the used one need new engines and transmissions!  The four door which is the largest made is too small for the number of packages my wife's regular route gets, especially at this time of the year.   The movable 'wall' is fairly simple.  Its on a mounted platform that goes over the third seat, is on a track with fixed stops at the back of the front seats and another behind the middle seats.  I think we can engineer a way to put in additional stops.   We have a PostalThings RHD conversion in a Subaru Forester but don't like the large towers they mount on the floor.  On the TC (as you can see in the pics) the plastic around the center console is removed.  There is another place, oddly enough about two miles north of PostalThings, called Pedal Pros.  They use cables so the center console stays intact.  Both systems mount plates on the front floor board, which means drilling all the way through....  We are retiring a Honda Element with a RHD conversion that is behind the pedals so nothing is drilled through the floor, but I think its only going to work on an Element.  Our mechanic is going to remove it Monday and see if he can reverse engineer it to work in the Transit Connect.  
    • In PARK and NEUTRAL, everything seems okay.  In REVERSE and DRIVE, gear does not engage, no power to the wheel, and very loud noise.  No codes or dash lights.  It looks clean under the hood.  No visible transmission fluid consistent with a line bursting or a leak of any sort.  No odor of transmission fluid.   Into the dealership it goes, since it is still under warranty. I suspect the issue is internal.
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