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    • I have something broken in the differential section of a 4F27E. Can i expose the differential section without pulling the engine/transmission?
    • It's up to you to thoroughly research statutes & regulations for NY in regards to adding seating to a vehicle, as well as discussing it with your insurance company; you are responsible for yourself & your actions. In an accident with "too many" people in the vehicle (officially it's only 2 in a US-spec cargo model), insurance may drop you after paying out a claim for a DIY-conversion and then turn around to sue you for re-compensation. The "most legal" route to take for adding seating is an automotive upfitter, they'll have the state licensing and insurance covering the conversion, like in case of a mounting/structural failure in an accident - but, of course, that's also the most expensive route up-front.   As for finding a cargo van that's already upfitted, I'm betting you're mainly looking at private-use type websites like AutoTrader? Instead, try Truck Paper and Commercial Truck Trader (basically the commercial side of "AutoTrader" website). You won't find some 'upfitted checkbox' like you're talking about, but those sites will give you the highest amount of commercially-fitted/used Transit Connects. If a second passenger (third body) or more is a high priority, your best bet may be getting a LWB wagon and then fitting it out exactly the way you want it for storage. I'd think you could mount some fork holders on the folded-down second row seat to hold the mountain bike(s), assuming front wheel off. One guy here made an internal ceiling rack to carry long-ish thin stuff, including putting up PVC tubes to carry his hang-gliding equipment. So you can get some pretty cool ideas from the forum. 
    • I lock my '15 G2 running fairly often, no problems. One key/fob still in the ignition, the other in my pocket & hit the lock button on the second one. Since yours is all-manual without any remote control buttons, I can't fathom how it would cause any problems. If there's no power actuator in your locks, the van computer cannot unlock the van - or lock it, for that matter. Easiest way to test it out is open the driver window all the way, leave it running, lock the door and close it, then try to unlock with your other key - it should work perfectly fine. If not, reach in through the open window to unlock it; either way, you'll have your answer.
    • Neil, I just did some searching of my own and was able to find this old photo album from another member. The pics aren't real great, though, and it doesn't show the areas where the mounting holes should be, so it still doesn't answer your questions.   I have a 2015 Gen 2, so I'm not able to help much beyond this. Is there a reason for y'all not buying a Gen 2 LWB? It seems that 2014 models are a mix of either welded-in or bolted-in (late in the model year) and all 15+ have the floor extension bolted-in & a few people here have put OEM second row seat into a G2 TC van without issue. The few G1 seat additions I've seen have all been aftermarket seats, as far as I can remember. One guy here on FTCF (I believe it's sKiZo) is planning to upgrade his G1 TC to have Focus ST or RS leather seats front & rear, but that's more custom modifications to do and won't fold-flat like a van seat. He also has a buddy with a custom vehicle fabrication shop helping with the van customization. 
    • Very nice! Love the blue color. It's the color I wanted, but none of the dealerships in my area carried blue, so I had to get black.   Could you add the locations to where the photos were taken? I'd love to know where some of those are. I think I see the snowy Eastern Sierra, & Death Valley, but I could be wrong.
    • Hey guys, i am super excited to share my minimalist Camper Van tour. I’ve been living out of this van since December 2019 and loving it!!! Ive been living mainly in downtown San Francisco. WHAT A WILD RIDE
    • Here's the wiring diagrams for the ACM. ACM wiring diagrams.pdf
    • Hi everyone!   I recently moved to New York City (Manhattan) and am looking at changing out my '98 Tacoma for a used TC Cargo, as I'd like to keep mountain bikes, surfboards, and the occasional dirtbike in the van, whereas they'd get stolen out of the pickup very quickly. I also do a lot of my own vehicle maintenance and love having storage for tools and the like.   To that end, I've been trying to find former workmen's vans that have already built out the interior with shelves, cupboards, tie-down points, etc. Even better would be to find a van that's already beat up cosmetically, as NYC is not kind to vehicles. However, searching cargurus, autotrader, etc. this doesn't seem to be a filter that can be applied.   Has anyone had similar purchase criteria, and how did you find your perfect (pre-built) TC?   As well, for those driving cargo vans, if you'd like to also carry passengers occasionally, is that as simple as buying the middle bench and installing it when needed? Or are there rules, regulations, or modifications like passenger window access, seatbelt mounting points, and so on where it would be better to buy the TC Wagon and modify it for my cargo needs? Since these all seem to come over in the Wagon configuration and are then converted to Cargo, I would hope it would be simple, but have a suspicion that it's not.   Thanks in advance for the help! 

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