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    • My 2019 transit was new and had issues with reverse from day one .It would always be slow and clunk into gear .Then at 12500 miles I stopped to reverse into my driveway ,well it would not engage . Cars at this point are very close .I had to drop it into drive and get out of danger. Went to ford and they said dust was in the switch plate and cleaned it.Then at 20000 miles same thing ,snot go into reverse ,I had to stop car and restart to reverse. Went to ford. Second Time ,They cleaned it again and I have to get all my tools out  to bring it in for service. I use it for work and beg Ford for a work vehicle I can use for work .But no they give me a new vehicle loaner that I can't use for construction. They suck at the counter  Johnson city tennessee
    • Hello all! I recently bought my first Transit Connect Wagon, she’s a 2017 LWB XLT that I picked up used with 38K miles on her. I was a truck guy before but wanted something still utilitarian but more security for camping, fishing, the dogs, beach, etc., so I went with the TC and very happy with the switch thus far.  I like the security of the TC vice open truck bed when packed with gear...and actually have more cargo space than my previous 4.5 ft short bed truck.   Looking forward to learning and interacting with everyone here as I begin a few modifications here and there.   Thanks for the add!
    • This work isn't that easy for a locksmith, I think a dealership is a better option for that work,
    • I did a test on my 2020 several months ago to see how long the outlet stayed powered after shutting off the ignition. Checked every 15 minutes or so and it shut off right around the 2 hour mark.
    • Thanks for the reply. When I shut the vehicle off that outlet stays on for 15 mins or so and then powers off. So I’m guessing this is a feature in the newer models. I doubt it’s drawing that much power in that amount of time to shut it down. I had a dodge before this and like you I would come out Monday morning and realize I left my unit on. Never had a problem with the battery. 
    • Unless Ford has changed something with the more recent ones, the factory 12V plug should stay hot at all times, unless something is drawing the battery voltage down too low & then the BCM turns off the 12V power port. My 2015 TC 12V is always on, I have even found my Sirius add-on radio turned on after not driving for a couple days, accidentally left on after my last drive. 
    • Hi everyone, I have a 2020 transit. I bought a Sirius satellite radio and I’m looking to keep the radio powered ON When the vehicle is turned off. There’s not much info on which fuses are hot when the vehicle is off. I was going to get one of those 20a 12v add a circuit fuse tap piggy back. Based on the diagram of the fuse box located under the steering wheel would I be able to tap into one of those? If not I’m sure I could tap into the horn fuse, but that’s in the engine compartment and would be more of a hassle. Thanks in advance. 
    • Hi guys , a rookie blunder but I jacked my connect up with jump leads wrong way around big flash and now a non starter , dash is coming on but when I try to start her theres just a click and she's not turning over , lights etc coming on but won't kick , does anybody know what fuses I should be checking ive switched the relays around , checked main engine fuses , the heated windscreen fuse was blown even though it shouldn't of even been in there as I dont have a heated wind screen ,,, any help be much appreciated guys thanks in advance , need the old girl for work in the morning 

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