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    • I have a 2019 connect. there are 2 USB ports next to the 12V outlet both do not have power. The manual says in the under hood fuse block position 22 is a 5 amp fuse for the USB ports but in that location of the fuse block were the fuse would go there are NO terminals for the fuse. has anyone run into this?
    • It all fit right in perfectly.  There was even a hole with a pug in it for the clutch pedal.   Fuel tank was tricky as I had to convert the petrol one to diesel (pull pump delete).  The hardest part was the engine bay wire harness.  I had to build that from the schematics.  I am now having PATS issues due to the donor vehicle (focus) had keyless ignition (push button start) with the PATS functionality in the door module.  The focus PCM would not flash to a TC software level.  The Ford service parts for the PCMs are different so there is a hardware difference.  Working on sourcing a TC PCM from the EU.  Stay tuned...
    • Oh wow. There have been a few manual swap tries in this forum but never heard back from them.   The diesel > gasoline swap in Gen1 is quite popular in Europe. Usually the ST engine.
    • Hi - new to the forum here.  I just purchased a 2014 TC and am in the process of swapping in a Euro spec 1.6 l tdci (115PS) with 6 speed manual.  Everything is in, just working through the software gremlins.  Since we cannot get these diesel manual drive trains configured in a TC in the US, I figured I would build one.  I wanted a motovan that got good fuel economy and was a manual so I could tow it behind my motorhome (with a bike in the back of course).  Below are pictures of the old 2.5 l petrol drive train removed and the new Diesel installed...Once I get it going I have some more plans for it.  Thanks everyone on this forum who proved for me that a dirtbike could fit in the back of one of these....   Thanks,   Chris
    • In case you didn't notice, I commented on Henry Ford and Ford motor Co customer relations, NOT the car itself !
    • Hi! My name is Mike, I own an auto detailing business in New Jersey and recently acquired a 2011 Transit Connect. It was previously owned by Optimum, and is relatively okay condition. I completely want to customize this van for my business, as well as be able to enjoy the van while I am in it. Any recommendations on where to purchase mods that are specific to my vehicle?  
    • Hello!   I just came across this forum. Finding my fellow TC brothers! I have a 2010 TC XLT which I converted to a camper about 4 years ago. Love it. Have traveled at least 6 months in it, all along the pacific coast, down to Mexico, up to Canada and have dipped my toe in Arizona/Utah. From California.    Question. I have a less than 300lb Kymko 150cc Scooter. 1.) Can we put a tow hitch on the back of a TC? 2.) Think it can manage the scoot? Combing my TC world and my scooter world I would be in heaven. Looks like the Scooter is probably about 6" wider than each side view mirror. Not sure if that would impact legality or anything else.    I'm not mechanically inclined, nor an engineer so hoping someone with the know how has some clear answers.    Something like this would be ideal.    https://www.amazon.com/Black-Widow-MX-600X-SteelMotorcycleCarrier-600lb-Capacity/dp/B002MGKN2A/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=scooter+hitch+carrier&qid=1590622644&sr=8-4   Thank you in advance.    David 
    • Zero compression, all four cylinders. This is where I cuss. This is my work van and I've already lost 3 weeks. O'Reilly's shows and rebuilt long block for $2500. I'll shop around.   

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