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  1. MLB

    Tire Pressure

    It's that high to deal with the 1600lb load capacity of the tc. If you don't haul that much, you don't need that stiff a tire. Makes a big difference in ride quality.
  2. MLB

    Bulkhead Vents

    Dont' have a bulkhead so no clue what vents you are talking about. Never seen a tc with a bulkhead other than adverts for such thing.
  3. I've seen them listed now for TC's. B(I think)4's for oem replacement. B6 for 'upgraded performance". I've run Bilsteins before on other cars, quality choice. I did read that the 6's raise the ride height because they mount slightly differently than the stockers. At 48,000 now so i might consider it in another 10,000.
  4. MLB

    Hi, carrying motocross bikes

    Expensive dirt bikes are taller than cheapies and dual sports because they have much longer suspension travel. I hauled my kids ttr230 ok, but tight with my DRZ and no way with buddies CR250.
  5. MLB

    RUST on leading edge of hood!

    Way to many variables in parking inside or out, weather and weather related chemical treatment of salt and calcium that RUST anything they touch, etc etc, to make any valid claim of a problem.
  6. I've seen that Bilstein now lists shocks for TC's. OEM replacment 4 series and "sport" (stiffer) 6's. Iv'e read the mounts are slightly different in the 6's resulting in a slight lift. But in my past experience this level shock is a nice upgrade.
  7. MLB

    Dim backup cam?

    I don't have the oem but added an aftermarket (Pioneer) and setting the brightness made a big difference. I thought it sucked until I adjusted it.
  8. I run 18" wheels with no problems. Minimal difference from the stock 16", same diameter.
  9. MLB

    Gas Tank Size seems OFF????

    13. something gal is what my 16 manual said. 13.5 as much as I've ever gotten in. Misprint from a Transit van maybe?
  10. Not all true about having to buy everything from Franchise. At least in ours and other systems I know of. Many proprietary items yes, but you can buy cleaning supplies and ketchup packets where ever you choose. I spend as much money at Costco/Sams as I do from our franchise vendor. We buy shirts (Sams or Costco) and use local printers to keep money local but the franchise vendors isnt' much more expensive. From what little I know Amazon and FedEx are pretty bad deals in general. Can make money, but work your butt off to get it. Certainly preferable to avoid the fees if you know enough to run a business. I didnt' and wouldn't have survived without their assistance and setting up of vast resources that we could never achieve on our own. There is a 30 second tv spot that is ready to download and use for holidays. And pre-done marketing pieces for print for any occasion you can think of. A library of ads to use. They've set us up with simple to use email blast services, social media advertising platforms, facebook pages, etc etc. NObody can do all that at the local level when you are running your butt off doing business. So it's good with the bad. Like most things.
  11. Really? Where exactly? After years of trying different lamps on different cars, I have learned a little. Almost every "brand" comes from a handful of factories in Shenzhen, China. That's why most look similar. The factories will produce for different vendors and label the package with different brands. Some of the "brands", are actually the same company, using multiple brand names for market share. Some brands have been around longer, are established, and not "fly by night". Those sellers will be around in case you have a problem. What that usually means is that they will replace your product or refund the purchase so you will not be at a total loss. If you buy something for a lower cost, it probably came from the same factory. If it works, you won't have a problem. The current lamps I am using in my pickup truck and van; the sellers no longer exist under those brand names. They are still working flawlessly. I got lucky. Buying from Amazon, you get the A to Z Guarantee. From eBay, you're not getting that level of product support. So if the listing on Amazon shows a 1 year warranty, and the seller no longer exist, you can still file a claim with Amazon for a refund. Some of the brands which have been around are BeamTech, Yita Motor, JDM AStar, SiriusLED. Not that it means much, but some brands do have their own websites outside of Amazon & eBay, with a product selection guide. Neither Sylvania or Phillips sell LED headlights. https://www.siriusledlights.com/pages/product-result?rq=yr_2016~mk_ford~md_transit-connect~ft_base-model~nm_low-beam-headlight-bulb https://www.beamtechs.com/ https://www.yitamotor.com/pages/product-result?rq=yr_2016~mk_ford~md_transit-connect~px_exterior-lights~kj_titanium-mini-passenger-van-4-door~uc_1-6l-1596cc-97cu-in-l4-gas-dohc-turbocharged
  12. Well that's LED's ADDED to what you already have. Of course it's more light. I think the questions and what I responded to, was people putting aftermarket bulbs in the stock headlight housing.
  13. MLB

    Windscreen wipers

    A service facility that knows what they are doing? Throwing unneeded parts at a problem can be more expensive than getting it fixed in the first place, but we've all be there. Wonky electricals like that.......?