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  1. MLB

    2019 LWB rear springs

    I'm finding listings for Eibach springs and Biltstein shocks/struts now. Any experience?
  2. Does anyone make mounts that attach to the side rails like the cross rails do to give you an "eye" for mounting straps? There is nothing to strap to on this van! LOL Crazy to me to have a roof rack without the capability of tying the hauled object down!!!!!!!!! WTH?? I want the flush mount rails for non hauling times, but i need quick and easy tie down, so I 'may have to go with after market raised side rails.
  3. ahhhh, it's the lack of tie down points for straps that kills this me! WTH?? Does anyone make a seperate piece to strap to that attaches the side rails like the cross rails do? I want the flush mount rails but I won't strap like that. PITA (JMO) I haul two paddle boards and I want quick and easy strap connection. Might have to go with the aftermarket raised side rails.
  4. Hanging the weight further back than the hitch ball means that distance acts as a lever and increases force pulling the back down. I'm 220lbs and when I step on the back of the van I compress the springs rather more than I'd like. It's a softly sprung vehicle in general, despite it's hauling capacity. That's why the ride is decent for a van. There are few hitch haulers that are a cradle for the front wheel only and the rear is on the ground, rolling on it's own. That takes most of the weight off the hitch and would work with a light van like this. Or tow a small trailer. Guarantee you won't be happy if you try hanging it behind a TC.
  5. MLB

    installed new shocks and struts

    Does anyone make an upgrade shock for these vans?
  6. I use adjustable bungee cords to tie the bikes upright. 1 pulling to each side will hold them just fine. On my van it's easy to find holes to hook them too. The adjustable bungees will make it workable for you. If you lift the front wheel onto the back (easy) it's not then much harder to lift up the back 1/2.
  7. Any wind noise from that setup? I"d prefer the raised rails to give me something to get straps on.
  8. I have a 13'2" board and it will fit in my 16 lwb up against the windshield and hanging off the back about 10". I bungee the barn doors to keep them tensioned to close.
  9. Those don't look like they'd stay open on their own.
  10. Someone pointed out the hitch tongue rating as a limiting factor. Not true as tongue weight limit is about how much load the suspension will handle, not a max lifting number.
  11. MLB


    Wow thats fugly!
  12. That's a light bike! But because the weight is rearward of where the normal "tongue weight" is, you are supposed to cut the tongue weight limit in half. That means the 300lb tongue weight limit is reduced to about 150lbs. I hauled a 300lb old school 4 stroke around behind my 4Runner with 750lb tongue capacity and could barely notice it, but much bigger, heavier vehicle. That's a pretty good load way back there for a light duty vehicle. be careful. JMO!