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  1. MLB

    gen2 in winter

    Hows that ignorant bliss feel when you pay the rent, electric and water bills?
  2. I'd have done it for $325. $500 is just enough to make he say "eh".
  3. MLB

    leather seat covers

    I like these. https://www.precisionfit.com/us/en/product/genuine-leather-custom-seat-covers.GT-GTGL 1/2 the price of Katzkins and the cut seems contemporary at least.
  4. MLB

    leather seat covers

    Their leather looks really "cludgy" in the pics. Live old full sized van seats. Scared me off.
  5. Remembering discussions from prior years: the panels are glued in and the usual ways (heat, solvents) are used to release the glue. Clean up the surface and glue the glass in. Basically. Where did you source the glass and adhesive? Safelite wants $500 to replace 1.
  6. Well my real world experience jibes exactly with the "Pro ethanol" sites (whatever that means). I consistantly got around 20mpg when I get 25-27 normally. That's not even close to twice as much and I've never seen anyone else claim 1/2 the mpg. Simply not the case. (E85)
  7. MLB

    Fusion Wheels

    I also have Fusion wheels waiting for summer tires for next spring. Do you need to change anything to use them on a TC? Different lug nuts or spacers or anything? Hub centric or lug centric the same?
  8. MLB

    Tie Down ?

    It's might be for tying the car down to the cargo ship that brought it over.
  9. MLB

    Do 15" steel wheels fit?

    You only need to worry about the weight rating if you plan to haul near the 1600 lb weight limit. For most that never approach that, it's a needless concern.
  10. MLB

    Battery Jump Starter?

    If you let any lithium ion battery sit too long and get too low on charge you damage it forever. The only way to keep those kinds of things alive is to charge them (and not up to 100% ideally) every other month or 3 months at most. it's a PITA and next to nobody remembers to do it, so they often don't work when needed.
  11. BS - It's about a 20% hit on mpg's for equivalent cost reduction. It is stupid to make it from corn, that's for sure.
  12. Double DIN installed and got it back with time and date correct but after the battery died I lost the setup and the double din install loses the buttons to set the time/date. There are no steering wheel controls. Any other way to access the settings or should I find a nice picture to mount there as I planned?
  13. SafeLite will put the same one as oem for about $450
  14. Maximum tongue weight is 200lbs and you reduce that for bike haulers because the weight is further back. Recommendation from the maker was 1/2 the rated tongue weight. You can see from the fender/tire gap that the back is sagging heavily. I wouldn't be happy driving that. JMO I've used a hauler on a heavier XR (300lbs) with a Toyota 4Runner with 750lb tongue weight capacity and you couldn't tell it was there but that was on a very hd vehicle. Does't the back end bottom on any bump?
  15. MLB

    Heated Seats

    Iv'e replaced seats in quite a few vehicles and it's usually the bracket bolted to the seat that is the individual part, and that bracket can often (not always) be used with other seats. FWIW