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  1. MLB

    Modify or Replace Driver's Seat?

    Nope. Non issue. Can now retrieve items that fall down between the seat and console AND easily vacuum under the seat. lot of storage there now too. It doesn't raise the seat height any higher than the adjuster does. It just lets you back it down the seat height adjuster range a bunch. It's such a cheap and easy (10 minutes) no brainer I got them for the passenger seat. That is rarely used. LOL
  2. MLB

    Transmission dipstick retrofit

    I just had to take the air cleaner assembly out to change my battery and found what looked to be a tranny fill port with a small black plastic lid that had dipstick markings and a note "engine must be running". I thought tranny, but no????? Power steering? 2016 2.5
  3. MLB

    Transmission fluid change

    Yes they do.
  4. MLB

    Modify or Replace Driver's Seat?

    Really happy with this. One of the best, easiest and cheapest things to get a really nice improvement to your ride. With the 2" blocks there's still well over a foot between the roof and the top of my head (5'10") and I'm in the lower 1/2 of the seat height adjustment where I was close to the top before. Much nicer and more comfortable. I don't feel like I'm sitting in a convertible Camaro (you want to feel like you're in a tub!) anymore!
  5. The cargo vans come with a flat piece of steel covering that area. Some guys take that off to ADD seats to a cargo van. Find one of those take-offs.
  6. MLB

    Accessory plug in back

    Surprised it isnt used on the wagen. my very basic van has it in that back plastic side panel.
  7. Yes its possible and been done here by some. Search for same. ' If you pull up the side plastic trim inside the sliding door (either one) you can see that the footwells (and carpet) like the wagen are there and there is a flat piece that is bolted over that to make the flat floor of the van. Few bolts to remove that (apparently, I've not done it).
  8. Years ago I worked a night shift rate job where you could get done early if you were fast enough. We then would sleep for an hour or two on the skinny little benches used in all locker rooms using a couple of layers of carboard that sat on the bench and extended past it a foot or two on each side. You couldn't roll over on it of course but it would easily support arms and even a leg hanging off the bench part way with your body weight holding it down. In this case 24" is wide enough to support a light piece of wood or other material at least 36" but only sticking out 6" past the rack. Or just extend on one side and have legs under that. ?? Tons of ideas out there, look about.
  9. MLB

    Door panel removal

  10. MLB

    Ford Focus rims on TC

    yes it does no more rental look. (mine too)
  11. You can lube cables and it often helps, but don't use WD40. It's "WaterDisplacement" and was made for spraying metal parts to prevent them from rusting while being shipped by boat exposed to salt air. Is lubes properties aren't that great and it attracts and holds dirt and debris. Its' not sprayed on them but sprayed into the connectors so it runs down the outer housing that surrounds the cables and lubes them. (This is in general, have no idea if it makes a difference in this situation.)
  12. Uh oh, facts. That could be a problem here.
  13. Hmmm, I think the jack pushing UP on the bolts WITH the hitch as opposed to tongue weight pulling DOWN on the hitch and bolts would be the significant difference.
  14. From my reading you just need a wire windshield cutter that they conveniently sell for $20, Does say it's a PITA but doable with the wire cutter.
  15. They're very light (hollow tubing) and would work just fine. Very strong, we put 500+lbs all the time. But 24" is not very wide to sleep on. Seems like you could be creative and do things other than the standard bed/couch if you got 2 - 24" x 36" Could put them together to make the bed up as needed, if you didnt' want a bed/couch space hog all the time.