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  1. This link excellent tips on diy oil and filter changes: In addition to those above: Prefill your oil filter prior to install . Filter is a vertical install and screws in easily even when full. pre-grease the 6 x T27 torx screw threads prior to skid pan install to minimize corrosion seize...i used some Marine propeller grease i had handy. Cheers
  2. Willygee

    burning? Antifreeze...

    Sounds internal...any oil contamination?
  3. Willygee

    burning? Antifreeze...

    Pressure test should reveal a lot..keep us posted.
  4. Willygee

    91H vs 97H load rating

    Some disappointed customers on the Yokohama website.. https://www.yokohamatire.com/tires/tornante
  5. Willygee

    91H vs 97H load rating

    Actually saving money not the issue. Concerned more with the ride quality..stiffer sidewall for higher load rating..GBL stated ride quality difference negligible ...old school thinking sometimes muddies the waters.
  6. Do gen2 TC's need inspection?
  7. Willygee

    91H vs 97H load rating

    Excellent advice as always. Tire Warehouse recommended the Yokohama Tornante over the Pirellis...anyone run these?
  8. Willygee

    91H vs 97H load rating

    2016 TC XLT (non commercial registered) 32k miles will need tires soon.Spec'ing out Pirelli Cinturato tires which some forum members like . My ?'s...will the 91H load rated tire ride smoother than the 97H. Van is for personal use(2 adults 320lbs total and never exceeding 300lbs cargo) and no trailer hitch. Tire stores will mount the lower rating if i bring in wheels only..legal implications which i understand. Advice appreciated
  9. I did the same..counter clockwise about 2 turns each lamp..helped but could be brighter.
  10. Maybe i will install one of those off road KC smiley face light bars...jk
  11. And what the heck is 3d Bionic Technology?
  12. I'm thinking H11 low beams to start with. High beams plenty bright but lows on no stripe roads at night are challenging.
  13. The tool with adapters is definitely the way to go...i improvised with some Harley tools i have..applied pressure than a couple of turns..rinse and repeat until puck bottoms out.
  14. Update..both rear calipers require clockwise plus pressure to bottom out. My tech advised after assy to depress brake pedal(eng off ok) and then pull up your park brake lever to reset the caliper parking brake internals with the new components.Your good to go if your wheels spin freely👍
  15. Thank you..looking at MK3 Ford Focus videos(calipers look the same) no mention of any ccw but i will verify using your method.👍