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  1. https://www.autoblog.com/2018/06/14/ford-fusion-hybrid-taxi-diesel-transit-connect/
  2. Willygee

    Long traffic lights is ok to shift into neutral?

    Thanks Mike..My TCgen2 seems happier in N at stops especially with the AC on..less buzzy. Without the AC on idle in D is quite smooth..nature of a 4cyl engine i guess.
  3. Lots of posts on this subject but nothing in particular on the 6F35 transmission. I quite often slide the shifter in N at extended stops..idle smoother and easier on my left leg. In N is the pump working and still pushing fluid through the cooler ?
  4. Looking forward to your results..the f150 forum a guy was getting results w/ his 2018.I'm trying to disable lights at idle in park.Both dealers completely useless.
  5. This one gets decent reviews...still researching if it will work on a 16 gen2 TC. https://www.amazon.com/OHP-ELMconfig-compatible-interface-diagnostics/dp/B01F0GVBWY/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
  6. Willygee

    2014 TC Rear Blower Motor

    Cold air can push the envelope...i feel your pain..glad it is quiet again.
  7. I understand this will disable lights eng off doors open but will it kill the lights engine idling in park?
  8. Willygee

    General Grabber AT2 upgrade

    Road noise @ 70....more, less?
  9. I'd like to size up the wattage of the headlamp units(high beam highest) x2 and size the appropriate relay unit normally closed and have a toggle at or under the dash.
  10. I do know headlamp connectors are easy to get to. Colors match schematic.