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  1. Willygee

    Hello lurker joined....2016 TC SWB

    Welcome..i own a 16 tcxlt cargo lwb. did the led conversions like you,modified no lights engine on idling,added 1200 watt pure sinewave inverter,smart tv, shorepower,mini bed,remote start and on board charger. Did a lot of boondocking before we moved to fla.50 years in the mechanical trades helps. Knowledgeable crew here so enjoy.
  2. Willygee

    Random Low Fuel Pressure Issue

    I would think there would be a fuel psi test port for a mechanical gauge at the fuel rail someplace. We used to place the gauge under the wiper and monitor the pressure that way. Link to sensor: https://parts.lakelandford.com/p/Ford__Transit-Connect/Fuel-Pressure-Sensor/51528481/BM5Z9F972A.html
  3. Willygee

    Random Low Fuel Pressure Issue

    What psi values are you getting? I believe there is a fuel pressure sensor as well on your TC.
  4. K&N air filter in my 2016 TC for the last 7k miles. It came pre-oiled...i want to say acceleration was smoother but that may be marketing psychosis.🤪It is due for cleaning and reoiling. Observed my MAF sensor when i pulled it to access transmission vent/fill and sensor looked clean.Need to be cautious over oiling ..if too risky i may go back to a OEM Motocraft filter. 40k on vehicle . Central Fla air so not to dusty. What do others think?
  5. Just did a drain and fill this funnel fits perfectly into the vent /fill.The clear plastic tube has a nice interference fit.. no spillage and plenty of height. Purchased funnel at AutoZone.
  6. Willygee

    I'm New Here

    Welcome...always enjoy overseas input.
  7. 2016 TC coolant change link...procedure? Can't seem to find it.
  8. https://www.thesun.co.uk/motors/14106874/fords-transit-custom-trail-review/
  9. Willygee

    Sofa Bed

    I use one of these...very comfortable and easily stored.
  10. 49.7 height my 16 TC XLT...no seats.
  11. Pads pictured are rears correct? My rear pads down to metal (inside pad) at 30 k. Installed some budget Napa pads on a weekend my mechanic was not available to get me by but gotta say they are quiet and holding up well.
  12. Good advice...plus trans fluid drop soon anyway.
  13. 2016 TC XLT 40k miles...Front brake inspection wheel cover off only i can see outside pads only...pads at the thickest section (pads have edge chamfers) are at 5/16 inch. Hoping inside pads are the same...I'd pull wheels for a full brake inspection but thanksgiving maketh one lazy Observations and comments appreciated.
  14. Before turning off your ignition..open a door ..other door openings should not activate lights. This works for us(2016 TC XLT ) as we unload groceries etc. The double pull of turn signal lever will also work when keys out of the ignition.