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  1. Good advice...plus trans fluid drop soon anyway.
  2. 2016 TC XLT 40k miles...Front brake inspection wheel cover off only i can see outside pads only...pads at the thickest section (pads have edge chamfers) are at 5/16 inch. Hoping inside pads are the same...I'd pull wheels for a full brake inspection but thanksgiving maketh one lazy Observations and comments appreciated.
  3. Before turning off your ignition..open a door ..other door openings should not activate lights. This works for us(2016 TC XLT ) as we unload groceries etc. The double pull of turn signal lever will also work when keys out of the ignition.
  4. Willygee


    I would make sure plug is in place to minimize any exhaust intrusion.
  5. Willygee

    New to the site and the Transit Connect

    Good crew here..welcome to the TC gang.
  6. Good post VanWerk..i'm curious where the drain hole is. I have a 2016 TC w/38k...engine dry,clean..looks new.
  7. Says 1/2 inch spout..will this fit in the fill access without issue?
  8. Sofa recliner with small center section..will it fit in a 2016 XLT lwb cargo? Anyone hauled one before...
  9. Willygee


    Welcome..great group here!
  10. My 16 TCXLT fr wipers move easily by hand (very little resistance )vehicle off, while i was clearing ice. Days of old the wiper transmission would offer to much resistance. After clearing ice i repositioned to there park position,start van and all is well..any harm in this ?
  11. Willygee

    Transit Connect temp control and mode switch does not work

    hmmm..any progress yet? I have a 16 TC as well all works as advertised.
  12. Willygee

    oil change tips you might like Gen2

    M1 annual...1 year or 10k..
  13. Moving to Central Fla. at the end of this month(oct) and we are having a friend tow our 24ft enclosed trailer to the Villages from Maine.We will be driving down in our TC XLT later. We have home owners State Farm which will cover the trailer and contents for fire and theft while en route. We also have insurance for the trailer. There seems to be a gap in coverage for ex: trailer gets hit by an uninsured vehicle,rolls over and destroys the contents..State Farm says this is not covered and offers no solution.Online research is vague at best. If anyone has advice it would be greatly appreciated.
  14. "I'm still on the original brakes" ....dang..had to do the rears on mine at 32k