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  1. I was just sitting at an ATM machine and it stalled. no warning whatsoever, completely lost data link. I do the same type of work that JLing does. These are great dependable vehicles.
  2. Hey John, we haven’t talked for a while. How are you doing? I’m slowly catching up to you. I’m at 296,000 on my 2015 bought new spring of 2016. Only issues I’ve had with mine were the compressor pulley at 200,000, struts at 220,000 and computer at 290,000 (ouch). Change oil every 8,000; like you trans at 150,000 and a few bulbs and blades. I lost the info on the headlights you’re using. Jim H.
  3. I use an iphone with an Otter Box cover. I mounted the orange and silver ring that comes with the Steelie Ball to the Otter Box cover. You could stick it directly on to the back of your phone. You will also see a brown furniture pad to the cover to prevent slipping or sliding of the phone. Works great for me.
  4. Try a Steelie Ball. Been using one for years. Never comes loose.
  5. High Mileage Jim

    Bra for 2015 TC

    Just purchased a new 2015 Transit /Connect van. I can't seem to find a manufacturer for a leather bra. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jim