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  1. Fifty150

    Wheel Size Question

    I like it. Lowrider hydraulics on Transit Connect. I got front & back, and side to side.
  2. Fifty150

    Wheel Size Question

    Gullwing doors with hydraulics in the suspension. Doors will no longer be a prolem and you can get custom made wheels as wide as you want. Van lowers in Park to where tire fills entire wheel well. shift into drive or reverse, van raises to allow for proper steering and turning.
  3. Fifty150

    Wheel Size Question

    Cut the door
  4. Fifty150

    You Can't Make This Stuff Up

  5. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/broward/article216726340.html
  6. 80's imaginary technology and David Hasselhoff Dream big, my friend.
  7. Fifty150

    Wheel Size Question

    The code section you are looking at covers tractor trailers. In excess of 40,000 lbs is an 18 wheeler. In CA, Vehicle Code 27600. No person shall operate any motor vehicle having three or more wheels, any trailer, or semitrailer unless equipped with fenders, covers, or devices, including flaps or splash aprons, or unless the body of the vehicle or attachments thereto afford adequate protection to effectively minimize the spray or splash of water or mud to the rear of the vehicle and all such equipment or such body or attachments thereto shall be at least as wide as the tire tread.
  8. That is nice. What do you do with the other bikes, since that rack only carries 2? My brother-in-law has been talking about buying an adult tricycle for my sister. Only problem with that is there is no way to transport it. And I am not about to follow them around with their family's bicycles in the back of my pickup. Or fold down the rear seats in the Transit Connect to follow them around with her tricycle. Obvious solution is just to lend them the truck or the van, since I can't drive both at the same time. But the both of them have a habit of striking deer. Funny thing about deer who aren't being hunted, they do not have a fear of people. Even though you are not suppose to, people still hand feed deer, turkey, geese, and whatever else wanders down into the city. I'm waiting for an idiot to hand feed a mountain lion.
  9. Fifty150

    2012 Ford Transit Van

    Your insurance guy is sharper than you think. If you didn't stop and question it, he would have sold you a more expensive policy, with a bigger commission. My insurance girl looked at me, kind of did a double take, and asked, "what are you doing with a car like that?" She knows me from the community, outside of the office, and knows my lifestyle. "No way! You bought a minivan? How many girls did you get pregnant?" She said that the biggest issue right now for their agency is all of these people with rideshare apps. She had to tell me, just like everyone else, that if you do not disclose that you are driving Uber or Lyft, and you get into an accident, you will have zero coverage. Even if you are just driving yourself, without a passenger, get into an accident, and you have those Uber & Lyft stickers on your car. Or if your car has a pink moustache. You can ride the moustache.