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  1. Fifty150

    Top 5 Things About Your Transit Connect

    I'm with you on that one. I bought this vehicle because of the 7 seats. But I don't know about sleeping in the back with a cat litter box. Sorry. Just not for me. Same way I don't bring food into the bathroom.
  2. Fifty150

    Traction Control Question

    I vote for a spinning back kick. Much more elegant.
  3. When I get home, I will take a photo under the hood.
  4. Look right under the he radiator hose.
  5. Fifty150

    2015 TC transmission fluid change

    Driver side of transmission case. Just look up.
  6. Use Low Viscosity transmission fluid. Different brands, including Ford MotorCraft, have LV fluid.
  7. There's a drain plug on the bottom. The fill cap on top is next to the air filter box, and hidden from plain sight, beneath the radiator hose. There's also a fill port on the side for measuring fill level. You can use a container with volume level indicator to catch the drained fluid, mark the level, then refill with the same volume. A paint store will sell plastic buckets in different sizes, which are marked for liters and quarts.
  8. Fifty150

    Top 5 Things About Your Transit Connect

    Okay. I am not the only one. At the pump, it was about 11 gallons. The gauge is accurate. About 17 MPG. I've never seen the MPG on the sticker.......on any car I have owned.
  9. Fifty150

    Top 5 Things About Your Transit Connect

    So this was what my dash looked like today, as I drove up to the fuel pump. My tank is 15.8 gallons. Dash display shows 270 miles for this tank. 17.08 MPG.
  10. Fifty150

    Traction Control Question

    I have a little button right in front of the shifter.
  11. Fifty150


    I would use larger tires, if there were a way to reprogram the speedometer to read correctly.
  12. In the back of my mind, I seem to recall that not all auto glass is the same. There are probably minimum standards for auto glass safety. But I think that there are different grades, and that sometimes you get a better piece of glass when you spend more. But, I could be wrong.........too much Disco rotted my mind.
  13. In the old days........car alarms were a joke, did nothing, and couldn't even autolock manual doors. On my pickup truck, I never even press the alarm button. Simply lock the manual doors and walk away from the vehicle. Today, the key fob does so much, that you are screwed if anything happens to it. One day, the battery will fail in your remote. And it will be in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, and not even a tow truck will be able to help you......unless that AAA driver has a little remote key fob battery to sell to you for $100. Now that there are no more Radio Shack stores, there is nowhere to buy a little battery like that over-the-counter.
  14. Fifty150

    Traction Control Question

    He's probably talking about pushing the little button on the dashboard. Ford Traction Control A traction control system (TCS), also known as ASR (from German: Antriebsschlupfregelung, lit. 'engine slippage regulation'), is typically (but not necessarily) a secondary function of the electronic stability control (ESC) on production motor vehicles, designed to prevent loss of traction of driven road wheels.Traction control system - WikipediaWikipedia