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  1. Nobody likes to do the obvious. Drill a hole. Of course you will use a grommet, and encase the wiring in split loom.
  2. In all my years of doing it wrong, I never looked it up. 3/8" ratchet. Hand tighten. A good seal with a gasket maker, or OEM when available. I've done about a dozen "drop the pan" fluid changes. I never had a leak. I would guess 12 - 14 ft lbs.
  3. Fifty150

    can anyone read their dipstick?

    My dipstick reads fine. Engine cold. On level surface.
  4. Fifty150

    Ford Transit Connect Battery Spacer

    So you have to remove the spacer to make your new battery fit?
  5. Fifty150

    Question about stereo swap

    Your van's computer will not see, recognize, or process the signals from the upgrades head unit.
  6. Buy some tools. You're not fixing the car with just a scan tool and smart phone.
  7. I don't. I keep the van raised. Run the van and shift through the gears. This allows for fluid to cycle through the gears so that new fluid from the sump is pumped through. My final fill is the factory service specification of 4 liters. On transmissions with a dipstick, the dipstick always has a crosshatch area. Which means that your transmission is fine within the recommended fill. After the final fill, you can take your van for a drive, jack it up again, then achieve the perfect level. But not necessary between drain and fills.
  8. Fifty150

    Transmission cooler rubber hose

    Which model?
  9. Fifty150

    Misfire P0353

    Why are you using that brand?
  10. Fifty150

    Misfire P0353

    Look online for COP alternative. Denso makes them. Also, look at the connection. The harness plugging into the COP. Check for damage. Inspect the wire harness. Add dielectric grease if it's dry. Your issue could very well be the computer. That repair from Circuit Board Medics appears to be able to fix it.
  11. Fifty150

    Misfire P0353

    1.6 liter engine is common enough. Some info is online.
  12. You have no way to reprogram this problem. At least I don't think that you do. It would require rewriting the operation strategy in the van's computer, in relation to the operating temperature parameters. I doubt that is your issue. Your van is reading temp sensors and turning the fan on and off as needed. I doubt if those temperature parameters need to be reprogrammed. It would be interesting to actually view those readings in real time. The FORScan app will allow you to see temp sensor readings and the fan speed. That's a start. When the dashboard message comes on, see which sensor is actually reading a high temperature. Before you even open the hood, you can see if the computer is reading the fan, and if the computer shows that the fan is on. Is coolant temp within 10° of cylinder head temp? It would be a problem if coolant temp was 200° & cylinder head was 250°. Or if coolant and cylinder head were around 200°, and transmission temp over 225°. I want to say that coolant, cylinder, and transmission temp should all be under 225°. Another thing to look for is if the computer shows your fan being on, and you lift the hood to find that it's not actually on. Computer controls the fan, and thinks it's on. Look for a poor connection. Check the actual wiring harness. Reason being that when the dealership replaced the transmission, the mechanic may have left it loose. Completely unplug the harness and look. Are pins damaged? Is it burnt like it has been shorting out? Click it firmly back in place. Not that I don't trust your dealership tech. Have another dealership tech or mechanic physically look at the new transmission. Ask to have all the connections checked. It won't be the first time a tech installed a part, and left something loose or unplugged. Maybe a wire damaged. Broke some connection pins in the harness. Skipped dielectric grease. Or even pinched down a wire. No reason at all for van to show overheating when you start the van. I want to look for a temperature sensor failure. Or have a mechanic test the sensors. Suppose you have the FORScan app on, start van cold in the morning, and cylinder head sensor reading is high.....that sensor is faulty.
  13. Weight of the lights and the bracket are held by the 2 bolts next to the license plate, and the license plate bolts. Weight is forward. Bumper is not rigid. You could fabricate a support from the front of the mount to the plastic bumper, creating a triangle.
  14. Fifty150

    Another Newbie

  15. So with the new transmission, van goes into reverse?