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  1. Fifty150

    Sofa Bed

    This has worked in a Jeep, pickup truck, Honda.......because i'm lazy, and not trying very hard to make things work. If you are lazy, like me:
  2. https://www.carcarekiosk.com/video/2015_Ford_Transit_Connect_XL_2.5L_4_Cyl._Mini_Cargo_Van/battery/replace_battery#
  3. https://www.carcarekiosk.com/video/2015_Ford_Transit_Connect_XL_2.5L_4_Cyl._Mini_Cargo_Van/battery/replace_battery
  4. This vehicle has a very similar layout under the hood. Much of this will be the same.
  5. On cars I've owned, when key is turned to first position, ACC, all dash warning lights will turn on to indicate that they work. Assumption is that your car should do the same thing. On most cars which fail government inspection, the obvious fix is usually a bulb or fuse. We know that the light can illuminate, which means you can rule out the first obvious test. No need to test the lamp. No need to test the fuse. The least expensive option is to download ForScan for free. ForScan can run "key on, engine off" and "key on, engine on" tests,. This may work if your vehicle is compatible with ForScan. There are a lot of scan tools on the market, and some are Ford specific. But buying your own electronic diagnostic equipment may also be cost prohibitive. You will need a computer and OBD II connector for Forscan. Most people suggest using a laptop computer with a cable, as opposed to a tablet computer with bluetooth and/or WiFi connection. The cable is stable, and there is less of a chance that you will lose connection to the computer in mid-test. A laptop could be plugged into an extension cord, so that you don't risk low battery failure in mid-test. The laptop computer version of ForScan may be a better version of the software. You could also do something obvious to trigger the check engine light, just to see that if there is a problem, the light will come on. I've heard of people taking the fuel cap off, then turning on the car. In theory, if the fuel cap is defective, loose, or off, the check engine light is suppose to turn on, to indicate that you have a problem. Another option is to use a wiring diagram and check wiring for a bad connection somewhere. Are there any independent service shops in your area who have diagnostic tools or diagnostic computers? Is there an independent shop in your area whom specializes in Ford vehicles. Some "tuner" shops, or "speed" shops, are more knowledgeable about electronic diagnostics since they dyno-tune, and may have better electronic diagnostic equipment than shops whom do mostly mechanical work. Some independent shops can perform the diagnostic for less than what Ford will charge you. There is also a person online, who has posted tons of great videos, and many follow his advice on repairs and maintenance. You could try contacting him. Maybe this is something that a professional mechanic sees, has a simple solution for, and us non-professionals just don't know about. As reference to the video below, this guy sees more than most people, and as he points it all out, it was all obvious and people just don't see what's in front of them. https://m.facebook.com/FordTechMakuloco/ https://www.youtube.com/user/FordTechMakuloco
  6. Fifty150

    Love of My Life

    After decades of bachelorhood, I have found her. Everything I want in a life companion. As many men before me, who found their true love online, with an angel on another continent whom was saving herself for the right American to come along. I will be packing up my Transit Connect, and moving to far off Eastern lands, to follow my heart. Now if only I can find a translator for her language. Anyone know what country she might be from?
  7. Fifty150

    Low mileage 2014 TC Titanium

    It's exactly the same argument when people discuss using different motor oil. Some people feel that a higher weight and viscosity will be better. A common recurring theme is that full synthetic oil is a better option. Some people feel that European motor oil is better, and they will spend whatever to buy and ship it. In the cars of yesteryear, that may have been true. Most large truck owners feel that 10W-40 or 10W-30 is better. Maybe older cars did benefit from heavier oil. Thank goodness nobody with Transit Connect thinks that the small engine should use higher viscosity oil because it has to work harder at higher RPM. When I drove Jeeps, it was common to use a larger oil filter. Thought was that a larger filter would have more filter media. I don't know if an extra half inch will help or hurt. While filter media traps particulate matter, the oil additives are still wearing down. My own experience 1st hand is with years of driving commercial fleet vehicles. Only using the lowest cost oil and filters, they all averaged 50,000+ miles a year. Monthly oil changes. Always OEM spec oil weight, viscosity, and grade. We never gave up a car due to engine failure. most cars are retired out if repairs cost more than value of vehicle, and as funding is available. But if the budget does not allocate $50K for new car, then that car gets a new water pump, radiator, thermostat, timing belt, power steering pump, transmission, drive shaft, axle, brakes, and whatever else. As I look at The City's fleet, there are still '97 Crown Vics. No blown engines due to cheap oil & filter. I don't know if OEM spec is best. Sometimes it is just to keep cost down. Same way factory tuning is for CAFE numbers, and there's a lot of performance left out to improve fuel economy. I do know that the engineers designed the car, then the factory builds it, and the final product may not be the best product for sale. I question whether OEM parts under the hood can be improve or upgraded. That's why I am in the aftermarket customer base who will buy questionable parts. For me, I don't see any reason to use only Motorcraft oil and filters. Expensive retail does not indicate that oil or filter will provide added benefit. My current oil and filters choices are driven by pricing and availability.
  8. Fifty150

    Low mileage 2014 TC Titanium

    Let me know how that works out. Post pics. I've got a couple of those filters sitting around also.
  9. Fifty150

    TC used by police

    I wonder if the weight of the bicycles and the rack exceeds the maximum recommended tongue weight. Oakland, CA has used the Transit Connect for the Police Crime Scene Unit for a few years now. San Francisco has Transit Connect in several agencies, including Animal Care & Control. San Mateo has a bunch of Transit Connect all marked with logos and flashing lights. Most cities have found a use for Transit Connect, outside of pursuit.. It is a decent transport vehicle moving personnel. Good enough to carry a small team and equipment for maintenance, grounds keepers, public works, et cetera. And apparently perfect for reserve police officers and their bicycles.
  10. Fifty150


    Is that the empty weight of the travel trailer? Or is that the weight of the trailer, and everything inside of it? You should be able to hitch it up, and get moving. Perhaps a bit of a strain going uphill, and at highway speeds. The extra strain on your engine and transmission should be considered. The hard part will be stopping. It is never a good idea to tow beyond the recommended weight. It just isn't safe. I would not do it. You're better off renting a truck.
  11. Fifty150

    Factory jack needed

    Just about any 1.5 ton scissor jack should fit where the factory jack was. You can check with a dealership for the factory original. Or buy a blue color Ford branded scissor jack for a lot less. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Ford-1-5-Ton-Mechanical-Scissor-Jack-FMCF0004/207015226 Model # FMCF0004 Internet #207015226 Ford 1.5 Ton Mechanical Scissor Jack $2176 Overview This 1.5 ton mechanical scissor jack has a 3,000 lb. weight rated capacity. It also has a wide base for additional stability. It has a lifting range of 3.75 in. to 15.35 in. https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B01CIEHW10/ref=dp_olp_new_mbc?ie=UTF8&condition=new Ford FMCF0004 Mechanical Scissor Jack (1.5) by Ford Quantity $13.55 + $8.99 shipping New Arrives between April 15-18. Want it delivered Tuesday, April 16? Choose Expedited Shipping at checkout. Shipping rates and return policy. Best&Fast Business Seller 4.5 out of 5 stars 86% positiveover the past 12 months. (88 total ratings) $23.80 & FREE Shipping New Arrives between April 18-23. Want it delivered Tuesday, April 23? Choose Economy Shipping at checkout. Shipping rates and return policy. JLW Sales 5 out of 5 stars 95% positiveover the past 12 months. (2,087 total ratings) $24.70 & FREE Shipping New Arrives between April 15-18. Want it delivered Thursday, April 18? Choose Economy Shipping at checkout. Shipping rates and return policy. Home Essentials Depot ✅ Business Seller 4.5 out of 5 stars 85% positiveover the past 12 months. (8,775 total ratings) $30.14 Business Price & FREE Shipping Quantity discount available New Arrives between April 12-17. Want it delivered Wednesday, April 17?Choose Standard Shipping at checkout. Shipping rates and return policy. BeachAudio Business Seller 4.5 out of 5 stars 92% positiveover the past 12 months. (180,875 total ratings) Forget about replacing it. Be glad that you don't have it. Scissor jacks, even the factory supplied unit, just are not very safe. Now is the time to consider buying a better jack. Floor jack. Unijack. Bottle jack. Jack stands. A really good floor jack will still cost less than trying to replace an OEM scissor jack at dealership pricing. Look around and find something in your budget. Bottle jacks can sell for as low as $10. Wally World had a floor jack for $18. Or look for something a little more expensive, and consider it an investment. Everyone has their own opinion what the jack they like, and where to buy it from. Plenty of people have Harbor Freight jacks. I still like to buy things from Sears. In my Transit Connect, I have 2 UniJacks & a floor jack. My strategy is to be able to lift and support the vehicle safely. This is also the same combination of tools I use for an oil change, so I just leave it in the van. Just for good measure, since it does not weigh much or take up much space, I also threw a bottle jack in next to the OEM floor jack. There's already a thread on this forum about jacks, and you should find a lot of information. Instead of telling you to search for it yourself, I will provide the link.
  12. Nothing special. It just seems to work out. They are not perfect fit.
  13. Just side marker lights. Amazon, ebay, truck stops, auto supply.....very common item. https://smile.amazon.com/Partsam-Trailer-Indicators-Clearance-Parking/dp/B019MS9JAM/ref=sr_1_31?keywords=Side+marker+led&qid=1554838083&s=gateway&sr=8-31
  14. Funny how we all have a different perspective on life. I actually don't care about color. Every truck & van I've ever owned, has been white. Because it's the most common color for commercial vehicles. When I had Jeeps, they were red. Back then, Jeeps were only in a few colors......red, green, blue......and somehow the Jeeps I bought, with the package I wanted, were red. I've had cars in different colors. But the color just wasn't important. More important for me, was getting the right "package" combination of engine, transmission, interior, et cetera. But I know, that I'm the only person who doesn't care. Everyone else cares. They don't spend $$$XXX, to get a car with a color that they don't like.
  15. Go back to the dealer, and insist that they give you a free oil filler cap. And then insist that they top off the oil for free. Since you obviously did not take the cap off on purpose, to cause hot oil to spray out; so that you can go back there to scam them for an oil cap and oil.