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  1. Thanks for all the input guys! I just dropped my Van off at Ford. They will have it for several days to investigate the leak. I had them check my warranty and I lucked out because it expires this coming July. I'll keep you guys updated on the findings. I do not have any roof rails on my van and everything on the roof is completely stock. When I bought it, it had 10k miles on it so I'm not sure if the windshield had been previously replaced or not. Hopefully its nothing major!
  2. 2016 Transit Connect LWB Wagon For a few weeks I would notice drops of water on my dash as I would leave my home of residence. I thought nothing of it as if it were maybe condensation or something minor. Well, today we had heavy downpour rain in our area and when I got in my van and put it in reverse, water literally poured out from between my headliner and windshield INSIDE my van (Above the rearview mirror). Must have been at least 4-6 ounces all spilled down onto my dash and all over my center dash controls. The headliner is also soaking wet. Has anyone had a similar problem? I saw some stuff online talking about the sirius fm antenna or radio pod on the roof leaking on older f150's and ford escapes. I dont see any official recalls online. Has anyone experienced similar issues? My vehicle was manufactured in 2/16 and I am under 36K so literally my warranty expires this month. I have to get over to the dealer asap, hopefully they will help me out.
  3. Fully loaded! iSup board, MTB, all gear and tools asociated with that and 2 Hounds! Headed to Hot Springs Arkansas to race the Kodiak Tough Enduro on the Lovit trail!
  4. Trying out a few new things with the setup: REI Co-op Camp Bed 3.5 Open Cell Self Inflating pad (78"x30"x3.5") w/R-Value 6.0 Helio Down 30 Sleeping Bag It's 40 degrees outside and I just tested this sleeping arrangement with a short nap. Felt very nice and warm. I was blown away at how comfortable the pad is and I weigh about 190. Even when laying on my side it holds its shape. I will take care of it and I hope it lasts! The photo below is my 50qt arb fridge freezer, large lightweight soft crate (both beagles sleep in it together) folded up, large expanded suitcase and my 12' inflatable sup board. I still have plenty of room under the bed for biking stuff. Onewheel can go on the floor in front of the passenger seat or behind my driver seat. Inflatable pad deflates fast, and rolls up to get out of the way along with the sleeping bag allowong me a large platform to secure the beagles to their tethers!
  5. You're welcome windguy! The side panels come off pretty easy. I start from one corner of the panel and give it a quick and careful horizontal pull away from the side of the van to get it started. Any clips that dont move I carefully use a panel remover tool (looks like a flat tip screwdriver with a notch in the center. Good luck!
  6. Little bit of TC in the beginning of my video:
  7. First road trip today was a success 5 hours out to the field for some lure coursing trials, a visit to a state park and a 5 hour drive back ending a 16 hour day in the TC with both hounds. ARB fridge is amazing,,,so much storage space and held temperature flawlessly,,,,I only wished that I could see the temperature display from the cab. I could always turn the fridge around or buy that 80 dollar wireless display kit ARB sells for additional peace of mind. The fridge and the 8 gallon water tank work really well together. I was also for the first time using the AWESOME cold open hooks and my paracord pigtails as cage stabilizers,,,Both beagles have PLENTY of room to curl up and sleep together in their massive crate parked on top of the bed unit. I'll post some video shortly,,,
  8. Hey whats up guys. Quick Update, I know I've been offline for a while. found some nice thin (less than a 1/4" thick) rubber mat material at Academy sports so I cut a few pieces to fit to provide some good traction on the floor and also lining the front cabinet bottom. I purchased a small 4x8 single axle utility trailer to handle yardwork stuff, material movement and possible motorcycle transport. Added the CURT trailer wiring harness and wired the hot lead into the rear passenger fuse box "hot" 40A spade terminal with a 15A fuse in line. I finally dropped the big loot on this ARB 50qt. fridge/freezer combo unit. I made a custom pigtail adapter to power this thing through my trailer wiring harness which is coiled up in the jack cubby hole on the driver side rear. Made for a more clean layout instead of running the wire across to the passenger side 12V socket, but that option is always there if I need to go that way. I had to rip about 1/2" of wood lengthwise off of the end of my flip top on the bed cabinet. This worked out perfect because the vent for the ARB unit is on the right side of the fridge so it has plenty of space for ventilation. I'm using these very handy and simple straps from REI to hold the ARB in place-"Sea to Summit Accessory Strap with Hook Release." This is all for now. I will test out the fridge on a trip tomorrow. Later!
  9. r1alvin

    My Air conditioned Office

    interesting. I've been waiting for someone to post up their external a/c option. I was looking at floor standing models with flexible tube type duct to pass heat outside. Was that type of machine not an option for you? Seems like it would simplify your setup by not requiring all of the wood framing////? http://www.honeywellstore.com/store/products/portable-air-conditioner-8000-btu-cooling-single-hose-honeywell-mf08ces.htm
  10. I bought a really pricey Gunner kennel a few weeks ago but it was just too heavy and not portable at all. My dogs also got too hot inside it even when placed in air conditioning (they were panting heavily when I let them out). These crates literally trap heat from the inside regardless of the ambient temp. I returned it and got a refund for these 2 reasons. If anyone has a lightweight portable and stronger solution then the standard fold up wire crates, I'd love to see it. Unfortunately it seems most of us are stuck with wire crates or tethering our dogs in a harness to an anchor point in the vehicle.
  11. Here's a video I made today with updates:
  12. I used 1/4" perforated hardboard as a base for my vinyl planks and its working great. I'm not standing up and walking around in the van so IMO 1/2" , 3/4" plywood is overkill unless you are using it as a base to screw things into (which I'm not). Seems like you have not gone through my build thread link that I posted above. Go ahead and do that.