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  1. BSUPC

    Lost Membership Card.

    Luckily all of my stops make sure I have a nice wide open area to park in. They have to wait on me to get there and unload before they can start their jobs. So they keep the area clear so I can get in and out fast. Now the fuel is going to be higher and a downside. Now I will have to drive the Charger a little easier to save money for the work vehicle. LOL I still have one more 2012 TC that my Mom drives for work and I do the maint. on. So I will still be sticking around. Plus do not count me out just yet, I may sneak out and snag me another TC one day.
  2. BSUPC

    Lost Membership Card.

    Looks like I will be replacing the TC with a used SUV. Just purchased a 2000 Lincoln Navigator with 4 wheel drive. This takes care of almost all of my concerns for a new work vehicle. Maybe one day I cam find another TC that s priced right, but for now this one will fit the bill.
  3. BSUPC


    Also if you are just reading OBD2 codes then you do not have to have the vehicle running. Just the key in the run position with the engine off will work.
  4. I am not going to lie I do not remember much about this. It was cold and I was in a hurry to get it done before I had to go back to work. In my rush I forgot to take pictures other than the ones that are on here. :( But the one thing I do remember is breaking the plastic hanging clip on the new radiator on the drivers side top. Got in a hurry and started trying to force it instead of asking for help, and snap it broke. If you have someone who can stand topside and help guide it into place life will be much easier on you. The clips on the top are designed to go into a hole and then slide to the right towards the passenger side and are kinda a pain to line up from the bottom when you cant see them. It really is not a hard task to complete, unless you are like me and try to rush through it. I also recommend watching some youtube videos on the procedure. I used this video as a reference but keep in mind that the bolt sizes and some of the parts are different between the two vehicles. But they are very close to the same.
  5. BSUPC

    Lost Membership Card.

    I am actually considering all options. I am looking at anything I can put cargo in the back of. I am not above the old school station wagons either. I am looking at new, used, and abused vehicles. But the more that I dig, the more I am leaning towards a used 4WD vehicle. And the more that I look at them the more I am leaning towards a used SUV. I have my eye on a used 05' Ford Explorer right now that was owned by the county next to me. But I am still looking and not 100% set one a single vehicle yet. I also have not ruled out going new or a van either. I have also looked at all of those vehicles as well. But the one van that I would pounce on in a heart beat if I could find one in decent shape and the right price would be an old school VW Micro Bus. But good look in finding that combo. :( But maybe 2022 will bring me some joy on this one. https://www.businessinsider.com/vw-microbus-launching-in-2022-will-have-big-updates-2018-1
  6. BSUPC

    Oil Change

    Here is the link to the vehicle search for the site. https://oilreset.com/ And here is the link for the 2016 TC. https://oilreset.com/?mf=44&mm=Transit Connect
  7. BSUPC

    Oil Change

  8. BSUPC

    Harbor Freight

    Ok. I finally got to talk to someone at my local store that new something other than what is on the shelf that they can see. These are only sold by HF in the kits. I asked how they planned to replace one under the lifetime warranty when I break mine and was told we would have to cross that bridge then. But as for now they have no way to replace this item even though it has their lifetime warranty on it.
  9. BSUPC

    New Ford Owner

    Welcome to the forum Hutch. Feel free to ask any questions or answer any you see.
  10. BSUPC

    New Ford Owner

    Focus people, focus !!!! See what I done there with the focus ? lol
  11. BSUPC

    Lost Membership Card.

    Mine was silver and hers is red. We are both in the same line of work.
  12. BSUPC

    Lost Membership Card.

    I still have another 2012 TC. Well actually it is my Mommies. lol But I do all the maint. work and so forth on it with Dad. Mom got hers in June of 2012 and I got mine in August. I will be sticking around and I am fine.
  13. Glad to hear it has been fixed. But I am glad that I do not have to use that same dealer. I would probably be in prison already if I did.
  14. BSUPC

    Mike Chell's Soapbox

    I will say this. The laws in Florida are different than those here in North Carolina. But from the unedited video I have seen , here in NC it would not be considered a self defense case as when the guy on the ground starts to draw his weapon the attacker begins to retreat. At that point our laws state that you have removed the threat at that point and any further actions are not needed. So firing the weapon is now a unlawful assault with a deadly weapon by the guy on the ground. Also how can we hold our Law Enforcement Officers to one standard on this and civilians to another. A LEO can not fire on a fleeing suspect, so why should a civilian be allowed to ? If this was a cop laying on the ground shooting and killing a fleeing suspect then the Officer would be charged. I am a firm believer in self protection and the 2A, but this one is all messed up. But it all has to do with the laws of the state, so Florida will have to figure this one out own their own.