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  1. BSUPC

    ABS light on

    Glad to hear that you got it figured out and resolved.
  2. BSUPC

    2014 TC Headliner Removal

    This is a nice write up. Thank you for creating this for the community.
  3. I have been lucky and never had to use floor jacks and jack stands on ours so I can not give much help on this. But one thing I can help with is this, If you do not feel safe doing it then it is not safe. It's that simple.
  4. BSUPC

    ABS light on

    Thanks for chiming in Don. I have no clue why my brain over looked the scan tool. As much as I use mine you would think I would think of that first to try. lol This is why I love this group. We all think of different stuff.
  5. BSUPC

    ABS light on

    Hmm. If it is worn in that area could it be possible that a gap between the sensor and the tone ring has developed ? If that has happened it would cause the sensor to have a false reading triggering the light. It requires a pretty tight tolerance.
  6. BSUPC

    ABS light on

    Did you by chance unplug the sensor during the bearing swap ? If so I would start by checking that it is plugged back up. And I know you said the bearing was pressed back in the proper way but the only other thing I think it could be is the bearing is backwards. Was the tone ring facing up at you when you pressed it back in ? These are the only two things I know it could be other than a damaged sensor. Maybe one of the others will have more ideas.
  7. BSUPC

    the OH CRAP tote

    I still have other vehicles. Just moved the tote to the new work vehicle when I got it. Still looking at vans to replace the Money Maker. But no luck finding the right one so far that meets all my demands.
  8. BSUPC

    the OH CRAP tote

    Wow I completely forgot about this. I never did do the inventory. We must change this. I am writing it down on the big board for later today when I wake up. So with that said I will probably take me till June 24, 2019 to get it done. lol
  9. That was a good story. But I must say that you lasted longer than I would have. You made it to the 4th, I would have been packed and moved after the first. lol I'm just a hop, skip, and a jump up the road from ya davidparker in North Carolina.
  10. BSUPC

    Want to see $5K damage toa TC ?

    Hit a deer in my 2012 last year at 50 mph with $8,600.00 in damage and a total loss. I feel yalls pain. :(
  11. When I had my 2012 TC the fuel light would come on at 50 miles to empty. One night just for fun I ran the van down to 0 miles to empty. Once I hit zero miles to empty I continued to drive another 20 miles to the next gas station. So that was 70 miles driven after the light came on. I always said I was going to run it one night till it completely ran out of gas just to see how far she really would go. But I hit a deer and totaled the ole Gal. :( Guess I will never know for sure as Mom want let me do the test with her 2012. Lol
  12. BSUPC

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Everyone.
  13. BSUPC

    Oil Change

    I am not going to names here, but I have had the pleasure of watching a mechanic at a shop here locally get the oil from the supply room to do a oil change. The Customer specified it had to be Castrol 10w30 and nothing else. Me and the mechanic (A Friend) walk into the supply room where six 55 gallon drums are sitting. He grabs a empty Castrol 10w30 jug, walks over to one of the drums, pumps the pump handle and fills the jug up. Walks out and dumps it in the Customers car. The side of all six drums were labeled Havoline 10w20. Yet another reason I do not take mine anywhere. You just never know. But name brand is not to big of an issue for me as long as it meets the requirements. The name on the jug does not keep my car running, its whats inside. But that is just me, unless it is mayonnaise and then it better be Duke's.