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    Harbor Freight

    Ok. I finally got to talk to someone at my local store that new something other than what is on the shelf that they can see. These are only sold by HF in the kits. I asked how they planned to replace one under the lifetime warranty when I break mine and was told we would have to cross that bridge then. But as for now they have no way to replace this item even though it has their lifetime warranty on it.
  2. BSUPC

    New Ford Owner

    Welcome to the forum Hutch. Feel free to ask any questions or answer any you see.
  3. BSUPC

    New Ford Owner

    Focus people, focus !!!! See what I done there with the focus ? lol
  4. It is official. I have lost my membership card as of today. After tearing into my TC the body shop found more damage and the insurance totaled my poor baby. Now the hunt begins to try and replace the Money Maker. :( Looking at maybe a 2017 Transit 150 SWB Medium Roof.
  5. BSUPC

    Lost Membership Card.

    Mine was silver and hers is red. We are both in the same line of work.
  6. BSUPC

    Lost Membership Card.

    I still have another 2012 TC. Well actually it is my Mommies. lol But I do all the maint. work and so forth on it with Dad. Mom got hers in June of 2012 and I got mine in August. I will be sticking around and I am fine.
  7. Glad to hear it has been fixed. But I am glad that I do not have to use that same dealer. I would probably be in prison already if I did.
  8. BSUPC

    Mike Chell's Soapbox

    I will say this. The laws in Florida are different than those here in North Carolina. But from the unedited video I have seen , here in NC it would not be considered a self defense case as when the guy on the ground starts to draw his weapon the attacker begins to retreat. At that point our laws state that you have removed the threat at that point and any further actions are not needed. So firing the weapon is now a unlawful assault with a deadly weapon by the guy on the ground. Also how can we hold our Law Enforcement Officers to one standard on this and civilians to another. A LEO can not fire on a fleeing suspect, so why should a civilian be allowed to ? If this was a cop laying on the ground shooting and killing a fleeing suspect then the Officer would be charged. I am a firm believer in self protection and the 2A, but this one is all messed up. But it all has to do with the laws of the state, so Florida will have to figure this one out own their own.
  9. BSUPC

    My TC is the almost Perfect Mouse Habitat

    Wow. I would have never thought of that happening. Glad you were able to resolve the problem they created before leaving.
  10. BSUPC

    Lost Membership Card.

    Lets not make it political. Lets stay on the topic of vans on this one. Cause if we go political I think I will be the first one to get banned when my thoughts come out on all the sides. I am kicking around all the options. Right now the money is in the bank drawing interest till I can make up my mind. Which is not easy when I am easily hey look there went a squirrel.
  11. BSUPC

    Lost Membership Card.

    Now that Metris is a van. The big Mercedes van is nice to. But I like the Transit a little better. I am holding onto the insurance money and have it in my savings account collecting interest while I look. I am on the forums looking at different models and the problems people are having. And I have made a note one how Ford is handling cases like yours DonShockley. I am also following your post on the recall work. I love the graphics you made for the van.
  12. BSUPC

    Lost Membership Card.

    I took the pay out and am looking for a new van. The difference was $4k. Basically once the bumper cover was removed and the hood opened, the entire front end from the radiator forward need to be replaced. Nothing was leaking, but my radiator was in a semi horseshoe shape along with the coolers. Everything else from there forwards was bent, cracked, busted, and snapped. I was doubting my choice to sell it to them, till they let me walk back and look at it. As for the Mercedes, they are just a tad bit above my social level. This redneck country boy could not pull off a Mercedes. lol Although I think I may be able to pull off an Audi Sedan.
  13. I will take them out for you. I try not to delete stuff unless it is spam, offensive, or the poster requested it.
  14. BSUPC

    Harbor Freight

    I will check the shelves at my local store when I get up there. May make a run this weekend for more rubber gloves. lol
  15. I am going to second what donuts said. Always start with the cheapest and easiest fix first. If the cleaner does not get the right results, then replacing the injectors are not hard to replace. Also when I replaced one on my 2012 no programming was required. Any aftermarket injector will work as long as it is for the 2012 TC. Just depends on how much you wish to spend.
  16. BSUPC

    Harbor Freight

    Here is mine that came in the tool set. It is a 3/8 extension with a 1/2 to 3/8 reducer on it. No part numbers stamped on the tool.
  17. From the album: BSUPC

  18. From the album: BSUPC

  19. BSUPC

    Harbor Freight

    I have one of these from Harbor Freight. It came in a tool set that I got a couple years ago. Not sure if they have it by itself in the store or not here, but the next time I am there I will check. It came in this tool set. Name 301 Pc Mechanic's Tool Set SKU 63464 Brand Pittsburgh®
  20. If I could get my hands on a nice old VW micro bus........ yeah it would be on like donkey kong. lol
  21. I have nothing against the new TC's other than I just dont like them for a work van. I cant see buying a mini van style van for my job when I already have a mini van sitting in the fleet. And mrtn hit the nail on the head in his post. Ford was not seeing enough sales from private sales on the 1st gen TC's like they expected. The vans just were not appealing to the soccer mom side of the market. Also I use the term "soccer mom" as a general description of a family vehicle/daily driver. So to combat this problem they changed the TC's design to be a mini van to grab the soccer mom market, and introduced the Transit for the work horse. Now my dislike of the 2nd gen TC is based solely on my experience of using my current mini van as my work vehicle for many years. I settled on the 1st gen TC as my work vehicle because I did not want another mini van, but the Chevy Express and the Ford Econolines were bigger than I wanted. But now that the Econolines have been replaced with the Transit, I would go that route over the TC's at this point. This includes the 1st gen and the 2nd gen TC's. But when it comes to buying a mini van, if I had to buy one right now to replace my 2000 dodge caravan it would be a 2nd gen TC wagon in a heart beat. I dont hate the vans or people who buy them, I just do not like them for what I do for work. Now the Transit Custom looks a lot like a Transit 150 SWB low roof here in the US from the pictures I have seen. But I could be wrong on this as I have never seen one in person.
  22. This is what I was trying to keep from happening. I do not like the TC 2014 to present. I would buy the Transit over a 2014 or newer Transit Connect. I do not need another soccer mom mini van, as I have a dodge caravan already for that. So very true. lol I like the looks of the new body style of the TC's, but not for my job. If I was to buy a 2014 or newer TC it would have to be the wagon.
  23. BSUPC

    Fuelling the Air conditioning

    This is called wind buffeting. Makes your ears feel like they going to explode.
  24. Got the call yesterday saying that my van is 50% repaired. I jumped for joy when she said this one the voicemail, whew they didnt total it. I get to keep my membership card. Just hope that it looks half as nice as Jiquay's does when I get it back.