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  1. Just seeing if anyone else has had this happen. When going slow and turning left over a curb (basically only when I pull in my driveway) I am hearing a clunking noise from the front right corner of the van. It almost sounds like something loose that is swinging back and forth in this situation. I've looked both under the hood and around the suspension and can't seem to track it down. I don't believe it's in the suspension as it all seems tight and I never hear it going straight. I thought my hood prop was loose when it first happened but its not. I'll pull the wheel off this weekend and see if I can track it down.
  2. Wouldn’t be surprised at all. I bet wagons sell maybe 5% of the total of vans. Even worse on the full size transit.
  3. Mine has 161k on it and its been flawless. That said I'd have a mechanic do a thorough inspection on it before buying. I am super easy on mine but I know not everyone drives like I do.
  4. Personally I wish we got the transit custom in the US. Nice in between size from the TC to the transit but much better fuel economy I’d think than the transit.
  5. Have these started getting to the dealers? Wondering how fuel mileage will compare and what kind of maintenance they will need.
  6. True, I only use full synthetic oil. And I do think these super long intervals that manufacturers recommend are somewhat due to lowering the ‘cost of ownership’ and not because it’s fine for the engine to go that long. Still it’s only like $30 to do it myself so In the grand scheme of things it’s pretty cheap.
  7. Yeah the second gen vans are 10k mile intervals. I do 5k personally. I’d rather ‘over service’ the van and not have failures as I obviously drive a ton and need to be able to count on my van running well and not having down time. I do it myself so it’s not expensive so it’s cheap piece of mind for me.
  8. Spooner

    New guy looking for ideas on rear seating

    The newer second row is a split seat with about a foot between them which would be a perfect spot to put a removable wheel chock. Maybe you can find one salvage or something? I also use mine for racing but I use a hitch rack as my KTM dirt bike is several inches too tall to fit.
  9. Haha that’s a decent month for me 😂
  10. I am the OP, I’ve just put an additional 50k on it in the last 11 months 😳
  11. Just an update as I've now hit a little over 150k now and still a very good ownership experience. I broke another windshield so number 3 will be going in and the trim on the side of the drivers seat where the powered seat controls are has broken near the front but its not exactly life changing haha! Just need to do a belt change when it warms up in a few days and I'll keep it on trucking. I had to put on tire set #3 around july as well but the Generals I've been running have been excellent both in performance and life.
  12. Spooner

    Drivers seat side trim broken?

    Yeah what I think it is, is that when you get out the side bolster pushes down and hits the top of the trim and is able to put a lot of pressure on it. Over time the flexing of the trim breaks the mounting point. Just a bad design. They are plastic in every car I've ever seen, they just need more clearance from the seat to the trim.
  13. Spooner

    Drivers seat side trim broken?

    It’s the trim with the power seat controls. The front part is what broke away.
  14. Spooner

    Apparent roof leak

    Mine did that and it was the holes for the roof rack that were leaking. I don't have the rack so it was the rubber seals or whatever they stick in the holes. Luckily I was still under warranty when it happened as it took them a few times to figure it out. They actually changed out my glass in the back of the van and it still was happening so they had to keep digging until they found the problem.
  15. Spooner

    Drivers seat side trim broken?

    It’s a 2015 titanium wagon with 150k on it so a bit out of warranty haha!