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  1. i86hotdogs

    2016 TC Cargo Aftermarket Sound System

    Hey to all, it's been a minute since I last posted about this. But I feel you all should know where I am with the sound system. First off, the 2016 Transit Connect XL Cargo has two speakers. One in each door, and ZERO tweeters. You should have seen my face when I disassembled the a-pillar. I decided against the line converter, and bought an aftermarket head unit. I missed having a CD player, and the Bluetooth is a nice perk to have. I also enjoy the ability to tune the audio controls via the Sony app. https://www.crutchfield.com/p_158GS920BH/Sony-WX-GS920BH.html?cc=07 Since this head unit has a high powered amp built in (40 watts), I had to run a dedicated power wire to the battery. Thanks to all your help here, and other posts, that was an easy task. https://www.crutchfield.com/p_007CK12/Crutchfield-CK12.html?cc=02 I decided to return the Polk speaker set, and buy a set of 3-way speakers to compensate for the lack of tweeters. https://www.crutchfield.com/p_575R165X3/Rockford-Fosgate-R165X3.html Sound is great. Louder, clearer, bass is adequate. I even ran the Bluetooth mic through the dash and up the the a-pillar. Latched onto the sun visor arm. I'll add a picture of that later. Reading up on some of your set ups, I'd like to add a low profile powered sub underneath one of the seats (or both!). That would be an easy connection thanks to the head unit's capabilities. I apologize I did not take any photos. I know those are a huge help for others. If anyone would like specific photos, please let me know, and I will gladly take my dash apart to do so. I've taken my dash and panels apart so many times now it's easy to do
  2. i86hotdogs

    MK2 Lowering Springs

    @mdarren, I put that project on hiatus for a couple reasons: 1. funds 2. If I do lower the TC, I move out of stock class for Rallycross. I'm weighing the pros and cons on moving into the prepared class for racing. So far, signs lead towards keeping it stock. But it still appeals to me to lower the rear.
  3. i86hotdogs

    Exhaust Diameter Question

    It being a cargo van, there's little to no insulation. Gonna need to add some dynamat or cheaper alternative to help that. Also, I'll still route it out the back of the van, so that will help with noise. Right now its directly underneath me and you can hear AND feel it.
  4. i86hotdogs

    Exhaust Diameter Question

    @davidparker All I could find were the videos of the fusion with different arrangements. Regardless, that's a good reference.
  5. i86hotdogs

    Exhaust Diameter Question

    Got bored and cut the entire exhaust from after the catalytic converter on. The two bolts you see in the video wouldn’t cooperate. Sound is raw, but adds a lot of vibration in the cabin. I kept the exhaust, and plan on replacing the resonator with straight piping, and adding a Borla Pro XS muffler on the end of it. For the next few days, though, I’ll deal with the noise and vibration. It’s a Rallyvan anyways right?!
  6. i86hotdogs

    Exhaust Diameter Question

    I don't see the cost benefits of a custom job for this vehicle. For starters, the only major bends or turns in the pipe is towards the rear near the left rear tire. other than that, it's a straight direction from the catalytic converter on. For something I can assemble with a few parts and a mig welder for $100, the shop would want no less than $300. ($300 is what they wanted for the wife's Chrysler 200 exhaust work: axleback muffler and piping)
  7. i86hotdogs

    Exhaust Diameter Question

    Good eye there. I'll have to see for myself where I cut it what the actual diameter is.
  8. i86hotdogs

    Exhaust Diameter Question

    No issues bottoming out. Most Rallycross courses are designed to avoid bumps, jumps, and other potentially dangerous features. A skid plate will never hurt, I've been talking to a guy who specializes in focus skid plates, and he agrees the similarity between the TC and the focus is almost identical. I loved racing the TC, and everyone got a kick out of it thinking it was a tow vehicle for another car. As for the exhaust, I am waiting for it to stop raining so I can get underneath and take off the pipe from the catalytic converter back and see how it sounds. If it's too much, I'll pick up the Borla Pro XS I mentioned earlier and put that on.
  9. i86hotdogs

    MK2 Lowering Springs

    Haven't bought any yet. I might just lower the rear seeing the front is at a good height for my taste. The rear has so much preload because it's a cargo van. I hardly ever haul anything besides a mattress when I go camping, so I think I'll go for the mod your connect rear lowering springs for $160.
  10. i86hotdogs

    Exhaust Diameter Question

    Thanks for all the help! I took an angle grinder to the section circled below. So I already got rid of that gigantic muffler. The sound is ok, but it sounds more accidental than intentional. Meaning it sounds like the muffler's gone bad. I was going to remove the giant resonator (1) and see how it sounds. If I don't like it, I've researched aftermarket mufflers that make 4 cylinders sound decent. I know not all 4 bangers are the same, so I made sure to listen to a few different kinds to get an idea what might come out. I narrowed it down to a Borla Pro XS. I heard samples of this installed on a corolla, Mazda 3, cavalier, and a subaru. All sounding pretty good in their own ways. The Mazda was a 2.3L 4cyl which I am confident is from the same engine family as the 2.5 duratec my van has. So I am optimistic on the outcome. I'll replace the resonator with straight piping, and attach the Borla to the end with a turndown. Now I just need the weather to drop back into the double digits before I start working outside.
  11. Hey Gang, I've searched here, other forums, facebook groups, parts sites, pretty much everywhere but my own vehicle. I've got the 2.5 Duratec in my '16 LWB cargo, and trying to figure out the diameter of the exhaust pipe. My gut leads me to 2.25". Any help from you all would be great. RallyVan for your time.
  12. i86hotdogs

    Wheel Size Question

    The answer is yes. Regardless of the drive of the wheels, you still need the rear under control. That is handled with tires and aerodynamics. The weight distribution may not be as significant as rwd or even rear engined vehicles like Porsche, but with enough momentum through a turn, that rear can kick out uncontrollably. Professional race teams like the touring classes use modified front wheel drive cars for races. When they dial in the appropriate settings for wheel alignment and aero, they tend to perform better than RWD or even AWD counterparts.
  13. OK everyone, let's talk lowering springs for the MK2 (2014-2018). I've found three (four) different products: Mod Your Connect- UK based, comes out to $250 including shipping. Cheapest option. https://www.modyourconnect.co.uk/product/myc-connect-mk2-fr-lowering-springs/ AST Lowering Springs- $350, no reviews anywhere. Fairly known brand https://www.carid.com/ast-suspension/25mm-40mm-front-and-rear-lowering-springs-mpn-astls-17-045.html?singleid=688519468 Eibach Lowering Springs- $400, well known brand, also no reviews https://www.vividracing.com/eibach-prokit-performance-springs-set-springs-p-152634625.html The full coilover kit by Vmaxx-$754 includes shipping https://www.modyourconnect.co.uk/product/v-maxx-mk2-transit-connect-coilover-kit/ Opinions? Anyone have the AST or Eibach kit can vouch for them? I probably won't opt the full kit due to cost. Thanks in advance.
  14. Which generation are you referring to? I own the gen2 (2014-2018), and put 215/60R16 winter tires on. Your biggest concern will be the front wheel wells. I rallycrossed in those size tires, and had no rubbing or interference, but it sure looked tight! I'm not sure about a 65 ratio. I think they will, but can't guarantee anything. The 60R ratio measures at 26.2" diameter, 65R measures at 27" diameter, and the stock 55R ratio measures 25.3" diameter. Hope this helps!
  15. i86hotdogs

    Rallycross a Transit Connect? Yup

    Much appreciated. Was frequently told "best looking transit van they've ever seen"