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  1. Perfect, so you get the task it would take to do it.
  2. Don't need AWD to rally The transmission has little to no affect on emissions. The take rate for manual transmission vehicles is so low, that makers save money by not even having it as an option on vehicle. The Jeep Renegade is a prime example. The Renegade could be had with a 6-speed manual up until 2018. The take rate for manual Renegades was under 10%. So they dropped the option and kept the auto. Also, auto transmissions are becoming faster to drive, and more efficient than the standard manual transmission. Gone are the days where the manual option is the "fastest" and "most fuel efficient" economical option. P.S.-Focus ST is FWD, the RS trim is the AWD variant. And just because they share similar DNA, does not mean a manual swap is easy peasy. In reality, the similarities are in the suspension. That's about the extent of it. The van benefits from having a low flat floor for either great access to seats for the wagon, or plentiful flat space for cargo. To implement AWD, you will need a transmission tunnel larger than the one already underneath for the exhaust system. This means the tunnel needs to expand and potentially raise the floor, or the drive train sits low and exposed to that one speed hump that's abnormally larger than the rest. Is it possible? absolutely. There are more than a few manual swaps done to both generation of TC.
  3. i86hotdogs

    MK2 Horn Location?

    I've got a traditional bike horn on my 50cc Honda Ruckus. Always gets a laugh when I honk
  4. i86hotdogs

    MK2 Horn Location?

    I should start a separate thread on the build. There was plenty of room underneath where the stock horn is mounted. It also depends on the size of the horn and compressor you use. My kit is a small compressor teh size of a regular 8.4 oz redbull, a horn about 4-5 inches long, and another about 3 inches longer than that. I actually found a snug spot in the engine bay. No interference or clearance issues. Plenty of zip ties. The sound is a little high pitched for my taste, but it's definitely louder.
  5. i86hotdogs

    MK2 Horn Location?

    Thanks JRM, but after finally getting underneath it (and following the sound), I found it on the passenger side behind where the lower fog light would be (don't have any). It was a dual tone for sure, and one of the wires to one of the horns looked worn. I had a spare mini air horn kit laying around, wired that up and now the van has air horns!
  6. Hey all, I looked around initially for this answer, but only yielded MK1 results. My horn in my 2016 LWB XL Cargo seems to be missing one of its dual tones. It sounds like its on the passenger side around the headlight. Just wanted to get some confirmation from you all on where it is, and how to get to it/remove it. Any tips or visuals would be great. Thanks!!
  7. perfect! My transit connect never came with one. Probably should download one and print it out. Thanks!
  8. Hey gang, I always thought it would be a great idea to have a list of what bulb types go into each part of the van. I tried finding one somewhere, but no luck. Anyone have a list going already for what goes where? If not, I may start one and share it with all you fine folks 😎 EDIT- I found one, but the model range goes from 2010-2007 https://sealight-led.com/pages/ford-transit-150-250-350-bulb-size-guide High beam headlight for 2010~2013 Ford Transit Connect: H13 ( dual high and low beam headlight share the same bulb); for 2014~2017 Ford Transit Connect: H9 Low beam headlight for 2010~2013 Ford Transit Connect: H13 ( dual high and low beam headlight share the same bulb);for 2014~2017 Ford Transit Connect: H11 Fog light: H11 Cornering light: H11 Front turn signal light for 2010~2013 Ford Transit Connect: 3457A / 3457NAK / 3157-SCK ( parking light); for 2014~2017 Ford Transit Connect inner turn signal light: 5200 ; outer turn signal light: 2825 Rear turn signal light: 7440A / 7440NA Brake Tail light: 7443 / 7443-SCK Back-up reverse light for 2010~2013 Ford Transit Connect: 921; for 2014~2017 Ford Transit Connect:7440 3rd Brake light / Center high mount stop light: LED License plate light / Tag light: 2825 / 2825L / W5W Interior Map light for 2010~2013 Ford Transit Connect: 6411;for 2014~2017 Ford Transit Connect: 2825 Interior Dome light: 2825 / 2886X / 2825L / W5W Front side marker light: 2825 / 2825L / W5W Parking / City light for 2014~2017 Ford Transit Connect: 2825 / 2825L / W5W
  9. Hey, a van with this much white canvas, I had to add something to it! I got sick of people asking if it was my company van.
  10. The never-ending search for those upper reflectors for the rear taillights seem to yield very little results. Either order them from the dealer, or buy them on eBay and wait months to be shipped from Europe. I came across this website that searches junkyard inventories. You can select your specific year, make, and model, and even your specific part you are looking for. You can even narrow down the region to search. I did a nationwide search for these reflectors, and found quite a few. I inquired pricing and shipping estimates from as many as I can find. Only one responded (there are about 10 other ones I found). After some conversation, I had a set of reflectors sent to me for $70. Installation was a breeze: two torx scews and a little prying gets them popped right off. I definitely will go back to this site for any other parts inquiries as well.
  11. Reviving a dead thread here. I did some shopping at car-part dot com. Where you can search the world (literally) for a certain part down to the make and model. I found several TC Titanium's unfortunately in a totaled state. But there were a handful with the upper reflector still intact. I reached out to one of the junkyards for a set. $70 and two business days later, BOOM I'm part of the elusive club!
  12. i86hotdogs

    Curt Hitch Class 2 or 3?

    I'd agree with Fifty here. I am fairly positive that 800lb trailer will have a 2" hitch attachment. Most things you attach to your hitch will have a 2" end. Not sure if you have a 1st or 2nd gen TC, but the 2nd gen TC's have pretty good rear clearance.
  13. i86hotdogs

    Wheel Size Question

    When I rallycross, I use a winter tire that is slightly taller than stock. 215/60r16. Those sit on stock steel wheels (painted white). The rear are clear with no interference. The front do not interfere with anything, even at high loads of turning and braking.
  14. i86hotdogs

    2016 TC Cargo Aftermarket Sound System

    Yup. Near impossible to read in daylight. That was one of the biggest complaints from other buyers on the product page.