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  1. Wow, this looks like a well built piece. I wish I was a little closer to take this off your hands. Currently, when we sleep in the back, we just throw a twin mattress back there, and hang some blackout curtains behind the front seats. Does the job.
  2. i86hotdogs

    Tuning the TC

  3. i86hotdogs

    2.5 Litre Reliabilty

    Did someone say Sparco wheels?
  4. i86hotdogs

    2.5 Litre Reliabilty

    I'll be honest with you I don't know who that is, therefore not my inspiration for the number. It was my jersey number in college; also a nice number overall.
  5. i86hotdogs

    2.5 Litre Reliabilty

    Here's some action shots. I've got big plans for this season (whenever it begins): new wheels, new springs, intake and exhaust bits.
  6. i86hotdogs

    2.5 Litre Reliabilty

    the 2.5 Duratec has been a well engineered engine for Ford. Derived from a partnership with Mazda, its relatives include the 2.3 Duratec as well. They are notoriously underpowered for its displacement. It's favored by fleets for its durability and cost of parts and maintenance. Like others have mentioned, if you keep the maintenance schedules punctual, it will last a long time. I bought a 2016 cargo LWB with 102,000 miles and have put over 25,000 on it since purchase. I race the van in SCCA RallyCross events, frequently drive long distances through the midwest, and use it as my daily driver. I have experienced zero issues with the vehicle itself. My only gripe for me is the lack of aftermarket parts for it. But that's a personal preference since I race the van competitively.
  7. i86hotdogs

    MK2 With Sparco Terra Wheels

    Meh, rally stripes are not my thing. I was going for a retro look, and found the brush strokes to fit perfectly.
  8. i86hotdogs

    MK2 With Sparco Terra Wheels

    I've been eyeing these wheels ever since I got the van. I was never in a place to drop the cash for them, though. I found them on sale through Tire Rack for $120/wheel. They originally run for $160/wheel. I finally pulled the trigger, and have zero regrets. Bolt pattern, diameter, and width all are matching to OEM (OEM steel wheels per say). The only difference was the offset. Factory offset is +52mm; and these have an offset of +40mm. This just means the wheels stick out 12mm further than factory (about .5 inch). Personally, I think they look awesome on the winter/race tires I mounted them on. Tires are Sumitomo Ice Edge 215/60r 16.
  9. Perfect, so you get the task it would take to do it.
  10. Don't need AWD to rally The transmission has little to no affect on emissions. The take rate for manual transmission vehicles is so low, that makers save money by not even having it as an option on vehicle. The Jeep Renegade is a prime example. The Renegade could be had with a 6-speed manual up until 2018. The take rate for manual Renegades was under 10%. So they dropped the option and kept the auto. Also, auto transmissions are becoming faster to drive, and more efficient than the standard manual transmission. Gone are the days where the manual option is the "fastest" and "most fuel efficient" economical option. P.S.-Focus ST is FWD, the RS trim is the AWD variant. And just because they share similar DNA, does not mean a manual swap is easy peasy. In reality, the similarities are in the suspension. That's about the extent of it. The van benefits from having a low flat floor for either great access to seats for the wagon, or plentiful flat space for cargo. To implement AWD, you will need a transmission tunnel larger than the one already underneath for the exhaust system. This means the tunnel needs to expand and potentially raise the floor, or the drive train sits low and exposed to that one speed hump that's abnormally larger than the rest. Is it possible? absolutely. There are more than a few manual swaps done to both generation of TC.
  11. i86hotdogs

    MK2 Horn Location?

    I've got a traditional bike horn on my 50cc Honda Ruckus. Always gets a laugh when I honk
  12. i86hotdogs

    MK2 Horn Location?

    I should start a separate thread on the build. There was plenty of room underneath where the stock horn is mounted. It also depends on the size of the horn and compressor you use. My kit is a small compressor teh size of a regular 8.4 oz redbull, a horn about 4-5 inches long, and another about 3 inches longer than that. I actually found a snug spot in the engine bay. No interference or clearance issues. Plenty of zip ties. The sound is a little high pitched for my taste, but it's definitely louder.
  13. i86hotdogs

    MK2 Horn Location?

    Thanks JRM, but after finally getting underneath it (and following the sound), I found it on the passenger side behind where the lower fog light would be (don't have any). It was a dual tone for sure, and one of the wires to one of the horns looked worn. I had a spare mini air horn kit laying around, wired that up and now the van has air horns!
  14. Hey all, I looked around initially for this answer, but only yielded MK1 results. My horn in my 2016 LWB XL Cargo seems to be missing one of its dual tones. It sounds like its on the passenger side around the headlight. Just wanted to get some confirmation from you all on where it is, and how to get to it/remove it. Any tips or visuals would be great. Thanks!!
  15. perfect! My transit connect never came with one. Probably should download one and print it out. Thanks!