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  1. Since the dome light works, I think the door switch (integral to the latch) is good. The door module sends messages over the MS-CAN about the lock status, door switch status etc.. The MS-CAN wiring should be OK since the lights work. So something is not sending or receiving messages about the other functions: door chime, door ajar etc. The Body Comm Module (BCM) processes all information regarding interior switches and instrumentation. You may have a problem in the BCM or the door module. This may be a problem only a dealership can fix (especially if they need to reflash the BCM or door module).
  2. Don Ridley

    Shelter In Place

    Yeah I'm home for the foreseeable future (California). Working from home sucks. I trying to dream up a good project. Maybe I'll buy an Arduino and make it blink some LEDs or other frivolous functions.
  3. There may be a problem with the door module. Connect a scan tool to see if there are any error codes. Maybe it's just the door switch. Do the lights go on and off? Do you get a door open message when the engine is running?
  4. Don Ridley

    TC loses in a van drag race

    Probably a Transit. But funny either way.
  5. http://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/four-vans-fight-in-one-of-the-slowest-drag-races-ever/ar-BB113nwJ?ocid=ientp
  6. Forscan is hacked software developed by Ford enthusiasts in Russia. It's used primarily by F150 guys but works on most Ford's. https://forscan.org/home.html
  7. Or, try this: https://www.focusst.org/threads/windshield-wipers.12338/
  8. You will need a scan tool to read the DTCs. Forscan can do this and also reset modules. If this is too much trouble, you will need to visit a dealership to get this corrected.
  9. Here is the Forscan procedure. TC and Focus are there same for this function. Maybe the calibration will reset whatever is causing the problem? I don't know. Forscan has a learning curve and you need an adapter. Details are discussed in this forum and any Focus forum.
  10. There is a calibration function for the wipers in Forscan. I will look for a more generic method.
  11. Don Ridley

    Power Liftgate kit available

    Here are the details on installing the electric liftgate. The Autoease product is well made. Hopefully my documentation will help. The only problem with this product/project is the Autoease device that provides the final close/latch motion is not easy to install on a TC. I did not install this movable strike plate and motor. The liftgate closes but if all windows and other doors are closed, the increase in air pressure keeps the liftgate from fully latching. I need to lightly push the door closed at the end of the arc. This is not a deal breaker for me since the biggest problem with the stock liftgate was unlatching it, then having to step back so it didn't hit you. Then, closing required a big tug and you had to "ride it" all the way down to make sure it latched. Now I can start the opening sequence as I walk up to the vehicle. Closing is not a big problem because you can start the sequence, then open the front door and wait for it to latch before you drive away. Art worst, you need to wait for the motor to close it and provide a light push just before it latches. See the attached install and operating instructions. Contact me if you have any questions. Don electric liftgate Insructions.pdf
  12. Don Ridley

    Steering Sensor Issue

    As GBL said, you need a scan tool to troubleshoot problems like this. The cheap option is using an adapter and the free software Forscan. Scan tools can reset modules and read trouble codes (not just check engine light codes).
  13. Don Ridley

    Turn on all interior lights (2016)

    Is that light from a newer TC? What year? Maybe it communicates on the CanBus to control the lights.
  14. Don Ridley

    Any SunPass Users in Florida?

    The heated windshield has a grid of very small wires across the entire windshield. You can see it if you look closely. It was an option on my XLT. At first the grid bugged me but I got used to it. It clears the windshield in less than 2 minutes. The heater does not stay on very long so the windshield does not get hot. It will not affect suction cups or stickers.
  15. Don Ridley

    2014 Transit Connect With Continual Rear End Clunk

    The gas struts are applying very strong pressure even when the door is closed. If they don't wiggle or rattle when the door is open they are probably not the issue.