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  1. The wiring diagrams show the tail lamps and stop lamps are driven directly from the body control module (BCM). There are no fuses for these circuits. The BCM gets 50A from the main fuse block. You need to read the DTC codes with a scan tool. This may show you have a short that is causing the BCM to kill power to the lights. Or, try removing all the bulbs and replacing them one at a time.
  2. Don Ridley

    2020 TC Cargo Sync 3 Touch audio upgrade

    Start researching Forscan. You may be able to turn on extra speakers. The head unit is the ACM in older vehicles. Your 2020 may be different. I have a 2016 so my knowledge is limited to those versions.
  3. Don Ridley

    Front door latch cable - busted!

    This post shows how to disconnect the cable from the door handle. The key is to pull straight back along the cable axis on the square collar.
  4. Don Ridley

    Radio antenna location

    It should be in the roof above the windshield.
  5. The interior door handle is connected to the latch via a cable. Either the cable or latch is broken. Remove the door panel and inspect the handle and cable on the inside.
  6. There is a button on the driver's door that locks out the back windows. Do you have this button pressed?
  7. Don Ridley

    Finally replaced my radiator

    If you get a scan tool or obd2 reader you can see the coolant temperature and the fan command status (scan tool only). This will tell you if the fans are supposed to be on but won't tell you how to fix them.
  8. Here's the door module communication connections. The rear door module communicates on a LIN bus, not CAN bus. The DTCs seem to show the door locks did not respond to a "lock" command. The DTCs are not time stamped so it could have occurred at any time. Some will eventually disappear. Clear it and see if it returns. You can safely reset the BCM with Forscan. But this never seems to fix anything. Do NOT do any relearn functions. If the window does not respond the local switch or the master driver's door switch, I think the door module is bad. You can measure the voltage change from the local switch. window_sw_module comm.pdf
  9. You need to check the "rear door module". Attached is the electrical connection diagram. If the module is damaged you can buy a used one like this (this is for the right side): https://www.ebay.com/itm/2014-2017-FORD-TRANSIT-CONNECT-REAR-RIGHT-PASSENGER-SIDE-DOOR-CONTROL-MODULE-OEM/202591178986?epid=22024818468&hash=item2f2b6010ea:g:WvYAAOSwH6lcXNPX Get the correct part number (F1ET...) off your module and do a Google search. I don't know if the modules are plug-n-play. If you have to upload the module configuration you will need to use Forscan. Forscan can also read the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and it may tell you the point of failure. There is a learning curve with Forscan (to make programming changes) but you can easily use it (PC or phone app) to read status codes. Removing the door panel is not too difficult. Use plastic removal tools to keep from breaking the tabs. The Styrofoam vapor barrier is removed by pulling on the edge until the black butyl rubber spreads into a thin film. Cut the butyl rubber with a razor blade as you continue to gently pull the vapor barrier off the door. Re-install by simply pressing the two lines of butyl rubber back together. DO NOT cut the vapor barrier. https://forscan.org/ read door module_left.pdf
  10. Question/suggestion: Could a bad bearing cause this symptom? The rear axles don't see stress against the bearing except when braking due to front wheel drive. Maybe the sound is coming from a bearing?
  11. Don Ridley

    Shelter In Place

    Finally those who were led to believe that science and math are a matter of opinion will see that frequently there is only one truth. Nobody's opinion in this crisis matters. Biology and epidemiology will determine the outcome. Be smart. Follow science. It has no ulterior motives. We can revive an economy. Dead parents, grandparents or friends will remain dead... forever.
  12. Since the dome light works, I think the door switch (integral to the latch) is good. The door module sends messages over the MS-CAN about the lock status, door switch status etc.. The MS-CAN wiring should be OK since the lights work. So something is not sending or receiving messages about the other functions: door chime, door ajar etc. The Body Comm Module (BCM) processes all information regarding interior switches and instrumentation. You may have a problem in the BCM or the door module. This may be a problem only a dealership can fix (especially if they need to reflash the BCM or door module).
  13. Don Ridley

    Shelter In Place

    Yeah I'm home for the foreseeable future (California). Working from home sucks. I trying to dream up a good project. Maybe I'll buy an Arduino and make it blink some LEDs or other frivolous functions.
  14. There may be a problem with the door module. Connect a scan tool to see if there are any error codes. Maybe it's just the door switch. Do the lights go on and off? Do you get a door open message when the engine is running?
  15. Don Ridley

    TC loses in a van drag race

    Probably a Transit. But funny either way.