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  1. Don Ridley

    Hello everyone

    There are several posts here on speaker upgrades. If you have the head unit with basic Sync (small screen above radio) then new speakers will make a big difference. If you have the basic radio, no Bluetooth, no voice commands, probably not.
  2. Don Ridley

    speed limiter

    100 km/hr = 62 mph.
  3. Don Ridley

    speed limiter

    I have read on various forums that there are some functions that IDS can't change but Forscan can. They usually relate to safety or regulatory functions. For example you can configure a vehicle in the US to have the fog lights and high beams on at the same time. IDS will not allow this and/or dealerships will not do this. The speed limiter may be in the "disallowed" category in IDS. Attached are some screen shots from Forscan on my 2016 TC. I am showing the DRL options in Forscan. There are about 80 configurations you can view and possibly change in Forscan. I think the speed limiter in one of them. BUT...not all changes programmed in Forscan actually make a change to the vehicle (they don't work). For example, none of the DRL selections in my case made any change to my TC. Forscan works better on some Fords than others. Since the speed limiter is a constant nuisance, I think it would be worth the investment in gear and research to fix this. Search this forum for my Forscan post and then go to the other Ford forums listed for some Forscan details and tutorials. Good luck. DRL Forscan options.docx
  4. Don Ridley

    GEN2 Transmission Out

    I am confident Fifty will resolve this. All this hills in the City* are to blame for the broken axle. * Residents of San Francisco call it the City.
  5. Don Ridley

    Drivers seat side trim broken?

    This has been a problem for other forum members since the Gen 2's introduction. At least one tried to have it repaired under warranty without success. A permanent fix would be to fab a metal bracket that goes behind the plastic trim. The trim takes much of your weight as you slide out of the van. The seats come out easily. The trim piece comes off with a little work (releasing tabs etc). Who wants to be the first to engineer a fix?
  6. Don Ridley

    Bcm problems

    Yes, most likely. If you have the VIN of the donor vehicle you can check the version of firmware it has and compare it to your vehicle. If both are the same it should be possible to use Forscan to configure the new BCM to match yours. This is not a straightforward process or project but a determined person may get it to work. Only a dealer can update firmware. It is definitely easier to pay a dealer to do this, but some of us are thrifty and enjoy challenges.
  7. Don Ridley

    Blower Fan Access

    I have the same problem. Plus I park under a tree so it's constant. I glued in some foam blocks that seal those gaps in the fender. This works well but I still get some leaves in there. I still don't see how a leaf could get sucked into the plenum.
  8. Don Ridley

    Resetting TPMS

    Yes, I put the TC in learn mode by using the ignition on/off sequence. Then I triggered each wheel by releasing air in the order prescribed.
  9. After removing the splash shield a couple of times, I grew to hate the fasteners. The rounded heads make it difficult to spin them on with oily fingers and the torx heads don't sit inside a socket like a normal hex head fastener. One half turn too many and the plastic insert will strip. I lost one of the screws because it would not tighten any more. I tried replacing the plastic inserts with some Amazon or eBay replacements but they did not work well. I finally installed 6mm jack nuts. They installed easily and now I have I can hand tighten the bolts and snug them firmly without stripping the threads.
  10. Don Ridley

    Blower Fan Access

    See the attached. It is curious how the leaves are getting into to blower. Another forum member had mice build a nest in the plenum. There must be an opening other than the plastic vents in front of the windshield. blower moter removal.pdf
  11. Billsrey, As you know the power point outlets are connected directly to unswitched power. There is no way to turn these off. Other, more expensive Fords, have made these outlets with configurable power time-outs. It would probably be worthwhile to add a switched 12V circuit for your dashcam or other devices you don't want to unplug every time. The fuse panel is easily accessible behind the glove box. One of these days the car mfgs will get rid of the stupid cigar lighter power plug format and provide 12v and 5v options we all need for our "connected" lives.
  12. Don Ridley

    Ford of Canada NONservice

    I looks like none of the US market vans or wagon configuration got hooks.
  13. Don Ridley


    The 1.6 Ecoboost had serious overheating problems in 2013-2014 model years. There are a lot of TSBs and at least one safety recall. Do a quick Google search then go to a dealer with this information.
  14. Don Ridley

    Fusion Wheels

    The procedure is clunky, but really only takes 10-15 minutes. Put the TC in learn mode, let air out of each tire until the horn sounds, fill all tires back to normal pressure.
  15. The head unit is called the Audio Control Module (ACM). It communicates with the Body Control Module (BCM). The BCM controls when it turns on/off when opening doors etc. If you have a scanner or Forscan you could check for a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) related to the ACM. A DTC would likely show any comm errors. If the ACM is faulty it should be straightforward to replace it with a used unit from a salvage yard if you can find one. If the dome lights and other items turn on/off when you open the doors then the door switches and BCM are probably OK. So many items are connected and controlled by other modules that old school troubleshooting wires and switches may not be helpful.