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  1. I googled your PN and it is for a Transit....not Transit Connect. This is a problem. Search for the PN you got from the dealer.
  2. Are the 2014-2017 or 2018 cruise control steering wheels the same? Did you buy a 2016 steering wheel? The error message implies something in the steering wheel is not compatible.
  3. Don Ridley

    Door panel removal

    FYI there are couple of screws along the outer edge of the panel. Their removal is self evident.
  4. Don Ridley

    Door panel removal

    Look here
  5. Forscan is free software that can scan for codes and read vehicle parameters. It also can make changes to the configuration of vehicle options. This function in Forscan takes some time and reading to understand and use properly. It's not factory approved and you do everything at your own risk. But it works. See the posts in this forum that discuss Forscan (one member added cruise control). Go to forscan.org. You will need a OBDLink brand converter to connect your PC to the vehicle (do not go cheap with other brands...you are messing with the core of your vehicle). If all this is too much, any dealer should be able to activate DRL...maybe for $200 or so. The Forscan route will cost about $70 and you will have a scan tool when you are done.
  6. You may be able to turn the DRLs on using Forscan. My 2016 does not have the option to turn them off via the cluster menu. This is a pain because they are on whenever the ignition is on. Maybe the 2017s are better designed but your spec would let you turn them off either. I go back and forth about disabling them with Forscan but I like the safety aspect.
  7. Forscan can reset the tables. I don't know if there are any problems doing this. I use the transmission sport mode for better shifting.
  8. No, mine is a 2016. I missed the fact you have the newer model. You definitely have a bigger challenge with that design.
  9. There are lots of circuits in the fuses under the glove box. Find one that is keyed and use it to operate a relay. Connect to a fused connection on the fuse block on the front of the battery. There are many ways to do this....
  10. Don Ridley

    Ford Transit Connect Battery Spacer

    You can reset the BMS with a good scan tool. I use the Forscan app with a good elml327 adapter for the OBII port. If you have the 2.5l engine, you don't have BMS. If you are computer savvy, use Forscan on a PC to change the battery type. But I admit I can't be sure it makes much of a difference.
  11. Don Ridley

    Lift-gate inside release?

  12. Don Ridley

    Ford Transit Connect Battery Spacer

    Here is some interesting info on battery charging schemes; https://stevesorensenmechanical.com.au/blog/battery-registration-and-programing/
  13. Don Ridley

    Ford Transit Connect Battery Spacer

    If you upgrade from an FLA battery to an AGM it is a good idea to configure the ECU (BCM module in the TC) for the new battery type. The two battery types have slightly different charging requirements and I think Ford programmed different schemes for each type. Will the AGM work without this change? Yes. But the lifetime make be compromised and that would be a waste for such an expensive battery.
  14. Don Ridley

    Question about stereo swap

    This type of upgrade is possible but complicated. You may need to add SYNC which involves modules and programming. Sat radio needs a separate antenna. Your project would be hampered by a lack of info or support on the internet because this upgrade is very uncommon. The cheapest solution is an aftermarket head unit.
  15. If you have a Gen 2 TC, there is a rubber grommet under the carpet pad on the firewall on the drivers side. This post should help: