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  1. Don Ridley

    Hello lurker joined....2016 TC SWB

    Here is the wiring diagram and portion of the troubleshooting section from the service manual. As you can see it is impossible to troubleshoot without knowing the DTCs. wiper_front.pdf wiper troubleshoot_min.pdf
  2. Don Ridley

    Hello lurker joined....2016 TC SWB

    The wipers are controlled by the body control module (BCM). I'll post the wiring diagram later. Even with the diagram, your should invest in a scan tool. Cheapest solution is lto oad Forscan Lite (about $10) on your phone and buy an OBDLINK MX dongle (approx$70). This will allow you to read the DTCs. Everything on these vehicles are controlled by computer modules and the DTCs will usually identify the source of the problem.
  3. Don Ridley

    Bulkhead Vents

    Yes. The bulkheads are needed for air flow and pressure equalization. You really notice the pressure when you close a lift gate.
  4. Don Ridley

    Forscan help

    You have a 2021? Forscan probably needs to update their database. Go to the Forscan webpage and send the developers a message (don't post on the forum). Give them all the info on your vehicle: model, year, vin etc.. Also make sure you are running the latest Forscan version.
  5. Don Ridley

    12v Rear Auxiliary Socket Connect 2019 van

    I reviewed the electrical diagram for my 2016 wagon and there are several configurations for the rear luggage compartment aux outlet. F11 and F15 in the battery junction box are used depending on van/wagon and start-stop option. F24 is the Aux Junction Box (AJB) is used for a wagon with start-stop. I don't have start-stop and there is no fuse in the F24 slot. F24 is not a normal fuse. It is probably a slo-blo fuse and would look more like a very small relay module with one female socket, not a normal mini bladed fuse. But every configuration in my 2016 feeds the socket directly and does not go through any computer modules. I ran the latest version of Forscan and there is a setting for the aux socket. This setting must be for models after 2016. Mine is set at "not configured". If anyone has the service manual for a 2019+ it would be interesting to see where the power for the aux socket is coming from.
  6. Don Ridley

    12v Rear Auxiliary Socket Connect 2019 van

    You need a wiring diagram. Almost all electrical loads go through a computer module. The aux outlets may be controlled to set the timeout, switch on with ignition etc. I doubt you will find a wire that goes from the fuse to the socket. You may need to program the module for the new outlet. Nothing is simple any more.
  7. Don Ridley

    Turn on all interior lights (2016)

    That is very interesting. The LED driver may be oscillating at a frequency that interferes with the fob. Lots of DC converters are actually operating at high frequencies. Evey 120v cell phone charger is actually a high frequency oscillator.
  8. Don Ridley

    Turn on all interior lights (2016)

    I said this before: the interior lights will have +12v on both terminals when they are OFF. One terminal is pulled to GND by the BCM to turn the lights on. The dimming effect happens when GND slowly increases to +12v. Some LEDs will dim, others will reach a threshold voltage and flicker then turn off. It depends on the LED driver circuit.
  9. Don Ridley

    12v Rear Auxiliary Socket Connect 2019 van

    There are at least 3 fuse blocks in a TC. Check the owner's manual for fuse locations and identification. My 2016 has a "luggage compartment power outlet" on Fuse 24 in the Aux Junction Box (AJB). The AJB is in the right rear panel...near the luggage compartment power socket.
  10. Don Ridley

    Sync Has Sunk!

    It is interesting that the most common complaint about newer cars is dissatisfaction with the infotainment system. BMW, Volvo, Subaru...all have their critics. Remember the days when we talked about horsepower, handling, MPG and premature failure of mechanical parts? This is not a criticism of your experience...just an observation of the new paradigm.
  11. Don Ridley

    Oversize Tires

    This was from an older version of Forscan. It's possible the latest version has more options.
  12. Don Ridley

    Dim backup cam?

    Do you drive with your headlights on all the time? This is will dim the backup camera display. Set the dashboard brightness to max.
  13. Don Ridley

    Turn on all interior lights (2016)

    The switches are in the latch mechanism. This is why I had to get the switch signal from the door module.
  14. There is a chip in the key that is read by the ignition switch. You would need a key with the proper chip and program the vehicle to recognize it. I assume a 2014-2019 type key would work, but I don't know for sure.