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  1. Don Ridley

    Need Help 2015 Transit Connect 2.5L

    The remote window-up function is commonly called global window. The option is somewhere in the BdyCm (main) section. You need one touch power windows on all doors for it to work.
  2. Don Ridley

    Help - ABS / Hill Start Assist

    You do not need to purchase a Forscan license to use the scan tool function of the software. You only need a license if you want to make configuration changes to your vehicle like adding cruise control.
  3. Yes, it should work. Cruise control should be the same for every country. Forscan does not show different country options for cruise control. Buy a steering wheel for/from a 2017.
  4. Don Ridley

    What is this?

  5. Don Ridley

    2015 TC transmission fluid change

    What were the DTCs? Here is one problem that was caused by damaged reluctor rings on the abs wheel sensors Determining the cause from the DTCs can be difficult and this is where an experienced mechanic has an advantage over us internet hounds.
  6. Don Ridley

    My 2017 Transit Connect Wagon was an excellent choice1

    Me either...until now. The sparking was loud and worrisome. The next time I removed the ground stud I connected a jumper wire to maintain the connection. Probably nothing to worry about. Just an FYI.
  7. Don Ridley

    My 2017 Transit Connect Wagon was an excellent choice1

    The ground connection will also spark when connecting/disconnecting.
  8. Don Ridley

    Help - ABS / Hill Start Assist

    Forscan is best known for it's ability to make changes to the configuration of your Ford (add cruise control, turn off DRL etc). But it is also a good, free scan tool. Here is one tutorial on Forscan. Don't worry about the programming change instructions. http://www.2gfusions.net/showthread.php?tid=4573
  9. Don Ridley

    Need Help 2015 Transit Connect 2.5L

    You need a scan tool that is more than a OBDII code reader. The readers at the auto parts store are probably the basic OBDII devices. A real scan tool will show diagnostic codes (that don't trigger check engine lights) and real time data for hundreds of variables. Look up Forscan in this or any other Ford vehicle forum. It is what you need and you can get setup for under $100.
  10. Don Ridley

    2015 TC transmission fluid change

    The transmission adaptive learning table can be reset with Forscan or IDS. This clears the learned shift points based on the previous driving style. But I don't know if it solves any problems. I also don't know if there are any side effects.
  11. The bushing on my 2016 is white. I think it is the newer version. At least I know where to look if it fails. Plus it is clean and should be ok unless heat is also a problem.
  12. Don Ridley

    Help - ABS / Hill Start Assist

    The speedo is related to ABS because speed is calculated by wheel revolutions. ABS monitors wheel revolutions also. Unfortunately, even with good diagnostic tools (scan tool, Forscan etc.), you may be stuck taking this to a dealer to fix. If Forscan shows a communication fault with the ABS module for example, you still don't know how to fix it. Replacing modules on your own is complicated if not impossible.
  13. Don Ridley

    Wax or Sealant

    Regardless of what brand or type of wax you use, you must buy a tool like this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002EQ96MG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_DJ41Fb9YWW12V?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Harbor Freight has their version for about $80. You should buy a couple of the Chemical Guysa application pads: https://www.chemicalguys.com/hex-logic-6.5-best-of-the-best-buffing-pads-everything-kit-8-items/BUF_HEXKITS_8.html?&gclid=CjwKCAiAt9z-BRBCEiwA_bWv-Nlw8cwmS61ytjwJ3s_aCXTKLz18rrAoka9LTfbXEFtLw-qppOiCchoCklIQAvD_BwE This tool allows you to polish and wax effortlessly. So even reapplying wax every couple of months is not a problem. Never wax a van by hand again! I use Meguiars polishing compound to clean dull spots and finish with Meguiars cleaner wax. Works well for my white van.
  14. Don Ridley

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    Yes. Speed is calculated from tire size and number of revolutions. This data bit is sent to the IPC on the MS CAN and displayed. There is no resolution loss or calibration needed. Any calibration is done in the tire size data field. I did some research and also took apart the original IPC. The only adjustment you can make on the analog speedo is to change the starting point of the pointer. This is very tedious and requires disassembling the unit. Basically you carefully note the current ) mph position and determine how far it needs to move. Pry off the needle without changing it's position and reinstall in the new location. The shaft on the needle is not keyed. The IPC will reset the needle to the 0 mph position every key cycle. If your speed error increases with speed I have not found any way to fix or adjust this.
  15. The Snap On scan tool is very expensive and requires expensive updates. Only a shop can afford this due to volume and cost recovery of repairs.