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  1. There is a arrow in the plastic moulding along the bottom on my TC the shows the jack points.
  2. Don Ridley

    2018 TC Idle Speed Seems Low

    750 rpm is normal.
  3. Don Ridley

    voice command not "hearing" me

    Have you checked for Sync updates? My 2016 with SYNC 1 has been updated once since I purchased it. Update using a USB drive. Google SYNC updates to find the website. I never have to reset the system. Voice commands work mostly.
  4. Don Ridley

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    I am trying to upgrade the instrument cluster on my 2016 TC XLT. Most 2014-2017 TCs have a monochrome center display between the speedo and tach. Titanium trim vehicles usually have a larger, color LCD display. I thought I could use color LCD Focus cluster and had limited success. The cluster worked, but it did not fit exactly. The bezels around the speedo and tach on the TC are very deep and this makes the Focus and Escape cluster incompatible. Too bad because these clusters are readily available at salvage yards for about $50. Attached are photos of my Focus experiment and an actual 2016 Titanium trim TC cluster (from a vehicle on Autotrader). So, I need to find a used cluster from a 2016 TC Titanium. I will work the internet and salvage company sites. If anyone has a lead on this very rare part, please let me know. Buying it from a dealer is not an option because it costs around $450 with a $300 core charge (another case where Ford does not want you to upgrade your vehicle). I think the part number I am looking for is FT1Z-10849-F. Plus, I am not 100% sure I can get the configuration file (IPC As Built) to work properly so I don't want to spend a fortune on something that won't work.
  5. Don Ridley

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    Each module has a bunch of hexadecimal numbers (0 to F) that define the configuration. You can see and edit this in Forscan. Ford has a website that stores the configuration of each module as it was shipped from the factory. This site will show the configuration based on the VIN. Below is an example of the IPC configuration. You can pull your as built configuration and compare if you wanted to see the differences. I only had to change one number on the new IPC. I know it looks complicated, but it is not bad once you study it for a while. ipc example.docx
  6. Don Ridley

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    FWIW, of the 20+ modifications and upgrades, this is top 5. The screen looks better and contains more info. Plus, you look at this every time you drive so you are constantly reminded of your handiwork.
  7. Check the owners manual. Single and double press options can be user configured for the key fob. This may be configurable in the 2019s.
  8. Don Ridley

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    The 2014-2016 clusters should be interchangeable. The prefix may identify the firmware in the unit or maybe just the model year. This part number strategy is similar for all parts. I saw the same pattern on the head units (acm). I am 90% sure a 2016 cluster will work on your 2015. There were no significant changes in those model years. But, use a 2015 if you can find one. The new cluster is identical except for the LCD display and silver painted trim around the gauges. The odometer company requires a signed statement that you are not changing for financial gain. It is easier for a crooked seller to buy a base model cluster and replace the existing one if they want to cheat.
  9. Don Ridley

    Lights staying on with doors open

  10. The rear lift gate on my 2016 unlocks with the door buttons.
  11. Don Ridley

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    This looks promising https://allusedparts.com/ford/transit_connect/2016/speedometer/ I would request photos.
  12. Don Ridley

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    IPC cost $75-$150. Odometer programming $90 + shipping(return shipping included in the $90). Use PN FT1T-10849-Ux. The U designates the color display. Any lower letter is the standard led display. Search the internet. These are rare but not expensive. Look for salvaged titanium trim Transit Connects. Try to confirm the cluster via photos. Get the VIN from the donor vehicle. Use this to look up the configuration (but I found all the Ti trims had the same configuration) and for record keeping. Use multiple search engines and variations of the part number. There are at least a couple more units out there. I deleted the URLs from my searches or I would share it. They were about $130.
  13. Don Ridley

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    Don, This upgrade is likely a plug and play on your TC. Mechanically, it is 4 screws and an electrical connector. If you want to try it, I can look at your existing IPC configuration and see if you need to make any changes. You would only need the Forscan app on a smartphone and the elm327 adapter to reset DTCs (if any). I am sure I could have simply installed the new cluster and everything would have worked and the only issue would have been the odometer. This was one of the best mods I have done. Don D
  14. Don Ridley

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    I think the digital speedometer was deleted with a warranty upgrade/repair to the programming in the body control module on 2014s. There is a post regarding this.
  15. Don Ridley

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    Success! The new cluster works perfectly. I used the configuration that was in the new cluster and changed one register to match my old cluster: 720-03-01 2B01 xxxx xxxx changd to 2901 xxxx xxxx This register may be related to navigation, which I don't have. Overall this swap was very easy once I found the used cluster. It cost $90 to update the odometer http://odo-pro.com/index.html
  16. UPGRADE TO HD RADIO-1/2 Fail The Transit Connect premium factory audio head unit (Audio Control Module, ACM) for the TC comes in two configurations that I have identified: with Sat and HD Radio and without Sat and HD. I wanted to upgrade my ACM to HD radio. I read numerous posts on the F150, Fusion and Escape forums that showed this was possible. I would need a new ACM and need to reconfigure its programming using Forscan. But my TC is configured with the small center console LCD display and the successful upgrades were made with vehicles that had the larger display. Here are some of the forum threads I used. Livinitup at the F150 forum decoded the ACM configuration. His spreadsheet is the Forscan modification bible. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uDSQ1Z5a2Wt8-kjrSiVSlDFGFHnfeuhb3RTMVz95730/edit#gid=338817466 https://www.fordescape.org/forum/3g-electronics-audio-lighting/73513-2016-se-upgrade-hd-radio.html#/topics/88162?page=4 Tutorial https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-8dKaS_Spu4Zw4hV_CrKC4tLoP9G8yejqegF1wxIqxY/edit I found a used ACM for $100. The units are the same for 2014-2017 (maybe 2018?) TCs. Sat/HD units are easily identified by a HD radio logo on the label and an extra antenna connection for Sat radio. SAT/HD units have a “C” suffix in the part number: Standard unit DT1T-19C107-Ax Sat/HD unit DT1T-19C107-Cx (CA,CB etc..) The F150 spreadsheet in general is not useful for Focus, TC and Escape owners because most of the functions in our cars use Central Configuration to make changes. But the ACM is a stand-alone module and you can change by manually editing data bits in each memory location (register) like the F150 and Fusions. The spreadsheet shows configurations for the standard ACMs and the Sony premium ACMs (not available for the TC). After a lot of research I saw there were a couple of key registers in HD radios that were different from my ACM. Long story short, I installed the new ACM and changed the following: 727-01-01 x8xx xxxx xxxx change to x0xx xxxx xxxx (8=no HD, 0=HD radio) All other registers were tested with the original and the new ACM config without any difference in function. They likely relate to Sat radio functions and that is turned “off” in the original configuration by the first bit in 727-01-01 Xxxxx xxxx xxxx. My ACM config: Does it work? Maybe. The small LCD display does not appear to have the ability to display the “HD” radio icon when an HD station is identified. HD radio units will automatically play stations in HD or analog depending on what’s available. If the HD signal is too weak the station switches to analog. If I ever hear this switch I will know the HD radio is working. There are no DTCs and all radio functions work. FYI, the various forums noted that ACMs were made by Sony and Sanyo. The circuity in the TC ACM has no manufacturer markings. The controller chip on the CD drive is made by Pioneer. If you added a Sat radio antenna you could find the ACM sat radio serial number and subscribe. PRE-AMP AUDIO OUTPUTS-Fail DanMc85 at the 2G Fusion forum found the ACM can be configured with pre-amp outputs for the audio signals. http://www.2gfusions.net/showthread.php?tid=3704 727-01-01 xx0x xxxx xxxx change to xx5x xxxx xxxx I tested this with my existing speaker level inputs into my amp and the change reduced the signal going into the amp. So I rewired the amp using the RCA inputs. But the new low level signal is too low. The amp did not have enough gain to amplify the signal properly. The ACM in the TC is different from the one’s used in the F150 and Fusion. The pre-amp signal is not 4V. I saw a recent post where someone else had the same problem and measured the signal at 0.5V. This modification does not work. Final note: These modifications are safe because you are only changing the ACM. It is a simple, stand alone module that is probably impossible to brick and replacements are cheap. Many of the ACM settings in the spreadsheet don’t apply to the non-Sony ACM used in the TC. .
  17. Don Ridley

    spark plug suggestions

    90k is the lifetime of platinum plugs. Replace them and your misfires should disappear. Replace the coil packs only as they fail. The focus st guys regap their plugs periodically. I will check/do this every 30k miles. But my 2016 only has 22k mi.
  18. Looks like it came from the factory. Well done.
  19. Don Ridley

    I’m a newbie with the groovie 14” connect wagon

    SYNC updates are on the Ford customer service website. Login, enter your VIN and it will advise the status of your SYNC. Google SYNC updates for the website. Upgrading from SYNC 1 to 2 or SYNC 2 to 3 is very complicated and expensive. But it can be done. Here is a starting point for necessary and unnecessary mods to your TC. Search and browse the forum for even more. Welcome to the forum.
  20. Don Ridley

    Any way to kill all the lights?

    You will need a dealer to update the BCM programming.
  21. Don Ridley

    Tire size settings in Forscan

    Forscan has several options for tire size and circumference. I did not change any settings to see if they worked. I have 215/50R-17 this and the 16 inch wheel settings should work. Changing the setting should affect the speedometer, transmission and maybe other systems. Here are the settings:
  22. Don Ridley

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    Eddy, I figured out the part number and found a cluster in North Carolina. It will be here next week. FYI the PN is FT1T-10849-Ux where x=A to F. The "U" suffix designates the color LCD display. The monochrome displays have the same PN with a non-U suffix.
  23. Don Ridley

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    Thanks. That's great info. Sync3 seems to be the key option. Removing the cluster is very easy. Pop the bottom trim piece by pulling straight toward you. There are tabs on each side going into the dash. Remove the top cover also by pulling (and slight wiggle) straight toward you. 2 tabs in the back by the windshield and 2 in front on the cluster. (4) t15 torx screws hold the cluster. Looking at the cluster dimensions and doing some math, you will probably need to raise the top of the cluster 5mm. This will also raise the cover. Maybe you can shim the 4 anchor points enough. You may have to mess with the clips going into the cluster if the angle changes too much. But the cover won't be flush with the dash. I need to ask a big favor....can you get the part number ( FT1T- xxxx) off the back of your cluster? This is key for my search. Tab slots on top are for the top cover.
  24. Don Ridley

    Cruise Control

  25. Don Ridley

    Factory jack needed

    Check a local dismantler. They should have them by the dozens. Focus, Escape and other cars should have similar jacks. Take some measurements for the storage location and/or check Ford part numbers on line to see if they are the same.