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    Hello lurker joined....2016 TC SWB

    Here is the wiring diagram and portion of the troubleshooting section from the service manual. As you can see it is impossible to troubleshoot without knowing the DTCs. wiper_front.pdf wiper troubleshoot_min.pdf
  2. Don Ridley

    Hello lurker joined....2016 TC SWB

    The wipers are controlled by the body control module (BCM). I'll post the wiring diagram later. Even with the diagram, your should invest in a scan tool. Cheapest solution is lto oad Forscan Lite (about $10) on your phone and buy an OBDLINK MX dongle (approx$70). This will allow you to read the DTCs. Everything on these vehicles are controlled by computer modules and the DTCs will usually identify the source of the problem.
  3. Don Ridley

    Bulkhead Vents

    Yes. The bulkheads are needed for air flow and pressure equalization. You really notice the pressure when you close a lift gate.
  4. Don Ridley

    Forscan help

    You have a 2021? Forscan probably needs to update their database. Go to the Forscan webpage and send the developers a message (don't post on the forum). Give them all the info on your vehicle: model, year, vin etc.. Also make sure you are running the latest Forscan version.
  5. As some have noted, there is no switch to turn on all the interior lights on newer TCs. This modification will allow you to turn them on with a separate switch. Opening a door turns on all the lights, so I added a switch that activates the same circuit. You can easily turn on the lights and the van thinks you have opened the driver's door. It works well and the only hitch is you get a "door ajar" message on the message center. This is not a complete step by step but it covers the tricky parts. The most difficult thing will be removing the door panel without breaking any tabs or pins. You should have a panel removal tool (or tools). There are dozens on Amazon for under $20. You may also want to buy some spare clips for the door panels. Several are tough to reach even with the tool and you may break one .https://www.amazon.com/Ford-Panel-Retainer-Sealer-W713297-S300/dp/B00CWLL84C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1489722168&sr=8-1&keywords=W713297-S300 Remove the plastic cover behind the door handle. It pulls straight out. Pry at the spot noted to avoid breaking any tabs. Remove the small panel behind the door latch Remove the door panel and unlatch the door handle Here is the wiring diagram. I used a pushbutton switch. This type of switch needs to be latching. You can use a rocker or toggle switch that has a normally closed terminal. The switch will be normally closed and open when the lights are turned on. The lights go off when the switch goes back to closed. I also used a lighted switch so I had to connect power for the light. The light is not necessary so only do it if you like the look. ***see diagram below*** Here is the power for the lighted switch. It is tied to the light for the door lock buttons. I used posi-lock connectors for this connection. The switch is wired to the door module. Pin 14 is cut and the switch is inserted. Here is the door module with the wire already cut. The wire had green paint on a black wire. Another view of the cut wiring I wired the switch using a modular pigtail that plugs in (for door panel removal in the future). These connections were soldered. The wire was dressed with Tesa cloth tape (I love this stuff). The Tesa tape prevents rattles and will not get gooey with age like some electrical tape. https://www.amazon.com/Tesa-Wire-Loom-Harness-Mercedes/dp/B00EH6IZ6Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1489723291&sr=8-1&keywords=tesa+tape The finished product. The switch light is always on just like the lights on the door switches. But I can't see it from the driver's seat (hence the uselessness of the light). You will get the alarm chime and message when you turn on the lights, but they work fine (just like opening a door while driving). Of course I insulated the door panel with theromozite and it gives the door a solid feel and dampens road noise. Insulating takes less than 1 hr per door and I highly recommend it. Use spay on adhesive to apply.
  6. Don Ridley

    12v Rear Auxiliary Socket Connect 2019 van

    I reviewed the electrical diagram for my 2016 wagon and there are several configurations for the rear luggage compartment aux outlet. F11 and F15 in the battery junction box are used depending on van/wagon and start-stop option. F24 is the Aux Junction Box (AJB) is used for a wagon with start-stop. I don't have start-stop and there is no fuse in the F24 slot. F24 is not a normal fuse. It is probably a slo-blo fuse and would look more like a very small relay module with one female socket, not a normal mini bladed fuse. But every configuration in my 2016 feeds the socket directly and does not go through any computer modules. I ran the latest version of Forscan and there is a setting for the aux socket. This setting must be for models after 2016. Mine is set at "not configured". If anyone has the service manual for a 2019+ it would be interesting to see where the power for the aux socket is coming from.
  7. Don Ridley

    12v Rear Auxiliary Socket Connect 2019 van

    You need a wiring diagram. Almost all electrical loads go through a computer module. The aux outlets may be controlled to set the timeout, switch on with ignition etc. I doubt you will find a wire that goes from the fuse to the socket. You may need to program the module for the new outlet. Nothing is simple any more.
  8. Don Ridley

    Turn on all interior lights (2016)

    That is very interesting. The LED driver may be oscillating at a frequency that interferes with the fob. Lots of DC converters are actually operating at high frequencies. Evey 120v cell phone charger is actually a high frequency oscillator.
  9. Don Ridley

    Turn on all interior lights (2016)

    I said this before: the interior lights will have +12v on both terminals when they are OFF. One terminal is pulled to GND by the BCM to turn the lights on. The dimming effect happens when GND slowly increases to +12v. Some LEDs will dim, others will reach a threshold voltage and flicker then turn off. It depends on the LED driver circuit.
  10. Don Ridley

    12v Rear Auxiliary Socket Connect 2019 van

    There are at least 3 fuse blocks in a TC. Check the owner's manual for fuse locations and identification. My 2016 has a "luggage compartment power outlet" on Fuse 24 in the Aux Junction Box (AJB). The AJB is in the right rear panel...near the luggage compartment power socket.
  11. The Auxiliary Junction Box (AJB) is located in the access panel in the right rear of the van. The AJB has a lot of spare fuse slots for switched and constant power. The AJB is made by Lear in the UK or EU and finding a US source for the terminals has been a challenge. After much trial and error and with the help of DonShockley, here is a local source for the terminals needed to properly add circuits to the AJB: http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/TE-Connectivity-AMP/1-968857-3-CUT-STRIP/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMs7eK6h2EBtKpfjTZYxfnESgPEJGoSWVDw%3D http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/TE-Connectivity/1-968859-3/?qs=%2Fha2pyFaduhqy3aI3kZvUXP11VT0ejBFP6KL61KptWcoM%2bOzVMsngg%3D%3D The 968857-3 terminals are for #14-10AWG wire. The 968859-3 is for #10AWG and larger. You will need a crimping tool but they can be found for around $15. The only problem with this solution is you need to buy 100pcs for most terminal sizes. I have all the terminals I will need but maybe others can share the costs. Adding circuits properly and safely is well worth the cost and effort. No unsightly splices or piggy-back solutions! The AJB is fed by a 70 amp fuse so you can safely add a 20 or 30 amp circuit and numerous smaller ones for Led lights or other low power accessories. The AJB has two types of spare fuse slots: one has single-sided contact with the power buss bar and other has double-sided contact. Use the double sided ones for high amperage circuits. You can see the copper contacts from the front of the AJB. AMP_Lear terminal spec.pdf
  12. Don Ridley

    Sync Has Sunk!

    It is interesting that the most common complaint about newer cars is dissatisfaction with the infotainment system. BMW, Volvo, Subaru...all have their critics. Remember the days when we talked about horsepower, handling, MPG and premature failure of mechanical parts? This is not a criticism of your experience...just an observation of the new paradigm.
  13. Don Ridley

    Oversize Tires

    This was from an older version of Forscan. It's possible the latest version has more options.
  14. Don Ridley

    Dim backup cam?

    Do you drive with your headlights on all the time? This is will dim the backup camera display. Set the dashboard brightness to max.
  15. Don Ridley

    Turn on all interior lights (2016)

    The switches are in the latch mechanism. This is why I had to get the switch signal from the door module.
  16. There is a chip in the key that is read by the ignition switch. You would need a key with the proper chip and program the vehicle to recognize it. I assume a 2014-2019 type key would work, but I don't know for sure.
  17. Don Ridley

    Battery recommendations?

    Here is info on what will fit
  18. Don Ridley

    Rear Shock Size/Introduction

    Sound deadening provides diminishing returns after about 50% coverage. About 75% coverage provides optimal results. Of course 100% coverage yields the best possible results but it is unlikely you could tell the difference between 75 and 100%. You could spend hours reading about this and go down some forum rat-holes where this is hotly debated...So apply as much as your budget allows 😀
  19. Don Ridley

    No power to AC controls

    Seems like the vehicle thinks it is very cold outside. Start/stop on some vehicles is disabled when it's cold (not sure about the TC). Does your outside temperature read correctly (assuming you have a display)? I'm guessing the temperature sensor is faulty.
  20. Don Ridley

    Gen2 OEM wheel & TPMS

    Great find Fifty. I have an air compressor so the deflation method works for me. But I will probably buy the tool anyway.
  21. Don Ridley

    Third Brake Light Inop

    The light has probably failed and needs to be replaced. Is your light an LED unit?
  22. Don Ridley

    2015 TC XL w/Sync failure

    The APIM module runs SYNC. Yours may have sensed a fault and shut down. Maybe it took a while for the module to reset...? You can force a reset on all modules by disconnecting the battery for about 10-15 minutes. If you have a scan tool you can read the DTCs that were triggered by the event. Otherwise, just wait for it to happen again and pull the codes. FYI, DTCs are not check engine light codes and you need a real scan tool, not the ones you can borrow from the auto parts store.
  23. Don Ridley

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    I am trying to upgrade the instrument cluster on my 2016 TC XLT. Most 2014-2017 TCs have a monochrome center display between the speedo and tach. Titanium trim vehicles usually have a larger, color LCD display. I thought I could use color LCD Focus cluster and had limited success. The cluster worked, but it did not fit exactly. The bezels around the speedo and tach on the TC are very deep and this makes the Focus and Escape cluster incompatible. Too bad because these clusters are readily available at salvage yards for about $50. Attached are photos of my Focus experiment and an actual 2016 Titanium trim TC cluster (from a vehicle on Autotrader). So, I need to find a used cluster from a 2016 TC Titanium. I will work the internet and salvage company sites. If anyone has a lead on this very rare part, please let me know. Buying it from a dealer is not an option because it costs around $450 with a $300 core charge (another case where Ford does not want you to upgrade your vehicle). I think the part number I am looking for is FT1Z-10849-F. Plus, I am not 100% sure I can get the configuration file (IPC As Built) to work properly so I don't want to spend a fortune on something that won't work.
  24. Several configurations depending on the SYNC version. ACM wiring diagrams (2020_07_16 14_49_21 UTC).pdf