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  1. Verified no harness is needed. All the wiring is in place. Will have the BCM bits modified this week using bits I found from other vans that have cruise control. Will post my results after I accomplish this. I believe a BCM modification and an IPC modification will be required.
  2. I had the new cluster programmed and cruise still does not work. After looking at two similar vans one with Cruise the other without the harness part numbers are different. It looks like a new wiring harness may be needed from steering column to BCM. I will update as soon as I know. Have been using IDS. A local guy has the software and is willing to attempt. Harness is expensive. Trying to locate one from a wreck and if not then will try to run the missing wires. Crossing my fingers this works. Anyone else have any suggestions? For the record I had the cluster programmed so the mileage read the same as mine.
  3. No, you cannot add factory Cruise Control to a FORD Transit van that did not have CC from the factory... We ordered a Transit 250 without the electronics BS hoping it would eliminate FORD's horrendous, ridiculous, stupid traction control system and all we got was a van without cruise control... We still have the horrendous, ridiculous, stupid FORD traction control BS. Evidently the geniuses at FORD Motor Company have never been stuck in the mud in their pathetic lives nor have they ever driven in deep snow or in freezing rain or on solid ice covered roads or ever had to bust through 4-6' finger drifts of snow for a few hundred miles to get home (morons) which means you actually have to have control of the gas pedal but the idiots at FORD turn that over to a computer to decide when you need full throttle or not = sorry I digressed.


    So, we purchased the correct steering wheel, the wire harness and the computer only to find out that you still cannot add factory cruise control to a FORD Transit van without cruise control (electronics package)... You need to contact this company (Rostra Precision Controls, Inc) - (no phone number, no website, facebook or any information how to contact them with their install manual) (BUT IT WORKS)... It's better than nothing but it uses a ton of gas in our gutless wonder (Transit 250) because the aftermarket CC is WAAAAAAAY too aggressive and also that our Transit 250 van has a Briggs & Stratton with 6.5 horsepower... my FORD clown van is constantly down shifting for even the slightest grade...  It's hard to believe anyone could actually design, build and install an engine as worthless and gutless as the FORD 3.7 in this day and age (I bet this 6 cylinder BS has something to do with the hoax of "global warming").


    And then on top of it all FORD put a gas tank from a Volkswagen Beetle in their Transit van so it has no range when loaded or driving into a head wind, thanks FORD for such a POS platform that could have been so good... Oh, my Transit 250 almost killed me two weeks ago from carbon monoxide poisoning (93% blood/oxygen level after driving my van the last time)... It seems the geniuses at FORD have installed two phony, cheesy, cheap 4 x 10" vents in the rear lower quarter panels under the black plastic bottom trim to allow the exhaust of the van to be vacuumed right into the cab when those phony little vents fail which mine did over the last 5 months that I've been dealing with this (exhaust in the cab kept getting worse and worse and worse). I spent the Labor Day weekend tearing my van apart to trying to find the leak where the exhaust was coming in... I thought it was the rear door seals (NOPE) or the exhaust pipe ending under the van (NOPE). It was the vents installed at FORD Motor Company that almost killed me...  I tore them out and sealed the openings with 5 x 12" aluminum plates - siliconed and taped (IDIOTS) somebody ought to SUE the geniuses at FORD for such a horrific design flaw!!!

  4. Update I discovered I needed a different cluster. I purchased a used cluster with lower mileage than the original. I installed the new cluster to test it and everything still works. In addition the information controls now work. The cruise control still cannot be turned on. I think the PCM may need to be programmed to the new cluster. Does anyone know if that is the case? Existing Cluster DT1T-10849-PD Replacement cluster DT1T-10849-SCC I cannot find different part numbers for the clock-spring or Steering Angle Sensor Module. I believe they are the same in all models.
  5. I a have already replaced the steering wheel with one that had the controls. The controls are illuminated now. What else is necessary to activate the cruise control?