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  1. I received my "new" steering wheel from Beta Don the other day - big thanks to Don! Now I just have to order an OBDLink MX and find some time to do wheel swap and figure out the OBDLink, Forscan, etc. Dino - is the cruise control setting the only one you had to change?
  2. donuts

    Top 5 Things About Your Transit Connect

    Here's photo of my cluster from July 24 showing my fuel numbers, also the hottest day of 2018 here in Tucson. I have over 2000 miles now and my fuel economy is slightly worse even though I don't have the AC on all the time now. But I'm probably carrying more tools around now too.
  3. donuts

    Top 5 Things About Your Transit Connect

    That's EXACTLY how my '17 looks - the computer is always showing ~270 miles per tank. I'm driving 95% short trips under 5 miles and here and there a trip around 10 miles. My van is always has a pretty good load of tools.
  4. donuts

    Cargo Model - new rear panels?

    Those areas (plastics etc) in the rear look identical to my 17, including the extra hump over the right side rear wheel well. I noticed florists and caterers seem to prefer the lift gate over the barn doors especially for loading/unloading in the rain. Plus they rarely add roof racks...
  5. Thanks for the info Dino. I've got a deal set up with Don to buy his old steering wheel with the cruise buttons/switches, but without the radio buttons. I need cruise control but can live without the radio buttons. I'll post an update once I've got it all working.
  6. Thanks, exactly the kind of tip I'm looking for re OBDlink MX.
  7. Which OBD II interface module are you using? I'm pretty certain I'm going to pursue this so I'd like to order (preferably from Amazon) a OBD II interface module and get Forscan or IDS all set up. Thanks
  8. Thanks Don. That brings up another question - if I get a steering wheel with audio controls will I be able to control my base AM/FM radio? Volume control from the steering wheel would be nice. Can anyone tell me what the steps are to remove the steering wheel? I can buy just the cruise control switch "pod" and I'd like to look behind the air bag and find out if I can add it or if it would be simpler to just get a steering wheel that already has the switch pod. Thanks
  9. Hmmm, very interesting, just a steering wheel swap and some config changes and you now have cruise control? I have a base cluster just like yours and would love to add cruise. Can you provide more details on the steering wheel you installed? Thanks, Joe
  10. donuts

    Top 5 Things About Your Transit Connect

    https://www.jimclick.com/new-Tucson-2018-Ford-Transit+Connect+Van-XLT-NM0LS7F72J1359380 I'm starting to think the white bumpers on the XLT was a model year change and maybe it was with the 2017 or 18.
  11. I painted the hardboard panels in my van black shortly after bringing it home from the dealer. They look so much better and it was such a simple thing to do. Regarding windows in the sliding doors, my van came from the factory with a window in the passenger side sliding door only. It was a $35 option, but to upgrade it to privacy glass was another $125. Turns out having a window in the drivers side slider would be basically useless to me as I cannot see it at all from the driver seat. I don't have windows in the rear doors. I manage to stay safe mainly by backing in 99% of the time. The mirrors and the backup sensors (factory sensors, but no camera) have been good enough so far but I want to add a camera system. I
  12. donuts

    Top 5 Things About Your Transit Connect

    I though the XLT had white bumpers. I have a '17 LWB XL I bought new early May 2018, 1500 miles so far. Here's my list: 1. Doesn't look like every other vehicle out there. 2. Cost - I got a great deal, sticker $26090 ($27.5k w/dealer add-on BS) I paid $19800. 3. Holds a TON of stuff, I'm a handyman so I've got mine loaded with with a wide variety of tools. 4. Easily fits in my smallish 2 car garage along with my wife's car. 5. Drives like a car.
  13. Try running a couple bottles of Chevron Techron concentrate through it before changing injectors. https://www.techronclean.com/ Walmart usually has a decent price. Beware that the boxes of 6 at Costco usually aren't the concentrated version. Plus you probably should go with the big bottle. Maybe you need the one specific for fuel injector cleaning...
  14. donuts

    Windshield sun visors

    The windshield sun visors in my '17 TC van don't sit tight to the underside of the shelf when they are folded up. I would call them floppy or limp. They stay up but they are always moving a little as I drive. Anyone else have this problem? I did some searching but didn't notice any other complaints. The dealer I bought from is ~50 miles away and the nearest dealer is ~20 miles so I haven't had a chance to ask them.
  15. donuts

    Backup camera recommendations

    The Scion iM was decent. I had it for 2 years, trouble free. It was a 6sp manual. Fun to drive, quiet, decent fuel economy, very comfortable. It was a bit lacking in the power department. Plus space wasn't great for me, especially as my handyman business has grown. I call the TC my toolbox, and my wife calls it the nerd van. I don't care she says that because it serves it's purpose well, it drives fine, AC is cold, and carries tons of stuff. And it easily fits in my garage which is a huge plus living in the desert.