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  1. donuts

    14+ battery longevity

    The battery on my 2017 XL cargo van was replaced under warranty last week. 12500 miles, vehicle was put into service 05 2018 so it sat on the dealer lot (in AZ) for a little under 1.5 years when I bought it. Failure was sudden, van wouldn't start without jumper battery and it wouldn't hold a charge. Overnight it would drop to 10.5 v so I'm pretty sure one of the cells went bad.
  2. donuts

    Fuel Mileage

    Got home from the long road trip last Thursday and tallied up my fuel and miles info. Total miles: 6879 Total fuel: 285 gallons Overall fuel economy: 24.14 MPG Best tank: 27 MPG Worst tank: 21.5 MPG Avg price of fuel: $2.55/gal Lowest price of fuel: $2.159 (outside Tulsa OK) Highest price of fuel: $3.199 (Van Horn TX) Calculations were on actual usage - miles on trip ODO / gallons of fuel put in tank Overall performance of the van was excellent. Was able to carry a lot of stuff in good comfort with ZERO issues. Both the trip headed east and heading back west were very high temperatures ranging from 93 to 102 degrees. Next time I take a long trip like this in the van I'll likely remove my roof rack cross bars to see if they have much impact on fuel economy. Joe PS: Best decision ever: adding factory cruise control (steering wheel with CC buttons + Forscan)
  3. donuts

    Those Attractive Interior Panels

    I rolled satin black on my panels the day after I bought it last year. They've taken a minor beating and generally look as good as they did the day I painted them and no clear coat. I didn't even sand them. I just blue taped over the warning stickers or whatever they are and then painted. Came out so good I sometimes forget how ugly they were originally. I have a factory window on the passenger side sliding door and it did not come with the mesh protector ('17). I'm thinking about getting a set of mesh protectors especially for my rear doors without windows to protect the body panel since it's one layer where the window would be. Plus, it would give me a nice surface to hang various hardware, bungees etc.
  4. donuts

    Fuel Mileage

    The long days are coming to a close. Should be under 500 miles today, heading up to DE via the bay bridge tunnel. Then no more (really) long days until the trip back west to AZ in the middle of August. I forgot my OBD adapter so I can test the tranny temp etc. Nickels - around town (my normal driving) I get 17 or so. This trip will more than double the miles I had on my 17 TC.
  5. donuts

    Fuel Mileage

    Day 3 done. 606.3 miles, 24.684 gallons of gas for 24.56mpg. It's was in the 80s today and not much sun as we travelled from Jackson MS to Gastonia NC. We're just ahead of the hurricane. Speeds were 99% below 80 with some slow construction zones. I'd say the average was 74mph. Speed seems to be the biggest impact on the MPGs
  6. donuts

    Fuel Mileage

    Ha Ha, no crazy road trip stories Fifty, and nothing too interested seen on the road yet. Just missed a 5 gallon bucket go rolling across the interstate when I was going 85 or so in West Texas yesterday. Other interesting thing was temp drop from 102 to 70 in a matter of minutes during rain storm yesterday, also in West Texas. Day 2 done. 669.5 miles, 29.191 gallons of gas for 22.94 mpg. It's was in the 90s today, as high as 99 but not for long. Air was switched between max cold and one click above (w/outside air) as needed. Speeds were 5-15 mph slower today.
  7. donuts

    Fuel Mileage

    Day 1 done. 735.8 miles, 33 gallons of gas for 22.3 mpg. It's was close to or above 100 degrees outside for the entire trip. For a really long time the outside temp seemed stuck on 102. Air was on max inside. Speeds were fast since I was on i-10 and then i-20 which was 80 speed limit most of the time. There was a 10+ mile section of traffic that was under 15 mph. There was also section of heavy rain for maybe 10 miles. Each fill up was within couple tenths mpg. Maybe I should remove my roof cross bars... Overall though the van handles the high speed, winds, rain, trucks, etc very well.
  8. donuts

    Fuel Mileage

    My '17 LWB XL van is used only around town in my handyman business. I bought it new early May 2018 and right now July 2019 It has a mere 5300 miles on it even though I drive it 7 days a week. I haven't checked the fuel economy in some time but my base info screen usually shows something like 275-300 miles/tank. Tomorrow we're headed off on a trip cross country from the north edge of Tucson to go see our families back on the east coast. Round trip miles will be 6000-7000. Heading east across the south - I-10 to I-20 so I'll be able to enjoy the 80 MPH speed limits in West Texas tomorrow. I'll do my best to keep track of miles covered and how much fuel I put in at each fill up. Oil is fresh Mobil 1 synthetic 5w20 at 5000 miles. Tires are original and all properly inflated. I'd say we have a medium load of "stuff" going on this trip, only a fraction of the tools I normally carry. Joe
  9. donuts

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    WOW, just checked out that ebay listing Beta Don mentioned: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Speedometer-Cluster-MPH-ID-DT1T-10849-UCC-Fits-14-TRANSIT-CONNECT-1128974/192803763664?hash=item2ce3fff5d0:g:AJsAAOSwa1hcS4g9 Check out the photos of the wrecked TC. That front end is mashed in good. Looks like they engineered the crumple zone really well. Gap to the front door still looks good even though the front end is crushed in to roughly 2/3 the original size, maybe close to 1/2.
  10. I have no affiliation with this ad, I just happened to notice it on Tucson Craigslist. 2015 Transit Connect XLT van 50k miles w/front end damage getting parted out. Looks like lots of good parts available. Van appears to be in Fresno. https://tucson.craigslist.org/ptd/d/fresno-parting-this-very-clean-2015/6921345883.html
  11. donuts

    Recommendations on Sun Shades (2014)

    I have this one - Intro Tech roll up - for my 2017. I live in southern AZ and it's a must here. It's one year old and works fine, no signs of falling apart from the blazing summer sun. Covers the entire windshield very well. https://www.autoanything.com/driving-accessories/60A4065A0A0.aspx I have a cargo van version with no rear view mirror but they didn't have an option to get it without the mirror cut out. It doesn't seem affect the shade. Joe
  12. donuts


    I'd bet the dealer service people didn't actually update the BCM like they say they did. Mine was built weeks before the BCM change and I've yet to take it to the dealer to get the BCM updated. I'm just living with the stupid approach lights since I don't use my van for camping. BTW, do you know about the turn signal stalk trick to turn the lights off once they are on with the door open? I think you push the stalk forward until it beeps, then push it again to turn the lights off. Only trouble with this fix is that you have to do it every time a door is opened.
  13. donuts

    speed limiter

    I'd try a different dealer. Pretty sure this can be done using Forscan if you want to invest in a OBDII adapter and some time learning how to use the software.
  14. My wife bought this sweet TC for me at Home Depot yesterday. I think she said it was 69 cents.