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  1. Thanks for your input... I have thought of having a WHITE TC repainted. since there are so many whites around! A couple of phone calls have shown me that it would cost between $3,000 to $4,000. Investigating doing a WRAP... can be just as pricey as well. Partial wraps are less pricey. I have time, I am not in a rush... Thanks again! Ralph
  2. Ralph Gould

    Passengers seats or Cargo????

    I have since changed my mind a bit... I am no longer looking for a Cargo TC. I am looking for a Titanium passenger TC with seats. I will remove the rear seats for more cargo space. But it must be RaceRed! White... is an interesting thought... but every state vehicle is WHITE... and most every plumber and tradesmen vans are WHITE. If I notice a TC driving by... it usually is a WHITE" one! I looked into wrapping a white TC... interesting! Now to locate a Race Red Titanium! (or a loaded XLT). Thanks guys!
  3. Howdy Folks.... I am looking specifically for a RACE RED Titanium TC. I will consider an XLT but want it pretty much loaded with options. But... it has to be RACE RED. (NOT Kapoor Red) I talked to a local dealer and he says there is only ONE "Race Red Titanium" TC at a dealership in the USA. And he said they may not let him get it for me. How do I do a search to try to locate a RACE RED... Titanium or loaded XLT? I tried the Ford web site... but it shows many other choices other than the one I want. Also if I try to expand my search, I have to keep changing zip codes and go to the 100 mile radius selection. Which in my opinion, is obviously missing many dealerships. I would like to find the right TC as near as I can to my location. There has to be a way to search ONLY for RACE RED TC's. Also... is it best to "go to the distant dealership" to purchase the one I might find, instead of buying it locally and have the vehicle driven to my location? The thing I fear most is you have to buy it first, before they pick it up. Which means, it is already mine before it arrives and there is no test drive before accepting the vehicle. And finally... I am puzzled here. Why is my local Ford dealership seemingly "hiding" their TC's in the very back of the back row at the back edge of a gravel parking area? (can't get any further back on the property) Are they not selling? Are they not wanting to sell them? They have a white cargo and a very nice shiny dark colored TC Passenger Wagon.
  4. Howdy folks... I am new here and planning to purchase a Transit Connect in the next few months. I am looking at Cargo TC's! One main requirement is that it has to be RED! There seems to be a plethora of WHITE TC's and a very few RED! I have found a RED one in a passenger TC tho.... Which leads me to this question. If I purchased a passenger TC... are the seats easy to remove... AND if removed... will the deck be as flat as the Cargo van? The reason why... I have this requirement and the questions... I am a professional Santa and intend to make this my SLEIGH... therefor the RED. As for the cargo van... I often bring a small sound system and from time to time, a magic stage table or two. I also perform Magic and Balloon shows during the summer. I am concerned that if I bought the passenger TC, the folded seats would make it 8 inches or so, higher than the cargo van deck, to load my magic equipment into it, possibly straining my back. For the most part, during the summer months I carry several large bags of inflated balloons to parties making the cargo van perfect and it has the lower floor for lifting heavier items into. So... since I can't seem to find a RED XLT Cargo van easily... I might have to settle for the RED XLT passenger TC and remove the seats for the lower loading deck. I would not need the seats for any reason. Enjoy your awesome day today! Santa Ralph