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  1. I haven't researched it here in Texas (I have a cargo van with no windows or center mirror, so what do I really care, lol), but I know Illinois has a law that nothing - air fresheners included - is allowed to hang from the center mirror. But, that's just an add-on ticket up there, not a cause to pull over the driver in the first place. I'd bet that most states have a similar statute - and rarely ever enforced, as Eddy Kilowatt said.
  2. For the fuzzy dice in a cargo van (not that I'm a fan), how about a simple adhesive-backed wire clip on the bottom of the shelf; something like this? lol Improvise, Adapt, Overcome
  3. I have LED up front & sides, also, except for the "city lights" (in the headlights, I believe 194 bulbs). There weren't many choices when I did it, so I ended up going with yellow instead of amber, which is just fine. Hazard switch does not monitor bulb amperage, so that's why it doesn't hyper-flash like the turn signals do. The inline resistors I have, somewhere, are 50W each and they should be enough to eliminate hyper-flash with front & rear LED signals, based on the combined rating of factory bulbs (45W together, 50W including the side marker that I also switched to LED).
  4. I have Philips back-up lights, but "Alla Lighting" tail/brake & turn signals in back, from Amazon. The lights have been in since second half of September 2016 and the only real problem is hyper-flash because I haven't gotten around to installing resistors on the turn signals, lol. Based on that timeframe, these bulbs have been in-use for something like 50-60K miles now, so I'd say they're actually doing pretty great for cheap Chinese lights.
  5. jrm223

    How many miles?

    Nearly at 111K miles now on my 2015 bought in June that year, but if I hadn't moved to Texas, the van would probably be close to 200K+ already. I moved in November 2016 with around 55-60K already on the van and it had 3 miles when I bought it. Apparently I'm the only one that waited until 102K miles before getting the trans flushed, lol. I don't know what color came out since Ford did it, but I'm also easy on the van - except the suspension, I tend to go through curves like I'm on a race track and have already done the front struts once because RF blew.
  6. jrm223

    245/45R17 Tires

    I do hold the record for largest diameter (not that's it's all that much larger, lol), but they're still on OEM steel wheels, haha. Another member was thinking of running the same tires as me, can't recall who it was now. In your shoes, I'd go with those 235/45R17 if the particular tire you want to run is available in that size. You're still moving them outward, but it may cause the least amount of other problems?
  7. jrm223

    Curt Hitch Class 2 or 3?

    I have the Curt class 3 hitch. I keep a hitch ball in mine and it's never scraped on any driveways that I've noticed - even though the front bumper will scrape some of the driveways, the hitch doesn't. I haven't dropped the spare tire, so I couldn't say if it would cause an issue, but I can say that my spare tire still has clearance all around. Even with the hitch ball in, I haven't hit my shins on anything, but I've also had lots of trucks in my past, so I'm maybe more accustomed to it (knee knockers on about half of the trucks I've had and I'm 6ft tall). Even for light use, I don't think I'd bother with a class 2 and it's itty-bitty 1.25" receiver.
  8. jrm223

    245/45R17 Tires

    Seems like you're the wheel & tire trailblazer here, so you'll have to let the rest of us know what happens, lol.
  9. When I originally read the post, I thought you were trying to remove an armrest from the console for who-knows-why, not the driver seat - maybe some custom mods, different armrest cover, etc. Confusing, but lots of people do confusing stuff, so who am I to judge. Hell, everyone on this forum is probably confusing to "normal" people since we're enthusiasts of a minivan, essentially. I've never tried pulling off the armrest from my 2015, which could be different than your '19, anyway. But, I'm wondering if that 60 degrees is above horizontal or 60 degrees down from the 'up' position? I've never researched it before this post. Well damn, I just tried to remove the one in my van, tried every position throughout the range of motion and I can't get it to budge, at all. And I'm the type that can remove the headrest in a second or two, lol. I was sitting in the driver seat and pushing it towards the passenger side, I've got too much junk in the passenger seat at the moment, so I can't sit there & pull instead of push.
  10. jrm223

    Drivers seat side trim broken?

    They're using the exact same plastic pieces to replace the broken pieces, so you shouldn't be surprised when they break again. The one in my '15 van took roughly 3-3.5 years and nearly 100K miles before it broke, but I'm not really even worried about it. Yea, it kind of looks like crap - especially since I still left the 100% broken-off piece sitting there (hitting 111K soon), but I'm not going to spend money & time on replacing some useless cosmetic crap that will break again, lol. If you're worried about it lowering trade-in value a few bucks, replace it immediately before trade-in rather than 2, 3, maybe 4 times before you finally do trade-in. I bet you'd end up spending more money on replacing it all the time than what the trade-in value would actually go down by with a broken one.
  11. jrm223

    2019 LWB rear springs

    Thanks, Double Nickles. I forgot about importing the Euro lowering springs, lol.
  12. Vented propane/gas heaters need the vent going out through the wall or up through the ceiling. Hot air rises, so you can't vent out the floor. The diesel heaters get away with under-floor exhaust because they have a separate blower inside that helps draw in fresh air through the combustion intake and pushes the exhaust out & down through the exhaust. That being said, on my 2015, there's about a 1" hole in the back-passenger corner (back-driver side for countries driving on the left side of the road) where higher-optioned vans have a wiring harness go through for the auxiliary fuse block. Since I don't have that fuse block, there was just a rubber plug in the hole. There's also a few drain holes in the floor behind the front seats that have rubber plugs in them. Rear-passenger corner for LHD:
  13. jrm223

    2019 LWB rear springs

    There's nothing available for lowering the 2014-18, so I highly doubt your 2019 will have anything aftermarket like that.
  14. jrm223

    Looking to make a camper... A few questions

    Rather than mounting the stove & sink on the door, why not build a slide-out kitchen using heavy-duty slides? They'll cost some money, but they put no weight on the barn doors and you could then use it inside or out. I'd also include a 12V compressor fridge/freezer in the kitchen unit. Something like these from Amazon, 30" 500lb capacity per pair You could build something like this, but your bed would be different than this ladies van (random online pic). You might have it turned 90* so it's full-width and not as deep front-to-back; that's my plan for my own van if I ever build a camper out of it, lol.
  15. So, since it's from England, are y'all pulling it to the English passenger side or the American passenger side? Because they're opposite, lol. I've never even seen one of those consoles in-person, only on online pics, so I can't help much beyond this.