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    Resetting TPMS

    I'm with you, it just ain't happening. I'll look at that light for the duration of the vehicle first. It's been on now for close to a year anyway.

    Ford of Canada NONservice

    I have definitely seen persons in different geographical locations have trouble with the color "yeller" (and understandably so), but brown is brown pretty much anywhere you go (at least in English).😁 Poutine does indeed look good.

    OEM Wipers

    Every vehicle I have bought wipers for in the past 20 years has been the "hook" type. Soooooo easy. Thanks for posting that pic. I seem to recall the bayonet style being the one back in the 60s & 70s but that was a long time ago.

    OEM Wipers

    I am curious if there is some "special" connection of the blade to the arm, or is it just the "standard" hook, slide and clip just like most every other car in the past 15-20 years? I don't really care for the way the arms sort of retract back down under the hood when you switch to "off".

    Cant wait to buy 1! For work and Fun

    Don't really know about specific years, but based on your post you would almost certainly benefit from the long wheel base vs SWB. Rear glass windows and passenger sliding door window are also very beneficial.

    Ford and Baidu Announce Joint Autonomous Vehicle Testing

    Maybe the Chinese are faster pedestrians than the fat Americans and can jump out of the way quicker.

    gen2 in winter

    Mine too has no insulation in the back and takes some time to warm all that space and this is normal for utility vans. What I notice is that the heat never seems to blow HOT, HOT air. Just meh. I drove an '89 GMC Vandura for years and the heat really blasted in that thing and very quickly too. And also on the TC, with the fan on high it is very, very noisy.

    Fusion Wheels

    Can't get those sexy white letters in a 16, at least not that will fit under the van. That is why I make my own and I have become fairly good at it I think. I'm certainly a dinosaur, but I'm a sexy dinosaur.

    Fusion Wheels

    Actually at one time 215/60r16 was a fairly popular stock size, but I think that time has come and gone. Don't know if I'm a cheapskate or not (maybe so), but I will also run NOS tires in a heartbeat. To get the size that I might be looking for there can sometimes be no other alternative.

    Fusion Wheels

    Yeah Don, I think I need to get a big old ball peen hammer, smash my left hand with it so I can learn to appreciate the headache this kind of unnecessary nonsense gives me.😏 And my wife wonders why I yell at the TV every time a car commercial comes on......

    Fusion Wheels

    I just looked at the procedure in the manual and what a PITA. Maybe I'll do it when I have a half day to dedicate to it. I think for the time being I'd just as soon look at the warning light. Christ almighty, who thinks this crap up?
  12. Very good looking setup! I really like the floor, first I've seen like that.

    Fusion Wheels

    They are part of the valve assembly. I cannot see a reason for not re-using ones the existing ones. They are not particularly cheap at a tire shop.

    Wheel Size Question

    Hopefully I'll get these on the van tomorrow. Got some work to do today changing a water pump on an old 94 POS Accord I have been rehabbing for my youngest. What should be an easy job is far from it thanks to some pencil-neck engineer who decided the water pump should reside BEHIND the timing belt. Following Volvo with 225/55R16 Radar tires setup was donated to a 2003 Mercury Sable. Really perked up that old grocery-getter.

    Fusion Wheels

    You can get similar ones (and a LOT cheaper) straight off Amazon. I don't have the link but saw them yesterday while loving the Google. Don't really know anything about them personally, but they were advertising that you could also take them right back off without damaging the paint. I think I just Googled "racing stripes".