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    Wheel Size Question

    No worries in VA.

    Wheel Size Question

    Its against the law here in some states too. I remember there was lots of controversy back when with the rear end of cars jacked up too. Both of which are pure nonsense when it would be ok sometimes depending upon the kind of vehicle you drove. Ok on a 69 flatbed truck but not ok on a 69 Chevelle. In Cincinnati there is some targeting of "big" wheels. Sorta like racial profiling. If you can cite a sound safety reason and it is across the board that would be one thing.

    Wheel Size Question

    Yeah, you have to wonder what was in this person's mind at the time. I remember this one guy back in the 70s took a Pinto (frame still on) and welded it on top of a Bronco frame and drive train. Oddest damn looking thing you ever saw. I wish I had a picture to show you.

    Wheel Size Question

    Pure opinion sir. Here's a fair example of retarded.

    Replacing tires 2016 TC

    Sounds like a decent program, but it seems maybe they stopped the garage part? "We have made the difficult decision to close our automotive repair garage effective July 31." I have trouble with non-profits when the "profit" starts creeping back in.

    Replacing tires 2016 TC

    I don't think so (at least not on this subject)😀

    Replacing tires 2016 TC

    It was right at $100 each give or take a dollar or two. Two different sizes but that was the average. Most people put the same size all around. A very similar looking tire, same sizes, BF Goodrich Radial T/A go for over $700. I stumbled across these on EBAY with the actual distributor being some little hole in the wall kind of place in Sparta, NC. Who the actual manufacturer is, I have no idea. I don't really know if "worth it" was the driving factor here anyway. I wanted what I wanted. There was absolutely no reason other than that to change what was on the truck in the first place. I took those and gave them to someone who needed a set of tires but couldn't afford to buy them.

    Replacing tires 2016 TC

    I put some internet "el cheapos" on the old pickup last week. Seem to drive and ride ok but as far as real quality, who knows. They sure are pretty though. I only drive it short distance local, back and forth to work. Grocery-getter. The local tire shop will mount and balance anything I bring them (and I bring them a lot) for $15 each. It's been ten years or more since I bought a set of tires from their shop but they don't seem to mind.

    Mike Chell's Soapbox

    It was then and still is. Just isn't in the spotlight in the same way, but it never went away. Just got worse. As for the plastic straws, I'd advocate a complete and total ban on PLASTIC. Can you see that vein on my forehead pulsing? Don't make the crap in the first place. We don't need creative ways to better dispose of trash. Don't make the crap in the first place. Too many people would lose their jobs making this crap that we don't need in the first place? Don't make so many PEOPLE in the first place. Where did I put my blood pressure pills?

    Mike Chell's Soapbox

    Perhaps so. But the pusher deserved at least one in the kneecap for his trouble. Two might gain him legitimate access to that handicapped parking spot.

    My TC is the almost Perfect Mouse Habitat

    Little bastards, not cute little buggers. They have gotten into several of my vehicles over the years and the damage they can cause can be enormous.

    Mike Chell's Soapbox

    It seems to me that he had time to make a better decision than to shoot the guy. At the same time I suspect things can look a bit different from the ground when someone has just bum-rushed you. Sometimes I think and sometimes I don't know.


    My light has been on for the last eight months or so ever since I took the factory tires off. It flashes for a bit, turns steady on. Couple of times it dinged at me. I refuse to pay any attention to it. Its just a nuisance.

    Lost Membership Card.

    You are one lucky, LUCKY person. I am truly envious, and I will leave it at that.
  15. I was just messing with you a little, I agree with you. The only reason I bought a new van was my wife said it had to be new if we were going to buy ANY van. I lost the argument. We are going to relocate soon to NC and when we do I intend to make a lot of use of a bicycle. But I don't see the need to "dress up" in spandex shorts and geek helment to do it.