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    Front Bumper Guard

    Anything that helps break up all that black in front is good, but that price is insane.

    Fifty150's Truck

    Second that.

    replacing rims with 17 inch 235 50 profile.

    235/50/17 is virtually the same dimensions as 235/55/16. I did some fairly extensive research because I wanted to use the 235/55/16 on the front and pair it with 15 inch rims on the back but could never find a matching set with mixed 15s and 16s. On my 2016, the conclusion I came to is that it would be close but should fit just fine. However, with aggressive terrain and a lot of flexing it might be a different story. IMHO.


    That's a good price. Where did you get it from? Last oil change I could not get an appointment at the shop so I did it myself. I had said the first time I changed the oil myself I would toss the under-shield but it was SO easy I put it back on.
  5. I find that the glove compartment works excellent. Even better sometimes I forget that its in there once I get to where I'm going.

    Tire size settings in Forscan

    I run three different size setups on the front (rear doesn't count), none of them stock. 245/50/16, 225/55/16 & 225/60/16 for 1.2%, 1.6% & 5.1% respectively. The only one that concerns me much is 5.1% cause if I push the envelope too far I'm in "ticket range". The error gets progressively less as speed reduces so mostly its only at highway speeds that it matters much. That said, since retiring recently I find that there is never a need to get in any hurry to get anywhere.

    Blower Fan Access

    A very LITTLE cat... Mouse trivia: Where ever the little bugger can get his little head thru,,,,he can get the rest of his body. They can get into some incredibly SMALL openings.

    Blower Fan Access

    I now have this problem too but I can see obvious signs of little rat bastard mice under the hood. Probably going to have to put it in the shop to get the mouse habitat out. Somehow. I hate those guys.😠

    adaptive cruise control?

    Me being the cranky old mistrusting guy that I am, I could never trust such a feature but I can appreciate the idea in general. Making several trips form VA to NC and back over the last couple of weeks, I notice that when ramping down the speed manually on the cruise control that the van will downshift to slow down to the new set speed if the adjustment is quick. Don't really like this since I'm used to the vehicle coasting under this condition or even picking up speed if going downhill. Maybe I'm just a control freak.

    center caps for a 2012

    I was trying to work something out like this with push thru center caps, trim rings & chrome lug nuts. What I was looking at was using some steel wheels at 65.1mm hub dia. with a push thru center cap. Theory was that the thickness of the center caps would reduce the diameter down close to 63.4mm (.030" material thickness) and retain the hub-centric aspect. My question to you is: What is the hub diameter on these wheels?

    3 front seats

    I'm all for a vehicle carrying more passengers, not much more annoying than a big-ass SUV that seats four or five. But I'm wondering where the feet of the middle passenger is going to go? Can just imagine a left foot jamming on the accelerator during a short stop! Maybe its the right foot in Europe.

    OEM tires and wheelspin

    I had wheelspin when I first got the van. Changed out the original Continentals for a wider footprint and haven't had any issues since, wet or dry.
  13. Couldn't view the .pdf, but the idea is so simple! 5150 is right, you deserve a prize! I don't suppose you know if the seat bolts are English or metric?

    Am I the only one who hates these fasteners?

    I removed the one on my Outback. Never regretted it. I get the oil changed on the TC at the shop mostly because I don't want to deal with that pan and......well I've gotten a little lazy as I have gotten older. The first time I change the oil myself you can bet that pan will "disappear".

    Elbrus I03 Wheels

    After a little more reading, it seems they are a discontinued line from Tire Rack so I'm not going to put more effort into it. Shame, I like the way they look.