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  1. gwbasley


    I'm an "old schooler", so our go-to source for accessories and add-ons used to be JC Whitney. I used to enjoy flipping through the pages and just finding neat little things that kind of picked up where the manufacturer left off. My question is where to look in today's world? Is there a singular go-to place for things like seat covers, consoles, arm rests, chrome trim...that kind of stuff?
  2. gwbasley

    I saw #7 today!

    Now that I own one I see them all the time......very popular in Florida.
  3. gwbasley

    new to forum

    Welcome Camber - also a new member and I have the very same car as you!
  4. gwbasley

    Fuel filler security

    How about Cola?... Every few years the kids riding through the neighborhood on their bikes turn into a bunch of teenage hoodlums walking the streets. They got my 16' Flats Boat so bad that I had to abandon the built-in tank for a 6gal. portable that I could remove. Hormones do strange things...I can remember riding around in my friend's convertible, shooting out......(probably shouldn't go there)... Actually I was hoping that there was some accessory or retrofit that might discourage such activity, at least in my driveway.
  5. gwbasley

    Fuel filler security

    OK, I get it...if I was in NY they would just say "fugetaboudit". Paid police, mercenaries and pit bulls will all cost a pile, (the pit bull will leave one) and it all kind of defeats the purpose. Thanks guys...!
  6. gwbasley

    Fuel filler security

    Hmmm...some thought provoking ideas. Maybe there is a simple alarm that I could adapt. Something like that would discourage all types of mischief.
  7. With gas prices on the rise I am becoming concerned about not being able to lock or somehow secure my 2016 TC from potential gas thieves. My wife drives a Scion xB and it has an inside release for the fuel door...is there anything similar that can be installed on my TC?...other security methods?
  8. gwbasley

    New to Forum - Hello!

    Hey, thanks for the kind welcomes! To answer some questions: Windguy, it's a Wagon and i removed the far rear seats...Mike Chell, Tarpon Springs area of Tampa bay. Here's a pic...
  9. gwbasley

    New to Forum - Hello!

    Hello forum members. I'm George and I am a 71 y.o musician living in Florida. I play drums and as I have aged my equipment has been more challenging to cart to gigs....mainly the loading and unloading aspect. My last vehicle was a Chevy Colorado pickup and the tailgate was at waist height, a difficult lift for my 100 lb. trap case. Since it still had low enough mileage to get a pretty good trade-in, I shopped specifically for a TC for it's low deck height. I winded up finding a 2016 low mileage (18K) TC - XLT and could not be happier. Getting my equipment around is no longer a "chore". I look forward to exchanging thoughts on modifications, improvements, and aftermarket products.