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  1. gwbasley

    Help - ABS / Hill Start Assist

    I have to admit..I'm an old guy and a tech Dummy. So I got Forscan and the connector, plugged it in and I'm really not sure what I'm looking for. If I could just have a speedo I'd be happy. I can do without ABS and hill start assist. Someone mentioned checking the wheel sensors...so how to do?
  2. gwbasley

    Help - ABS / Hill Start Assist

    To answer your question, no, I still have the problem but that is great info...I'll follow up on it. Since my last post I have downloaded FORScan, purchased the connector for my laptop, and gotten website approval. I still have to purchase a license and then learn how to use the thing. Once I do that I'll look at those areas first. I had seen mention of that fix on Youtube but it looked like an expensive "throw parts at it" move.
  3. gwbasley

    Help - ABS / Hill Start Assist

    Let me start by thanking everyone for the input, but unfortunately, the driveway fixes have not cured the problem. The two local dealers have terrible reputations, so that will be my absolute last resort. Forscan has been mentioned but I know nothing about it. It sounds like a more sophisticated version of my OBDII reader...where do I get one and how much are they? I'm sure it will be far less costly than the dealer's bill.
  4. gwbasley

    Fix Or Repair Daily

    I had the same problem...but I didn't know it. My A/C was intermittent so I took it my local trustworthy shop. They couldn't figure it out and suggested the (not so trustworthy) dealer. I spent days searching on line, saw the ambient air sensor mentioned several times. For $9 I took a shot and, Bingo! That was at 30K miles. Now at 36K and having a new round with ABS/Hill Start Assist failure. Again, I'm trying to avoid the crooked dealership.
  5. gwbasley

    Help - ABS / Hill Start Assist

    I tried to check my combined F7/F8/F19 fuse but can't dislodge it...how do you get this piece out to test it?
  6. I am dealing with this exact problem (see my post in the "lounge" section). I have tried many suggested fixes, including changing out the brake light switch, but to no good end. The problem has also changed from intermittent to permanent and I have no speedometer or other digital readouts. I tried to check my combined F7/F8/F19 fuse but can't dislodge it...how do you get this piece out to test it?
  7. gwbasley

    Help - ABS / Hill Start Assist

    2016 and the Battery is new....36K miles. It comes up almost every start up. Sometimes I can shut off, turn key to "on", pump the accelerator, then start and the Hill stare assist will turn off but ABS warning still on. After driving about 100 feet the ABS goes off....that is sometimes. Other times both warnings are on and they go off after 1/4 mile or so. When the HSA warning is on I have no speedo or digital readouts and have to gauge speed with the tach. My big problem is loss of speedo and data. OBD II says "no codes found". Anyone have a clue for a fix (besides the DEALER)???
  8. gwbasley

    Help - ABS / Hill Start Assist

    The heavy steering was strange...it was like I lost 25% of my power steer.???
  9. gwbasley

    Help - ABS / Hill Start Assist

    I tried the battery disconnect but no dice. Just for the heck of it, I tried the maintenance light reset. I couldn't remember the protocol so I just turned on the ignition and pumped the gas pedal. After 2 pumps the ABS went out but the hill start assist was still on, so I drove it around the block and everything returned to normal...hopefully it will stay that way. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Is this a glitch in the system or did I do something inadvertently to set it off?
  10. gwbasley

    Help - ABS / Hill Start Assist

    Great suggestion...I will try the battery disconnect tomorrow.
  11. This happened once before but then just went away....now it's back. My ABS & Hill Start Assist lights are on. My speedometer stopped working. My information displays do not show data. My steering is "heavy". There are no codes on my OBD II reader and I can't seem to find out how to check the F19 fuse. Anyone have any suggestions?...the dealers in my area are not trustworthy so I'm going to have to find another fix for this.
  12. gwbasley

    No AC after Carwash

    OK, so I am posting this a year later for anyone having an intermittent A/C problem. I drive a 2016 TC XLT and within the past 6 months, (I live in Florida so I use A/C in December), began having a problem where my A/C would suddenly just start to blow warm....a few miles further and it would work normally again. This was totally unpredictable and no amount of fiddling with the controls would would have any effect. After a major internet search, which included this thread, I decided to change out the ambient air temp sensor since It was only $16.00 at NAPA. On my vehicle it was located exactly as shown in Zalienz's post above. The view shown there is from the inside out after the plastic shield has been removed...this puts it on the driver's side in the lower corner of the cowl. I also took this opportunity to replace the push rivets on the underpan which were damaged or missing from oil changes. The fix worked perfectly.
  13. gwbasley


    I'm an "old schooler", so our go-to source for accessories and add-ons used to be JC Whitney. I used to enjoy flipping through the pages and just finding neat little things that kind of picked up where the manufacturer left off. My question is where to look in today's world? Is there a singular go-to place for things like seat covers, consoles, arm rests, chrome trim...that kind of stuff?
  14. gwbasley

    I saw #7 today!

    Now that I own one I see them all the time......very popular in Florida.
  15. gwbasley

    new to forum

    Welcome Camber - also a new member and I have the very same car as you!