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  1. zalienz


    Short answer, Nope!
  2. Sweet. I wanted those wheels, but the 17" are reserved for wagons, and not cargo vans. Looks great, congrats!
  3. Yep. If it's not loud enough, you need more power (amplifier). The stock speakers sound good, but are only rated at 20 watts, more power will blow them, so you need both, higher watt component speakers with an amplifier that matches the watt rating of the new speakers. Yes choose carefully. Many like to upgrade to different head units, speakers and speaker positions in the elusive quest to find great sound. One thing I have found with the OEM's is they are very good at placing the stereo image and soundstage to resemble a concert sound experience. Keeping the factory radio and speaker positions keeps this intact. I think they just lack power. Amps and better speakers is the direction I went. Seek out a pro install shop if it's out of your skill level.
  4. I forgot to mention probably the most important aspect -braking. Say some hotshot pulls in front of you and hits the brakes, forcing you to brake hard and/or swerve to avoid them, is often the result of a jack-knifed trailer, especially a trailer without trailer brakes which most of the small trailers do not have. The more weight you are towing, the worse this scenario is.
  5. Don's correct, none of us really know. There is much more to this calculation than just the weight on the tongue. Vehicle engineers decided to use a Class 1 hitch on this vehicle, 2000 tow and 200 tongue weights so the vehicle can safely drive in a wide variety of conditions, including the total vehicle weight and cargo, passengers and so on. It will affect the handling of the vehicle, especially if it's overloaded. Speaking of hitches and tongue weights, they are designed to handle much more than their rating. Imagine driving over a bump, the tongue gets light going up and much heavier coming back down. Hitches are designed to support that. The resulting weight can be 2 times more than the actual 200 pounds, depending on the conditions, which again are widely varied. The Curt hitch is Class 3, but putting 500 pounds on the tongue behind the rear wheels will definitely make the front end light especially if you add cargo in the back. Do what you like, but be careful.
  6. I used an AudioControl DQ-61 to interface with the factory radio. It accepts speaker level inputs from the factory radio and converts the output to low level signals you can send to a 4 channel amp and subwoofers. The sky is the limit, after this processor. It was worth the effort and expense, in my opinion. https://www.audiocontrol.com/car-audio/factory-system-upgrade/dq-61/
  7. Great job on the tutorial. Very easy to follow and helpful. Thank you!
  8. zalienz


    As 50 said, there is a right way to do it. I went nuts on mine just before the winter season, took the whole day..... I like to use Chemical Guys products -- https://www.chemicalguys.com/Exterior_Car_Care_and_Car_Wash_Products_s/371.htm They have many videos on different products, watch before you buy, not cheap Hand Wash Clay bar Paint correction (polish) - can be several steps depending on the paint condition with a dual action polisher Glaze Sealant Wax Each of these is the entire vehicle, hence the major time spent But in the end the van paint was amazing, especially after the glaze, the wax is just a protectant. I was very happy with the result.
  9. The amount of fuel remaining today is actually rather generous. Old Ford's from the 60-70's would promptly stop driving the moment the needle hit E on the fuel gauge. Manufacturers will only tell you that when the low fuel light comes on, it's time to refuel. They don't want consumers to drive further for liability purposes, and also running out of fuel can permanently damage a fuel injection fuel pump. My advise, time your refuel at the exact time the display reads 0 miles, refuel, and observe the gallons (liters) that it took, and compare it to the capacity listed in the owner manual. In the US, I have done this and found that the TC would take 13.8 gallons at 0 miles, and the manual spec is 15.8 gallons. Basic math shows there is about 2 gallons left the the tank on "reserve". Compare that to your average fuel economy, and you can guess how many more miles you can drive. Of course, once I have driven past that mark, there is an uneasy feeling, knowing you could run out and damage your fuel pump. And the start of a really bad, and expensive day. I stopped doing this years ago. A lot of stress can be created waiting until the last minute to refuel. This especially happens when you're late and in a hurry to go somewhere and realize that now you also have to stop for fuel, which makes you more late and more stress. Some people like to massage their ego to see how far they can go, and then brag about it if they make it. Fools. Now, when my fuel gauge reads 1/4 tank, I refuel. And on my terms, when I'm not in a hurry, like on the way home from work or the store. The amount of stress relieved is a solid feeling. I always have at least 1/4 of a tank, usually more, so if there is an emergency, you can jump in and go, and not have to worry about fuel.
  10. Yes, I have NAV and it is dated 1-15. Manufacturers are often a year behind in map releases, so a 2016 model would have 2015 maps until the 2016 version is released and implemented in the assembly line. Always a good idea to have choices in life. I use a Garmin NAV in my work TC which is powered by a cigar lighter outlet. Another idea is to purchase a USB to cigar lighter adapter, they're inexpensive and gives you options of having both, super easy and reversible. I found a workaround for the audio channel switching issue. The system likes to default to radio. So if you're using XM or USB and you turn the vehicle off, it will usually (although not always) default back to the radio. I have found that when using XM or USB, if I manually turn off the audio system before turning off the vehicle, and returning starting the TC and then turning on the audio, it will be back to where I left it. A minor pain, but it seems to work.
  11. Accurate statement. I drove all of these. I liked The Metris, but wasn't willing to spend a extra 10K+ for it. The TC was the best bang for the buck, and pretty good looking. The remaining small vans are bare bones commercial oriented.
  12. zalienz

    Performance Chip

    I'm interested to see if anyone is willing to shell out $100 and try the OBD port chip, and post some meaningful results. I'm not expecting much improvement.
  13. I love my 2017, mostly use it for hauling purposes, not a minivan. The only things I like about the 2019 are the exterior colors, especially the Kapoor Red, and the Blue. I would have chose the Kapoor Red in a heartbeat. In fantasy land, I'd convert mine to a Euro M-Sport, and add a Focus RS powerplant and drivetrain.... yea, well, dreams are free where imagination and money are endless.
  14. zalienz

    K&N 33-5002

    Yea, what's up with that. The Motorcraft FA1910 fits a wide range of TC engine air filter Part #: FA1910 (9601) Air Cleaner Usage: 09/30/2013 - 03/11/2019, Transit/Tourneo Connect 2013-, 2.5L Duratec (110kW/150PS), (+)"CDN/PR/USA"