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  1. zalienz

    Drain plug washer reusable 2016 gen2 ?

    I'm not sure about a 2016, but my 2017 the 2.5L engine oil drain plug washer is a rubber O-ring that is a part of the drain plug, I've changed my oil 4 times, reused the drain plug, no leaks.
  2. I understand your frustration, but if you love the vehicle, stay with it. I went through the same process in 2016. Ordered in mid May, couldn't get a production date. Vehicle was built in Spain on July 4th, and by the time it was shipped to the US and arrived on the West Coast, I took delivery on Sep 23. It seemed like forever. Ford winds down production of the 2021 models in April/May, begins re-tooling for 2022 models in May/June, begins building in July for Aug and Sep deliveries. That's just logistics for a multi billion dollar company and thousands of employees. Changes don't happen quickly in consumer time. I waited, and got exactly what I wanted, and it was worth it. Still driving the Black Beauty today. Hang in there.... Peace
  3. Nice video, thank you for sharing. I'm not looking for a camper build, but I am considering a ceiling for my cargo van, primarily for looks and insulation. My van is black, and it gets very hot in the back in the summer. I really like the cedar roof, not only functional, but very good looking. Beautiful work!
  4. zalienz

    Ford Focus rims on TC

    Love it! Great choice.
  5. zalienz

    Finally got them on

    Nice! Those multi spoke wheels are a b*tch to clean, but aside from that, they look great!
  6. Hi, and welcome to the forum. I also have a 2017, and I know that the DRL's are an option. It's not likely they came with DRL functionality unless the original owner ordered them with it or the car had an option package with it included. Since you state you have a basic XL, it probably did not come with them. I'm not sure what you saw, but the DRL's use the low beam headlight running at a lower voltage. I also doubt the programming of the key had any affect on this. It's true that if you have DRL's they can be disabled using the steering wheel switches, but it's key cycle dependent, meaning that they will come back on after turning off and restarting the TC. But obviously, you need steering wheel switches to do this. I would search for resources to see what options the vehicle has aside from the window sticker.
  7. zalienz

    GPS Signal Loss

    Well, I got lucky, the GPS antenna was bad. I used Forscan to pull DTC's, and it displayed B1A89:13 - Satellite Antenna - Circuit Open. I purchased the antenna from Ford Parts online, and a local dealer had it in stock and I received it in 2 days. Dealers only stock fast moving parts, so my guess was fortunate. Navigation and Sirius Radio is now functioning correctly, only took about 30 minutes to drop the left side of the headliner and swap it out. I hope this helps others in this situation. Peace out.
  8. zalienz

    GPS Signal Loss

    So one day i noticed on my Sync 3 system, the GPS logo had the red circle and a slash through it, indicating the GPS signal was lost. I recently updated the maps and wondered if it was a software glitch, as it was working correctly, until a few days ago. No glitch, suddenly the car is lost on the map and it's all over the place, no where near where I was at. A look at the wiring diagram and it shows the GPS antenna and satellite radio antenna are the same and there is a splitter for the two. I tried Sirius Radio, and bammo it's not working either. I decided to buy a new antenna, it was only $30, and will work on it this weekend after I pull the headliner. Wish me luck, I'll post the results.
  9. zalienz

    Correct air filter

    The rectangular air filter that fits a 2.5 is a FA-1910, or Ford part number CJ5Z-9601-A. Not sure about the 1.6, but Ford tried to sell me the round filter, and I said no, it's rectangular. Parts guy looked at me like I had 2 heads. Dumb shitz....
  10. zalienz

    wanker starter problems

    My experiences with multiple failed starters leads almost always to the same cause - Voltage Drop. You should do a voltage drop test on the starter circuit, or a technician of your choosing should perform this test. Generally, acceptable voltage drop is 0.1 volt per connection. Anything more than that can stop solenoids from engaging, or burn up the starter motor with low voltage and high amperage. Start with the battery, and then check the cables. This video is a good overview. Good luck!
  11. zalienz

    Transmission fluid change

    I did my drain and refill today, at 33,000 miles along with the engine oil and filter change. Fluid came out basically black, but still smelling like good trans fluid. Drained 4 quarts, added 4 quarts of Mercon LV. Specs indicate the trans hold about 9 quarts, so I got about half of it out. I think I will do a 4 quart drain and refill once a year from now on. The TC only gets about 10K a year lately.
  12. zalienz

    2012 Connect no A/C power ???

    In addition to what mrtn said, if the system is low on refrigerant, the low pressure switch will not allow the compressor to engage to prevent damage to the compressor. Unless you have a set of A/C gauges, know how to use them and access to refrigerant, that's a repair shop item.
  13. zalienz

    Shelter In Place

    Still working in California. Since I work in the auto repair business, it's an exemption to shelter in place. So I am grateful for the income as I'm the main breadwinner in the family. My wife was told to stay home and last Friday they laid her off. We'll be fine. We have enough food and supplies for at least a month. I did spend the entire weekend at home. Many around the house projects including detailing the TC would be on the list if I had to stay put. But, not complaining, we are healthy and feeling great. Still lots of uncertainty out there though, with the Governor threatening Martial Law if people disobey the order. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that.
  14. I agree, it's most likely the fuse. It's fuse F18, 20amp, and it's located in the battery junction box, under the hood near the engine air filter. Good luck!
  15. zalienz

    Any Trek fans here?

    I have a Trek Mountain bike....