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  1. zalienz


    I agree with what Fifty150 said. You could cause a lot of headaches should that go down in the middle of programming.
  2. zalienz

    2019 TC Wagon Backup assist Fault

    If it happened since new, it may be either a pinched wire, faulty connector to the rear bumper sensors, or a unplugged or faulty sensor. Get it in while it's still under warranty. It's a fairly simple system.
  3. zalienz

    2014+ standard side mirrors

    You do need to remove the interior door trim panel. Then 3 bolts, an electrical connector and rubber grommet. 2 clips on the mirror side need to be disengaged by pulling the mirror assembly straight from the door. Should be pretty easy. Electrically the wiring diagram shows with or without door modules, so I'm not sure if it's plug and play.
  4. zalienz

    2014+ standard side mirrors

    I have the larger mirrors on my 2017. They could only be had if you purchase the tow package. Love the larger mirrors, much safer, but added some wind noise due to the larger size.
  5. Windguy, That's a sweet setup. Exactly what I was thinking about doing. I don't need the hanging rack, but I want to add a insulated ceiling, likely plastic that I can flush mount the led light strips to and have them switchable like yours. Thank you for sharing.
  6. zalienz


    Dude, dream on. The DPS6 is definitely defective in design. Read the emails from Ford engineers stating that software calibrations could not be made to make the vehicle driveable. The DPS6 was used in Fiesta and Focus models with a dual dry clutch design. Police use Explorers and Edge primarily, they use a different trans, as does the Gen 2 TC. I'm not clear on the Gen 1 TC.
  7. I have the same LED lamp. My only complaint is I wish there was a manual on-off switch. Otherwise, it has been a great option for me, bright and useful loading in musical gear late at night after a gig. I have to close and open the door again after it times out. I may go forward with aftermarket LED lights that can be switched on & off, there are many options available. Search LED cargo lights on Amazon.
  8. zalienz

    Two Times New

    Welcome to the forum! If you're buying new, Thule makes roof racks and carriers that will fit the TC. Lots of choices. https://www.thule.com/en-us/us/roof-rack/roof-racks
  9. zalienz

    No AC after Carwash

    Actually that plastic piece is behind the sensor, it doesn't do anything to protect it. The sensor needs airflow to work properly, which is why it is up front and in the vent area. It just needs a good visual inspection to see of there is any damage.
  10. zalienz

    No AC after Carwash

    Good find on the plastic shield. Looking at the sensor location, it is up front next to the condenser. But which side is a little murky. This photo from the service manual shows it, but on the big photo it looks like it's on the left, the smaller (upper left) picture in a picture shows it on the right.... Update - Just looked at my 2017 - it is on the left. You can see yours in your photo just below the middle strake of the fascia. That's a great place to start, considering there is damage in that area. In any case, you have intermittent a/c operation, which indicates a more likely electrical or sensor issue. If there was a leak in the refrigerant portion of the system, it would stop working and not come back on until repaired. Unfortunately you will need to catch it in the non working state and do some diagnosis, pull codes from the computer that will point you in the right direction to continue diagnosis and find the cause. Replacing the sensor proactively is easy, but with hit or miss results. All outside connectors are water proof, and generally do a good job of keeping moisture out, but since there is damage there, it may have damaged the connector or sensor, which would explain intermittent operation. You may want to pull the undercover and take a good look.
  11. zalienz

    No AC after Carwash

    It's possible the outside ambient air temperature sensor is getting wet in the car wash. They are often located up front near or under the front bumper for airflow, and cold water can drop the temperature reading below the expected parameters which the computer will see as a sanity malfunction and switch off the compressor to protect it. Once the sensor warms back up the computer restarts the compressor. I've seen this happen on other vehicles, but not Ford. But it's entirely plausible scenario.
  12. zalienz


    I like the Rhino Ramps, but I see many negative reviews about them collapsing under the weight of a vehicle. Doesn't inspire a lot of confidence unless jack stands are used as a secondary backup, which isn't a bad idea.
  13. zalienz

    Liftgate release switch upgrade

    Great post, thank you
  14. zalienz

    On the way!

    Welcome to the club! She's a great vehicle. Many good times ahead.
  15. zalienz

    Fifty150's Truck

    Spotted yesterday on Topanga Canyon Blvd. in Los Angeles 🤣