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  1. Yes, I have NAV and it is dated 1-15. Manufacturers are often a year behind in map releases, so a 2016 model would have 2015 maps until the 2016 version is released and implemented in the assembly line. Always a good idea to have choices in life. I use a Garmin NAV in my work TC which is powered by a cigar lighter outlet. Another idea is to purchase a USB to cigar lighter adapter, they're inexpensive and gives you options of having both, super easy and reversible. I found a workaround for the audio channel switching issue. The system likes to default to radio. So if you're using XM or USB and you turn the vehicle off, it will usually (although not always) default back to the radio. I have found that when using XM or USB, if I manually turn off the audio system before turning off the vehicle, and returning starting the TC and then turning on the audio, it will be back to where I left it. A minor pain, but it seems to work.
  2. Accurate statement. I drove all of these. I liked The Metris, but wasn't willing to spend a extra 10K+ for it. The TC was the best bang for the buck, and pretty good looking. The remaining small vans are bare bones commercial oriented.
  3. zalienz

    Performance Chip

    I'm interested to see if anyone is willing to shell out $100 and try the OBD port chip, and post some meaningful results. I'm not expecting much improvement.
  4. I love my 2017, mostly use it for hauling purposes, not a minivan. The only things I like about the 2019 are the exterior colors, especially the Kapoor Red, and the Blue. I would have chose the Kapoor Red in a heartbeat. In fantasy land, I'd convert mine to a Euro M-Sport, and add a Focus RS powerplant and drivetrain.... yea, well, dreams are free where imagination and money are endless.
  5. zalienz

    K&N 33-5002

    Yea, what's up with that. The Motorcraft FA1910 fits a wide range of TC engine air filter Part #: FA1910 (9601) Air Cleaner Usage: 09/30/2013 - 03/11/2019, Transit/Tourneo Connect 2013-, 2.5L Duratec (110kW/150PS), (+)"CDN/PR/USA"
  6. zalienz

    K&N 33-5002

    I'm interested to know also, but according to K&N's catalog, it fits a 2016, but not the 2017.... so I'm out of luck.
  7. zalienz

    License plate mount

    Agreed on the warranty issue part. Temp plates and frames are installed at pre-delivery service and the installers usually use a power tool to install the plates and frames. This can strip out the plastic or metal nut in the body, making it difficult to remove the bolt/screw, just spinning around. The trick is to apply pressure behind the frame with a trim clip tool, prying outwards while unscrewing it to get the bolt out. But if you have access to the Ford Dealer, let them do it.
  8. zalienz

    GEN2 Transmission Out

    My first question is why did the axle break? CV boots fail from time to time, never seen a FWD axle actually break. It will probably be the solution to your issue. Better that than the tranny. And yes, if it was the trans, you would get a reman, not a new one. The only time you get a truly new one is if it fails before delivery to the customer.
  9. Nice, I just ordered one of those hitch covers. $12 from Manny, Moe and Jack. Amazon wanted $30.....
  10. Mine does most of these oddities as well. I usually use a USB stick for music, and it always changes from USB to FM or AM, never XM and rarely USB after starting. Sync 3 also re-indexes the USB stick after every start, it can take 10 minutes of driving before I can access playlists, frustrating for short trips. I haven;t had the A/C issue, but if the temp control is all the way cold, it defaults to recirculate. One click warmer it will stay in fresh unless I manually select recirc. I don't have auto headlights, wish I did, but the screen stays in daytime mode in the dark until I turn the headlights on.
  11. Looking at this picture it appears the hose might be disconnected at the evaporator case - I can see the black rubber o-ring at the top 90 degree plastic piece, check that first. It may just need to be pressed back into the case, which would be an easy fix.
  12. Water in the interior often comes from a kinked or plugged up A/C evaporator drain hose. It's at the lower end of the A/C case, down below the shifter and goes through the firewall or floor. Sometimes a simple spider web can block the hose, then water fills up in the evaporator case until it overflows into the interior. Since you are so deep into the interior now, it would be very wise to find the cause and resolve it.
  13. zalienz


    You'll need to order it from the UK, but it is available for 2014-newer. https://www.tvl-ltd.co.uk/vehicles/ford/connect-2014-present/ford-connect-2014-present-replock
  14. I bought the 50 sq. ft roll of the ultimate. I didn't use it all, I have about 10 sq ft. of it left over. I also used the VComp in the front doors and the floor on top of the ultimate. Prices have gone up a bit since I did it. I have the service manual that made the disassembly and reassembly easy for me, and I'm a 30 year auto technician, just lots of things to take apart and put back together. You may not need to do the roof, I had the time and product, so why not. Also, regarding the front speakers, I forgot to add you can get speaker adapters made by Metra that will interface a 6.5 or 6.75 door speaker to the TC easily. They are about 20 bucks for both sides. That's what I opted for.