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  1. zalienz

    Being towed

    If it's a manual trans, it can be flat towed in neutral. If it's an automatic trans, you will need a dolly on the front wheels only. No flat tow, it will damage the transmission.
  2. zalienz

    Help! I'm stuck in Park

    Most newer cars, including the TC use the brake light circuit to activate the shift interlock. The shift lock actuator at the shifter needs to be energized to move the shifter out of Park range. The manual override next to the shifter is there in case something fails. Usually it's a brake light circuit fault, as a blown fuse, faulty brake light switch, etc. It is also possible the actuator fails, but this is rare. Start by checking to see if the brake lights work. If not, you'll need to do some testing with a volt meter to find the cause. The fuse and the brake light switch are the most likely suspects.
  3. zalienz

    Tire Pressure

    The OEM TPMS system is pretty accurate. As far as "accurate" goes, that means within 2% margin of error. Based on your readings, you're in the ballpark of 2%. Some things to keep in mind: All tires have a maximum pressure on the sidewall. It is required by law, and for liability of the tire manufacturer. This means the tire should not exceed the maximum pressure when inflated cold (before driving). Since the tire may fit many vehicles, it's up to the VEHICLE (not tire) manufacturer to decide what the inflation pressure should be, based on many factors. This cannot exceed the maximum pressure on the sidewall of the tire. Assuming your are using compressed air, and not pure Nitrogen, Tire pressures will fluctuate with temperature, about 3 pounds for every 10 degrees of temperature. Tires are rubber, and rubber is porous, meaning tires will generally lose about 2 pounds of pressure a month, naturally. Tire pressure and vehicle maintenance dictates tire pressures should be checked on ANY vehicle at least once a month, and adjusted to the vehicle manufacturers specification with the tires cold. So your numbers are accurate. I see a minimum of 49.8psi and a maximum of 52.9psi, well within the 2% margin, adjusted for driving time / temperature. At the end of the day, set your tire pressures to 44psi cold front, 48psi cold rear, and barring any abnormal leaks, you can sleep like a baby for 30 days.
  4. zalienz

    Do Not Buy

    In some states, it's not even legal to sell them after 6 years of production, for good reasons. Don't cheap out on tires.
  5. zalienz

    What is Correct Alternator Voltage?

    13.0v - 14.5v is the correct alternator voltage on a 12v system.
  6. I tinted mine, 50%. It made a huge difference in the amount of heat from the sun came in in the summer. A/C works much better and cools off faster. I'm mostly happy I did it. Downside is it's illegal in California, and I have noticed as I am growing older it makes it harder to see at night. But, these days I don't drive a lot at night anymore.
  7. zalienz

    2019 connect horn in the rear jack compartment?

    That definitely is a horn, and very loud, I'm sure. Only guess would be a part of the anti-theft (alarm) system. It would be loud enough to scare out a bad guy. Maybe try intentionally setting off the alarm and see if it sounds.
  8. I noticed this too. I took a 3000 mile road trip back in 2017 and set the trip odometer so I could see how far I've gone. About a half way into the trip I noticed the trip odometer reset itself. I have no idea where the cutoff was, but it definitely has a certain mileage where it resets itself. There is probably a reason for it, but I do not know.
  9. zalienz

    14+ battery longevity

    I'm still on the original battery, it's been 3 years. My experience with lead acid batteries is they last 3-5 years on average. If I close in on the 5 year mark, I will proactively change it for all the reasons Beta Don mentioned. I do the same with hard drives in my computer, after 5 years, ditch them and replace before they die and leave you stressed.
  10. zalienz

    Backup Camera Scrambled

    Seems like a fairly simple circuit. Checking the connectors first, unless anyone has a definitive answer.
  11. My 2017 TC Cargo XLT has developed it's first real issue, 2 weeks out of warranty. The backup camera image gets scrambled on a very intermittent basis. Most times days or weeks go by working perfectly and then this happens. It may happen 2-3 times in the same day and then not again for a long time. Cycling the key sometimes corrects the issue, sometimes not. Weather isn't really an issue, been warm and dry here in California, so I doubt it's a moisture issue. Any comments? Bad camera, antenna cable. etc.? Vehicle has Sync 3.
  12. zalienz

    Transit Connect top speed?

    Sounds good! You've been elected! Let us know how fast it really goes. 🙂
  13. zalienz

    Transit Connect top speed?

    Top speed for a 2.5L Gen 2 TC is 108mph, electronically limited. I've never tried to drive it above 85mph.
  14. zalienz

    2015 Transit Connect XLT Cargo

    Changes in emission laws made automakers work harder to lower emissions, especially cold start emissions. As has already be reiterated, the computer system need to go from fixed open loop operation to computer operated closed loop operation as quickly as possible to lower the cold start emissions. The major slowdown was with the oxygen sensors in the exhaust. They need to be hot in order to function properly and allow closed loop operation. So we now have heated oxygen sensors, which warm up the oxygen sensors after cold start much faster than just the exhaust heat. in warmer climates, the transition to closed loop happens quickly, within a minute or two. Completely normal and beneficial.
  15. zalienz


    There's some pretty great readings for 102 degrees