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  1. zalienz

    Lost Membership Card.

    I considered the Metris before buying the TC. The Metris was larger, more capable in a cargo sense, but it was $10,000 more than my TC. And, I liked the styling of the TC better. For what I needed it for (hauling drums) the TC had enough space. Factor in the price of Mercedes replacement parts vs Ford down the road, fuel economy, the TC made more sense. I love this van. Off topic, but thanks to Fifty150 for the window deflector recommendation, the Weathertech deflectors work and look great.
  2. zalienz

    Spare Tire Release Hex Bit Size

    This worked for me. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004W80MPE/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. Wow, the amount of mileage vs the amount of maintenance and repairs is phenomenal. Most people would be happy with 200K on a vehicle. It speaks pretty highly of the reliability and build level of these vans. Motor on...
  4. zalienz


    The Craftsman jack is definitely a better unit than the Harbor Freight. Much higher capacity, albeit a refurbished unit. My experience is the rams fail. It would depend on your intended use. For example, I have a OTC aluminum jack in my work van, it gets the job done and weighs about 35 lbs. Sometimes it's in and out of the van 2 - 3 times a day. The Craftsman jack is 90 lbs, and my back would be screaming at me if I had to haul that in & out all day. Get the Craftsman for occasional use, and the extended warranty on the Harbor Freight unit if you choose it and will use it a lot.
  5. zalienz

    New to Forum - Hello!

    Welcome George! I am also a drummer, on the West Coast however, and bought the TC for the same reasons you did. They are very capable and easy to load vans that hold a lot of gear. Enjoy your ride!
  6. zalienz

    Sound deadening for road noise?

    I used an alternative to Dynamat, called B Quiet. https://www.b-quiet.com/ I installed B-Quiet ultimate to the front floor, both front doors, A-pillars, B-Pillars and the roof above the headliner. I also installed B-Quiet V-Comp to the floor and both front doors on top of the Ultimate. I have a Ranger MaxView Partition installed, so I don't get the sound from the cargo area of the van. It is much quieter and comfortable to drive after the installation. However, I did a road trip through Washington State in 2017 and I can agree with you the roads there are very loud, even with the insulation, I was a bit shocked at how loud it was. But on smooth roads, boy it's a dream, and the audio system is so much clearer. Hope this helps. I think it was worth the cost and effort.
  7. Sweet, I really like it. I almost went with the red, chose black instead. I like the wheels, 17" - couldn't get them with the cargo van only the wagon. Great choice, my 2017 has been bullet proof, no warranty issues yet at 21,000 miles. Congrats! Many fun times ahead.
  8. zalienz

    2014 TC Rear Blower Motor

    They are from Helm, Inc, the original equipment manufacturer Ford contracted to use for service manuals. It was not cheap, at $177.00 for the service manual on DVD - ROM and includes complete wiring schematics. But, this is what the Ford service technicians use, and as a service technician myself, IMHO it is the best resource. You can browse the info here and choose for yourself. I try to share these photos when I find the time to visit here to help others, like yourself. http://www.helminc.com/helm/search_service_owner.asp?Style=helm&class_2=FRD Cheers!
  9. zalienz

    New to me 2016 TC LWB Titanium wagon

    Sorry, I made a goof on question #2 - the outer vents are controlled by moving the adjuster on the vent itself. If it's all the way down, it closes off the airflow. The "wheels" are only for the center vents.
  10. zalienz

    New to me 2016 TC LWB Titanium wagon

    Welcome to the TC forum! A couple of answers, #2 - check the "wheel" on the left side of the dash, rolling it down closes off the vent, roll it up to open it #3 - The P and up arrow is the switch to turn park assist on & off. Not sure about the rest, enjoy your TC. Great little vans.
  11. zalienz

    2014 TC Rear Blower Motor

    The rear blower motor is under the driver seat. You need to remove the driver seat to access it.
  12. This is my biggest complaint about my TC. I once drove it 40 miles at night and forgot to turn the main lights / running lights on.
  13. Everyone's situation is different. I don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy a great deal on a buy, especially a car, due to it's cost. Like G B L, I keep most of my cars a very long time. The TC replaced a 30 year old Toyota Pickup with 300K miles on it. I spent months deciding what was the right thing for me and came to the conclusion that getting what I wanted, even at a higher price was more important than a great deal, as the end game adds the value to the deal, and hopefully another 20+ plus years of enjoyment. Like many of us, I spruced it up a bit after sale - tinted windows, racing stripes, Ranger partition, major B-Quiet (Dynamat competitor) sound insulation, juiced up the audio system. It has really made this scoot a quiet, cool dream to drive with a high quality audio system. I may just keep this guy awhile.... Peace
  14. Hi Debspaniel, What Don said is spot on. I special ordered my 2017 in May 2016 and didn't receive it until end of September 2016. It's frustrating when you configure your vehicle just the way you want it and have to wait so long. But I can say I'm really happy with my TC and it was worth the wait. Don't expect any special deals on the price, they know they have you at special order, and you'll pretty much pay what they are asking. Good Luck!
  15. Darn, I was in San Francisco on Sunday. Back in LA now.