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  1. I did follow the same procedure but because I didn't have a tool to tell me what the temp was in the transmission, I did the leveling after I had taken it out for a normal drive for around a half hour. Once I got back, I ran it through the gears then put it in park, leaving it running while doing the leveling procedure. Not sure if that is totally correct, there seemed to be some conflicting information about what shift position to be in while leveling, park or neutral, but that's what I did. My transmission didn't have any problems before I changed the fluid (at 120k miles), but since I didn't know the service performed on the transmission, I decided to change it to be safe. I performed the 3x flush and fill on 3 separate days a week apart to make sure the new fluid mixed with the old fluid before flushing it again. I replaced the fluid with what was taken out each time, then did the leveling on a separate day. Probably not necessary but I figured that was probably a good way to do it. My transmission does have a small leak between the transmission and the engine, but it's not enough to be too concerned about. When I leveled it, it was down about 4 ounces. I am catching the leak in a drain pan and I will replace what comes out every six months or so. I figure it's leaking less than an ounce every couple of months. Hope this and what was posted above helps you with your issues.
  2. Just thought I'd add this as I'm replacing the transmission fluid on my newly acquired 2015 Transit Connect with the Ecoboost 1.6L engine and I noticed that it's different than most everything I've seen discussed on this forum. The transmission in my van has the indicator plug on the right side of the axle and uses a 10mm hex plug instead of a bolt. Here's a couple of pictures of what it looks like. So if you have the Ecoboost engine, this might be what your indicator plug looks like.