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    Help - ABS / Hill Start Assist

    gwbasley, did you fix your issue? I have had a terrible time lately with my 2015 connect (70600miles )all my bells and whistles going off ! hill assist/ service engine/ service transmission/ and also a transmission failure notice. It also went into limp mode, now I'd like to think I'm more than a driveway mechanic as I have 7 vehicles to maintain, I also just helped my Friend install a lift in his shop! I Found the problem!! turns out the rear wheel sensor was not picking up the speed . it started when we had a snow storm, there is a magnetic ring in the rear wheel hub assembly. I thought I could feel a bearing problem lately. I also have a friend who is a seasoned Ford service tech, He had told me there is a known issue with the rear speed sensor on the Ford focus/ Transit connect and it effects the transmission ( Nice to have friends in low places) I want to thank GBL / shady lady/ Don Ridley. Also I found while shopping for parts that rock auto had the motorcraft hub/ bearing assembly for $299.00 each, I almost lost it. On a whim I checked the dealer, They have motorcraft hubs for $130.00 ea. one dealer in connetuicut had them ford $105 ea.and the abs sensors for $19.00 ea. Now I'm not one to through parts at something until it's fixed and I will not pay a dealer for diagnostics. As soon as I change the right rear wheel hub and sensor I plugged it in turned the key and all my lights were gone, no more errors. Test ride was perfect, now to reset the adaptive tables for the transmission. Ford Tech Quick tip #66
  2. So I went through the fluid change and a few days later I checked the level and added just a bit more. The vehicle was shifting perfect! I took it to a shop anyway and plugged it in with the newest and best snap-on diagnostic equipment. There was 10 different codes from abs to wheel sensors issues, limp mode and service trans now! on and on. All these issues started when the trans started acting up. The only thing he did not do was clear the adaptive tables for the transmission, he could not understand what needed to be done. I left went through all the warm up procedures braking , shifting. then it all started again. This seems to be electrical, transmission acts up then the select a shift goes haywire. When I watched the video, the quick tip #66 was he using the free ford software on his laptop.
  3. Thanks for posting , everything that video spoke of! Transmission started acting up in the snow and slush but the hard down shifts made me cringe.
  4. Ricobike, I have the same 2015 fluid level plug. did you follow the same procedure , running at operating temp, in nuetral? Company van, try to do all my own service but employees have been hard on it.Is there a reset procedure after the fluid change? Having a hell of a time with this transmision. Hate to think of the van as a throw away!