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  1. operating engineer O/O


    Gary I will give U mine ( 208 ) 750-8081 Tom Menzel or www.TomMenzel.com
  2. operating engineer O/O

    Does My Radio Have Bluetooth/Sync

    Sure looks just like my 2013 radio ..... & my Sync & Bluetooth works well ...... after messing around & rereading the set-up twice ..... bought mine new back in 2014 & I don't remember the trick ?
  3. I want to set my traction control to off by default. I have a 2015 ford transit connect wagon. Is this what you did?

    1. G B L

      G B L

       The Traction Control resets every time the Ignition is cycled.  I There is no way around that.

      I have tried

  4. I bought my 2013 Transit Connect new & changed to alum. alloy wheels the first month. I was planning on switching back & forth between two sets of wheel / tires between seasons. Not gonna do that. These 4 wheel covers have No wounds or nicks of any sort. Would sell all four by first choice, if I find little interest as a set of 4, may sell by each....shipping will be the issue if selling one @ a time... I do have packing stuff.... . Make offers, ( 262 ) 613-2527 only 8 AM till 8PM CST , 7 days a week , Will meet or travel only with payment or PayPal first, meeting would be @ some fire or police station , If you are not pleased with condition of wheel covers when we meet, I will hand you your payment back ........http://www.TomMenzel.com.......http://www.MenzelEngineering.com
  5. I bought my 2013 new & switched to alum. alloys with Real snows the first month, about 1,000 miles . Had planned on swapping back & forth by season. Soooo happy with Real snows in mud & winter, gonna run them year round. Tell me what you need, all 4, or may sell by each ? The shipping costs will be the issue. Tom @ ( 262 ) 613-2527 only 8 AM till 8 PM CST, seven days a week.... North of Milwaukee on I-43 ... will make 2 nd listing for the wheel covers , make offers as there are many ways this could work. Will only meet or travel if payment or PayPal first. Meeting will be @ some fire or police station parking lot only......http://www.TomMenzel.com.....http://www.MenzelEngineering.com
  6. operating engineer O/O

    Rear Door removable panel

    Yes.... this brake light " blank " is the point @ which the 2002-2013 Connects in the R.O.W. get their third brake light mounted...... Our US DOT says that is not the true " Middle " of the rear, ( our tax dollars @ work ) .....I would like to hear or see what others have mounted there ? Antenna mounting on that ABS plastic plate is a great use....I am looking @ what lights might fit up there....besides the new 3/4'' red dual function marker ...Truck Lite # 33203R.... or maybe... Truck Lite # 15061 ....I have mounted two flood lights to my hitch tube that come on when reverse is selected or I can turn on both floods & factory reverse lamps with toggle switch from inside rear or side doors with key on or off. I work outside @ night . I may add this upper lamp to that same toggle ? If anyone can post other ideas or photos ? I would be most thankful.... This plate is made of ABS plastic & measures 1.75 " x 5.69 " & mostly hollow inside.... made by Valeo
  7. operating engineer O/O

    access to the underneath of hollow floor in back...

    And if a rattle starts, spray undercoating into the holes....
  8. operating engineer O/O

    access to the underneath of hollow floor in back...

    Good morning Jazzalina, I just went out & looked @ my 2013.....must be some changes in that time span....If no other ideas are put forth here, I would just cut the bolt heads off & let bolts drop down....... unless you want to keep taking the seat in & out .
  9. operating engineer O/O

    Ford oval '02 -'13 Transit Connect , 115mm x 45mm, part # listing

    mrtn Please post photo after install.....Very well done....thanks ......Tom
  10. operating engineer O/O

    Tough to Find nice used Transit Connect

    Yes Robert, you are correct.....I ended up buying a 2013 " NOS" black XL with rear windows, power windows & Sync with 182 miles total, but it was a real hunt....don't give up Robert. ......Tom
  11. operating engineer O/O

    Taping into the central juntion box

    I like your plan.....I needed my power in the rear & made a block @ the pass. side rear for large flood & back-up lights . The factory power outlet by the rear door made it very easy. I keep watching eBay & C/L the for electrical manual @ a more real price. What price did you find yours for please ?
  12. Please add your drain plug info to this. There is more to read about some of this topic @ " Oil '' however I can only speak to 2010-2013 TCs so I post here.... 2 liters use a M14 x 1.5 pitch engine oil drain plug. The factory stock plug is an iron non - magnetic needing a 13mm wrench for removal . The plug port faces the rear of van, not down. The alum pan has a slight recess @ drain port. The factory iron plug has a " face " dia of 28.5 mm & uses a rubber O-ring 23mm od with a 13mm id & is 2.6mm thick when new. I just did my first oil & filter change @ 1,369 miles as it was a quart low & I wanted the factory oil out. The oil capacity is listed as 4.5 qt. I read many reviews about magnetic drain plug brands & went with Mishimoto, having the best reviews. Their M14 x 1.5 magnetic needs a 24mm wrench for removal which some people do not like, but I prefer. It has a 24mm " face'' to the pan vs stock of 28.5 mm " face" to pan. ...This alum magnetic plug has a very tough built in O-ring & replaceable washer. Mishimoto part # MMOD-1415B or if you prefer, UPC 748354807608 @ both Amazon & eBay for about $ 16 .......Please add more choices... like the part numbers for the flip valve types that you have used on your TC ?
  13. operating engineer O/O


    The stock Ford OEM plug number found @ 5 look-up charts was shown as Ford's # F6TZ6730BA with M14 x 1.5 pitch, magnetic plugs are offered by NRG & Mishimoto @ Amazon & eBay....
  14. operating engineer O/O

    Ford oval '02 -'13 Transit Connect , 115mm x 45mm, part # listing

    Yes it is Willie, all the rear door logos or badges are held on with 3M black double sided stick tape. Older Fords used a Much better grade of badges ...... I removed them ALL with fishing line, then cleaned off the goo with 3M # 08984 " General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner " which IMHO is the best goo cleaner made & I have used many........If you remove your corroded badge & you have a faded paint issue under your 115 x 45 , there are many to be had that are just a bit bigger to cover any flaws or wounds & can be an simple way to cover a small ding or dent without " bodywork" .....Tom
  15. http://www.ebay.tv/sch/i.html?_odkw=ford+emblem+oval+3u5a-19h250-ea&_sop=15&_from=R40&_osacat=6028&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xford++3u5a-19h250-ea.TRS0&_nkw=ford++3u5a-19h250-ea&_sacat=6028 ......This link is for current listings of the stock size oval , 45 mm tall x 115 mm long, this size was also used on some Granada, Fiesta & Taurus. There are many other sizes used @ the OEM level by Ford, with some as large 9'' on "Super Duty" .... new 45 x 115 can be bought @ e-Bay $ 4 - $ 20 plus. I had the stock 45 x 115 from my '13 in hand & the part # was on the back, under the 3M double sided tape.