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  1. Appraiser249


    Thanks, that's a lot of good information to digest! She said today it was shifting funny, which is the first sign that its low on fluid. I wish there was a simple dip stick to check and add fluid. The summer heat and some of the wild routes she has had to run lately are pushing the tranny a little too much. She loves the room and everything else about the TC as a mail vehicle. Really need to get some RHD ones over here from Europe!
  2. Appraiser249


    My wife uses her 2015 TC to deliver mail, lots of start & stop driving. The lack constant travel makes everything hotter than normal since there is little air flow. Once she got transmission error message. The dealer said she was a quart and a half low on trans fluid and that we may need to change the fluid more often than 150,000! She's going to be off next week so the fluid will be replaced even though there is only 115k on it. We got it with 95k. Does anyone make a transmission cooler to supplement the little one from the factory?
  3. Appraiser249

    oil change on the 2014 TC

    That's what I figured... The right side gas pedal hits the floor before the left side one does. I'll remove one of the bolts that links them so it will go to the floor. Then I should be able to get rid of the notice.
  4. Appraiser249

    oil change on the 2014 TC

    To reset the oil change message you turn on the ignition and press the brake and gas, in 3 seconds reset message comes up then 25 seconds later its done. Does anyone know how far the gas pedal has to be pressed down? The right hand drive conversion keeps the gas pedal from going all the way down and I suspect that's why I can't reset the message.
  5. Dealer finally called today, it needs a new module, which is now on order along with the door latch recall parts. At least the module is only $300 and change. Hopefully we'll get it back before the new year!
  6. Appraiser249

    Ursa Minor - Intro

    Those look great! I've drooled over one of your conversions for my Honda Element for years but had to settle for the Honda tent. We just don't do enough camping to justify the cost of a full blown camper, but they are nice.
  7. Its not that bad. Should end up just over 14. Other option was a 4 door jeep, with a lot less cargo room for 30+.
  8. Well I couldn't find anything. Did figure out that the right side doors also weren't locking and since there is no manual way to lock them.... Its in the dealers hands now. They said there were three tech that worked on electronics and wiring and that they were backed up right now, could be a week. The dealer can also check on the transmission and the door latch recall since its outstanding and the left side door sometimes sticks.
  9. I think we used the windows, but I can't say for certain. Just had the van for a week or so before sending it off for the conversion. Going from memory so I might be off on the numbers but I checked fuses 28&29 in the engine compartment, the control the windows. Then checked 3&4 and 7&8 in the rear panel, which are left and right door controls. If we have sunshine tomorrow I plan to check under the dash for any connectors that are unplugged or loose. It has to be a loose connection somewhere, just where!
  10. Got the right hand drive conversion installed in the 2015 TC and just discovered the front and rear power window on the right side don't work. The right side power mirror also doesn't work. Checked all the relevant fuses and they are good. Any ideas? The RHD conversion runs under the dash so I'm wondering if a wiring harness got disconnected, but I don't see anything obvious. Its hard to deliver the mail when the window won't go down!
  11. Appraiser249

    2015 TC transmission fluid change

    Our 2015 TC seems to stay in 2nd longer than it should, I was thinking that a fluid change may help. Its almost to 99,000 miles. Was talking to the dealer about the slow shift out of second and immediately got the "you've got a 150,000 mile full synthetic fluid..." so I might have to kick and scream to get them to change it.
  12. Appraiser249

    Movable Cargo WAll

    I would snap one up faster than they could import it! A Jeep Wrangler would be wonderful, but they are very expensive, even used, and the used one need new engines and transmissions! The four door which is the largest made is too small for the number of packages my wife's regular route gets, especially at this time of the year. The movable 'wall' is fairly simple. Its on a mounted platform that goes over the third seat, is on a track with fixed stops at the back of the front seats and another behind the middle seats. I think we can engineer a way to put in additional stops. We have a PostalThings RHD conversion in a Subaru Forester but don't like the large towers they mount on the floor. On the TC (as you can see in the pics) the plastic around the center console is removed. There is another place, oddly enough about two miles north of PostalThings, called Pedal Pros. They use cables so the center console stays intact. Both systems mount plates on the front floor board, which means drilling all the way through.... We are retiring a Honda Element with a RHD conversion that is behind the pedals so nothing is drilled through the floor, but I think its only going to work on an Element. Our mechanic is going to remove it Monday and see if he can reverse engineer it to work in the Transit Connect.
  13. Appraiser249

    Movable Cargo WAll

    Not sure of the part #, we went to Atlanta today and bought the 2015 with the movable wall! If it wasn't 30 degrees out I would have done more exploring. Will try to find one this weekend.
  14. Appraiser249

    Movable Cargo WAll

    Found it! It is an Adrian Steel product. Found it on youtube (of course...) but its not on their website so I assume its no longer available. Hopefully we will soon be the new owners of one that's for sale. It will then get a right hand drive conversion and be my wife's for mail delivery. Wish I could get an English version that's already RHD!
  15. Appraiser249

    Movable Cargo WAll

    This is the wall I'm looking for. Found it in a 2015 and a 2016 so far. Don't know if it was an option from Ford that you can't get any more or if its from a third party. It goes over the seats and can adjust from all the way forward to behind the second row seats.