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  1. John PDX

    Removing Factory Roof Rails?

    On a wagon, you will have to drop both the Front and rear headliners. Here's the steps in general (special tools required mostly panel poppers): 1. remove 3rd row if fitted 2. remove rear quarter panels, disconnect any courtesy lights if fitted, panels pull toward the centerline of the van 3. remove 3rd row seatbelts, and upper quarter covers 4. remove hooks from headliner (pry cover toward center, then rotate 90 degrees to remove) 5. drop front headliner (instructions in prior post) 6. remove trees from rear headliner, takes pretty hard pull, use panel tool carefully 7. remove dome light 8. Work headliner out from side and rear gaskets, try NOT to remove these, there is a very tenacious sealant that will get on everything if they are removed. 9. Drop headliner and pull out from van from rear. Note harnesses must be disconnected from front section when that is removed. Once removed, the rails have 5 nuts, the center ones you will need very small socket on long extension to reach them through the airbags. You will also need to loosen the airbags brackets in the middle, flex it down and then you can reach another nut. Generally, there are almost no screws holding the interior together, it all pops in/out BUT the trees and mounts are fragile and without a tool they are easily broken during removal. A very bright shop light is helpful, the front area of the van has very deep gaps between the floor liner, seats etc and if a stray screw goes down there it's pretty much gone. Keep in mind when removing the front shelf which has small screws deep in mounts....
  2. John PDX

    2019 Transit Connect Roof Rails

    If anyone is looking for OEM roof rails, we posted them for sale in this forum, we almost always have them as they are removed from the vans coming in (2014 - 2020) They will fit any year, there is no difference in the roof line between years, though the body panels changes (grill etc)
  3. Hi Ron - Did you solve this issue? I am curious, as on my 2018 wagon I have a similar problem, the sliding door window switches do not work for the power windows, but I can move them up/down from the driver door control. I can lock the windows or unlock them, but this does not impact use of the rear window controls.
  4. I didn't see any prices listed for the new Metris yet, but if you already have a Transit Connect there are options...
  5. We have sets of brand new roof rails available in both of our shops, these are removed from Transit Connects coming in for conversion or pop tops. Great deal for any forum members @ $100 per set, pick up on site (San Diego CA or Portland OR) We can put in shipping tube, but the shipping is freight due to the length so we would have get a price depending on your location. We also have cross-bars available if needed. Call Ursa Minor at 619-424-9030 or email us at info@ursaminorvehicles.com if interested. Note we typically have a lot of these, so even if this post has been up for a while just reach out. Installation on a van is quite fast, remove plugs in existing holes, and install. For a wagon, the headliner must be dropped front/back and access is harder due to the airbags but it's still straight forward work with sockets.
  6. John PDX

    Ursa Minor - Intro

    Hello Transit Connect Forums - I just signed up for the forum, and wanted to introduce myself and our company. Ursa Minor has been building campers since 2007, and we started playing with the Transit Connect this year! We began production of pop top camper conversions this summer, and are ramping things up for 2019 We still have more components in design, but here's a few photos of recent builds. Cheers, John www.ursaminorvehicles.com Portland OR | San Diego CA