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  1. Eddy Kilowatt


    I've noticed the thread drift, would be happy if there was a little less of it... I've probably been guilty of contributing a few times, too. Maybe if a few off-topic replies were moved to Lounge and appeared in Recent Posts/Recent Topics, they'd attract attention there and get folks in the habit of hanging out in the Lounge forum. There's an enjoyable bunch of folks here to chew the fat with, we just need a little more self-discipline to keep the question/answer threads on-topic.
  2. Eddy Kilowatt

    6F35 tranny rebuild at 62k

    It's a Certified Pre-Owned, so warranty now goes to 100k. I noticed the clunky shifting during my test drive, decided to have faith in the warranty and not scuttle the deal (which I'd driven 100+ miles to make)... if it had been a private-sale deal five miles from home I'd have probably passed on it after the drive. I'm glad that Ford was there for me, so far, as I really didn't expect this level of repair. (I guess they didn't either or they wouldn't have CPO'ed the car.) I considered the harsh shifts to be annoying but not damaging, but as I read more about the 6F35, my alarm level grew. So I'm happy with the direction things are going at the moment; as DavidParker said, kicking off ownership with a well-rebuilt trans is nothing to complain about.
  3. Eddy Kilowatt

    6F35 tranny rebuild at 62k

    I took my new-to-me 2015 wagon to local dealer service, to have them do something about the green-and-yellow brake fluid in the reservoir that I posted about a few weeks ago. While handing over the van I also mentioned the delayed and harsh 2-3 upshift, and general minor clunkiness at random times on other shifts. I didn't think those issues would make me stand out from thousands of other 6F35 owners, but lo and behold... they called to say that I just had two colors of DOT4 in the reservoir and they wouldn't do anything about the brakes... but by the way they reproduced my shift symptoms and noticed a shift flare too, so they were pulling the trans to do a service bulletin on the valve body and replace some clutches while they were in there. (!) That was Tuesday and I've heard one update on Friday that parts were due in Saturday and Monday... so we'll see how it turns out. I have a sneaking suspicion I happened in there during a slow week for their trans tech, and they were happy to see some warranty work they could charge to Ford. (It's a CPO vehicle with powertrain warranty to 100k). It'll all come down to the skill level of that tech, but the service advisor seems confident they can get it running like it's supposed to. Further news as it happens...
  4. I'm all about buying used vehicles too, and while I don't look for high miles, I don't let 'em put me off, either... and because the value formulas use a fixed cents-per-mile price, you do save a lot as the miles rack up. I go for 3-5 years old and up to 20k miles per year. Note that I've mostly applied this to passenger cars, European ones at that... and when you find high miles on a passenger car they tend to be highway miles (unless Carfax indicates livery service). Highway miles are best miles: few cold starts, steady speeds, light loads, not much accelerating and braking, clambering on and off the upholstery, etc. But in this case, you have an indication it was mostly used around town, presumably start/stop traffic. With that I would be a little more interested in wear on the powertrain (are all the transmission shifts smooth and well-timed, up and down), brakes (easy to check, pads and rotors), body (above, below, and suspension), and interior. /just bought a 2015 TC with 61k //but CPO with warranty to 100k, so I'm not as brave as I sound ///and it's currently on a lift at the Ford dealer, with its tranny on the bench =:-0
  5. Eddy Kilowatt

    Always stick to (D) , never used the ( S ) mode.

    You can totally shift into S, it's what you're supposed to do to keep from cooking the brakes. To quote from the manual, in manual S position: * the transmission provides maximum engine braking. * gears 1 through 6 are available. * the driver can manually shift the transmission to gears 1 through 6 using the SelectShift™ switch located on the selector lever knob. * grade assist is activated. * the transmission will select gears that will provide the engine braking desired, based on the vehicle inputs, this will increase engine rpm during engine braking. In S, when you step on the brake the tranny will drop a gear to help with braking. Use it anytime you're on a long hill, unless you enjoy the aroma of hot brake pads and like paying for brake jobs.
  6. Eddy Kilowatt


    I'm curious about this too. I looked around briefly (i.e., typed that tire size into Tire Rack's search) and didn't see anything with the XL/97 load rating.
  7. Eddy Kilowatt

    OEM tires and wheelspin

    It would be nice if there was an alternate, less aggressive accelerator map that could be selected with a scanner. Something suitable for a wedding-cake delivery business. "Limousine Mode", if you will.
  8. I have to confess I never really expected them to follow through on the diesel, despite announcing it a year ago. I think it was a brave move toward fuel economy on their part (as was downsizing the gas engine offering to 2.0), but the pervasive need to do 0-60 in seven seconds is winning for now. Add to that diesel's real technical problems getting clean, its VW-inflicted problems playing fair, and its historical lack of acceptance for passenger power in the US, and it was a real eyebrow-raiser when Ford announced diesel power for the TC. I was still hoping they'd follow through, looking forward to test driving one, and hoping for success for their new (in N.A.) EcoBlue powertrain... but I will hardly be surprised if these early hints that the engine is cancelled turn out to be true.
  9. Eddy Kilowatt

    OEM tires and wheelspin

    The 2.5 (and I would bet the 1.6) has drive-by-wire throttle, and they seem to have mapped it to give about 50% throttle opening with the first 10% of accelerator pedal motion. Perhaps an attempt to fool motor journalists into thinking there's more engine up front than there really is. Anyway, it's hard to get a smooth takeoff even in good weather.
  10. Eddy Kilowatt

    2019 Transit Connect early review

    Man, you can say again. Actually, I don't even think they're particularly aware of the nuances of handling. It's all about can it shove you back in your seat, does it have the latest assortment of marginally useful and potentially distracting "driver assist technology"... and in this jaw-dropping case, snif snif, "the infotainment screen isn't particularly large". Rare is the reviewer who puts him/her self in the shoes of someone looking for something other than a vehicle to gun around some pre-arranged drive on scenic country roads for the media showcase. But it also sounds like Ford hasn't solved the mystery of how to make a smooth-shifting automatic with more than three forward speeds. 😞
  11. Eddy Kilowatt

    Modern day sedan delivery?

    When describing the TC to friends, I say "overgrown PT Cruiser" which, sadly, helps. Most of them don't know the TC by name (thanks, Ford). I'm still waiting for the right moment to use "I'm just here to fix the cable" 😉 .
  12. Eddy Kilowatt

    MotorCraft Oil Filter

    Interesting info, thanks... bears out some of my previously formed prejudices, but since I'll be using Motorcraft filters (and oil) while in warranty, it's nice to know they appear to be a quality product.
  13. Eddy Kilowatt

    Yikes... cloudy brake fluid

    My name is Eddy Kilowatt, and I approve of this comment 😉
  14. Was poking around under the hood of my new-to-me 2015 TC, and came across this dismaying sight in the brake fluid reservoir. I theorize that the dealership (it's a CPO vehicle) got water in there when they were pressure washing the engine bay, but who knows... I've never actually added water to DOT4 to see what happens. Hopefully the whatever-that-floc-is is recent and hasn't been there too long, or migrated too far into the brake system. I've parked the car for now and will schedule a trip to my local dealer (not the selling dealer) as soon as the holidays are over. My thought is they should separately drain the reservoir, then after that flush the full brake system... but I don't suppose I'll have much influence on what they do other than making that stuff go away.
  15. Eddy Kilowatt

    доверять, но проверить

    Here's what Fuelly.com reports, for about five thousand fillups of Ford Transit Connects with 2.5 liter four-cylinder gas engines. So there's obviously a huge range, close to 2:1, in the actual fuel economy that folks are achieving. They don't report what folks' trip computers are reading. I've only had my van long enough for one fillup... so no real-world data from me, yet.