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  1. My mint 2015 needed the trans rebuilt at ~62k... luckily I'd just bought it a few months before as a CPO vehicle with a one year powertrain warranty. Dealer said I'd have been out about $3500. I believe the trans does fine with highway miles, judging by the number of reports of 200k+ vehicles that are just a few years old. Around town with lots of shifting may be a different story.
  2. Everything you need, right there in that last pic!
  3. I may be the last person in the world not to know this, but I've been trying to figure out what these half-circle cutouts in the interior panels are for. There are a couple in the rear, on either side of the third row, and just yesterday I noticed one in the right front passenger footwell/console area. There may be more. I've flipped through the manual and looked at several dozen post topics here in the Interior section without finding them. Someone bring me into the 21st century, please... gently. 😀 Ed
  4. Eddy Kilowatt

    Body and Equipment Mounting Manual_2014+

    Wow, that's quite a find. Thanks for posting.
  5. Eddy Kilowatt

    General Grabber AT2 upgrade

    Any luck with getting the speedo/odo calibration changed?
  6. Finally, a small van with a factory-endorsed Weekender package returns to the US market... but VW was too dumb to do it: https://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/a30784375/mercedes-benz-metris-weekender-camper-van/
  7. Eddy Kilowatt

    Isn't this the cutest van

    Amazon signed up for 100,000 delivery vans from Rivian... can't wait to see these on the road.
  8. Eddy Kilowatt

    Gen 2 hangs in 2nd gear too long

    Hanging 2-3 was one of the symptoms (along with a bunch of other harsh shifts) when I had to have my trans rebuilt at 62k. It was still there, though less so, even after the rebuild. I haven't heard of anyone having satisfaction after resetting the adaptations, but it's free to try if you have the tools. Something that seems like snake oil is to try running premium fuel for a couple of tanks. I laughed when I first heard this, but here in modern times when the engine knows the tranny's bidness and the tranny knows the engine's bidness and they both share the same computer anyway... it turns out there is an effect. The engine adapts its ignition timing for the fuel octane and the tranny for some reason knows about the engine timing. At any rate, I feel (subjectively) that the shift points have moved down a little since I started running 91 octane a few tanks ago.
  9. Eddy Kilowatt

    2014 Transmission fluid level check/refill.

    Yes, that's my understanding of the parts of the system. The ATF flow is straightforward; from the one diagram of the flow in the cooling system it is a bit harder to understand which way coolant is flowing and where the hot and cold and high and low pressure parts of the system are. In my mind there's a bit of a puzzle about the role of the cooler bypass valve. I too believe that it ordinarily would not send ATF to the heat exchanger until the ATF warms up. And yet, there are these two coolant valves, and per the shop manual the job of one of them is to send warm coolant to the heat exchanger to help warm up the ATF. BUT, how can that do any good if the cooler bypass valve doesn't send ATF to the heat exchanger until the ATF is warm? I wonder if the bypass valve for this model is strictly a pressure bypass, rather than thermostatic. There don't seem to be any specs for its operation in the manual. Thanks for the tips about the coolant valve parameters, I might try adding those to my Forscan display to see if they make any sense. I did a 90 minute drive last weekend and TFT seemed to settle around 165-170, but I didn't give the van enough work to get the TFT hotter and see if it returned to that level.
  10. Thanks for the link... You are a braver man than I, though at those prices the gamble wasn't huge I suppose. Plug-and-play installation on the TC? How do you like them out on the road?
  11. Wow the beam on those lights looks awesome. Info on the lights? (I realize we probably can't get them over here in the USA.)
  12. Eddy Kilowatt

    2014 Transmission fluid level check/refill.

    Well for example, on my 35 mile drive to work: ten miles of two-lane at 45-60 mph, a couple miles of stop-and-go with several traffic lights, then 20 miles of freeway. 60-80F Central Coast temperatures. TFT rises steadily but slowly and has just barely made it to 70C by the end of the 45-minute drive. Seems slow to me, given that engine coolant is over 80C within a few miles, and there's a somewhat elaborate heating/cooling system with a trans fluid heat exchanger, that should be actively seeking to servo the TFT to a target temp that I suspect should be in the 80-90C range. I *have* seen higher temps but only when climbing extended grades in hot weather. I need to see if I can reach the heat exchanger to do a "put your hand on the upper radiator hose" kind of test, or else tape a couple of thermocouples to it and remotely monitor the ins and outs to see what's going on.
  13. Eddy Kilowatt

    2014 Transmission fluid level check/refill.

    That's is my plan as well. My take after a bunch of reading is that the 6F35 fails because the fluid loads up with wear products (especially from the Torque Converter Clutch), rather than because the fluid breaks down or has additives (e.g. TBN boosters etc) that get used up. Taking out a third or half of the dirt every 10k should give about the same average dirt level as taking it all[most] out every 30k, but with lower extremes on both the dirty and the clean side... plus it is convenient (IMO) to add 20 minutes to an engine oil change, rather than spending a morning messing with multiple drains, fills, and warm-ups. I haven't actually done a change yet because I'm trying to figure out why my trans never gets hot (above 70C) and is slow to warm up (15 minutes to get to 50C), plus I'm researching external spin-on fluid filter set-ups.
  14. Good info, thanks for posting. Seems like a good part to track down and at least stash in the spares box... I hate fifty-cent bushings (sold for $5) that can leave you with windows that won't go up, hoods that won't open, or cars that won't go into gear. Do you know anything about the actual failure mode... does the shifting gradually get sloppy, or does it just let go one day and pop the cable off the lever?
  15. There is, at least here in California, for the exact reason you state. Not that it's enforced or anything, but at least someone in the Traffic Code department was astute enough to realize the hazard.