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  1. So how did this bucket-to-bench swap turn out? Did the bench bolt right in where the buckets had been? A fair amount of interest in this topic on the forums. You guys probably know the answer by now.
  2. Eddy Kilowatt

    Buckets or bench?

    Okay, this question still doesn't seem to have been definitively answered, as in, someone who's actually done it posting photos, or at least a few words about whether it works and what's required. I'm looking at used TCs and the one that meets all my other 'wants' (including the all-important "wife's favorite color" 😉 ) is a six-seater. For various reasons, seven seats (with the triple second row) works better for me... and my dog. It looks like the triple seats are not hard to find in the salvage industry, even in matching color. But... is it a bolt-in operation, or is this going to require boxes of brackets and adapters, multiple trips to the salvage yard, drilling or cutting, etc etc? Surely someone's done this swap by now...
  3. Eddy Kilowatt

    Exhaust manifold removal to fit block heater?

    Sorry can't answer as to the block heater installation, but just wanted to note (you may know already) that there are aftermarket coolant heaters (e.g. Zerostart) that typically splice into a cooling system hose and circulate coolant via thermosyphon (convection) effect. I don't know if the TC's "plumbing" is suitable, probably someone here does... it depends on whether the thermostat has a bypass that's accessible. It would certainly be something to investigate before going the block heater route, if installation is that involved.
  4. Sorry if I missed this, but... what engine was/is this, the 2.5 or the 1.6 turbo? (I'm guessing the 2.5 of course...) Glad to hear these can rack up high miles... I"m considering a 2014 that's in the high 70s. Was pondering whether that might be halfway to major items needing replacement... tranny clutches, timing components, that sort of thing... but you seem to have a data point that says "not if you take care of it". (Lots of highway miles helps too.)
  5. I'll check that out, as it looks to have more members than Transit Connect Owners, which I'm already a member of. The 2.0 EcoBlue (meeting Euro6) was announced by Ford in 2016 and has been available since 2017... the 1.5 version is more recent. I'm trying to learn where and when it might have been road tested, and released for sale to the public.
  6. Yes, in addition to the usual suspects (Craigslist, AutoTrader, Cars.com, etc) in a 100-mile radius, I've been looking at some of these new nationwide franchise operations like CarMax, CarGurus, and Carvana. They offer pre-inspected vehicles, meant I think to be equivalent to manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned, at a no-haggle price, with transport options that range all the way up to "we drop it off in your driveway"... for a fee, of course (visible or built-in). I'm curious whether you or anyone else here might have seen or heard any scuttlebut about the "inspections" these outfits do. My personal default is to mentally translate "rigorous 128-point inspection" into "we drove it around the block... no smoke came out, and no parts fell off"... but this is an interesting new market niche and there is the opportunity for an honest player who actually does credible inspections to gain a foothold by delivering actual customer value. Anyone heard anything?
  7. I was going to resist the new diesel and go for a used 2.5, but private-owner wagons are scarce on the market around here and nothing's turned up yet. So I'm back to being tempted by the 1.5 diesel, somewhat to my dismay -- I have never in my life bought a new engine (and transmission) in its first year of production. But the diesel seems appealingly quirky to me, I've had a VW TDI (older rotary-pump job) which was a great long-life diesel experience, and a 5-cylinder Eurovan with even less power than the 1.5 diesel will have, so if anyone can deal with it, I figure I can. This new "EcoBlue" ought to be second generation for the SCR and DPF emissions hardware, so by rights they ought to have the major bugs worked out. It's odd that there's still not much info out there on the 1.5 other than the splash of publicity at introduction last February. No progress reports, ordering info, test drives of the engine in Euro-market cars, or really much of anything at all.
  8. Eddy Kilowatt

    Looking to get a diesel

    Transit Custom, that's the Europe-only model that's midway in size between Transit and Transit Connect, nicht wahr? The one a lot of us wish they'd bring over to the USA? Bummer about the ergonomics. But how's the diesel?
  9. What's technical about "the transmission cooler/warmer"? TL/DR: there's already one there, it acts to warm the trans to operating temp more quickly (for fuel economy and probably shift smoothness), and it acts to cool the trans when it's working hard. Sounds like a trans temp gauge would be the place to start, see how well the factory cooler is doing its job.
  10. Eddy Kilowatt

    Looking to get a diesel

    The press reports from the Feb 2018 announcement have all referred to "a new EcoBlue 1.5 liter diesel" (some even say "all new"). Googling around a bit, a 2-liter EcoBlue was introduced in Europe in 2016. Wikipedia says it's used in Transit, Transit Custom, and a souped-up version in the Ranger Raptor. It meets Euro 6 and has SCR, EGR, and DPF... or as Beta Don mentioned, bye-bye to that appealing diesel simplicity of old. The 1.5 liter EcoBlue seems to have appeared in late 2017 for the EcoSport, , and then of course the US version announced in Feb 2018. I haven't seen its emissions hardware spelled out but presumably very similar to the 2.0. So I'll amend my clean-sheet-of-paper remark to just "newly introduced", although of course all the USA emissions programming (and perhaps hardware) will be brand new. I'm still making myself think of the 2.5 gas engine as the "iron block pushrod V-8" option in terms of simplicity and reliability... even though it's DOHC and four valves. But compared to the direct injected and turbocharged EcoBoost, or the EcoBlue with all that plus an alphabet soup of emissions hardware... I guess it is.
  11. Eddy Kilowatt

    Looking to get a diesel

    So getting back to the 1.5 l diesel Ford says they will offer on the '19s... it's a brand new clean-sheet-of-paper design, innit? That alone gives me pause, and I don't care which builder you're talking about. First year of anything always has some surprises for the engineers (I should know, I are one). I'm coming from a TDI and a Eurovan (not the same vehicle) so the TC diesel caught my eye too, but a lightly used 2.5 l will have more ... simplicity, cheapness, and reliability ...even if it has less technical interest.