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  1. thanks for your quick response! Yes mine is the same im just going to change trans fluid at 25K im at 23k now .. and may extend the filler hose so its easy to add fluid did you do that or you ok getting to the filler cap
  2. ok never mind my other post i see you did.. how is the leak? Thanks
  3. Hello gbl how is your transmission fluid did you get the seal replaced is there any official fix out there? also have you change the fluid on the transmission yet mine still leaks a little i just add some during oil change. Thanks
  4. very good post how was the color of the fluid do you notice any different is shifting? Thanks!!
  5. Johnyguy

    How improve gas mileage

    i drive a 2.5 litter in the city i got 250 miles/gal when im on the highway i got 360/gal major diff...
  6. Hello GBL and everybody how is your trans fluid level I just checked mine the second time after 14000 miles I did not have to add much , so if the fluid is low than nothing would come out at the hole if you add fluid its starts to come out slowly right that is when you stop adding it should be at the level this is what I did . I think you have explaned this already . I was thinking the fill up plug could be extended with a rubber hose so when you add fluid you dont have to burn your hand with the hot water hose next to it, did you think of that I mean I know its not like you need to refill very often but to be convenient could be done I think it would need a tube to extend that nipple . Thanks!
  7. Johnyguy

    Left front axle leaking transmission fluid

    Hi. No I just want the air from the outside to come in and it is warmer than it is outside I was guessing it's gets heated up on its way like!you said its kind of sucks because I don't want to use the a\c all the time my old Honda odyssey did not have this problem . Thanks anyway!
  8. Johnyguy

    Left front axle leaking transmission fluid

    Hi did you get your transmission leak fixed permanently is there a fix out ? Thanks I also have a cabin thermostat issue I think when I turn temp all the way down to cold I feel warm air coming out at the wents is this what you had and the outside temp!is 55 I need to check the temp of the air from the wents.
  9. Johnyguy

    The Gas Mileage Thread

    On OK now I get it diesel makes a big different mine is gas
  10. Johnyguy

    The Gas Mileage Thread

    im getting 16-18 mpg in city many times bumper to bumper thats called CITY traffic im not going fast at and easy on the gas long wheel base model something is off here !! i judt dont understand how can you get 30mpg in the city how much you get on a fill up how many miles its show?
  11. check this out www.youtube.com/watch?v=wN5BykWbCzg
  12. Thats great news thank you!! i been looking to replace my radio with a Bluetooth unit so i don't have to use an adapter always plugged in to the cigarette lighter and also get better sound quality i just got the basic radio in my van now.
  13. Johnyguy

    Left front axle leaking transmission fluid

    OK so if i remove the plug to check the level and fluid coming out while the engine running that means I'm over filled it rigth? or the mechanics did. And that's can cause some issues are you using a lift? Also the fluid was a little foamy.
  14. Johnyguy

    Left front axle leaking transmission fluid

    So today i attempted to check the trans fluid level this is how i did i used a hydraulic jack i parked the car pulled the parking brake put some wood wedges under the tires measured the bottom of the van to the floor than jacked up the left front but first loosen up the wheel bolts after i moved the wheel lowered the van down to the same highs as it was with the wheel on so the van was in level i checked with a 6 foot level than i located the filler cap its plastic as GBL said it is kind of at a hard place because the water hose is rigth next to it and its hot very hot anyway i was able to pull that plug out came out easy than i put in there a funnel after that than located the level check bolt by the axle and try to un tighten with a flash light all this by my garage so to my surprise the bolt was not tight so that made me think . I toke the van to a dealer months ago to check the level and some other thing and they did the other thing but the manager said they did not check the level so i told him i want you to check the guy was saying when you come back to replace the seal we ordered we will check i was like F you i was upset but apparently the mechanic an older guy who worked on the van did check the level and may filled it up some because when i moved the bolt while the engine was running the fluid was coming out very little so i added like 4 oz so as i was added the 4 oz i noticed more fluid was coming out so i stopped and finished the process. So i did not have clear indication of how much fluid was sipping out over the 9700 miles i have on the van because the mechanic may added some, anyway as i was done i washed around the check bolt with brake cleaner so when i check the next time will see how dirty is gets there. It was not hard to do one thing to mention is its good to putt like a small tray under the hole on top of the undershield maybe like a aluminum from the supermarket home made one so it fits there so the fluid wont spill all over the shield unless you move the shield before you do the refill. Let me ask you GBL so if the mechanic who possible put some fluid in my van how do i know if he did not overfill since some of this mechanics are very ignorant and i dont trust them so i do whatever i can my self. My idea is to let the engine run until no fluid coming out of the checking hole would you agree with that so that would be an indication the fluid its to the right level?? Also had some thinking about the dipstick when you have a actual dipstick to check engine oil or trans fluid they insert a sleeve "maybe not the right word"in to that hole so the dipstick slides there so if they canceled the dipstick in our van they may have not inserted a sleeve in there so even if we try to use a dipstick from an escape it may wont work because we need to be absolutely sure we dont stick it to a wrong place anyway i think its too risky unless we know for sure but it is not to hard to check level like this without dipstick it an be done so maybe better off. I like to hear your taken on this . Thanks! John