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  1. Hi Cheryl, It's an incredibly frustrating feature, but if you push the turn signal forward twice, the lights go off......until you open another door. I was camping last week and it drove me mad to keep having the lights come on, and I was concerned about my battery dying. . If you search for "Disable Perimeter Lighting" above, you'll see there are a lot of us FTC owners who are frustrated by this feature. I'll keep reading the forum with the hopes that someone, some day, will figure out a workaround. Connie in Portland
  2. I'm debating whether to take the seats out before converting it to a camper or doing like you did, with just the Weather Tec mat on top of the folded down seats. One question: when I fold my seats "flat" they're not really flat. The first row of seats is 2 inches higher than the rear. Is that the case with your TC? Yours looks flat.