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  1. Hope you guys dig it... Just my slight build on my 2015 TC.
  2. davidschap

    Oil On Top Of Oil Filter Housing ?

    Yeah, always dug the weird boxy rides. Traded my FJ for the TC. Liked the FJ, didn't love it, but it was a beast in bad weather. Horrible for my son. Had to let her go. Video is going up and I will put a link in the mods section. Nothing major, just practical placing of gear.
  3. davidschap

    Oil On Top Of Oil Filter Housing ?

    I'm bringing it in tomorrow again brother. They have already felt my wrath. I went off last week. No more letting them service. If I keep, I will do the rest myself, minus the tranny change, unless it's relatively easy. I saw that there is no dipstick and saw some of the instructions here, but not sure if I can handle it. FJ, Element, Ridgeline, NP, but the TC is a little low for me to get at. I plan on doing that every 30,000 due to my roof basket and gear. There giving me a rental and are inspecting it like crazy. I think they thought I was just some other knuckleheaded owner, and not a "psuedo" wrench More to follow on this. Overall I dig the van a lot, but I lose a whole lot of interest when I'm treated this way. Especially when a buy out is coming up. Went and test drove a Kia Soul ( nice but too small for my needs ) and another Honda Element ( had 3, looking for number 4, it was awesome till I popped the hood. Beach car, rust everywhere, the gift that keeps on giving ). I'm putting up a video now of my "ghetto camper" more like glorified "cot" build that I have done on my TC. Have to youtube it and then link it. Let me know what you think. Respectfully, David
  4. Good afternoon guys... Couple questions here. First, I'm David and it's a pleasure. I've had my TC since June 2015 and for the "most" part, it's been super rad. I use my TC for mainly surfing, snowobarding, visiting my son in Oregon ( I live in Socal ) and sleeping in the back ( i'm 5'4" and it's perfect ). My lease is up in June, and I noticed some issues that I was hoping I could get some help on. I think mainly it's due to my Ford dealer and there service techs, but I can wrench and just some things don't seem right to me. So I took my TC in for service and told the techs that there was oil on top of my filter housing. You could see the build up, and if you touched the hose that runs on top of the housing ( had a cloth wire loom around it ), you could feel and see how it was wet. They informed me that it's nothing, cleaned it up with break cleaner, and asked me to watch it. Yeah, that's not a good enough answer for me. Hating that answer, and having mad OCD about my vehicles, I crawled under and pulled the dust cover. Oil all over the place, some old, some fresh. All of this = me being super pissed. I hit up my dealer and let them know what the hell is this. Regardless, i'm taking it in tomorrow, but I wanted to ask if anyone has had this issue before. Enclosed are some pix from when I pulled the panel. I cleaned it all up with Simple Green and checked again today, and it seems ok. Van only has 21,000 miles on it from the last 2 years, but I shouldn't be seeing this mess at all, especially on a basically "new" vehicle. I'm almost over my lease miles, and am a little apprehensive on buying this vehicle now, as this just doesn't seem right to me at all. I've included some pix of the mess. I took these for the dealer as well as to cover my ass incase this thing explodes on me. My service plan is up, and from now on, if I keep it after the lease is up, I will be doing my own oil changes. I'm either thinking that the oil relief valve is stuck, they overfilled the oil, or, the old filter gasket is baked on somewhere. I like my engine clean enough to eat off of, and I usually clean the engine off about every six months. Have done this with all my cars, using simple green and some low pressure water. Any help would be greatly appreciated... Respectfully, David
  5. Hey guys, So my dealer hooked me up as part of my lease with a Thule Rack and all the parts. FYI, the 3032 foot pack DOES NOT WORK with a Transit Wagon. There is no way at all to get your fingers up in the headliner to install the bolt needed for the footpack. I even tried to pull down much of the headliner but you cannot get to the spot you need. I have already emailed Thule and my dealer has been really good to me. The option that is needed to get the foot pack to work is this ( ). This is a video of the ladder rack, but as you can see, it used jack bolts as on the 2014-2016 transits, the holes covered by the plastic covers are not threaded. I have asked my dealer to install these jack bolts for me so I can put my rack on. Again, mine is a lease but I may buy it when it's all said and done. I really like the Transit and if they don't make many changes in the 2017 model ( mines a 2015 ) I would just assume keep it as my buy out is only $19,000. Hope this helps you out. I now have 2 of the plugs removed which is no good if it rains ( I live in SoCal so that's not alot, but, it did today so had to cover up with some other plugs and velcro for now ). Thanx David
  6. davidschap

    Another new guy

    I just like to be able to camp anywhere, anytime. I'll get some pix up soon. Mounted a new bag on the rear door today for tools and such. I got the swingout doors simply for that purpose, to mount things. Slowly but surely... I do plan on leaving all together someday, when I retire. No vehicle, just a backpack and a skateboard, and move somewhere overseas... Not sure where yet, but either Phillipines, Bali or Mexico. Thanx David
  7. davidschap

    Another new guy

    What's up guys. I'm David and have invaded you from socal. Picked up a 2015 lab swing out doors in black in June and am loving this thing. Bought mainly as I love to surf, camp, getaway, fall off the grid and thought this was the stead to get me there. Already decked out the interior to my liking and as far as mileage, I'm digging as I traded an FJ Crusier in for this beast. I leased this as I wasn't sure how much I'd dig her, but it didn't rake long to begin the love affair. Maybe I'll keep after lease or maybe upgrade if they make changes. Who knows, who cares. I just know I'm feeling it. Looking forward to learning from you guys and seeing your mods. Thanx David