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  1. Don,. thanks for the detailed explanation about Forscan! It sound like it's a little more complicated than I have currently time for so I'll see what the dealer would charged to activate the DRLs.
  2. Zalien and Don, I appreciate the replies and info! I only had the van a short while before getting the backup key and programming it. I thought I saw DRLs but I could have been mistaken. I noticed there are little lights in the headlights that are off to the side that light up when the door is open. I was thinking these were the DRLs but from your posts they are not. I just looked at the window sticker and do not see any mention of DRLs. The only option I see is package 100A and I think that is just for the reverse sensing system and flex fuel. If possible, I would like to have DRLs, what is Forscan, can it turn on the DRL functionality? Thanks again!
  3. Hello everyone, I bought a 2017 Connect a few weeks ago. I am pretty sure it has daytime running lights and I saw them on. A few days ago I noticed they weren't on. When I bought the van it only came with one key so I bought another one, had the dealer cut it and program the transponder portion of the key. They said they couldn't get the lock/unlock function to program on the key. I contacted the people I bought the key from. They gave me a couple programming methods to get the lock/unlock to work on my new key. I did the procedure and programmed the lock/unlock function on the key. Could I have messed up the DRLs somehow when I programmed the key fob? I searched around on the internet about turning on the DRLs and the only thing I found was to go into the menu and you can turn the DRLs on or off using the menu and the buttons on the steering wheel. My van is a basic XL and doesn't have any steering wheel buttons. Can anyone shed any light on this situation? Pun intended! 😁