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  3. Note: In an attempt to not hijack others threads I thought it best to remove my post from those threads and create a separate area for all to post their foot board storage ideas or modifications. Hey @gargman Right there with you and more power to you. But I know a fellow who has a shop in NC also we could be talking about the same place. Although my wife's company has a fab shop also, they just don't have the tame to do a project like this because I've already asked them. Originally, I approached several companies about a interior side wall storage system and one company stood out. he's willing to do it.. But due to finances and refocusing of projects, we've had to hold off on the side walls storage.. But the floor storage is a better idea and could be more within reach. If you can get your contacts to fab up a storage system for that space which can hold a small 2 ton floor jack and a few other odds and end, yet not much trouble to open this or even can be locked and still retain the level surface when closed, this would be great and I'm in with you on this. Let me know what you come up with.
  4. Although I'm a bit late on this topic, I wanted to share a few things we've done to the van. Currently most of the things we've done to the van are mere personalizations and nothing more. Later a few more heavier or more involved additions could be added soon. Most of you are aware that we've added the 16x7 Sparco wheels w/ 215/55/16 Maxxis Tires: Next, we've added the K&N Air Filter with it's Larger Warning label. Then, I was given a small sample of red reflective vinyl and for months I thought about what would be the best way to use this on or in the van. Rather proud of this, Created a recovery hook marking location, seeing how we'll be purchasing the Ford Escape Recovery Hook via Amazon.com and We'll have the hook forwarded to Bone Head Performance, PA for them to filter the hook into "red" powder coating. I would offer to make a couple more of these marking triangles for you, but I'm running low on the reflective vinyl and have one more area to fulfill. Added these on a whim, but I should have thought more carefully about where these reflective squares should have been added. Perhaps I should have added them on the lift gates inner lip (inside when the gate is up) this could have been seen from a few blocks away if the lift gate was open. I'll have to see if I have more of the reflective vinyl left to make those additions. Lastly, and I've yet to get an image of this because I've not had a chance to lay on the ground to place the reflective triangles at each molded jack point located on both sides of the van's rocker panels. if you've never noticed these before might be a good idea to mark them somehow as to know it's location in times of an emergency. Not only am I marking these jack location for my benefit, but for my wife's benefit. Just good to know there are quick points to jack the van if needed. Small things can make a big difference.. Post your images of things you've done to your Connect.
  5. The reason I'm here once again, is because I'm always searching for new things & new products. In this instance, I've been speaking with FlowMaster Mufflers (the only one that was willing to speak with me) Here's what we've been talking about. Upon the purchase of the van, I wasn't pleased with the bad forward tilted & too low resonator. Flowmaster thinks they can help with this by swapping one of their oval mufflers. It's unclear which model muffler they're referring to. However, if this interested you as much as it does me.. Send your comments and support toBrandon ( brandon.janssen@dpbrands.com ) via Flowmaster in an effort to get this muffler tested or even installed on your TC. GL Update: July 20th 6:00 AM EST Just got another email from Brandon via Flowmaster, he feels that the Super HP2 (shorty) can be used as a replacement resonator & their DBX used as the muffler for the 2014 - Current Transit Connect. However, I sent him this pic, showing how the TC's exhaust system is set up. Not sure he's aware of how the muffler is resting sideways under the van.. Question: Is this something you'd be willing to try on your TC?.. comment below. The search for a performance muffler continues...
  6. We still have these factory wheels and tires and I've contacted several bloggers & UTZ potato chips in an effort to get what ever I can for these wheels. Bloggers like Tiny Van Travels and Tessa Mendez But just so happen Iw as at the store the other morning where I spotted a Ford Transit Connect UTZ delivery van.. I sent word to UTZ in an effort to see if they needed these factory wheels/tires. The UTZ rep was very helpful and sent word to their maintenance department. As of yet I've not heard back from any of these possible candidates. So here's what I'm willing to do. If you live near MD/PA/VA/DE/WV We're willing to sell these at $400.00 or if you have a blog site which document your North American travels, we'll sell them to you at a reduced price of just $275.00 just as long as you connect with on one (or more) of our travel community/pages and meet us on the road for the exchange. Our next exchange could take place as soon as this weekend, we might be looking at a short trip to North Carolina. The only other exchange would take place the 1st or 2nd week in Sept at or near the MD/PA line. To schedule an exchange, connect with one of our travel profiles and of course forward your blog site for verification.