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  1. Have you checked the batteries in the fob? I know that sounds silly but....
  2. davidparker

    2019 TC Wagon Backup assist Fault

    There is a button to disable the system (for towing etc). While it won't fix the problem. It might make it a little less annoying. I hope you get a solution fast!
  3. davidparker

    Rear or sliding door glass

    If you look through the forums, one member placed a rather large monitor where his mirror was and wired a backup and side view camera to it. That way he can see behind him all the time and to the "blind" spot on the right side when he wants to.
  4. davidparker

    Gen 2 hangs in 2nd gear too long

    I would definitely try reseting the module. But it may be an indication of another problem...
  5. davidparker


    Ceramic tint is a film you place on the windows to darken them. It reflects more light (actually UV rays) than regular window tint. The advantage of ceramic tint over regular tint is that you can get the same heat reduction without being so dark. However, if you are looking for privacy as well as heat reduction, the regular window tint would be a better (and cheaper) option. Attaching items in the cargo version is easier than the passenger version. If you look around inside you will find "holes" in the metal ribs around the inside. You can either tap those holes and insert a bolt or use a self-threading bolt to mount whatever you need to. You will probably have to make some brackets to adapt the mounting point of the item you want to attach to the rib location in the van. But thats easy enough to do with some thought a couple of trips to a hardware store. The air bag question is too complicated for a quick answer, but basically, I would not mess with extending the shelf above the driver without knowing the answer. Someone on this forum, changed their console for a euro version. You can take a look at that. The existing console mounts with 4 bolts so a custom one would not be too difficult to adapt. A moisture barrier keeps water from condensation (changes in temperature) from going where you don't want it. CUTE cat!
  6. davidparker

    Modify or Replace Driver's Seat?

    You can always go to a dealer for "test drive" of the power seat? It would answer your question, but might have some consequences.
  7. You could order one. BUT, lead time are very, very long. Like 6 months...
  8. davidparker

    16x8 Mercedes Wheels

    @OLDSCHOOLFOOL Hurray! I have watched the posts on your quest for that "old school" look. I also dig the 5 spoke chrome look. I looked really hard at a set of "torq thrust", but couldn't talk myself into spending that kind of money. If they work out, please send us a pic.
  9. davidparker

    2019 Transit Connect Roof Rails

    @sebestyen13 Congrats on the new TC. I'm also in Charleston, SC. Since you are wanting to personalize you new ride... here is a link for a euro license plate. https://www.customeuropeanplates.com/ They look pretty cool on a TC.
  10. davidparker

    2013/gen1 TPMS issue

    Answers are: 1) You CAN put a sensor in the spare. But... 2) You will have to "train" the TPMS module which ones to use. So the one in the spare will be ignored until you retrain the module. Therefore, if you have a flat, you will still have a low pressure light with the spare on the vehicle until you retrain the module. The paint on the silver spare is a higher quality paint and is more rust resistant. Your black ones probably already have surface rust on them. Hope that helps!
  11. davidparker

    TPMS question

    There is a process for resetting the TPMS when you change sensors. It a bit too length to list here, but you can search for it on this forum or just google it. You don't need to buy a different trigger. The one you have should work fine, but if not, you can just let air out of the tires to "trigger" the TPMS module.
  12. davidparker

    19 connect roof spoiler

    Where did you get the spoiler? Nice touch!
  13. davidparker

    ABS Disable: 2010 Connect

    Once the ABS saves your front end, you will love it. I used to drive a Honda in rush hour and had to light it up 3 times over several years. In each instance, it allowed me to avoid an accident. I won't have a car without it. A motorcycle is a different story. I have lit the ABS on my Honda bike a couple of times and was glad I had it. But I also believe, there is more to avoiding an accident on a bike than just grabbing a handful of brakes. And why bother disabling it. If the light is on, it's not working anyhow.
  14. davidparker

    Passengers seats or Cargo????

    +1 on the wrap. If you get a fairly new one, the wrap actually protects the paint. So when it's resale time, it looks better. And you can have anything you want on it.
  15. if its a cargo version, you can pull the plug out and put in a stainless steel bolt with a rubber washer under it.