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  1. davidparker

    Lost Membership Card.

    BSUPC, I have been driving a full size Transit with the high roof for work lately. Not a big fan. It drives like the old vans. Nothing like the Connect. It can haul a lot of stuff and pull a lot of weight, but you definitely know its a heavy duty vehicle. The standard roof model may be a little bit better, but I suspect it will still feel more "commercial" than the Connect. It uses a lot of gas too. I think a good test drive will help you decide. You didn't mention looking at trucks, but I test drove the Tacoma and the Nissan Frontier before I got my Connect. The Tacoma was way too expensive and the dealers wouldn't even talk pricing. It was pretty much, here it is, take it or leave. The Frontier was ok, but just ok. If a small truck is a possibility you may want to give it a test drive. I thought about waiting for the new Ford Ranger, but I liked the Connect enough that it wasn't worth the wait to me. As the others have said, I thought the Metris was too pricey to even look at. I didn't want the NV200 with the CVT, primarily because I wanted the ability to tow a small trailer. I read on the NV200 forum that in addition to the "No warranty" when used for towing, they actually have a problem with a proper supporting structure for a hitch. On the other hand, it gets good reviews so that may be an option for you if you don't need to tow. I considered the Ram Promaster City. But the Chrysler/Renault history concerned me enough that I just couldn't bring myself to test drive it. Even though I think things have improved with them and I see quite a few of them on the road. So in the end, the Connect was the best option for me. Good luck with your search and let us know what you get.
  2. davidparker

    Oil Change

    Actually, it probably has more to do with saving money. Just a $1 a vehicle can add up. Last year they sold 35,000 in the US alone. http://carsalesbase.com/us-car-sales-data/ford/ford-transit-connect/
  3. davidparker

    Side View Camera Install

    Camera installation to create a view out of the right side rear of the vehicle when no passenger windows are available.
  4. I bought my 2018 LWB Cargo without the sliding door glass and soon realized it was going to be a problem. My neighborhood has a lot of angled parking spaces and even with a passenger looking through the front door window AND me looking at the factory backup camera, I have a total blind spot. So I thought I would try a camera on the side before I spent the money to have a slider glass installed. I have had the side view camera for a couple of weeks now and thought I would share the results. Overall I am happy with it. However, the wide angle lens really distorts the distances. So basically, I would not recommend it as a total replacement for the slider glass. However, it is a whole lot better than nothing and I would probably add it even with the glass. It took several days to figure what I wanted and how I was going to install it. Now that I know whats involved it would take about a day to install. Total cost was a little over $200 : Camera 48.99 Monitor 69.99 Taxi Panel 21.89 Taxi Switch 23.71 Shipping costs 25.00 Wire, Terminals, Etc 20.00 I could have done for about $60 less if I had just drilled a hole in the "coin holder" panel and installed a $6 dollar toggle switch, but its a new vehicle so at this point I'm already broke 🤑 I added a photo album if anyone is interested in the details and below are some pics that will give you an idea. View of Jeep beside me with door open View with door closed and Jeep in camera View of the camera ( blurry because I holding my phone with one hand while getting it close enough to simulate my view)
  5. davidparker


    Here is one alternative in the US. Not very pretty, but it should be effective. https://www.slicklocks.com/ford-transit-connect-kit-2014-present.html
  6. davidparker


    Just watched the video.... Thats scary!
  7. davidparker

    2013 XL to XLT conversion

    Cargo Van or Passenger Wagon? If its the cargo van and only the bumper swap and locks, it should not be that bad. You may be able to use factory parts on the locks, a lot depends on the wiring. I can't speak to the wagon, since mine is a cargo version.
  8. So I wanted to break up that "big black hole" of the front grille and found a web site for custom european license plates. https://www.customeuropeanplates.com/14-character-european-license-plate.html I think it looks a little better.... (By the way, It says CONNECTEDNESS)
  9. davidparker

    Engine runs rough at idle, idles too low

    I have replaced O2 sensors on other vehicles and they can be tough to get out. Probably from all the heat cycles. However, once the old one is out, its fairly easy. If EACH injector caused the idle to drop, thats probably not the cause. If ONE of them made no difference then that would probably be the culprit. Same with plugs. Coil packs, however, can exhibit intermittent failure, so the rule-of-thumb may not apply unless it is totally dead. Sorry I was not much help. Let us know what you find. ☺️
  10. davidparker

    New Member

    Welcome! I think you will find this forum very helpful. I have!
  11. zalienz, just used your instructions for removing the console, thank you! FTCOne, I will be using you tips on the plug, thank you. Willygee, I took a look at the panel and it can NOT be rotated. The spacing on the screw holes is not the same and the contour on the top is lower on the coin side (but not by much).
  12. davidparker

    salvaged parts source

    I wish I had seen this post earlier as I ordered a new part for my project. A little google search and I found the place. FYI, the correct link. https://bowautoparts.com/find-parts/
  13. davidparker


    I agree, that is REALLY bad. Typically when there is that much imbalance, they will break the bead and rotate the tire 90 or 180 and try again. Racing tires have a dot on them to identify the point which is typically mounted near the valve stem. Here's some more info if you interested... https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tiretech/techpage.jsp?techid=17
  14. davidparker

    Pine tree pitch battle..best solution

    I usually use WD-40 on road tar, glue, etc. Its fairly safe on paint. You will have to wash it off and wax the area afterwards, but it might be a little bit better.
  15. davidparker

    Fusion Wheels

    BBJ, I totally dig those wheels with the GT stripes. I think anything (well, almost anything) you can do to make a white TC different is a plus. Here in Charleston, SC we have more white cargo vans than I have ever seen. Ha ha, now i'm one of them!