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  1. No particular recommendation, just wanted to let you know they exist. They have all sorts of mounts and most of the stuff is interchangeable. Very popular among bikers and cops, so its quality stuff.
  2. You may want to check Ram mounts. https://www.rammount.com. You could mount a goose neck stalk to the passenger front seat. The radio would then be between the shifter and the console. Easy to access the channels and mic. And being a goose neck you can move it, if it gets in the way.
  3. davidparker

    Disable front proximity sensors

    On my 2018 with rear sensors, I can disable them with a button on the console. My manual says I can also do it from info screen, However, I haven't tried it. I don't know if it will disable the front sensors, since I don't have them.
  4. davidparker


    welcome! Tell us about your TC. Wagon/Cargo, year, etc.
  5. davidparker

    "Ladder" Noise

    I have experienced the "rumble and howl" on a full sized transit with square ladder racks. It turned out to be air flow buffeting. To fix it we wrapped a rope around the front rack, leaving about 2 inches between loops. That broke up the air flow and eliminated the sound. Its pretty common on square racks. Just google it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ah_otmV9ius
  6. davidparker

    Interior rattle sounds

    The rattle may be the side cargo door, the actual door, not window. They tend to get slightly out of adjustment after a few years and rattle a little. Other's have had a problem with them, and they can be a little tricky to fix from what I have read. I personally have not had an issue (yet).
  7. davidparker

    From Mazda Miata to Transit

    I have gotten the creeper van comment so many times, I'm thinking of changing my front license plate to "CREEPER" or "FREE CANDY"! Only reason I haven't is our local law enforcement may not get the joke!
  8. davidparker

    From Mazda Miata to Transit

    Very nice! I like the red, not many of that color out there. Psst, don't tell the wife, but they make lowering spring for it!
  9. Good luck guys! I couldn't bring myself to do it...
  10. davidparker

    Curt Hitch Class 2 or 3?

    Thanks @Beta Don & @G B L. The info and pics are very helpful!
  11. davidparker

    Curt Hitch Class 2 or 3?

    Thanks @Beta Don, I had not considered stowing of the receiver... or the weight. From the pictures it looks like the class 2 is about a 1/2" recessed from the bumper edge. Is that the case? Also, how much drop/rise do you have on your hitch? Thanks!
  12. davidparker

    Bicycle Traffic Signal

    As if most intersections don't have enough visual noise already. Man, I already cringe when I get to those type of intersections on my motorcycle. Now I have to pay attention to the different rules for bicycles, pedestrians, and turning lanes before I can even look for the idiots that don't follow the rules. Good luck convincing a cop that the bicycles light was red... Sorry, just had to vent.
  13. davidparker

    Curt Hitch Class 2 or 3?

    It is a 2018, Gen 2 Cargo. thanks for the feedback! I am leaning towards the Class 3. Just want to check with the members first, to make sure I know if there are any issues.
  14. I am trying to decide which version of the Curt hitch to get and I thought I would get some input from those that have one. The class 3 has the 2" receiver which I like for a couple of reasons. One reason is that I have a couple of 2" hitches. The second reason is most bike racks, etc are 2". However, the class 2 looks like there is more room for spare tire removal, appears to have more ground clearance and doesn't stick out from the bumper as much. Obviously, I wont need more towing capacity than the class 2, since its more than the TC capacity, FYI, I'm planning on towing a small light trailer (<800 lbs). So here are my questions for those that have a Curt hitch. Does your class 3 scrape on driveways, etc? Is the tire clearance an issue? Have you hit it with your shins?
  15. davidparker

    Troubleshooting serious vibration

    That is strange! Just a wild guess here. The tranny might being trying to shift unsuccessfully. Maybe a hanging solenoid. Have you check for trouble codes?