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  1. Thanks for posting this, and the pictures too. Evidently the strips do fall off of nearly everyone's Transit, because I came looking how to fix it and got the answer right off!
  2. manumit

    2014 TC Rear Blower Motor

    @zalienz Which manual are your screenshots from?
  3. manumit

    2014 TC Rear Blower Motor

    Little metal airplanes are even worse than legos. I've developed a serious case of dad shuffle. The static build-up is downright dangerous this time of year, but it keeps me from putting pointy little things into the soles of my foot.
  4. manumit

    2014 TC Rear Blower Motor

    With the amount of problems they have it's absurd that they don't come with one. I've complained to the dealer but she says they're not lemons, but peaches.
  5. manumit

    2014 TC Rear Blower Motor

    I stuck my head down there and the filter looked intact, but I've got 3 kids and the possibility of a peanut or cracker getting wedged somewhere it shouldn't is fairly high. I'm getting a service manual anyway.
  6. manumit

    2014 TC Rear Blower Motor

    It suddenly stopped making noise today, and is still working. I'm hoping that it will stay functional until the temperature is double digits above zero instead of double digits below zero. Thanks for the help.
  7. manumit

    2014 TC Rear Blower Motor

    Wow. The blower motor is $250 from ford. I'm going to hope that the filter has something in it that is causing fan noise. Thanks for the link to the service manual. It is exactly what I was looking for.
  8. manumit

    2014 TC Rear Blower Motor

    I've got a 2014 TC wagon and the blower fan for the rear seats is in the process of dying. I've read through the abysmal thread about heating the rear of this model and while it didn't make me feel very good about my recent purchase of the vehicle I think the rear heat will work better with a functional blower motor than without it. My question is where can I find take apart directions? Also is there any difference in blower motors from front to rear? I can't find a "rear" specific blower motor so I'm hoping that they are the same part. It sounds like it is in the dash below the steering column, but I'd rather not take things off that don't need to be removed. Does anyone have a recommended source for a shop manual for my vehicle?