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Found 11 results

  1. Has any had any success fitting a Rhino Rack Pioneer platform or other overland style platform roof rack to a LWB FTC? I have this vision of a platform rack and roof top tent for my FTC and am hitting a lot of brick wall in terms of installation kits. Looks like I'm going to have to custom install to get what I want hence me reaching out. Pic below is on a full size transit but it gives you the idea of what I'm looking for in a rack.
  2. OK, I recently bought a 2017 TC XLT wagon. It has the silver roof rails but not the crossbars. It looks like the cross bars could have been ordered for $195 when the car was purchased but afterwards they cost nearly $500. What a scam. I can't seem to find any after market(thule, yakima, etc) crossbars that fit these factory rails. Has anyone found anything that works? If so, could you share the brands/part numbers? Thanks!
  3. Fact is, my Ford 2014 Transit Connect LWB XLT is the only car I've ever owned that strangers walking by will ask me about. Here for general questions, future issue support, and inspiration. Will do some searching but will say for now... • passenger side sliding door intermittently won't latch. WD-40 has seemed to help, but still not sure what's going on. Luckily it's yet to totally fail. Love to hear what I should be doing for that door. • just begun the process of finding the right roof rack thx, ctodd
  4. Hey everyone, A few weeks ago we got ourselves a 2014 Titanium LWB and have been doing a lot of research regarding roof rack utilizing the factory rails and would like to be able to keep them if I can. I've read that the Yakima Railgrab system will work, but have found conflicting information if there's enough clearance to actually use attachments, which for me would defeat the purpose of the rack. I plan to use it for kayaks, bikes and potentially basket for weekend camping trips and other adventures and don't plan to use it for anything too heavy like construction material. I've found there's options out there if I want to remove the factory silver rails, drop the headliner and bolt something down...but I'd rather not do that for a few reasons if I can avoid it. If you've found a solid options here, please share the specifics and any pictures if possible. Thanks a bunch. Justin
  5. 2019 Transit by the Bay

    Removing Factory Roof Rails?

    Hi, Does anyone know how to remove the factory roof rails? It looks like the back has a 3-4" section on the end that comes off, but I don't want to break it in the process. Likewise the front has a much longer section that looks like it comes off too. I pulled up on it and actually broke a clip. But, it still isn't coming off. Help please! Thanks
  6. This is from my AT&T CNG Gen 1, and I just don't need this. If you are in SoCal and you do, or better yet you have 2nd or 3rd row seats to trade - let me know. They are $2000 as far as I can tell new, but I'd be glad to get $350 for it. A little weathering and small rust, but generally in good shape.
  7. Hello, new Transit Connect owner here. Well, new to me, right? I have a 2013 model that I bought with 47,000 and now have 51,000 on the odometer. And I love this thing! Made a camper set-up and it's just like home. All mileage has been with surfboards on the roof, with a Yakima rack that I installed after purchase. Thing is, I am afraid that the roof rack load is damaging my van. The damage appears in the form of divots under the beam that supports the roof rack. I usually carry 2 longboards and a shortboard, must be less that 40 lbs total load, including the rack itself. But look at my pictures, the roof itself seems to be buckling. I noticed this the other day when adding sealant to the rack mounting point threads (but that's another story). I know that the previous owner did not install a roof rack. I also never carry more than 40-50 lbs on top, and I never drive over 70 mph. Cannot figure out what is going on, and worried that I am going to have a problem with my van's roof in the future. Can anyone offer some advice?
  8. I have a roof rack suitable for a Ford Transit Connect for sale. For information, please contact Andy @ 407-505-0865
  9. I want to install my Yakima roof rack on my TC and ALL the images I see on the net show the racks NOT installed in the track that is already there. The track with some plugs already in them. Cannot find any information on what is SUPPOSE to go in those tracks. Can anyone help me find that info? Why do they not use that rut to install roof racks??
  10. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew the width of the cross bars that come with the factory rack/bars. I'm about to pick up a 2014 LWB Wagon with a roof rack and I was wondering how the width will compare to the rack on my current car. I'm hoping I can just sit two (rather wide) kayaks side by side on the bars rather than purchasing another set of kayak carriers. Anyone know the width? Thanks a lot!
  11. dbrana

    2013 TC

    From the album: DB-Transit

    Now that I know the tires will fit in front, Ill go ahead and do the rear this week..