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  1. This is from my AT&T CNG Gen 1, and I just don't need this. If you are in SoCal and you do, or better yet you have 2nd or 3rd row seats to trade - let me know. They are $2000 as far as I can tell new, but I'd be glad to get $350 for it. A little weathering and small rust, but generally in good shape.
  2. Hey Folks - I'm getting 23 or so hwy, but don't yet know for sure the range of my BAF/Westport 14GGE unit. Anybody have experience with the usual ranges for these things? Thanks, Joe
  3. Rex from Westport was kind enough to help out. Thanks guys! Ser 613 Replacing the EV1000_1001 with a Hi Res Module.pdf
  4. My tech is having a tough time with the setup of this new module. Westport bought BAF, and the replacement for my sick AV-1001 was a 2020-72 module and new wiring harness, but they didn't come with any instructions to splice the new harness into the original one. Has anybody already solved this riddle and can share some way to move forward?
  5. Nice - good idea! Thanks!
  6. I might have a line on some but before I go get them I was wondering if anybody has braved this hybrid...
  7. JoeMGill

    WTB or T 2012 2nd row seats

    What year's seats will fit in 2012 Cargo van holes? Gen1 only?
  8. You ever get your seats?
  9. Looking to make my van a bit friendlier. Currently outfitted with full racks/shelves and bulkhead, happy to trade those fro seats or buy outright. Located in CA, about to drive to Tulsa OK and back next week, so if you're along that route and have seats to sell, PM me!