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Found 6 results

  1. I would like to upgrade my head unit on my 2012 XLT Cargo. Looking for something double din with the ability to view the OEM camera through the screen. I would still like to maintain the external volume controls. An included microphone would be great ( as the OEM one is terrible! ). Not interested in breaking the bank with Navigation and the like. If anyone has any recommendations I would like to hear them!
  2. Doc Hoy

    Transmission Pan Gasket

    Been while since I posted on the forum. Restaurant is really taking off and time is tight. Perhaps you recall that I own a 2011 and a 2012 Connect which I use as food trucks and delivery vehicles. I love these little trucks and they are making me a nice amount of money. Developed a serious problem in the 2012 this week end. The truck started to shift slow, rev between gears, and fail to disengage first gear when coming to a stop. Checked the transmission fluid and found it was a quart low. Added a quart and the transmission started acting a little better. Went to the truck the following morning and found a huge puddle of ATF under it. Jacked it up and found obvious gaps in the pan gasket. (Wish I had taken photos but alas.....) Bolts were all tight. Had it towed to the mechanic. He swapped out the gasket and transmission is acting perfect. BTW, in the second photo, the bus on the right is NOT a heavily modified TC.....just in case you were wondering.
  3. I have a 2012 TC radio with the USB input. Reception was decent for years but recently has diminished to the point of I don't really get any AM stations and only a few FM stations intermittently. (I'm in a NYC suburb where I should get the 50kw AMs and two-3 dozen FM stations at least). My thought was that the antenna had become disconnectd from the radio, but I just did the work to pull the unit out and the antenna is connected solidly. I don't know how to check the other end for connectivity or something broken between the antenna and cable. Or do I just conclude the radio has died, and go for an aftermarket. But afraid I will lose the AUX and sync functionality....does any aftermarket radio allow you to keep that functionality?
  4. Hello all, I have a 2012 TC, 111k miles. The problem is when I am low speed, or stopped, in park or drive, the instrument cluster, radio and a.c. shut down, then the cluster either returns to normal, or it comes off and on a couple times before returning to normal, during this time the engine runs normal. The computer is logging low voltage errors, I'm on the 3rd mechanic, including the dealer and they have no idea what's going on. Having issues seem to be proceeded by pulsing during braking ( feels like warped rotors) I am leaning towards bad computer, could It be something else?
  5. I bought my 2013 Transit Connect new & changed to alum. alloy wheels the first month. I was planning on switching back & forth between two sets of wheel / tires between seasons. Not gonna do that. These 4 wheel covers have No wounds or nicks of any sort. Would sell all four by first choice, if I find little interest as a set of 4, may sell by each....shipping will be the issue if selling one @ a time... I do have packing stuff.... . Make offers, ( 262 ) 613-2527 only 8 AM till 8PM CST , 7 days a week , Will meet or travel only with payment or PayPal first, meeting would be @ some fire or police station , If you are not pleased with condition of wheel covers when we meet, I will hand you your payment back ........http://www.TomMenzel.com.......http://www.MenzelEngineering.com
  6. I bought my 2013 new & switched to alum. alloys with Real snows the first month, about 1,000 miles . Had planned on swapping back & forth by season. Soooo happy with Real snows in mud & winter, gonna run them year round. Tell me what you need, all 4, or may sell by each ? The shipping costs will be the issue. Tom @ ( 262 ) 613-2527 only 8 AM till 8 PM CST, seven days a week.... North of Milwaukee on I-43 ... will make 2 nd listing for the wheel covers , make offers as there are many ways this could work. Will only meet or travel if payment or PayPal first. Meeting will be @ some fire or police station parking lot only......http://www.TomMenzel.com.....http://www.MenzelEngineering.com