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  1. I bought a 2012 transit that had the dash replaced after a small fire. The seller told me he also replaced the wiring harness. My main problem is that i'm getting DTC codes for no communication to RCS and TPM. Along with that there are a few other weird bugs. No turn signal dash lights, (they work in the self test), no ac or recirculation (buttons work when monitored in forscan) no door chime or any chimes, and lastly no fuel gauge. (circuit open). I replaced the RCS module and no cigar. I noticed while looking through the shop manual that NONE of the MS-CAN modules show up on my scanner, so I measured the DTC connector MS-CAN termination resistance and its within spec of 55-66 omhs. I'm pretty lost here. any help would be great. I also have a code for the MS-CAN, U0010.