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Found 11 results

  1. I'm looking at getting a transit connect XLT 2010-2013 and ideally I'd like it to have a second row seating I'd be able to remove when transporting cargo. However I'm having better luck finding the cargo vans without said seat. Is it possible to install the second row seats to the cargo model?
  2. Hi, I'm having trouble with the sliding door lock actuator for my driver's side sliding door on my 2010 Transit Connect with Power Locks. When you stop and open one of the front doors or click the keyless lock fob, the power lock mechanism (plunger?) in the sliding door ratchets back and forth 5 or 10 times before unlocking the door. It has gotten worse and I cut off electricity to the lock as a short term solution. I opened up the door and looked at the mechanism and it doesn't look like it is meant to be repaired? I can buy a new mechanism on E-bay for about $230-250, but I am hoping for an amazing do-it-yourself or didn't-you- know? If I have to buy a replacement, any suggestions or warnings? Thanks, David Reddy
  3. I have a 2010 Transit Connect with a check engine light on. I pulled the DTC code from the dash display “C 127”. Couldn’t find anything on the internet for that code so I took the vehicle into a shop and had them scan it. The code came up as lost communication to the steering angle sensor. The code was cleared and about 3 weeks later check engine light came on again. Checked and same code C 127 came up reading from the dash. Has anybody else ran into this issue? The sensor is almost $500 at the dealer, haven’t found any supplier aftermarket and a little reluctant to go used. Any ideas that may help to test the sensor before I spend that kind of money to find out that it is actually a wiring problem rather than the sensor itself?
  4. ArtCFartC

    Coolant Smell

    Sometimes my 2010 has a coolant / antifreeze smell, but the coolant level has not gone down in 5,000 miles. The coolant level was slightly low when I purchased her, but after topping it off, hasn't been low since. I know this smell from previous vehicles that have had leaks. Any idea where to begin looking? Info: 2010 2.0L gas engine, only 47,000 miles.
  5. Steve Scott

    2010 rear seats into a 13?

    New to the forum but have spent the last couple day's reading old posts. Lots of good info! Searched for info on my question but no luck Like many others I need to add some seats to my van. Found some 2010's but unsure if the bolt pattern stayed the same between 2010 and 2013. Does anyone know if it will work? Thanks Steve
  6. Hi, Im new here. I have a 2010 FTC I just got two weeks ago with 67xxx mi. I like the newer passenger seats that fold down creating a table top and if I'm correct they started using them in 2013. Has anyone or does any one know where I could find one? I did a few google searchs and it came up with a few seats but not any that folded and I couldn't tell if they were from reputable sites. I wanted to becaful to get a quality seat sence they have airbags in em. Thanks for your help. Bobby
  7. I bought my 2013 Transit Connect new & changed to alum. alloy wheels the first month. I was planning on switching back & forth between two sets of wheel / tires between seasons. Not gonna do that. These 4 wheel covers have No wounds or nicks of any sort. Would sell all four by first choice, if I find little interest as a set of 4, may sell by each....shipping will be the issue if selling one @ a time... I do have packing stuff.... . Make offers, ( 262 ) 613-2527 only 8 AM till 8PM CST , 7 days a week , Will meet or travel only with payment or PayPal first, meeting would be @ some fire or police station , If you are not pleased with condition of wheel covers when we meet, I will hand you your payment back ........http://www.TomMenzel.com.......http://www.MenzelEngineering.com
  8. I bought my 2013 new & switched to alum. alloys with Real snows the first month, about 1,000 miles . Had planned on swapping back & forth by season. Soooo happy with Real snows in mud & winter, gonna run them year round. Tell me what you need, all 4, or may sell by each ? The shipping costs will be the issue. Tom @ ( 262 ) 613-2527 only 8 AM till 8 PM CST, seven days a week.... North of Milwaukee on I-43 ... will make 2 nd listing for the wheel covers , make offers as there are many ways this could work. Will only meet or travel if payment or PayPal first. Meeting will be @ some fire or police station parking lot only......http://www.TomMenzel.com.....http://www.MenzelEngineering.com
  9. So I've been on the market for a Transit to convert into a small camper and I'm going to look at one this weekend that seems to be very under priced. It is a used 2010 XL with 97k miles. I'm wondering what things I should check (specifically, outside of the things you'd check on any car.) I have read that the frame can rot on some so I will certainly check that but any other suggestions?? The help is VERY appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Today my 2010 TC XLT trapped me inside. I made a brief trip without incident, picking up one of my sweeties and driving her to a medical appointment. I stopped at the door of the clinic, letting her out, then drove away to park. In that driving, I noticed nothing unusual yet after parking I was unable to open the driver door. The door handle does not engage the latch mechanism, it just moves freely with a tug and springs back when released; no solenoid sound. The key fob unlocks all the front doors except the driver door. The solenoid in the driver door clicks, then immediately clicks again. Using the key in the lock, it is possible to turn CCW and engage the lock. Turning CW, it can only turn about to the point of engaging the latch mechanism and no further. (It cannot be rotated all the way to the ninety° position when the lock is disengaged). No, the locks didn't freeze -- The low temp last night was in the low 60s; it was in the low 70s when I got in, and about the same when I tried to get out. Since I can't get the door open, I can't get the driver door panel off (and probably couldn't anyway <sigh>) All suggestions deeply appreciated!
  11. I have two sets of 2010 Ford Transit seats. One set has the head rests, one set does not. They are for the second row. Currently located in the Philadelphia, PA area would rather have a local buyer, but am willing to discuss shipping. Make me an offer!