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  1. David Reddy

    Sliding Door lock mechanism malfunction

    My driver's side sliding door lock started chattering and the first thing I did was take the panel off and tape a dollar bill on the door frame contacts. I was then able to manually lock the lock and leave it locked until I could fix it (OK, I couldn't fix it, because I was scared to get the can opener and open it up, but my brother the amazing mechanic didn't even slow down). He opened up the tabs on the lock box and fiddled with the motor connection to the lock and got it to work and it's been working for almost a year. You can probably do this too, once you're over the idea that they don't want you to fix it. The thing is broken, so you might as well give it a try. David
  2. David Reddy

    Replacement Wheel Covers

    I got a set of Suburban Transit Connect style hubcaps (their #201223001792) for my 2010 XLT. They look just like the originals, but no Ford in the middle. $60 for the set of 4. A good deal after I paid $35-40 for E-bay originals the 2 earlier times I lost a hubcap. I put them on in Dec. 2014 and I haven't lost one yet. Now I have original HCs on the driver's side and faux HCs on the passenger side.
  3. Hi, I'm having trouble with the sliding door lock actuator for my driver's side sliding door on my 2010 Transit Connect with Power Locks. When you stop and open one of the front doors or click the keyless lock fob, the power lock mechanism (plunger?) in the sliding door ratchets back and forth 5 or 10 times before unlocking the door. It has gotten worse and I cut off electricity to the lock as a short term solution. I opened up the door and looked at the mechanism and it doesn't look like it is meant to be repaired? I can buy a new mechanism on E-bay for about $230-250, but I am hoping for an amazing do-it-yourself or didn't-you- know? If I have to buy a replacement, any suggestions or warnings? Thanks, David Reddy
  4. David Reddy

    New 2014 Sports van

    I just test-drove a 14 XLT LWB and it was very smooth. I love the blind spot mirrors. It also had the cheaper (395?) backup camera and it was great. The first time I tried, I backed to within about 6" of a fence in one smooth motion. Freaked the salesman out just a little. It was also quiet and tight on bumps and turns. Might be time for a new set of shocks on my 2010 Transit.
  5. David Reddy

    Hi, David Reddy, 2010 XLT Wagon

    Hi, I got my 2010 Transit XLT about a year ago. It had 75K miles on it when I got it and I've put 18K on it since. I live in Tampa and use the Transit for my regular vehicle. It has been great so far, just regular maintenance except for my current need for a driver side sliding door lock actuator. I also keep losing hubcaps, a common complaint, I think.
  6. David Reddy

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