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Found 10 results

  1. marinesurveyor

    Modify or Replace Driver's Seat?

    I have been recently struggling with a bulged disc in my lower back, and I spend a fair amount of time driving - a bad combination. I have the seat as far back as it can go, and as high as I can lift it. I still feel too bent. If I could go back further, or lift the seat higher, I think it would help extend my legs more. Has anyone modified their seat? Put in spacers to lift it? Or can it be adjusted further back? Or replaced the seat entirely with an aftermarket seat? If so, which brand did you use? Thank you for your help.
  2. Back pain

    Van seat uncomfortable!

    Hi can't believe others haven't had this issue but I have been driving a 2015 connect Limited 1.6 duratorq for several years now and have never been able to get the seat comfortable. It has height, tilt, lumbar and steering wheel adjustment but no matter what I do it feels crap. The only thing that slightly improves it is lowering the seat right down but then I feel like I'm sitting on the floor peeking out the window! It's a solid built van but the seating position is rubbish also feels like a mile between you and the windscreen. Has anyone had similar experiences? Was thinking about getting something of Amazon to try on the seat to make it more comfortable. Thanks for any input!
  3. These have now been sold. Thank you!! I purchased a 2016 LWB Titanium in October. It was on the lot so I didn't spec the vehicle. i have removed the 3rd row seats which are two leather bucket seats. These have the panels attached to their backs but should be able to be removed if you don't want them. They were only in the vehicle for about the first 4-6 weeks. I'm selling them for $150.00 each. Available in SE PA. No bolts for these as I am using them in my mods. I will include the 2 third row seat belts. Let me know if you are interested or have any questions. Tiller
  4. Unless your 2016 TC has leather seats, you likely do not have heated seats. I know that heated seats are not really necessary, but they are wonderful! I combined this project with a future stereo amp and subwoofer upgrade. I was adding 7 circuits to the rear aux junction box (AJB). I would connect directly to the back of the AJB for each circuit using the connectors Don Shockley and I sourced. http://fordtransitconnectforum.com/topic/5618-add-circuits-directly-to-aux-junction-box-using-oem-terminals/ I chose seat heaters by Rostra. They cost about $55 each. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/rpc-250-1870 (The forum directs the web link to a third party web page. Click at the bottom right to go to the real link) I was most worried about taking the seats apart and installing the heater pads so I decided to practice on the single, rear passenger-side seat. I muscled the seat covers on and off this seat but learned the hard way that I needed hog ring pliers and hog rings, like these: HEATED SEAT installation Take the seats out of the van to install the heater. Remove the outside plastic cover panel taking care not to beak any of the tabs (it slides off, it does not pop off). Pull the cover off the seat back or bottom (there are straps, Velcro and one elastic strap that needs to be cut then reconnected using hog rings). Cut the hog rings as you uncover them. The seat back does not have rings, just a long rod with a loop on the end…unloop this rod. Install the seat or back pad per the instructions. Here I had to cut a channel so the center seam on the seat could be reconnected. Rostra has a good YouTube video on this. Now the reinstall the new hog rings. You have to hook the plastic rod/stiffener on the seat cover (it has an official name but nobody but upholstery guys know what it means) and push it down into the seat foam to connect to the metal rod embedded in the foam. Several times I closed the hog ring only to find I did not catch the bottom rod. Just cut the ring and try again. After the heater pads are installed, route and secure the wiring harness under the seat. The OEM location for the switches has a power outlet and coin slot and I could no buy the insert with the switch cutouts. I chose to put the switch on the seat so I did not have to run wires to and from the dash or the center console. Here is the switch on the driver’s seat: I pulled 8 wires to the AJB (7 + 1 spare). I followed the existing wire harness. This was probably the most difficult part of the project. I installed ground lugs under each seat. I used the Leer terminals to connect each wire to an open slot in the AJB. There is one column of ACC power and 2 separate columns of +12 on the AJB. After installing all the terminals the wiring looks completely OEM. The seat heaters work great. The only downside is I can’t see if the passenger heater is on (but I can feel the seat). The next step will be to install the amp, sub and the heater switch for the rear seat (it will be in the console below the power plug). I am waiting since I only want to remove the console once and nobody rides in the back seat anyway. It was difficult finding the right hog rings. I would recommend using 12 GA galvanized or stainless steel rings. They don’t have to be pointed. The ones I used will probably rust if they get wet. Hog rigs are typically sold by the pound, like nails, so you may have to buy a lifetime supply. The specific brand of pliers (CS Osborne) I used were highly recommended by a YouTube upholstery guy and they worked great and cost about $25.
  5. Hi, Im new here. I have a 2010 FTC I just got two weeks ago with 67xxx mi. I like the newer passenger seats that fold down creating a table top and if I'm correct they started using them in 2013. Has anyone or does any one know where I could find one? I did a few google searchs and it came up with a few seats but not any that folded and I couldn't tell if they were from reputable sites. I wanted to becaful to get a quality seat sence they have airbags in em. Thanks for your help. Bobby
  6. bootjoe

    Front seat risers

    I would like to raise both front seats by about 4 inches to accommodate a locked gun box bolted to the floor underneath....any ideas? i see several seat risers on the net, but they are for specific vehicles. Would any of them work on a FTC? thanks
  8. Looking to buy a complete 2nd row seat set for a 2013 Transit Connect. Ideally looking for new seats, will pay shipping.
  9. For sale: Ford Transit Connect Rear Seats I have a set of rear seats from my 2011 Ford Transit Connect that I may be looking to sell. I have all of the seat belts and the head rests and it will all be included. Everything is in excellent condition. If you're interested in them, contact me through PM right here on this forum or by replying to this thread and I'll get back to you. You can leave me an email address or a phone number in a PM if you would like. You can also email me at sjd1motorsports@comcast.net I'm not sure what I am willing to take for them, so hit me with an offer for them. I might be able to travel a reasonable distance to meet you if needed. I am not exactly against shipping them, but shipping fees would be the responsibility of the buyer. Thanks!
  10. Hi Everyone, I have a beautiful, like-new set of navy blue seat covers including headrest and armrest covers. These were lightly used in my 2010 XLT TC and there is only one small paint stain about the size of two pencil erasers. These are the Covercraft Seat Saver covers (http://www.covercraft.com/seatsaver.htm) which are cotton and almost like a denim material. They've been washed and look like new. I'd love for someone to get these and enjoy them as much as I did (I just sold the TC). I paid $160 for these new so I'll sell them for half price at $80 plus $10 Priority Mail shipping. I accept PayPal and will ship the same day. I hate to see them go, but I have no use for them now. Thanks! Phil