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  1. Back pain

    Van seat uncomfortable!

    Bloody hell sounds like you've been in the wars mate! Lol fair enough though. I'd happily give up all the fancy adjustments to have a comfortable seat! Going to maybe try something to make it softer I reckon. Hope the knee heals up soonπŸ‘πŸ»
  2. Back pain

    Van seat uncomfortable!

    Got to say I'm not a fussy person either. Not expecting it to feel like a wing back Chesterfield! Figure lots of things change depending on the model and trim etc so could be various different seats maybe I got unlucky. Read somewhere not much research and development went into some of the seats. Funny you mention the Berlingo. Had one as a courtesy van for a week once and although it was very tinny and springy compared to connects feel and handling, I have to say the seat was great!
  3. Back pain

    Van seat uncomfortable!

    Thanks Jrm223 for very thorough and decent answer sounds like a nice van you have there. Yeah in my situation it's not a case of miles but more a matter of metres before I'm fidgeting and about going crazy. As I said I have all the adjustments going on it height, recline, lumbar etc..but non of them achieve a comfortable seat! Haha yeah and got no chance of taping a sat nav on the windscreen whilst driving, unless you have 2 metre arms! The seat cushion you own sounds interesting but does it do anything for your back or is it solely for arse comfort? As you say there is a fair bit on Amazon. Tempted to take my work boot to it to soften it up and relieve some stress at same time 😁 but don't think my boss will be too happy!
  4. Back pain

    Van seat uncomfortable!

    Hi can't believe others haven't had this issue but I have been driving a 2015 connect Limited 1.6 duratorq for several years now and have never been able to get the seat comfortable. It has height, tilt, lumbar and steering wheel adjustment but no matter what I do it feels crap. The only thing that slightly improves it is lowering the seat right down but then I feel like I'm sitting on the floor peeking out the window! It's a solid built van but the seating position is rubbish also feels like a mile between you and the windscreen. Has anyone had similar experiences? Was thinking about getting something of Amazon to try on the seat to make it more comfortable. Thanks for any input!