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  1. Steve Scott

    2010 rear seats into a 13?

    That's a Yes! Drove down to El Paso today and picked up the 2010 seat. On phone he said it was a full 3 seater. Got there and turned out to be the 2 seater. Bought it and the plastic door step trim pieces. Got back to Albuquerque and took it to the car wash and washed it off. Dry's in about 20 minutes when your humidity is 12%. Bolts in with a perfect fit.
  2. Steve Scott

    2010 rear seats into a 13?

    Hi Don: Cargo. Pulled the floor leveler and peeled back the floor mat. Lots of bolt holes. But it's a Turkish build so figured it had seats originally. Thanks for your time Steve
  3. Steve Scott

    2010 rear seats into a 13?

    New to the forum but have spent the last couple day's reading old posts. Lots of good info! Searched for info on my question but no luck Like many others I need to add some seats to my van. Found some 2010's but unsure if the bolt pattern stayed the same between 2010 and 2013. Does anyone know if it will work? Thanks Steve