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  1. OK, I recently bought a 2017 TC XLT wagon. It has the silver roof rails but not the crossbars. It looks like the cross bars could have been ordered for $195 when the car was purchased but afterwards they cost nearly $500. What a scam. I can't seem to find any after market(thule, yakima, etc) crossbars that fit these factory rails. Has anyone found anything that works? If so, could you share the brands/part numbers? Thanks!
  2. I just picked up my 2017 TC last week and I really like it. There are a few things that kind of bug me though. When the car is off and I open the rear liftgate, the headlights/taillights turn on. I imagine this is to help while loading/unloading the van at night but I really do not want them on. They seem to shut off on their own after about 10 minutes but that is too long. I want to bring the van to the drive-in and campgrounds but I'm not sure how I can when the lights stay on. Am I just missing something obvious? I hope so. Thanks!
  3. Jatoba

    New TC in New Hampshire

    Hello... I just picked up my new 2017 TC XLT LWB Wagon last week. It will be my daily driver and micro camper on the weekends. I'm excited to start modifying it!